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Description - imo beta , the publisher behind many Android apps (imo HD-Free Video Calls and Chats ,ConnectMore ,Reversimo ,imo plus ,imo beta ,, brings imo beta with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. imo beta apps has been update to version 4.2.2 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great creation I luv chatting on this app very user friendly..
  • Reliably connects me to Google talk on my Nexus..
  • Incredibly functional and regularly updated IM client for Android..
  • Best communication tool ever..
  • Makes messaging and keeping in touch with friends so easy..

Overall Satisfactionc67
One of the best universal IM apps on the market today.
Incredibly functional and regularly updated IM client for Android.
The best chat client available in android.
Requests to many permissions for a simple chat app.
Absolutely the best messenger i've used so far.
the best multi account messenger without a shadow of a doubt.
the best instant messenger client for Android.
Cant find a good instant messenger.
That is the only thing have to improve.
Required improvement s in video quality.
Fun & Engagingc53
feature rich and light app for those who like to chat.
the user interface is awesome.
Imo is definitely my favorite app to use for chat.
Its useful for chatting with friends on Skype.
Liked everything about the new update and the interface.
I liked everything this application had to offer before.
Does everything you can ask for.
Social Aspectsc64
Imo is definitely my favorite app to use for chat.
Nice idea to grouping all social network in one interface.
Uninstalled due to forced participation in IMO's social network.
Makes messaging and keeping in touch with friends so easy.
Production Valuesc58
the user interface is awesome.
has a cleaner interface that conforms to Android standards.
Much cleaner interface.
Ease of Usec63
Fast and easy 10 in 1.
Security & Privacyc43
Updates & Supportc32
perhaps better than non beta version.
Apparently there were more glitches on the stable version than beta.
push notification to save battery.

Imo is definitely my favorite app to use for chat. found in 12 reviews
One of the best universal IM apps on the market today. found in 101 reviews
Imo beta free video call download. found in 6 reviews
the best multi account messenger without a shadow of a doubt. found in 28 reviews
Cannot receive messages when signed in as Invisible. found in 6 reviews
Works brilliant but since lastnight Facebook chat hasn't been working properly. found in 24 reviews
Please fix the annoying auto sign in bug. found in 73 reviews
I can not get my yahoo account to go online. found in 25 reviews
Was very difficult to uninstall with such a small window. found in 15 reviews
I have to constantly sign in to them over and over. found in 8 reviews
Few verry annoying bugs need to be fixed : interoperability with Skype. found in 14 reviews
Bluetooth headset is not working when on voice or video call. found in 10 reviews
Registered just know in mobile and unable to login with my browser. found in 30 reviews
can not sign in to yahoo messenger no matter how hard itry. found in 19 reviews
Cannot login to facebook chat Oo It has skype. found in 13 reviews
This was my IM client until Skype support was removed. found in 6 reviews
user interface is awesome but can't connect to yahoo messenger. found in 19 reviews
save text msg costs and let imo auto load. found in 8 reviews
plz send 6 digit verification code. found in 6 reviews
Latest update seems to have removed the auto login options though. found in 33 reviews
Lowering rating because a recent update forces favourites to always show. found in 6 reviews
However would be further better when video chat is enabled. found in 31 reviews
Needs video calling support and use emoticons from specific service. found in 9 reviews
Buggy chat window doesnt let you write. found in 17 reviews
please allow us to disable Broadcast. found in 16 reviews
Photos don't appear in a group chat. found in 16 reviews
except the lack of chat history and more advanced features. found in 25 reviews
Keeps auto starting and auto login after I uncheck. found in 33 reviews
no dark theme sucks your battery If it had dark theme. found in 24 reviews
I cannot sign in to my MSN or Yahoo accounts. found in 25 reviews
I don't like that there's no option to group your contacts. found in 14 reviews
Not able to sign in on college wifi. found in 73 reviews
but cannot sign in to Yahoo account. found in 19 reviews
Was a great app until recent update now won't log onto yahoo. found in 21 reviews
now it is not allowing to login to Facebook. found in 24 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download imo beta for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 4.2.2 has been released on 2014-01-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 1.6 and up
More Info: Find more info about imo beta in`s Official Website :

Download imo beta to try new and experimental instant messaging features.With imo instant messenger, it?s easy to stay in touch with friends on your existing IM accounts on Facebook Chat, Google Talk, Skype, MSN, ICQ/AIM, ...

There s a problem Notifications are only showing when im open app imo I have turned on notifications in settings im sure about that And when im open imo its showing u have missed calls from Incoming calls are only show when im online imean when im in imo Im allways turned on data Why is that And there s too many updates and it want too many mega bites             Ds Styles
This imo have many problem there have no private lock and this imo have many internet problem my internet is 4G but its very very slow overall i want to say its not good and its same to same bigo live i want know why make copy on bigo live If possible sothe make new but why copy others live and now i can t open my live module is loading and loading why don t have live room on my imo beta show this message haven t live room why show this     raton mia
Imo app for need power full data speed for voice call or live stream can you please make this app little bit small because every people has no stable connection sometimes connection will get slow because of exceeding internet users otherwise this is not computer app this is a Mobile app so I think you should think about iti     Mc Rukshan
The app is very good until last days it has became annoyed because we re daily receiving annoying video calls from national code 86 with sexy girls profile photo And give anonymous links for multi subject mostly it s about sex and porn So please solve this annoying proplem as you see as you can thank you and best regards             Reyah Elamal
Used to be good until I started receiving many video calls from accounts that have girls names and numbers that start with 86 and other country codes now the app is just an inconvenience I d rather uninstall it me and my family and friends than keep up with all these harrassments         mzmata 86
It is Important that Imo group chat Live not working in mobile data You have to look up this problem others very mutch good and well I think It s have some difficulties                     shams M zahir
I changed my play store account mail I d but the problem is same during the call within 40 seconds one side voice heard clearly and my side voice not being reached to other person Solve this problem     saleem javed Khan
Hello please delete the friends World section it s bad section for me I want to share story but you add World friends section please delete this in new version I problem with this section friends world     Sayed Ravi Sadat
Actually It s a good app but today we can t able to useing the imo ive sream that showing network problem What reason of that                     Omar Faruk
This app very bad because it not working to live when i go live internet so sololy and not open live it is a big problem Still my phone 4g and internet 4g i m disappointed for this imo     Dilroba Dental care
It is a very good application appreciate the hard work but there are certain areas where it needs to be looked 1 I want to disable the stories and also want to disable a particular person from whom which i donot want to receive any stories 2 Please remove the LIKEE videos or allow us to disable that too I am giving 3 stars now but if I am able to atleast disable the LIKEE i ll change it to 5 stars asap Response to Developer Can you please share the URL of IMO Lite I see that the other IMO available also contains all of these             Zubair Ahmed Khan
Its too bad to see the live feature as improved If there is more less than one star then i had to give because of its worst new live feature     ZEESHAN NIGHAR KTK
I brought new sim and activatied after that i install imo and add the same number the imo id is showing some other name and his friends name list i thing the connection still some one is using what is the security give from ur side how to belive the apps maybe some one is missusing the old number kindly do take necessary action right now my experiance the app have a no securite incase lot of people have to go one cheatting from this app so pleas clear the issuse             Arjun Mrithiumjayan
Hi I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy s10 phone I normally use IMO to call my loves ones who live in abroad but my friends saying they can echo back their own voice when we call through the IMO I chek with calling several people using IMO problem is same But I tried to call through other video call apps such as whatsapp Duos Viber etc no problem at all for both side I tried everything that mentioned in the internet factory reset safemode remove covers etc nothinh work out                 UD unlimited
Cannot hide stories bluetooth symbol is not available Please fix                 mohamed shamsudeen
Why I can t talk clearly nd cee clear now in my imo before it was good also live stream I can cee watch but now nothing live stream only loading nd I can t cee clear even voice call I can t hear well what s wrong please solve this problem dear Admin     Shaikh Saqib
this app is trash user interface is owful and it s not user friendly stories stuck and won t load design is ugly everywhere I touch it make calls and send voices that i don t want to send they should work on user interface and graphics of this app     younes nourzehi
turn off the green light immediately after exiting or closing the app         Md Feroz
Older version was good new version too boring to much slow     chena manush
it s a good app for calling but when you get in touch with internet the offline calls pop up and it directly opens imo by their own just got frustrated from this kind of nitification can anyone tell me how to turn it off                 Hina Ahmed Khan
I think the should use cloud service Also fix some bug problem After all it is a good app for video call             rokomari BD
Make a lite version to faster use like messenger lite Basic feature like video audio calling sharing file and adding contact will be preferable No need additional feature Hope that will be popular than your other version                     Md Jahirul Islam Shawon
why imo not working with out vpn here in UAE b4 good now it s not working if me open vpn then work but here vpn also not working please fix agin with out vpn I give you 5 stars Thanks     Ameer Hussain
Emu Beta I also use my friend how it is this is a lot of problemsBecause of these my personal details should go to my friend if you do not need to stop it then the problem is that people do not need to do such a problem     raj riyad
I h ve been using this app and it really shows the other person in the receiving end as online whereas they are not this fluctuations really creates misunderstanding and sometimes i laugh a lot because hear myself rather then the one on other end             Pratima Rai
hi what is the security imo app today my imo account hacked and I confused the security of imo not satisfied me Baucus a hacker hacked any imo very easily with imo beta and get easily get backup password But how it doing a hacker now I and we need a very strong security in our imo are you do this please tell me and I need your response Thank you     Jolas miah
now facing another problem that we are unable to select ringtone for notifications as we prefer or want some months ago this feature is available after update of app this feature is removed please again give us this feature thanks                 Jawad Shafique
Problems in live didnot get notifiaction of live users and private option removed too bad     Good One
3erd class Bad or laging so much Make my phone too much slow this Such a bad performance it have Don t download this         Zaher Zayn
what a fake App across i ever used disturbed me with advertising in every second I m unable to use even for 1 minute I m really bothered waiting for it s advertise until the screen to be clear to restart or to return to call you guys fix it or get uninstalled         Why Always Me
a unique app on its own please developers try to add the online friends filter option where it s easy for us to see friends that are online instead of scrolling all contacts to see who s online thanks             Echebiri Iheanyi
Why i cant watch others live Even i live by myself It says loading module then unavailable even i have internet connection             Ronelito Jose
I check notifications and than close the app But when i open again same notifications are there             kamran Nazir
Disruptive Doesn t function properly Receive a missed call app is open without opening Requires unnecessary permission Allow app to appear on top     Dexter Lab
Setting is too much fault like when i open beta and go to the friend tistl then I will tuch my calling friend but not call need to wait few minutes after that to touch and then start to ringing this is no need because I wanna fast calling             Rs Rafiq islam
Improve some function like If we touch any contact by mistake then at a time that person get notification                 Shahzad Ali
This imo have many problems internet is 4g but very very slow I want say it s not good voice     ripon ismail
I love you indian giral                
Dear IMO this is the best app that i have ever seen the only problem is no any personal setting or privacy setting thanks siadat                
Nice video calling                 Thiru
its a good app me and my friends really love it its very helpful and try to add more options              Renjith RC
Beautiful        Good
but it does not support bluetooth headphoneheadset           nice app
Very very very nice                
It is awesome app                
Nice app                
I find whatsapp the best of the chatting apps we have around Calling using the app needs improvement While calling it rings even if that person is not connected to the internet              Good but needs improvement
App is good but I cant move it to SD card on my moto e And also screen dont get lock while speaking and touch screen remain active Plz solve these two issues          
Why dont u guys understand every other day I have to update this app why why why why    
This app is very good app              This app is awesome app
Good But Allways Mis call Beep                 Great
Plz add yhe online option than give 5 star           Ok not godd
enable proximity in audio call           Proximity sensor
Its good and powerful app             
Bad update                 Good aap
Every day updates lolz           Gone mad
Joanjoan                 Imo
Happy to using imo add online status                 Nice
Wow              Nice
Nice              Good
I am happy                 Anas
suckssss By the new update The call doesnot take 5 secs and disconnects automatically That makes me repeat the call and race the seconds to complete one sentences This app drove me crazy        Could have been way better
Fast and easy to use it                
Problem in login    
Good for video calling              Imazim
Excellent app              Liked it
This continues to perform well with no strings attached             
Its good we can talk with our friends long time                
I cannot update and not work why     Fixed please
Hi admin I love this aplication and its working so good but one problem here in uae this is blocked so without vpn its not working can you help us to solve this problem I want use more time this aplication but without vpn secure tnx love imo                 My name is khan
Good n smooth              Nice app
Call get disconnect after seconds     Not working in uae any more
Great Work Keep it up dear just work on video pixels video is little bit bluring overall good                 Samsung A8
Gud                 Gud

imo beta Communication Instant Messengerimo beta Communication Instant Messengerimo beta Communication Instant Messengerimo beta Communication Instant Messenger

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