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The easiest SNS in the world

We can feel each other even if our language is different.
Try sending a photo of you right now.
You will have people across the world who will remember you, and support you.

Receive photos of your friends worldwide, and express your comments with the words that suits them the best.
You are an assistant who supports them.

Becomes friends with tooowhooo users around the world.
Conversations are possible even if different languages are spoken.
It’s simply because everyone can understand photos.
Becomes friends, start up a conversation of photos.

The entire world is waiting for your photo.
Start these interesting things now.
You will experience something extraordinary by standing in the center of the world.

In “tooowhoo”, an SNS where you are the center of the world.

* Note : Photos that cause discomfort and aversion to others will not be responded, and you might be restricted in using tooowhoo.

* The photos are only sent to users in other countries. (“Send to users in my country” is expected to be updated)

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