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NAVER Japan Corporation , brings LINE with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. LINE apps has been update to version 3.10.1 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It merges couple of social media application in one..
  • Able to add search function within individual chat..
  • Like the video chat better and easier to use than skype..
  • Very nice voice clarity and speed transmission even in 2G network..
  • Please make this app can do the file sharing..

Overall Satisfactionc74
Amazing call quality and Super fast videos calls.
Poor call quality and must have choice to choose rigtones.
Line is the best messenger that I've ever had.
Way much better than whatsapp -imessage-bbm every messaging app.
For now it isn't better than whatsapp and Skype.
Line is the best application for chatting in all applications.
Excellent voice quality and video is awesome better then Skype.
It always show poor performance voice quality is zero.
It's better than viber and what's app.
Very lovely This app Join our Connection With family &friends.;
Very amazing that I can use it easily :-.
Fun & Engagingc77
awesome stickers and great community of people to talk with.
Line have awesome stickers that can express our felling.
It doesn't have awesome stickers.
Social Aspectsc76
Best way to keep in touch with my wife while we wait for her.
This app it's make me chat with my friends easily than past.
My LINE is error cannot chat with my friend please fix it.
It merges couple of social media application in one.
Why I can't got many friend at this social media.
Great social network app and love all the emoticons.
Line also helps me to communicate with my friends in group chat.
I can't communicate with my friends.
Video clips take a long time to upload for some reason.
Security & Privacyc21
in ma first time I got ma LINE account.
Forgot password.
Updates & Supportc20
its something have berry interested to new kapul.
but it is hard to scroll on Android Version.
Always not responding.
Sometimes Drain Battery and RAM.
also battery usage is too low as negligible.

Help me to comunicate with my friend without decrease my balance. found in 11 reviews
Great social network app and love all the emoticons. found in 19 reviews
Superb Application for calls and msgs excellent. found in 5 reviews
I always use this app for chating with my fmily. found in 8 reviews
Line is the best messenger that I've ever had. found in 93 reviews
Helps to save money for long distance calls and even data. found in 9 reviews
many cute emoticon and many fun games yeahhh. found in 23 reviews
I love it i recommended for long distance calls and is free. found in 10 reviews
keep in touch with friends and useful for multilayer games. found in 15 reviews
those who likes to chat and make friends. found in 8 reviews
Its verry nice aaps you can video call absolutly free. found in 13 reviews
Smartfren Andromax G2. found in 7 reviews
I think this app better than bbm. found in 9 reviews
Best way to keep in touch with my wife while we wait for her. found in 87 reviews
I love the new UI update. found in 8 reviews
I am the best in the world. found in 7 reviews
Excellent App mind blowing MEHUL Yo. found in 15 reviews
Everytime I try to register there is this pop up message. found in 125 reviews
Can not upload photos and change profile photo. found in 90 reviews
Recently can't send photos and receive photos. found in 119 reviews
why I can't change my profile picture and why I cannot see the sticker. found in 207 reviews
Sometimes I need to open Line app to receive messages. found in 65 reviews
I cant upload photo and change my profile picture. found in 70 reviews
can't upload pictures into chat or change wallpapers/display picture. found in 50 reviews
But i can only download stickers on a wifi connection. found in 71 reviews
I try to login but it keeps saying "an error has occurred. found in 243 reviews
It's very good but minus 1 star because i can't send pictures. found in 137 reviews
I can't download photos and open stickers after update :. found in 64 reviews
Doesnt give you free coins after game download an play. found in 282 reviews
but why I always failed to send message after update new version. found in 91 reviews
I can't send picture from my android phone. found in 89 reviews
I have to uninstall LIne after that no plobem with battery. found in 72 reviews
If you are unable to register a phone number for your device. found in 125 reviews
Hey i can't send photos to my friends or groups. found in 119 reviews
always error although the internet connection is excellent. found in 110 reviews
Works great except i can't download pictures sent my gf's iPhone. found in 52 reviews
Each time it shows unknown error occured and call isn't connected. found in 78 reviews
I can't send photos since the last upgrade. found in 119 reviews
Htc one m8 -perma crash since update. found in 171 reviews
I try to re -install many times but not help. found in 122 reviews
Unable to redeem last recharge after fulfilling terms. found in 123 reviews
Can't make video calls or voice call so pls make some improvement. found in 694 reviews
Each time I try to register my email or link to Facebook. found in 125 reviews
Can this issue please be resloved since I love using line. found in 211 reviews
I cant send any picture to my friends its very bad apps. found in 157 reviews
I can't send any pic to my friends and can't change my profile picture. found in 207 reviews
Why i cant send photos to other users. found in 119 reviews
I can't send picture to all my contacts. found in 137 reviews
Force closes even after the last update Galaxy Nexus 4. found in 119 reviews
Please check your Internet connection and try again. found in 132 reviews
Voice calls r not working since long else is gud. found in 355 reviews
Please make the last seen option on line. found in 123 reviews
Fake advertising for giving talk time but not giving anything. found in 125 reviews
Cannot make calls from android to iphone. found in 133 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download LINE for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new LINE app version 3.10.1 has been updated on 2014-01-14. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.1 and up
More Info: Find more info about LINE in NAVER Japan Corporation`s Official Website :

Stay in touch with your friends and family with Line.LINE is a free cross-platform group messaging service.-You can communicate with many phones from just about any carrier.-You can find and invite friends by phone number ...

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