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Feedly Team , the publisher behind many Android apps (TechCrunch Widget by Feedly ,Feedly ,BBC News Widget by Feedly ,Yahoo! News Widget by Feedly ,USA Today Widget by Feedly ,Fox News Widget by Feedly), brings Feedly with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Feedly apps has been update to version 18.1.0 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great application that aggregates all the news sources you want..
  • I love that Feedly is cross platform allowing for full flexibility..
  • This is a Really good google reader application..
  • Great sharing features and tools for organizing and saving articles..
  • Fast News at your fingertips..

Overall Satisfactionc88
Feedly is by far the best RSS reader out there right now.
If this is the " best RSS reader " for Android.
Feedly is one of the best RSS readers that I have come across.
By far the best news feed app next to HTC blinkfeed.
Great replacement for reader and much better than google currents :.
After the disappointment that was Google Currents.
Good app better than flipboard because you can mark articles read.
I think it's the best news aggregator out there.
Thanks Feedly for picking up after Google Reader was shutdown.
The best way to browse your favorite sites for new content.
Fun & Engagingc91
Awesome reader to stay updated with news and views.
but overall : awesome reader :.
Awesome RSS reader that has become one of my most used apps.
It really is a great way to keep up to date with all kinds of news.
Its easy to use and gets everything in one place.
I rely on Feedly every day for over a year now.
Feedly allows me to read everything I want in one place.
saves time going through your favourite websites.
Good for staying up to date with news and current events.
Beautiful and useful reader.
Social Aspectsc58
Good reader - nice interface and well integrated with social media.
colorful layout and easy sharing across social media.
it is easy to post notable articles to your social network.
Easy to share using every social network under the sun.
Production Valuesc74
Good web interface for managing categories and feeds.
Useless without generic web interface.
Nice clean interface and navigation to uncluttered news information and podcasts.
Almost as visually stunning as flip board.
Ease of Usec66
my new reader of choice- great presentation and easy to add feeds.
Easy to configure ans never far from my finger.
This is the best app which looks great and easy navigation.
Simple fast and always there for me.
Simple elegant UI.
I like Feedly because of its clean & intuitive design.
Easy interface to skim through feeds and read interesting articles.
Feedly provided an easy transition and warm welcome to Reader users.
Not work on ics note.
Also annoying as hell that login issues aren't fixed.
Security & Privacyc54
Great feed reader - a fantastic replacement for my old google reader account.
Updates & Supportc51
Android version looks far better than browser based versions.
The android version for most of the time works great.
Videos on websites not working correctly on the Android version.
Can be slow to respond to touch.
I want the tablet version to work on N7.
especially with tablet version.

It's the best RSS reader on the market right now in my opinion. found in 24 reviews
Feedly is by far the best RSS reader out there right now. found in 1245 reviews
One of the best newsreader out there. found in 16 reviews
Feedly is definitely the best feed reader app I've tried to date. found in 475 reviews
Efficient way to get your daily dose of news. found in 14 reviews
This is the best RSS feed app that I've ever used. found in 67 reviews
A more than worthy successor to the Google Reader throne. found in 16 reviews
Best replacement for Google's discontinued RSS news feed reader. found in 22 reviews
Feedly is the best Rss feed reader in last 5 years. found in 79 reviews
My go-to app for news and current events. found in 92 reviews
perfect alternative to the previously google RSS reader. found in 19 reviews
It's one of the best news reader app compared to flipboard. found in 535 reviews
Feedly is setting the standard on news aggregation. found in 9 reviews
Good app better than flipboard because you can mark articles read. found in 68 reviews
Tremendous time saver that is well packaged. found in 20 reviews
Works very well for keeping on my favorite blogs. found in 46 reviews
By far the best news feed app next to HTC blinkfeed. found in 101 reviews
Great RSS aggregator that syncs across devices. found in 22 reviews
integration with Google reader and plenty of sharing options. found in 28 reviews
Perhaps this is the best feed reader for android. found in 126 reviews
Some images don't load even though they did in Google Reader. found in 16 reviews
Update: The built in browser sucks and you have to use it. found in 89 reviews
Awesome work but the widget doesn't work for quiet some time now. found in 79 reviews
For me is only missing offline reading to be perfect. found in 14 reviews
Feedly BUG: Cannot paste URL into Add Content. found in 59 reviews
Missing feature : use the default browser to navigate the web page. found in 65 reviews
Unable to paste a feed to add into the mobile app. found in 37 reviews
Please add possibility to open an article in external browser. found in 59 reviews
can't paste urls into search box and can't add explicitly. found in 45 reviews
It's actually possible to open articles in an external browser. found in 50 reviews
Would rate it 5 stars if devs would ADD OFFLINE READING. found in 161 reviews
This app desperately needs a mark as unread button. found in 49 reviews
Offline mode would make this much more useful. found in 99 reviews
Clean and smooth app but widget needs optimizing for tablets. found in 16 reviews
but the new behavior for the " open in browser " button is counterproductive. found in 37 reviews
Unfortunately it does not have offline support built in. found in 94 reviews
No offline caching and needs you to sign in. found in 18 reviews
So please let external browser open full article. found in 68 reviews
There should be an option to open links in default web browser. found in 76 reviews
But i hate the internal web browser. found in 83 reviews
Many other Nexus 7 owners have the same problem. found in 209 reviews
I don't like to have to scroll down to my feedus. found in 97 reviews
Selecting a new feed immediately caused my Nexus 4 to reboot. found in 86 reviews
Still has issues requiring me to re login to the service. found in 83 reviews
There's no button to mark something as unread. found in 157 reviews
Pull to close is not working on Nexus 6 with CM12. found in 84 reviews
But it's all pointless because you can't cache feeds for offline reading. found in 157 reviews
Reading Full Articles causes it to Crash. found in 118 reviews
It doesn't follow many standard practices for Android apps. found in 152 reviews
Most of the time hangs and freezes Samsung Galaxy s2. found in 79 reviews
unread articles unless you read all the new articles first. found in 115 reviews
Widget doesn't work contacted them twice no response=no stars. found in 79 reviews
Without offline mode it is worthless for me. found in 99 reviews
Just personal flavr - no offline reading mode. found in 161 reviews
Plus the fact that there is no built in browser is awful. found in 89 reviews
Still plagued by logging out and has poor offline support. found in 94 reviews
BUT It doesnt work on my Samsung Galaxy Note. found in 109 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Feedly for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 18.1.0 has been released on 2014-01-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.2 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about Feedly check developer Feedly Team`s website : http://blog.feedly.com/mobile

Feedly. Feed your mind.Get the best content from your favorite websites delivered to your Android phone or tablet. Powered by Google Reader, Twitter, Instapaper and Read it later.Are you an existing Google Reader user? Think ...

You just ruined a great app with the latest update Albeit the performance has immensely improved moving through articles is now buttery smooth but the in built browser feature is broken Please fix ASAP Even after several months the internal browser is still broken Some webpages require external browsers to load full content I ll stick to the classic version             Olalekan Olalowo
Absolutely love feedly It s helped me keep up to date with all the things I want to follow without being on social media The app is great and desktop availability is a massive bonus One thing currently missing for me is integration with Android 10s dark theme system wide toggle                     Midas Gordon-Farleigh
The free version would be good but the ads and click games they play on you are unbearable As your reading and article the page suddenly goes to the top to load an ad somewhere You scroll back down and when you ve finally located where you were and begin to read Boom You re back to the top again Free version is useless     Joe Overton
Like the ability to pick the sources Rss layout is great within the app But the widget Displaying one cumbersome image at a time Would be nice if widget was transparent and could smooth scroll like it does within the app That would make it 5 5 Cheers             Phil Kuipers
This is a fantastic app I m on the free Feedly yet get an ad free high quality reading experience thanks to this app The font size colours and themes are fantastic offering more than any other competing app I wish i could afford the paid version just to support the company                 Daniel Gomes
App is ok 6 a year is not much but really doesn t seem worth for an app like this unless you re really hardcore and believe you need hundreds of feeds sources If I need to search I just go to the sites themselves No big deal             Chaos Shadow
Feedly is still good on mobile But their new desktop interface is terrible The left tab use to be hidden but now permanently displayed wasting 30 of the browser screen space Overall a very disappointing bunch of changes in 2019             Bao Hui Choi
I get a new no suitable directory found for saving error when I long tap to save an image Not sure how I can work around this 9 22 2019     Ken Capelli
No screenshots swiping down with 3 fingers Since the latest Feedly update swiping down with three fingers to take a screenshot does no longer work Feedly simoly closes the article before the screenshot is taken Very annoying Android 10     Mark Ryhold
Love how well this app lets me keep track on the info I care about the most Plus the constant updates have made it quite catchy and more intuitive                     Alex Sandoval
Was working great up until recently Now when ever I scroll feedly exits out of the story news article that I m reading Seemingly for no reason I m on Android 9             Artex Jay
Now back button doesn t go back instead it opens the left panel         Anderson Fernandes
Since the update to maintain compatibility with Android 10 swiping up when reading an article will close it which I don t think is the intended behaviour         Er Jian Chua
The latest update makes scrolling in article suddenly exit the page It s so difficult to read news now Please fix it     Ti Yam
Posts now close prematurely as I scroll through them I have not changed any settings since the last update This is truly annoying                 A Google user
Articles automatically closes while you swipe up Must be a bug Have to open the same story again and again         Aditi Subba
Well that sucks when I try to scroll the article Im reading it just closes to group of articles And it was because of todays update hm hm hm             Radoslav Paukovic
Keeps freezing for about 3 5 seconds each time I close an article     Ben Rollier
Widget still breaks unexpectedly and does not load articles Removing and adding the widget also does not resolve this anymore     Tam Duong Jr.
Left because they removed basic search Meaning you can t search for anything unless you buy pro     bahare khodabande
Good replacement for Google reader Does not work with android 10 gesture navigation             Hari B
Best Rss reader The problem now is with the websites as many websites have started restricting unlimited reading We ve to either purchase per article or subscribe The business model has changed                     Anil Kuppa
Constantly freezes forcing reset         Al Hung
Feedly is hideous and they charge the incredibly inflated sum of 72 year just to have more than 3 feeds Wow     Chris S
is there a way to increase font size Not just article font                 Dave Spina
Buggy on latest update Hope you fix it     Jayb
Let me be clear reading experience is great it is one of the best ways to find and read the news But ability to create more than 3 feeds and following topics are locked behind an annual subscription which frankly is ludicrously expensive Sorry but I cannot use this app even though once it was my favourite I get they need to make money a one time purchase would be fine at a reasonable price but it costs the same as Microsoft Office 365             Steve Peach
Missing feature The old version provided a button to show image captions Needed for people with vision problems but useful for comics that used captions to add to their content See XKCD You started to roll this out to some but not all see Devil s Panties Taking all your stars back no excuse to not have this for everyone edit for developer question long press on the image doesn t show the hover caption it is why you have a hover button for comics like xkcd     BarcodeKevin
It displays the exact same articles over and over again Just now I saw the same article 6 times while skimming for 5 minutes I didn t have this issue with other apps EDIT It s a premium feature for the app to work the way it should Are you guys part of EA         Nick H
This app crashes constantly i love the concept of it and if it worked I d give it 5 stars but I cant make it through more than 20 minutes of a podcast without it crashing and totally losing my progress Kind of infuriating to be honest i can handle the occasional crash but this app is ridiculous Apparently this problem has been around for years and it just keeps getting worse so their source code is garbage I d go with something else         Jamie McKenna
Great UX and nice integrations My primary use case is that I read long blog posts that won t complete in a single sitting and so I want it to remember the scroll position on the blog Doesn t look like the feature is implemented             Vyshakh Nambiar
Day 1 network down error message no restarting or repeated attempts to log in load program Sent Feedly email No response Day 2 same problem no connectivity Cleared caches un reinstalled Same problem Second email to Feedly Still no response Day 4 same error message Installed on another device same error No response to emails sent to Feedly Trying Google News clumsy by comparison but at least it works     D Man Hart
I find Feedly to be a great news app as I use the widget a lot However two suggestions 1 Give users the chance to select background colours for news articles without images 2 Fix a bug where the widget app does not display any news feeds after rebooting the phone Please continue to make this app awesome                 Kunwon Saw
Installed the app today Tried to sign up with Google but get no network and login failed object object banners Also tried to uninstall and reinstall and nothing My network is working fine Issue is replicable on both mobile data network and WiFi Looks like all recent reviews are regarding to the same issue Terrible experience     Joyce Leung
I like this app a lot unfortunately I m not sure who decided that it would be a smart idea to not allow users to search articles or keywords if they didn t upgrade it s honestly puzzling I don t see the logic in that It ll show me websites I m already subscribed to but won t allow me to click on the articles What is the logic     Sierra Jackson
Outstanding news reader app Recent changes non paged scrolling marking articles as read once scrolled past are fantastic improvements One request Please don t sync Day Mode Night Mode across devices or add setting to disable syncing Just because I wanted one device in dark mode last night doesn t mean I want all my devices in dark mode the next morning                     Scott Goffman
Good but little ability to customise makes this a frustrating experience ruining a good app I would love to have a larger text size is that too much to ask I would love it to work with tablets in horizontal mode better Like so many android apps tablets offer a poor experience         chip board mdf
The free version has not inspired me to upgrade to pro The feeds seem like they are missing articles and the search function is disabled It also says I ve read all of the articles in the feed when actually I haven t Instead I m going to look for a different app         Mark Donaldson

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