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Cameras.Ideas , the publisher behind many Android apps (instaShot-Square for Instagram ,Video Trimmer), brings instaShot-Square for Instagram with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. instaShot-Square for Instagram apps has been update to version 1.00 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Awesome great for gamers..
  • User friendly compared to 4 others tried previously..
  • Photo and video squarer in one and it works perfectly for me..
  • Makes editing pics for Instagram a snap..
  • and make really funny videos..

Overall Satisfactionc77
So far this is the best video editor app i have installed.
First video editing app ive downloaded and I think its great.
Not a bad video editing app though.
I will tell my friends to download this app.
Video quality is great and so is the app.
Add some slow mo effect.
Please make it simple ads instead of annoying ads.
Thank you for making this app so easy to use.
It is really is cool I love the blur.
Fun & Engagingc98
Thease guys are awesome just take out the blur.
You guys are awesome.
Super awesome app.
it seems to be working so far so good.
Great app very useful and simple.
Actually this app is very good and helpful.
Very useful and clean.
Saves time.
Ease of Usec80
Niceapps to used.
It even has some simple editing tools.
Perfect for quick simple edits.
Just uploaded my first video and i loved how easy it worked.
Wonderful and easy use.
Useful and convenient.
It's take so long to convert video to Instagram :.
Had it for a while and havent had any problems.
Great app with a few bugs.
Ads not Intrusivec68
Please make it simple ads instead of annoying ads.
Updates & Supportc50
The new update is the best.

For gopro user is good to have this one. found in 4 reviews
Great app very useful and simple. found in 2 reviews
I love this app it helps me make yulema edits. found in 1 reviews
I wish you could merge videos then it'd be 5 star. found in 9 reviews
Why I cant post video on my instagram account. found in 8 reviews
It would be even more amazing if there were video filters. found in 6 reviews
I like the app but it keeps failing to convert. found in 38 reviews
It won't let me save or share ANY video at all. found in 5 reviews
The music doesn't play when you upload it to instagram. found in 3 reviews
Fix the sound problem. found in 6 reviews
Only thing missing is the ability to add text on video. found in 64 reviews
Cant upload vids on my samsun galaxy stratosphere. found in 13 reviews
but promised features such as trim video don't actually work. found in 4 reviews
Doesn't let me download it when I have 1. found in 1 reviews
Unable to play the video after updating the latest update. found in 3 reviews
Worked fine once now upload fails every time. found in 1 reviews
but whenever I save the video the audio is completely off. found in 15 reviews
You cant make a video out of a picture by adding music. found in 15 reviews
Try to upload videos yo Instagram but there's no sound. found in 5 reviews
Great but it should have a save to gallery option. found in 5 reviews
because all my videos " failed to convert video". found in 38 reviews
I can't upload videos via the app and through instagram. found in 21 reviews
Samsung galaxy SII cant use the video feature. found in 8 reviews
When I want to make a video nothing comes up. found in 15 reviews
can't even upload onto instagram. found in 12 reviews
Everytime i post a video using this apps the audio suddenly gone. found in 48 reviews
It doesn't letting me to upload video in instagram. found in 105 reviews
I cant upload a 2mints video on instagram. found in 13 reviews
It keeps saying that the video failed to save. found in 33 reviews
I tried to uninstall it then install it again. found in 7 reviews
Easy app to use but unable to upload to instagram. found in 137 reviews
alot of people don't have money for these things to remove. found in 14 reviews
it screws it all up when you save the video. found in 15 reviews
Can't put more than one video together. found in 17 reviews

The instaShot-Square for Instagram is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.00 has been released on 2014-03-5. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.2 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about instaShot-Square for Instagram check developer Cameras.Ideas`s website :

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Good app I am using this last 3 months I am happy with it Few updates need to be required 1 When we type a text we select or change the text 2 Text wrap option is required 3 Text spacing line spacing and opacity is required like InShot Video maker app 4 If possible 2 or more layer option and transition between 2 video                     Santosh Budakoti
I think this is a great app converting time is a little on the slow side though so I hope that could be fixed in a future update But otherwise an amazing app with really easy and fast editing No pop ups screaming CLICK ME So in my opinion this is a really solid and good app                     Ginger Kirk
I love this app without question have been using for a few years now but for the first time ever all my edited my videos have been deleted My phone was running out of space and so I deleted a few apps including Inshot A few days later I go through my gallery to watch an edited video by surprise it wasn t there none of them were there I searched everywhere and still no luck Am hoping you could help me solve this problem or retrieve certain files if possible Cheeeers an OG Inshot user             Stone King
InShot is a very good app I use it for both photo and video editing Even in the stickers they have given the sticker of Like and Subscribe which is very good because I use InShot for editing of my YouTube videos and now I can design my thumbnails also very easily This is why I am giving 5 Stars                     Ninaad Kapoor
this app is great until i was trying to find the transition button where the heck is the transition button can you please tell me i need this for a project and now i can t complete it when im pressing the pencil thingy below in the scrolly thingy its just tools to trim your videos effects and stuff but no transitions pls fix this         vanillaflavoured ice cream
Since I am just learning how to use this app I cant give it 5 stars But what I have learned in 3 days is good It was challenging but once I understood how some of the features work I am rolling I believe I will be super satisfied as soon as I grasp all this software has to offer in editing videos on my ANDROID smartphone             Sandra Fleming
Great App for video editing We can crop the video canvas cut the unwanted part from it add any necessary music and make videos however we prefer it to be It is the best App where artist can show their skills of editting It has easy access since it is a first level app for any weak user too Loved this App                     A Google user
The worlds best editing application First i was using their application video guru for youtube so the main problem i found was that when i am producing video a canvas is coming and it actually destroy the main look of my video but this time this application is Very very and very nice and the second amazing thing about this app is that it doesnt gives watermark that really cool I wish to this company that please make more apps like this in futre and bring new things all the best for this                     ST PERFECT
Really cool and easy to use In my business of Real Estate every time I get a spare a few minutes in between closings I d like to get creative this gives me the freedom to do so You Got a Friend in Me                     Anthony Fonte
I had been using the free version of this app for awhile to make band promos for our shows Turned out to be such a helping tool in drawing a larger crowd I decided to go ahead and try the paid version Unlocks a whole lot more options especially when it comes to fonts and effects which is nice Probably does more that I haven t even figured out yet Wish there was a PC version I love it so much more than the software I paid a ton for SO much easier with InShot                     Cesar Gonzalez
Hi I m using the premium version of this app to edit videos mostly but not limited to Twitter However EVERY TIME I upload videos to Twitter a few seconds of the audio just gets cut off go mute for no reason It s really a annoying and I m wondering if it s even worth to keep this app even though I spent money on it Please fix the issue or give my money back             Akashi Hashimoto
Best and very fast app to make amazing videos One suggestion Add the UNDO and REDO option in video editing it will help a lot                     PREM JOSHI
Great for simple edits and if it can t completely put things together it links you to things that can help like finding music files to put into your videos                     xtreamv
Almost perfect And it goes well with video converter changes videos to audio It JUST needs green screen                 Ayokoopa XD
I have just started using this I made a video with my own music But i could not use the device to upload my music from You tube Or from my own device To make it more personal I do know that not every one has there own music they make I just down loaded this program about 2 3 hours ago As i continue to use it an better understanding how it works I will promote this in my jam sections if this app holder will let us And in our The Atrs Group Thanks             Chris Newton
Is there any transition button for android user I can t find it anywhere If there s none please update this soon and include transition This is probably the best editing app so far                 S TV
Every editting is available and easy to use but i m getting trouble while saving it on 1080p it just shows up the same error saying no space available when there is             AFK
False Advertising I paid 2 99 to remove the ads u0026 watermark but the ad is still on my video And then the video was cropped on YouTube usually my videos fill the whole screen but not with this product I was going to get the one year subscription but I have changed my mind because of this I will say that it was easy to merge my videos together and that part came out find             Dawn Williams
Easy to use cut split and slow mo I ve made a couple edits still figuring out I like it so far                 Mike Rumsey
this app is literally amazing all the tools you have access to like music and filters for both videos and photos im a photographer and videographer and this app allows me to do all the things i love to do if you want to see some of the video edits i have created with this app you can go to my Instagram jazminsvx im telling you this app is legit                     Jasmine Cortez
I ve only been using it for a few hours but after downloading and experimenting with 6 other apps this one does it all and for free I had separate apps for speeding up videos slowing down trimming videos adding music all that and 2 of them wanted a mo they fee of 3 99 but this one I can even ADD PICTURES Do you know how hard it is find fin an app that will do that properly and so easily it s literally effortless And I dont usually give a review this quickly but you ve earned it                     Kristen Mckenzie
I love this app more than iMovie 10 10 recommended for people who suck at editing videos bcs this is the basic of the basics This app made editing videos easier and it allows us to move texts anywhere in the video how good is that However if you want nicer filters you have to pay for them It s already great that this app doesn t watermark the videos you edit on this app Love it                     Andrea foo
The app does everything you expect it to do it works well except for the fact that I can t add transitions I ve seen my friends and other people use it I only got the pro version for the transitions and they re not there Please fix this thanks Edit They re slowly adding more stuff Now you can edit stickers and how they move and stuff But PLEASE add transitions to Android devices             Mewchiii
SD Storage When I try to select a storage folder your app only allows for click back u0026 accept No search But that s beside my point when I back through your default folder there isn t an option to click SD I recognize some manufacturers have removed external storage but please don t help them     Lewis Brower
The app lets you add writing into videos Previously you could have multiple text boxes on screen at once Now you can only have one text box on the screen at a time Why would you blatently downgrade your app The help center doesn t help I still can t put multiple pices of text on the video at once If it is still possible and i am just missing it then tell me     Trail Sammarco
Till now before the very last update it is just totally awesome No anoying adds no watermark just perfect I really love most of the features inside and also very easy to use for most people I don t really give 5 starts to other apps but you guys really deserve the five star                     Suhandi Wiratama
Tried to use on Chromebook Some things are non intuitive but once figured out work okay like searching for audio tracks I only found the screen where you can search for music by swiping right on the track pad in my keyboard Then if you want to add your own music tracks you have to realize that you must copy the audio track to your Download folder for Inshot to find it The worst thing is that Transitions between videos feature doesn t work at all on Android Can t use this app         Randy Byrone
The app used to work great and now whenever I try to create or edit a video I get an error message that my device doesn t have compatible hardware when I ve been using the same app for more than a year I even paid for some of the premium features I tried contacting support and have yet to get a response after almost two weeks There s no way to downgrade to an older version so now I m stuck with an app that doesn t work I ll continue looking for an alternative         Hensley Carrasco
Its a great app for quick edits when your on the go The effects are really great the LUTs are decent and the user face is easy to use If they were to include transitions this would be in my case one of the best editing apps I would recommend this app for sure                 Jared Dulac
the app will make sound clips skip which can make using narration music etc really hard to do edit I was trying to make a song using the software and after a while the audio clips started to skip and be thrown off the beat At first I thought maybe the recordings were just messed up so I listened to it with other softwares and the audio clips were perfect This really affected my experience and unless something changes I will not be using this software again         Aidan Burke
Been using for years now Though I have other editor apps I prefer to use this Reliable and always user friendly                 Dawn Nicca
Everything is perfect with this app except two things First there are no transition effects in this app which are present in iPhone app Second you can t add video on video in this app must have feature for vloggers So this app needs to work on these things                 Amit Chahar
I only used it for 1 video but it did everything I wanted it to do Really good app I really enjoyed doing my video montage I recommend Only one thing is that when I exported the video couple of my pictures were deformed once saved but it doesn t reflect on the timeline in the app It would be nice that on the timeline it reflects when a picture format isn t accepted so we can make the appropriate change right there                     anne-lise martinez
I had this mobile video editing software rated 5 stars for its features usability and overall quality It gets the job done for mostly what I wish to do when editing videos it just leaves a watermark you have to pay to remove that s standard however I have been experiencing a bug where it cuts out the last few seconds of sound and for me it is now almost pointless please fix this issue and I ll return my rating to 5 stars                 Alyssa Tejada
Figured this out The app stops working when it is moved to the SD card I have email and yet waiting for a response Please fix this thanks Stop working It says Hardware not compatible Video features are not available on this device because your CPU is not ARM V7 compatible with Neon You can continue to use photo features Doesn t work with Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus     Wasim Awan
I think there is one thing missing in it There should be an option where we can edit saved photos or videos again Like for example if after saving a photo we notice a mistake we should not have to start the whole thing again we just get back to the mistake and correct it Please do the neccesary Thank you                     ahmad razaa
For those who edit on the go its very very handy tool I installed it while i was traveling Kind a fell in love with it Created 3 videos 4 collages immediately 1 It had wide range of options which are helpful in the creative process 2 Intuitive in using 3 Didn t bother me much with ads 4 Inshot logo is ok for me to live with 5 I didnt find any video u0026 audio cutter to use it with my creation process On the whole it s good experience                 Vinay Teja
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