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Lookout, Inc. , brings Lookout Mobile Security with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Lookout Mobile Security apps has been update to version Varieswithdevice with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
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Overall Satisfactionc87
Frankly this is one of the best security apps I have come across.
It is the best antivirus app in the android market.
That's a bit bad for a "free" anti virus app.
The insurance replaced the phone & THANKS TO LOOKOUT ALL MY DATA.
Development needs to look at reports and solve issues.
Best anti bullshitter on the market.
The best security software available in market for android.
Very good security app for your phone thanks lookout.
I would recommend lookout mobile security to every smart phone user.
Fun & Engagingc91
Its very quite running in background and provides awesome security.
lose my phone all the time and i can go online and find.
Gives you awesome protection.
One minor complaint - I'd prefer " Everything is okay " to "Everything is OK".
Always everything is ok although other apps find security problem.
i luv its message in the pull down notification: " Everything is OK.
Production Valuesc48
the web interface is also easy to use.
and a good web interface.
The new web interface is terrible compared to the old one.
Ease of Usec88
Had to factory reset and restored EVERYTHING.
Security & Privacyc84
Frankly this is one of the best security apps I have come across.
Lookout security im lovin it especially signal flare.
Can't Cancel lookout security premium.
Lookout came thru And reinstated my premium account.
my lookout premium account was suddenly terminated for no reason.
I love tht when someone puts the wrong password in.
Great app but face detection on wrong password doesn't work.
privacy advisor and mobile threat app is great.
Privacy concerns ran privacy advisor and app failed as bad.
Updates & Supportc68
Absolutely superb app and even more superb Customer service.
Customer service has always been quick and efficient.
That's deplorable & inexcusable customer service.
It's well worth it to pay for the premium version.
the only trial is for the premium version.
considering uninstalling and btw I pay for the premium version.
Use the free version and it does what it is supposed to do.
I use the free version in conjunction with AVG free.
Wont let me use the free version.
Keeps my phone safe and protected without draining my battery out.
jumping up on my battery usage and causing drain.

Work's great on Thunderbolt. found in 5 reviews
My son lost his Android on the city bus. found in 3 reviews
it is simply mind blowing. found in 7 reviews
saved my butt so many times when the company's backup failed. found in 8 reviews
Thumps up to a great app. found in 5 reviews
I've dropped my phone a couple of times while walking my dog. found in 11 reviews
Lookout and my local PD recovered my stolen phone. found in 5 reviews
This is the best free security and antivirus out there. found in 23 reviews
This software appears to work. found in 6 reviews
Lost my fone and used it to track where it was. found in 6 reviews
Assuming it does its job somewhere there behind the scenes. found in 6 reviews
Im having issues like unfortunately lookout has stopped working. found in 20 reviews
it won't let me uninstall it even once I forced it to stop. found in 53 reviews
This app is now killing my battery and overheating my S4. found in 48 reviews
The lock cam doesn't work for my Samsung galaxy s3. found in 10 reviews
Would like to deactivate and uninstall but won't let me. found in 94 reviews
doesn't give the option to move to SD card. found in 34 reviews
but web interface is much cleaner and more functional than others. found in 7 reviews
This is really annoying once installed you cant uninstall it. found in 46 reviews
Even though you explain all the new permissions for updates. found in 37 reviews
Excellent but need sd card scan to ensure complete security. found in 135 reviews
Takes up to much memory on phone & doesnt transfer to sd card. found in 64 reviews
this is a trade-off of battery consumption verses fix accuracy. found in 17 reviews
Cant tell if virus scan really works. found in 26 reviews
It's no longer draining as much battery life as it used to. found in 12 reviews
but but now it asks for too many permissions. found in 19 reviews
HTC M8: Missing Device location finder is spot-on in app. found in 49 reviews
Great Antivirus but constantly uses too much CPU. found in 42 reviews
doesn't slow down my phone and i have never had a virus. found in 19 reviews
My phone displays message no sim card detected. found in 60 reviews
Since last update this is killing my battery nexus 4. found in 48 reviews
Everything is best but SD card file not scan like avg. found in 135 reviews
" Needed to factory reset the phone to correct for the virus. found in 53 reviews
but missing device only works if GPRS/EDGE/3G is on. found in 49 reviews
So much battery waste ahhhhhh cant uninstall. found in 46 reviews
Its telling me to deactivate before i can uninstall. found in 94 reviews
46% battery usage is ridiculous for a single application to use. found in 48 reviews
Total rip off to upgrade to premium version for the better. found in 118 reviews
Why is safe browsing not free if free would be 5stars. found in 65 reviews
I do not have premium features so I called Sprint. found in 77 reviews
It's been crashing lately and using upon too much CPU. found in 42 reviews
It was draining my battery and causing my phone to severely overheat. found in 62 reviews
but website couldn't connect to make it scream. found in 45 reviews
your software is useless without sim card change notification. found in 60 reviews
Upgrade never took effect and now it cannot even locate my phone. found in 126 reviews
Won't let me uninstall and I have deactivated it from device administrator. found in 53 reviews
Permission to read/write browser history and to send e-mails. found in 53 reviews
but all apps are installed via Play Store or Amazon Appstore. found in 61 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Lookout Mobile Security for from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Lookout Mobile Security app version Varieswithdevice has been updated on 2014-01-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: view network state , full Internet access ,
More Info: Find more info about Lookout Mobile Security in Lookout, Inc. `s Official Website : http://www.mylookout.com/

NEW: Lookout has a new look Winner of Best Android App. Antivirus - Block viruses & malware - Scan every app installed Backup - Contacts, photos, call history - Access data online Phone Finder - Locate phone on map - Activate loud alarm All for FREE. ...

Lookout is trash this is included with my metro pcs service i don t trust it here is why Lookout states 249 apps scanned and safe i have 44 installed Additionally the premium i have never that it says is active failed to stop an icon switch er oo i caught myself and others I say use at your own risk this isn t the first time I ve questioned lookout 0 stars is my rating for this unwanted yet unremovable oe app Ryan     Ryan Fisher
Used to be good if phone was off it would turn it on and scream now it doesnt do that Even when phone is on scream always seems to go in a queue Also would be able to locate phone quickly now it cant ever locate it Dont know what happened to this I tried it from dufferent computers and different browsers as well         R La
I ve had several issues w the paid version of this app Safe Browsing caused a lot of connectivity issues over WiFi devices in home so I had to turn the feature off App reports app permission which aren t actually granted to apps Support said app reports permissions that could be granted to apps which is NOT what is being reported or described in the app Lookout does an OK job of detecting outside threats as compared to other Anti virus apps on the market as reported by professionals             Gregory Eaton
Used it before and it worked decent But now the new updates or whatever allowed someone to hack into and get personal info download and upload things erase messages and contacts mess with my settings permissions defaults and preferences put apps i cant get off now and can pretty much just run my both of my phones Big thumbs down now         Royce Booth
There Good there Better and there Best Lookout is best hands down I been a subscriber for over 5 yrs and have never had a problem Has its own built in VPN and keeps me up to date on all the latest breaches Originally recommended by PC Magazine as one of the leaders in the industry Check out the different levels of coverage possibly equaling that of LifeLock Yea I said it and that s my personal opinion I highly recommend this app Faithful subscriber                     Floyd DeShazo
It still works amazing for protection but with the most recent update I cannot use any sort of app to make a call unless if it is using the regular phone no discord voice chats and my mobile hotspot is blocked from forming a connection to the internet Please this comes with my phone from Tmobile along with the hotspot service allow us to have an Exception list for apps so we can at least allow one or two apps to not be affected     Mojo Stormcrow
this now always has a disable screen overlays to continue message popping up very annoying when all the allowed apps that do screen overlays are legitimate apps how about a way to disable ignore this popup or how about allowing a white list of apps that do screen overlays this began happening with newer recent versions of this Lookout app really annoying now when this was not a problem before     Ruel
Had premium on an old device Went to log back into my account and hit create account instead Goodbye premium and goodbye vpn Uninstalled reinstalled cleared data and cache to no avail My premium account has apparently been written over Dev apparently is having lots of problems as im not the only to have had their premium account disappear and a lot of others still cant get connectivity when the always on vpn is activated     Ronald Kruse
I have had this app on my phone for quite a long time and have been very happy About two weeks ago an app I value ony phone began to act up I uninstalled it and upon reinstalling I found that I could not run the app After doing extensive research and through much frustration I found it was because of your app Once I disabled it I now have full functionality on my app I dont know if this is a problem with your app but think it might be This app is through the LDS church and isn t threat         Rosebud71 Wilcox
Lookout has been good until the last update Now the VPN has to be disconnected for me to view the live feed of my home security cameras VPN only disconnects for about 1 minute then it automatically reconnects causing me to loose the live feed JUST STARTED EXPERIENCING THIS WITH THE LATEST UPDATE PLEASE FIX         Errol Pickens
Sometimes this is alright at 20 and sometimes at 30 and the rest of the time it gets a 0 on this rating why half the time it tells me to wait and so I wait and what do I get for an Answer NOTHING P S I don t think it is doing the job that it is supposed to do But it needs a whole lot of work of fixing all kinds of bugs out of it Because its not bug free And I have seen results that it didn t do Fix or Get Rid of it         Larry King
Frustrating VPN prevents legitimate functions from working even on trusted networks home office Disconnect only does so for about 60secs then kicks back in Means I often can t access the internet or use an important work phone app Jabber as no one can hear me If this keeps up I m going to have to end my premium subscription So frustrating I d suggest a trusted network setting where it is auto disabled and to be able to select how long to turn it off for on other occasions             Peter Wiggins
Although Lookout succeeds in monitoring threats and misuse of personal information it is deficient in certain categories Its VPN is incredibly slow The App has no internal option to turn off VPN The only way I could turn off VPN permanently is to uninstall the App and reinstall Once logged onto the website the phone is shown deactivated but cannot be reinstated even after starting u0026 activating the App It appears as a new phone Stupid         Sayan D Mukherjee
It makes my phone slower I normally don t use WIFI because I have unlimited data but for some reason it takes slower to download which it never does that and when put WIFI on it takes forever i just feel before I sign up my phone was fine now I did its all messed up         Yvonne Negrete
is a very good app it does everything that you want but I do not need them keep tracking me when I m in my home that needs to stop I don t need emails telling me that my mobile device has shut off that needs to come to a halt but otherwise it does its job thank you goodbye                     Sharon V. Rausch
I liked everything except the VPN which interfered with a lot of necessary phone functions i e updating apps fetching mail Lookout decided that s something we CAN T disable because they know better than us I d finally had enough and tried to cancel my premium membership but their instructions for this were incorrect Turns out I have to contact Sprint in order to cancel recurring premium membership Why not Lookout themselves Do they think they can keep taking my money forever         Jan Sexton
Horrible Used to be a cool app before they started doing crack Change my password vs app link log in via no prob try to log in app refuses password AND the device I added several months ago just disappeared Glad I found out they suck before I actually lost my device Do not count on them     Max Hamner
I don t like it controlling my device The VPN over takes everything so I can t watch TV because it keeps turning itself back on after it s been deactivated And I can t uninstall this because it won t let me so I guess it s back to the Sprint store to have this removed from my phone     David Dobrzykowski
This app came with Metro as a main feature After a few months your app no longer worked After going down to our areas main Metro office I was told they no longer featured Outlook and had went with another company I would hope that in the future when deciding who to partner with please place in your contract that the public will be given notice when parties envolved opt out or change such important features     Tom Allan
Have been using this for years most of the time my phone s not really lost is just misplaced at home or work phones or one of my vehicles one time it wasn t the case I logged into Lookout and found my phone 45 miles away after hitting screen I m getting a phone call from a fellow co worker I remembered his vehicle was the last one I was in He was so impressed that there was such an app to do that you got it for himself in all of his family                     Edward Seidel
Lookout is good for everything but VPN and I don t want to use the VPN No matter how many times I disconnect from the VPN service it still just reconnects in a few seconds Is there a way I can permanently disable the VPN If not I am going to probably uninstall it and really don t want to have to                 AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs
feel like it needs work the VPN is always active and has to be turned off to update apps almost caused my phone to crash today because something was updating and it was a large file it kept turning on even though I disconnected it have to to update apps during this confusion my phone became unresponsive for easily 5 minutes couldn t shut it off or back out of anything besides that it has anti theft which is very helpful and block potentially malicious adds in the web browser             tony f
always have had to download an additional security app with past phones This phone came with Lookout Security l love it Lookout knows all l need to do while other security app s l downloaded in the past I had to clear and clean my phone manually No more Thank you Finally a free application and it works well                 Teresa Crumpler
Scream is not working I have been a premium customer for years No way found to reach support on the app Look elsewhere until they fix this important feature that helps you find the phone in the couch     Michael Duval
i have had this app on my last 2 phones and now this phone I have never had or have gotten a Virus knock on wood Out of 3 phones and 6 years of experience with this app I would recommend this app to anyone that has a cell phone and is on the internet alot as i am Daily and more than once a day I highly recommend this App to anyone and everyone that wants great Anti Virus and web security                     Vince Ellis
4 stars because its sooo battery draining I love the app I have been using it for quite some time now and it has never took so much battery life as it is now Please update this app to where it doesnt consume battery please I have premium plus and I hope this isnt the reason If so maybe I should downgrade                 Mautrice Meade
it s okay I guess until I try to uninstall it says nowhere that it set itself up as a Device Administrator had to go into Security and disable it then I could Force Stop it and re disable it Yes it was preloaded No I didn t need your help Your antivirus didn t even detect the Adware infecting my phone     Blue 64
Not sure this app works I tried to use the scream option to locate my phone I found my phone on my own but after 6 hours the scream option still hasn t triggered Leaves me wondering if the other functions of this app work     Hal Wold
If you dont enable GPS then Theft Alerts dont work SO STUPID Thats the only useful thing in this app I leave GPS off for battery saving and privacy What does GPS have to do with taking camera shots of password failed attempts DELETED REPLY TO DEV So you disable ALL theft alerts because you cant use a single one of them BRILLIANT DEVS WE HAVE HERE     JoshMcGrath98
It will not allow me to sign up even though the app was already used on my phone because I ve seen it scan a few apps to make sure it was not a bad app When I try to sign up it says email and password does not match idk what to put in because I ve never used this app it s always scan things it s self         Pretty Nikki Moore
Still not fixed and ZERO response Emailed Support AGAIN today UPDATE Once AGAIN I pay for premium and its asking me if I want to join premium I ve had that for many months and it keeps doing this Fix it or stop charging me YOU CLAIMED u fixed this but once again it happens     Rachael Ann
I love it easy to use it blocks pop up ads and blocks malicious links wich is very useful and the premium is worth having but the sudden switch to Mcafee or something like that is not as good as lookout pleas lookout can I keep lookout instead pretty pleas                     staticword 1024
i have uninstalled this app and blocked all notifications so this app will leave me alone yet i am still contacted 10 times a day i tried to sign in with the app but it would not except my email and password however google excepts my email and password to lookout Security stop contacting me and leave me the f k alone     Robert Martin
i haven t had any problem so far I just feel that we have to pay to upgrade are security since came with phone and upgrading provide with more service I believe that when the app needs to be update Then we should get all the service that comes when it time to upgrade                 Janelle Hirsch
I have the samsung galaxy 10 5g and my phone worked great I installed and activated this app and my phone started running horribly I would loose data coverage and have to restart my phone or activate and deactivate airplane mode to reconnect to internet I ended up taking my phone in and since it was less than 30 days old they just gave me a whole new phone and it worked great for a couple weeks then I reinstalled lookout and all the problems came back so I m putting 2 and 2 together and deletin     Tyler Sanders
I really want to use Lookout but I do not want to sign in with my email I am already on too many email lists u0026 I have Too Many Passwords Please update Lookout immediately u0026 allow us to skip any sign in process u0026 opt out of features beyond virus u0026 malware protection Please make this an easy process to utilize apps which are designed for my phone u0026 came preinstalled on my phone Lookout is partnered with my OS u0026 manufacturer u0026 therefore I should be able to open the app u0026 use it     mikey Sanchez or Sanchizmo

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