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PuffballsUnited , the publisher behind many Android apps (Infiltrating the Airship ,Stealing the Diamond), brings Stealing the Diamond with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Stealing the Diamond apps has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Stealing the Diamond is now available for $0.99 for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Stealing the Diamond app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-03-7. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.2 and up
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Now that Henry has escaped from prison it`s time for him to get back out there and make (read: steal) some money. A local museum has recently unveiled it`s latest exhibit, the Tunisian Diamond. Help ...

Love all of the games but one last game is not on app store or google play and thats breaking the bank the very first henry stickman game so pretty please either update the game and give more options rather than the four options the game had or release that short beauty of a game on play store Notice how i put all three google play names on here that s hilarious                     slapstick comedy2.0
This app and the other ones Fleeing the complex Infiltrating the Airship etc are amazing The fails are funny and never have I found a game before that makes me WANT to fail just for the laughs Though the game doesn t have much replay vaoue but this isn t really a game where you can fix that Overall 5 stars the entire series is 5 stars too                     B Chiles
I loved it this game is cool like you the fails are funny just can t find anything wrong great job ps I have the hole series breaking the bank stealing the diamond inflating the airship and fleeing the complex i also have this OTHER game called speedy stickman run cool add on                     Ayden Lytton
It is a great game talk about the problems this stick guy has but the thing that makes me not give this game 5 stars is that there are no different levels but they can stay long                 Philani Mngadi
This game is a lot of fun There is just a minor problem That minor problem is that half of the text in the Fail with the Portal gun is cut off Again just a minor error                 The Original Gamer 123
AMAZING Funny fails COOL MUSIC Nice voice acting EVERYTHING IS HERE ITS SO EASY TO PLAY I HOPE COMPLETEING THE MISSON COMES SOON PS i know this not fleeing the complex PSS Fleeing the complexe was also great PSSS All of the games are great                     Hat kid :3
This game is so fun but i think there should just be more opshions in the beggining but its really fun just my advice is dont listen to the haters its a cool game                     Johan Papenfus
I used to play this including escaping the prison when i was younger and now I can play it on my phone but it s a bit glitchy                 Stephanie Castillo
great game and lots of fun challenges i personally love the story                     Jambomb 23
its one of the best games I ve ever played if i could go up to 100 stars it would be 100 the fails are so funny i love this game you should definitely download this game                     Yoshi gaming
No spoilers This game is very good The quality is awesome and the plot to the whe game is fun 5 STARS                     Xvier12
P uffballs United I ve played all your games NAD I LOVE THEN you get to choose what you want to do the graphics are good and best stickman EVER please make some more games cause I really enjoy them                     A Google user
complete the first stage in 2 different ways and the game ends there tf is there more to this game i was hoping to move onto a different map stage to play but only gives me the options step back back to start or main menu         Nosey Tuber
I liked this game because it is so intertaning and also fun to play                     Gustavo Mendieta
this game is funny and also there s a creeper if you use a pickaxe                     SW Fernando
Loved it and the references Quick question though Can you please release Breaking the Bank as well I noticed that one isn t available on mobile yet every one except it is available Hope you can get to me                 DJStarstruck
I LOVE IT even though the mobile song when henry escapes from huge robot is diffrent then pc s its great                     Melanie Martiniez
there is one tiny little problem its too short please add more other than that its ok                 Temporary Dude
ummm I was playing flee the complex and I wanted more so i tried this and it s awesome just like the other ones                     Aleah Holmes
I mean it is Ok because not that interesting and on the diamond part where there is the mushroom and stuff could you add more right things that you can choose but beside that I like It Please read this creator and fix my problem             Zia Potato
I like all the games released by PuffballsUnited this version of stickman brings a different and amazing view of playing Hope they RELEASE more GAMES                     Sanchay Krishna
I like this game because It has stuff you can do and some are wrong There are 3 ending 1 undetected 2 forgot 3 epic So I m really proud                     Stephen Feltham
henry Jump me did ya really think that was gonna work Yay best game ever                     Julia Griffiths
Do not install if you have a Galaxy S6 causes the black screen of death and makes your phone unresponsive     Rawlin Evans
this game is awesome i tried to steel the diamond but i always fail fail is funny like a diamond in the sky shine bright like a diamond shine bright lokr a diamong in the sky                     Linojay Martinez
so interesting game I have won it in aggressive epic and undetected ways it s cool                     shree niwas
I like the game but sometimes it glitches             Claude Davis
Very fun but it was glitchy on my phone                 The Musical Gamer
This game is real fun and entertaining but still Don t steal kids                     Abid Hussainiajw Jaral
Every time I try to get on this game it says Sorry this game has currently stopped If the maker of the game sees this I just wanted to let you know and please do something about this because I eally was interessted in this game when I saw it     A Google user
I love this game it is so fun and tailored is new things and I m I think I should leave five likes and stars     Britany Bolks
It was a great game although it was a bit shorter than I expected                     Miranda
i love this gamee but the mission is completed easily and fast                     SAGAR NAGARKOTI
Love it it makes no sense how you fail but they still get an explanation                     GAMER DORIAN
great marvelous fantastic you guys have to increase more levels for better downloads and more rating i love your game so much i wish i was part of the                     Ime Nosike
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