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Mediocre , the publisher behind many Android games (Does not Commute ,Smash Hit), brings Smash Hit with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Smash Hit games has been update to version 1.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Such smooth game play & the graphics are simply stunning..
  • Most amazing game to help you calm down..
  • It reminds me of arcade games from when I was younger..
  • its an extremely good game and moreover an unique game..
  • Awesome game with good great graphics n 3D effects..


Beautiful game that's incredibly satisfying as well. found in 58 reviews
After a busy day smashing the glass is a good stress relief. found in 43 reviews
Super fun I highly recommend this game to play. found in 126 reviews
awesome game and the background music awesome too. found in 1130 reviews
It is the best game in the world to me I'm not joking. found in 49 reviews
smash hit is very good and interesting game. found in 1960 reviews
It's a great time killer that is simple yet mindboggling. found in 85 reviews
i love this game the graphics and sounds are amazing. found in 62 reviews
I like it very much and It is a very interesting game. found in 83 reviews
Seems stupid that you have to start from the beginning everytime. found in 8 reviews
Frustrating that you can't restart from checkpoint unless you pay for premium. found in 113 reviews
Although gets boring due to really long levels lengths. found in 53 reviews
Plus the game freezes and shuts down on me. found in 18 reviews
Cant play different modes. found in 15 reviews
Wish i didnt have to go back to the start every time. found in 7 reviews
the game sucks for the premium stuff. found in 19 reviews
Awesome game except buying premium to start from checkpoint that sucks. found in 18 reviews
I wish you didn't have to pay for the stupid "premium" to get anything cool. found in 19 reviews
Though I wish it didn't need premium to spawn at checkpoints. found in 32 reviews
This idiotic game crashes that is what I disliked about it. found in 18 reviews
Great Game but lags a bit but it's still good. found in 6 reviews
It just gets annoying having to start over every time unless you pay. found in 16 reviews
but like most these games it gets boring fast. found in 5 reviews
Wish you didnt have to pay money to continue from where you were. found in 15 reviews
Its great but nobody wants to pay for premium. found in 113 reviews
I don't think you should have to pay for everything. found in 8 reviews
Avoid unless you have credit card at hand. found in 8 reviews
Gets boring after awhile always having to start from the beginning. found in 8 reviews
but it just does the same thing over. found in 12 reviews
But it starts me over from the beginning. found in 10 reviews
The only level available gets boring after a shockingly short time. found in 53 reviews
It becomes pointless to play if you have to start from the beginning every time. found in 18 reviews
DONT MAKE US PAY. found in 9 reviews
fix it then ill rate it 5 stars. found in 10 reviews
Not a fan of having to pay to play the full game. found in 24 reviews
Baddd badddd bdd please people dont install this bad game. found in 25 reviews
You cant play no other modes except beginner without paying money. found in 15 reviews
This game sucks like Michael Jackson at a boy scout jamboree. found in 19 reviews
and there's no fun in grinding same thing over and over again. found in 10 reviews
The most worst game ever played by me. found in 29 reviews
But now when I try to play it the screen doesn't move. found in 12 reviews
Every time when I open the game it close suddenly. found in 15 reviews
But it's not letting me restore purchase on my other phone. found in 16 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Smash Hit for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Smash Hit app version 1.0.0 has been updated on 2014-03-5. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.3 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about Smash Hit check developer Mediocre`s website :

Take a surreal journey through an otherworldly dimension, move in harmony with sound and music and smash everything in your path This experience requires focus, concentration, and timing to not only travel as far as ...

My new favorite game Love the graphics Love the sound effects Surprisingly great stress reliever especially in zen mode Nice job on this one So far no complaints 9 13 19 would love to be able to choose power ups instead of using the last one I pick up Have hit a few by mistake aiming for a crystal But overall great stress reducing game Worth the buy                 T Lilie
Whenever I get most of the way through checkpoint 3 I keep going to checkpoint infinity Just now it went checkpoint 1 2 3 infinity 10 infinity 6 infinity 9 I can t make any progress It s like the game is trying to make me buy premium The first time I played it was fine but then it started happening And guess what checkpoint infinity is infinite Is this a bug or something     The Awesomness bossomness
Awesome Fun to play and feels like a good yet relaxing way to be challenged Have to restart each time on free version but that means you can improve with every restart no annoying ads and a well made game that would be worth paying for Thank you to those who made it                     witchiceprincess
Cannot recommend This is one of those games that makes you work hard for something then immediately take it all away because of one tiny mistake and makes you frustrated which is just not fun To add to that you have to PAY MONEY to restart from checkpoints but if you restart from anywhere beyond the middle checkpoint then the game will be over in 20 minutes and you ve literally wastes your money away Don t bother     Or
Really intense and Fun I dig the sound of glass breaking I dont like going all the way back to the damn start every time I run outa balls UNLESS you buy the premium That sucks u0026 can really piss a person off after making it so far Makes me want to smash some glass for real Sooo maybe ya ll can tweak that abit make new places full of glass for premium price and let the poor folk re up our balls and continue from where we lost our last poor ball Think about it you d get more playing             Nadine Fox
I m not really a phone game type of guy but there is just something special about this one Catartic and adictive at the same time I absolutely love it It s a game that you can still enjoy playing even after yoy beat it because you can keep attempting to beat your best distance or beat a certain level with more balls It s also a good way to simply zone out and focus on something else when you need it                     Pat Scanlon
The game is really fun to play But starting from checkpoints require premium purchase What kind of nonsense is that Come up with some other features for premium purchase Why even bother making it a free download when all you can do free is playing the same distance every time     Hasibul Sakib
I don t know if it s the game or just mine but every time I pause and then leave the game when I come back and unpause I ll finish the level that I was on when I paused and the next level is something that isn t any of the levels not even the last one it s super hard and that s the only time it happens it s kinda confusing                     Poyzniss
I like the game but I hate when I have to restart after game over I am sure this isn t an endless game b c it s not randomly arranged so why can t I just save from my highest point Please fix this             Anthony Darko
Phenomenally made game The soundtrack is on point especially after listening to it on Spotify with my super bassy headphones The physics for the broken glass pieces are also really well done and the sound design is extremely realistic I would maybe like to to see more than 1 mode avaliable in the fee version of the game just for players who cant really afford it but still want to mix up their game Either way would highly recommend if looking for a challenge with great design                 Games For Days
When you finish your last ball you have to start again from the beginning which sucks as you have to pay premium if you want to carry on from where you last ran out of balls So I brought premium only for it not work and still asks me to upgrade Disappointed and money wasted     June Ferguson
It s very interesting game and and I enjoyed it a lot because it is very very very interesting game and I play every time this game for entertainment for fun this is the best game of my life I send this game to everyone on my contacts and I want to to reach the last level of this game I don t know what is it but I want to reach there In the last I am playing this game now also I reach till 7th level it s difficult but I have believe me that I can do it smash it is the best game                     Arshika Sinha
It s amazing The game has amazing levels challenges and obstacles but I wish that when you already had past the glass pane that you won t get damaged Besides that I give it 5 stars with the amazing details in the glass the altimate obstacles and the shading with a smoky backgrounds when you go through the levels Amazing creation Smash hit                     William Seloka
Probably the most intersting game i have played Until i realized they ask for money to start from where i ran out of balls Too bad I would gladly waste time on a game like this if they appriciated my time as much as me Later                 V V Vance
I love the game it s just why do I have to pay just to play other game modes this doesn t make any sense at least have 3 game modes free I m most likely deleting the game there no point of playing if I have to pay for 99 of the game an only can play 1 of it     Spartan wolf
Had this game for 2 years got a score upwards of 25000 never got premium lost my phone now to restart I did end up getting to infinate stage again but now it s after or in stages 3 10 I don t like that If this is a bug please fix                 Isaac Cole
Bought this game after I saw Dennis Gustaffesen s latest physics project on YouTube to satisfy my need for physics based destruction while I wait for early access and it does not dissapoint I d buy this game again if they put it on Steam It really feels like it was meant for mouse controls                     samgee500
I really liked this game until they asked for money to save my progress after the first try I m uninstalling this app as soon as I post this I don t pay for games Be warned Unless you enjoy playing level one multiple times just say no         Donna Hamilton
You know i ve been scrolling through the reviews and it seems like this game is just a huge scam If it crashed on your phone BE GRATEFUL ABOUT IT Forget lagging or ads The problem here is PREMIUM You waste 2 bucks just to save your progress and if you don t have money it s very frustrating AND EVEN IF YOU WANT PREMIUM too bad If you spend money on premium then it still thinks you don t have it and the people who made this game have done nothing about it Read the reviews you ll see     Mary Mercado
The only reason this game is difficult is because of the crappy level design Some crystals are placed on the ceiling and when I try to hit them I end up opening my phone s hud I also hate how I sometimes hit a glass on a string and it glitches out and flies everywhere hitting me But the graphics are cool that s why I rated 2 stars         The Man Can
is good Maybe there could be a level creation mode like Mario Maker and you could have a view in either 1st person and place objects to break and set the ball limit and also add crystals and set specific values to the crystals and add rotating with it it would be nice it still is very good and I bought premium and it does not disappoint                 JusMonika
I got SO FAR and I wanted to resume at the checkpoint and It told me to get premium When I click not now it wouldn t go away and just kept going to the beginning WHAT IF PEOPLE DON T WANT TO SPEND MONEY gEt PrEmIuM I AM NOT WASTING MONEY CUZ I DON T HAVE IT these maniacs have to deal with this game they dont do anything about it i hope this goes on top critical it better I deleted it and never wanted to see it again     Denario Davis
Best game competitive level and its very good and that I give it 5 star rating because of this it s very very good and width of so easy and not so tough tough to do so it could be simple but I like so you now you can install this best this game at least thousand times Google CEO West                     Raj Shekar
There is a bug which is when you restart from checkpoints without premium there is a message called restarting from checkpoints requires premium so when you click not now and go back to start checkpoint the message doesn t go away and when you click get premium in this message the checkpoint exits but the get premium page doesn t occur please fix all of the bugs and add more gamemodes and add checkpoint 12 and update the game     Yahia Walid .07
As a new player i find it to be increasilngly bingeful I did pay for the 2 dollar upgrade and it is worth it The checkpoints are long and it is fair Keep updating and join                 Stewart Boltz
It s a great game that allows you to enter a whole new mindset to test your in game reflexes I love the graphics the soundtrack and the game Developer Great job                     Gianni Mirabito
I usually never play the games last one I played was on my daughter s phone five years ago Subway Surfers I don t know what made me click on this but there is something very satisfying about the sound of breaking glass probably said something about me anyway a lot of fun thank you oh and no ads that I ve seen so far and it s not slow and the graphics are nice everything that I see people complaining about on other games I haven t ran into                 paved w good intentions progress not perfection
Excellent game well done There is a bug though when you pass to level 4 or 3 then sometimes you go to a different level than you are supposed to                     Linusdahlstedt Dahlstedt
Great music different obstacles colors and moods in each level and fun to break glass I guess I used to have the paid version because no checkpoints which means you need to start from the very beginning each time which is annoying They also really want you to buy premium Other than that really good                 Anonymous User
It challenges your memory eyesight and skill Its an amazing game I would give it 10 STARS if I could You are not beating other people you just try to beat your personal high score But it is still amazing I highly reccomend that you download this game                     Rachel Green
Even though there is a check point infinity this just makes the game more fun to play If the game developers and reading this what is check point infinity And why was it added to the game s code                     Grim Vargas
Good game just touch the crystals and obstacles to hit the same There should be more space in free zone Sometimes it felt like you either give this developer your credit card details or simply uninstall and get over the premium obsession                 Anup
THE Graphics in the game are amazing and I just love watching stuff breack down this game is amazing keep it on and I want you guys to change one thing to be able to make the boss fight and local servers free so anybody can go on them and for the checkpoints can you make for like everyday you get a checkpoint pass which let s you go on any checkpoint for that day or save them up Pls and thanks alot for such a good 3d game                     Jovel Waffles
It is amazing I have never seen a game like this I love it When i play i usually cross level 8th in one go And till date i have never got 10 Before 8th level i have never got out of balls Thank u so so so so so so much to introduce this game                     Shrena Shah
It was amazingly fun and addictive But good thing I ain t so that s the only precaution The graphics and speed are perfect no glitches here                     Silver Starling
ok first of all I love the game but then you hear about premium you have to start all over again cuz of premium no gamemodes no checkpoints u003d very annoying pls fix the game NO PREMIUM other than PREMIUM I absolutely love the graphics and over all it is a really nice game             shubhankar hire
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