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Delicious Inc. , the publisher behind many Android apps (Textra SMS Emoji Plugin ,chompSMS theme add-on ,Textra SMS ,chompSMS emoji add-on ,chompSMS ,Textra SMS GIF Plugin), brings chompSMS with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. chompSMS apps has been update to version 5.95 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Best sms alternative in play store..
  • this surprised me with all the custom options they give you..
  • My only wish is for more emoticons add ons..
  • really love the customization features and SIGNATURE..

Overall Satisfactionc83
Easily the best SMS app out there and I've tried them all.
Other than that problem it is the best sms app.
Best messaging app out there even when I couldn't send pics.
would be the best messaging app ever.
I love being able to customize the conversation list and the actually conversation.
would be nice to customize the notification icon per contact.
Customizing is easy and much better than GO SMS and Handscent.
better than the standard messaging service that was supplied on the phone.
have to open standard messaging whenever i want to see pictures.
Doesn't mention it is only trial then spams annoying ads.
Pls create more theme.
Need t inc more theme choice and lose ads.
Now I'm starting to love chompsms even more.
I used to love ChompSMS - Until now.
Fun & Engagingc83
Chomp makes texting fun with the different color back grounds.
Pls create more theme.
Need t inc more theme choice and lose ads.
Awesome SMS app with super useful quick compose/ reply functionality.
Chomp is an AWESOME messaging app.
Easily lets you customize everything you can think of.
You can customize everything exactly how you want it.
Look in ur settings n can change everything on the app.
Ilove that you can change everything.
Production Valuesc100
I like the emoticons and the easy interface here.
Quick and easy interface and nice features.
Ease of Usec84
Just simple sms app that does all the great things.
Paying a subscription for a simple SMS app is ridiculous.
Simple fast and it works.
I like the emoticons and the easy interface here.
Previous problems fixed after factory reset.
Ads not Intrusivec93
No ability to remove ads aside from a yearly subscription.
Doesn't mention it is only trial then spams annoying ads.
Security & Privacyc61
Only thing missing is the ability to have a privacy box.
a Privacy Box will make me rate it 5 stars.
it would be better if it had screenshot & privacy box.
More security lock options.
On the security lock.
Updates & Supportc60
Customer service from devs is ALWAYS helpful and thorough.
And their customer service is quick and efficient.
Emailed customer service and nothing.
Paying the dollar and change for the ad free version is worth it.
I'm actually considering paying for the ad free version.
first provided in version 5.
Version 5.

The best sms mms app I've used this since it came out. found in 102 reviews
would love to get that back otherwise its the best messaging app on the market. found in 15 reviews
This app is very user friendly and completely customizable. found in 128 reviews
Best messaging app out there even when I couldn't send pics. found in 1450 reviews
Great customization settings and very simple to use :D. found in 48 reviews
I feel like this is the best texting app out there. found in 719 reviews
Wayyyyyyy better than GoSMS Pro which was lagging all the freakin time. found in 53 reviews
Easily the best SMS app out there and I've tried them all. found in 1680 reviews
It is very good stock replacement sms app. found in 13 reviews
This is the best Android alternative SMS software I ever used. found in 23 reviews
Chomp makes texting fun with the different color back grounds. found in 73 reviews
I paid for no ads and now can't even use it. found in 31 reviews
Cant send pics through this app that suck. found in 89 reviews
Only problem is that I can't send pictures with the app. found in 252 reviews
Cant send pic message on the s4 att network. found in 62 reviews
Loooove this app but for some reason I can't download mms messages. found in 36 reviews
After an update I've been unable to receive them at all. found in 110 reviews
Needs more themes & customization like gosms pro however. found in 47 reviews
Need to fix the MMS I cant send pictures. found in 92 reviews
but it won't let me send or receive pics without force closing. found in 186 reviews
need to uninstalling because annoying ads. found in 58 reviews
Pretty cool application just don't like the fact you can't send picture messages. found in 239 reviews
but I have had many issues with MMS messaging not going through. found in 20 reviews
Also the mms doesn't work quite as well as it could. found in 39 reviews
Love the app just don't like the ads that are at the bottom. found in 26 reviews
I am able to receive mms messages but I cannot send them. found in 275 reviews
Everything works great except it doesn't want to send MMS messages. found in 382 reviews
I am unable to send picture messages to Iphone users. found in 44 reviews
No ability to remove ads aside from a yearly subscription. found in 157 reviews
Failed messages doesn't shows up unless you restart your phone. found in 46 reviews
Unable to receive texts after installation. found in 110 reviews
Love the app but can't send picture messages on LG G2. found in 239 reviews
I have problems deleting multiple messages without it freezing and restarting. found in 104 reviews
Now it won't send MMS messages and keeps crashing ugh please fix. found in 382 reviews
Ads intergrated with text messages ruins the whole app. found in 342 reviews
Why everytime i send a message i cant see it. found in 93 reviews
It doesn't support the contact pictures and paste and clipboard. found in 104 reviews
Now I can't send pictures and some people can't send me texts. found in 252 reviews
Suddenly it won't send or receive MMS messages. found in 275 reviews
I've updated my apn settings and nothing happened. found in 217 reviews
GoSMS & Handcent dont have ads over the conversation list. found in 242 reviews
Please fix the sync in contact pics. found in 95 reviews
Love the app but dual sim support not working for CM12. found in 368 reviews
Limited time thing n then have to pay to remove ads. found in 157 reviews
Last Update screwed up ability to send or receive pics. found in 186 reviews
I'm receiving double incoming messages & can't receive picture messages due to apn. found in 219 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download chompSMS for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new chompSMS app version 5.95 has been updated on 2014-01-20. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 1.5 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about chompSMS check developer Delicious Inc.`s website :

Frustrated with the built-in Messaging application? Want more features? Then chompSMS is for you, with lots of extra features like chat-style bubbles, contact pictures, quick reply, signatures, templates, blacklisting, heaps of customizations, themes, FREE texting ...

Solid app You know an app is great when you use it everyday and it never gives you a problem Its second nature it s there when you need it You don t even think about it I say all of that because before I used this app I used hangouts and before that handcent Both of those changed and got weird Thanks to chomp I dont miss them at all                     Big Deluxe
I was looking for a new app to send messages and photos because the app that came with my android phone stopped sending photos and I found Chomp So far it has been working great and after downloading 2 extra accesories I customized it to look fun not necessary but I love having the option The only thing I m not too crazy about is the ads that I keep clicking on accidentaly a bit annoying when you re in a hurry but hey nothing s free in this world                     Maru Perezcast
Update 2 Textra does the trick Thanks Love the export feature for both as well as delay send OK another Star Update Added another because the co took the time to respond plus I like the export entire text history Deal breaker for me otherwise really like And that is if I want to get back with someone who has text me but I don t want to do it now I can write the text and just exit It will then show up as a Draft and go to the top of the list which makes it easily seen I also use it to mark priority I may put a blue emoji dot or a red one which shows me a priority                 Rich Lang
Google had temporarily prevented colored icons on the notification panel and on the always on screen At that time you guys took that option away However for a while now the option is back and other apps are doing it Can we get our colored icons back Also can we make it possible to pick the color based on the specific contact This would allow us to tell at a glance who texted even if we were not present to hear the specific notification tone                 Darren George
90 good Switched from Verizon Messages bc it wouldnt save to my SD card Has everything they do except just wish if u started a draft text but did not send it it would move the convo to the top and show you the first few characters SUPER annoying if you meant to send and didnt by accident and then you have to scroll through and find that convo Maybe it s in paid version If so I would buy Also some contacts are not pulling thru to send msgs too No idea why                 Cindy Baker
Love this app I can get this app to popup on my Android even when locked I can text right away and see all of the message and respond All while phone is locked Much better than just a sms prompt message and unlock to get to message I highly recommend I have been using this for years and keep it on all my new phones Thanks Chomp SMS                     Mark Wood
Seems like a good text sms app however after paying for the premium version I still have ads and have not received any response via email from the help team Edit support team got in contact and the issue was resolved after providing proof of payment Seems like on their end it said the payment didn t go through so who knows Overall good app                 Brian Hatzel
So far so good Been using chomp for a few months Used to use Textra but it stopped being able to receive attachments from iPhone devices and some messages Could not resolve and I hate the Samsung messaging app Chomp is very configurable and so far has not had many issues I would like to be able to have a few features added that Textra had but will send those requests through support                 Clare Schoenwald
Love the customization options I downloaded a ton of other sms apps before finding this one and none of them had the varierty or versatility of this one Most importantly the ads for the free version dont pop up and interupt texting like most apps with a variety of background choices ads are a simple small uninstrusive banner at the top of the messages Would highly reccomend this app                     Cassia Cabaday
Could be awesome but too much hassle with over compressed images via mms as well as messages that are sent by me randomly don t get received by the person I send them to I shouldn t have to do the footwork when there s a problem with your app either Enjoy my maybe it will help pay to sort the issues out     Brandon Weitzenkamp
I think it would be a great feature to be able to hide messages not to delete but to archive them like in the FB Messanger app This allows to free up the conversation interface until one of you text each other again without all the clutter of so many diff texts idk just a thought Still my all time favorite app 5                     Jason A. Swartz
App functionality is better than stock apps but after your free trial if you do not purchase the paid app it becomes dysfunctional Chomp response to my original review was insulting to say the least ignoring what I wrote and suggesting I re buy the paid app So many other text apps in the market no reason to waste your time I have Textra sms app now and it is leagues above chomp s failing company Do not pay for and app that will be gone soon Edit sadly you did on my 1st of 2 review s     Sean Trussell
I downloaded this because my original text app suddenly stopped auto rotating It often closes mysteriously when I look at my active apps Only fix is to restart Worst part which is a good part why I m giving a 2 rating I ll spend time typing a long text If I have another text call put the phone down there s a great chance that my text effort is erased Text apps should not do this so don t download this This app will work in a pinch but I m not happy with it as a primary texting app         Luis Salinas
I was using Messages because it came with my phone Soon I found the notification ringtone was not working Many others experienced the same thing When I Googled what was the 1 texting app the reply was Messages When I asked what was the 2 app the reply was Chomp SMS Soo I installed Chomp It works flawlessly It is easy to change ringtones and use the setup features This should be the 1 texting messaging app hands down Thank you                     andy Dudas
After testing multiple texting apps I chose Chomp I have been using it for years now I recently had a problem with the app after my phone did a software update The Chomp team responded to my question on the same day and helped me resolve the problem I highly recommend this app                     Ryan Storey
Like a breath of fresh air Paid for a licence Bargain Got a pretty UI And escaped the daft decisions the default SMS made about what numbers should be my favourites One of them was a wrong number and I couldn t remove it or edit it Chomp makes me more efficient and happy                     David Tebbutt
I like this app I switched from an app I had use for years through multiple phones I would love to be able to pull down the notification in the notification bar ablnd read the entire message Also when I press on names in the conversation window I would like to be able to see all contacts in the conversation instead of having to go through settings             X Walker
I ve had the ad free version of Chomp since 2014 plus some added themes Overall I like the look and the function of it but I ve had to default to the preload messaging app to be able to attach other kinds of files besides photos I hope Chomp updates its features                 Susan G
Great app works well I would like to see a contact picture of who is sending me a message from my contacts photo list in other words if one of my contacts is sending me a msg his picture would show up on the desktop screen In other words if my phone is sitting there not being used and the desktop is in screen saver mode the contact picture will popup on the desktop when that person tried to notify me The app NOLED which is no longer available would actually send the picture to the screen                     R.C. Aquilino
A very good app A couple of things could be made better 1 The notification ringtone of the unread message reminder should be customizable instead of having it be the same one as the incoming message 2 Font sizes and colors of contact s name and number in the conversation action bar should each be customizable as well Special note The ad link at the top of the conversation list misleading and annoying Looks too much like a contact Should be at the bottom or its appearance changed                 Wilson Torres Jr
Does everything I want from my SMS able to delete just one or multiple texts in a discussion by touching a specific text can blacklist spam or unwanted contacts Also can speak copy forward vew details lock or add to templates Many other terrific features decided to buy it Good customer service as well judging from their quick response to my question                     Irene LaFortune
I don t like apps that comes with a smartphone Such apps may be great but it s unlikely that they are available on your next phone So I search for alternatives which are even better than any pre installed app Chomp SMS is such an app It looks a bit old fashioned but it has all the features that I and probably you need Highly recommended                     Jef Patat
This is really a great SMS app I am currently using Textra and this is a definite competitor for my go to SMS app Just a couple of reasons why I probably won t switch to Chomp 1 When viewing the list or message the placement for a photo is a random ugly color that I cannot seem to change Is there a way to change this 2 When I find a color that I like for the top bar I want to be able to match that color all the way around just like in Textra It makes it very difficult to find the exact color over and over again Aside from that this program has come a long way Thank you for resolving this for me                     Matt Paolini
I ve been using Chomp for a few years now And have recommended to several others Love the customization Only recently bought the full version it was fine with the little bit of ads but it was only a few bucks to get ad free Love the ability to search and email conversations as well Can t see using anything else Great app                     Karen Boyce
chomp is a great alternative to stock messaging app i tried a couple of others and this is the best fit for me pros very simple to use has a bunch of themes which is nice cons takes forever to open attatchments i get a constant apn settings needs to be changed even though i have changed settings no easy option for me to request help and too lazy to look so i just deal with it                 shaun espino
I have found the messenger customizable and a great interface there is an ad at the top of my messages which is a little annoying but I am using the free version excellent app for messaging have been using for a month now and am very pleased woth a try in my opinion I didnt even keep looking after I found it it had more than I expected emoji options are great                     jason musial
I love this app and so does everyone I recommend it to Downside is I just upgraded to the OnePlus 7 Pro and the app does not let you delete any messages Emailed them and was recommended to use the sister app Textra but it is not near as awesome Thought it was a one off problem but one of my customers I work at T Mobile who uses the app too did not work on hers either Sounds like a OnePlus issue I hope this gets fixed because I would hate to switch to a different app                     Crystal Wiseman
I love how this app allows you to send larger sized files than the factory stock messaging app The ads are sometimes annoying but they appear at the top of the feed so they can be easily avoided The only thing troublesome are the random texts from advertisers Other than that I enjoy using chomp                     Dustin Archuleta
Thank you CHOMP for rescuing my phone from the grip of Mood Messenger I loved Mood But it slowed my phone s performance u0026 I was missing texts No one answered my calls at Mood so I downloaded your app and TaDa I am operating efficiently u0026 quickly again Plus becoming ad free is only 2 93 instead of Mood s insane 10 99 Your customization is fantastic but more importantly your SMS MMS program is up to date u0026 solid                     Paul Houser
It works good and i do like it but I went with this app hoping it would have a private password so my messages could not be read with out the password but when I get a new message notification you can read the new message with out unlocking the app all you have to do is pull down on the notification at the top but if you tap to open the message you have to draw the password to open Hope they can fix it     James Creason
UPDATE 8 9 19 I emailed back and forth with Chomp Support many times My issues have still not been resolved can t reply to group texts can t send photos This is my last attempt before abandoning the app Which I have LOVED and leaving a 1 star review not a threat just reality Please help I ve sent the Debug log and I ve not received a reply to my last 2 emails PRIOR Review June 2019 I once loved Chomp I even paid to remove ads Now I ve upgraded my phone and features on the app that worked perfectly no longer work at all I m trying to work with the help team to solve the issues No luck so far I really really want to continue to use chomp But the features that aren t working group texts and sending photos are incredibly important If the issues get fixed I will be back In a flash to change my review But dang This is frustrating Chomp is was the best         Sherry Edwards
Update Chomp replied to their email and told me how to fix it Is indeed a Samsung problem I certainly thank y all and recommend you 110 Have used and bought years ago certainly better than the built in for Android If giving you a duplicate message on Samsung even S10 settings u003e Advanced features u003e Smart pop up view u003e Chomp change to Off not On                     Jon
UPDATE AGAIN With all those glowing reviews everyone is RIGHT I ve been using this for awhile and love it Unlike it s brother Textra i don t have the plus panel problem with ChompSMS I require different ringtones for each contact and Chomp does it like a champ I d never use anything else for SMS message app And the 2 is cheap for life use UPDATE I had a small problem and the dev is so nice and polite It was my fault and they nicely told me how to do it A1 service 1 company                     A 9ball
Update Solid 5 stars adore the look and feel of it and the level of personalization is amazing also worth mentioning I just was dealing with a huge issue that I thought was a glitch of some kind but it was confusion on my part Regardless of that the dev that answered my help request was super helpful detailed and polite to me And they literally answered my inital email within minutes Pretty unheard of I ll be strictly using this app for sms for a long time thanks devs                     Spooky Ashes

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