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Google Inc. , the publisher behind many Android apps (Google Sheets ,Google Spotlight Stories ,Android System WebView ,Google Edu Device Setup ,Google My Business ,Email), brings Google Camera with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Google Camera apps has been update to version 2.1.037 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Date stamp not included..
  • and -1 star for that big button that hides everything..
  • Grid overlay and high resolution Photospheres are an absolute win..
  • Also you should remove the video prompt to rotate your device..
  • Otherwise this is a great camera replacement..

Overall Satisfactionc53
Camera picture quality seems to have deteriorated a little bit.
Thanks Google for this awesome thing /Using Nexus 5.
Image quality of panorama and camera sphere is bad actually.
Is even better than stock camera for android.
doesnt enhances d drawback of stock cam.
I would however like the option for SD Card support as well.
but its a minor setback to an otherwise amazing camera.
It was an amazing camera now nothing :.
As much as I love the new UI and Icon.
It has amazing features and the design is awesome.
Fun & Engagingc89
Makes my already awesome camera even more impressive.
An awesome camera app in a minimalistic approach.
Very slow awesome camera.
Production Valuesc50
Whoa beautiful camera interface very easy to toogle through functions.
its very refreshing than typical Samsung camera interface.
New camera interface sucks.
Love the new interface hope they prove the pic quality soon.
love the new interface apart from the huge shutter button.
Ease of Usec33
simple camera app capable of capturing amazing photos.
Simple camera app with some nice feature.
Why can't Google make a simple camera app.
Simple fast and takes good pictures.
Simple fast effective free.
I had to factory reset my phone.
Updates & Supportc19
Hopefully next android version will allow save to sd.

Fun to use and has some cool new features as well. found in 7 reviews
I love photosphere and for a free camera it's pretty solid. found in 7 reviews
and post processing in Google plus is just mind blowing. found in 7 reviews
love the sphere function and background defocus. found in 7 reviews
IPhone 5s pics I took were not so sharp. found in 8 reviews
Amazing selective focus capabilities on front and rear cameras. found in 13 reviews
you can swipe left to see the photo you just took. found in 10 reviews
Hopefuly Google can implement manual focus for taking macro shots. found in 6 reviews
As much as I love the new UI and Icon. found in 13 reviews
but it needs the "save flipped" function for front camera support. found in 332 reviews
" Can't connect to camera " errors on a daily basis. found in 555 reviews
Some features I would like to see is the ability to save to SD card. found in 471 reviews
No save to SD Card or file name settings. found in 306 reviews
It isn't stable for light stabilization during video recording. found in 256 reviews
Fix that issue and add save to sd card option to the app. found in 295 reviews
but docking 2 stars since there's no option to save to external SD card. found in 148 reviews
the camera crashes sometimes because of Viber and Kik. found in 88 reviews
Please add HDR mode to non-Nexus devices. found in 287 reviews
Biggest complaint is that there is no option to save to SD card. found in 471 reviews
Lens Blur is poor for Moto G 1st gen mobile. found in 64 reviews
The option to save to sd card would be good. found in 289 reviews
Often camera error when am opening its says unfortunately error. found in 173 reviews
Sometimes shutter sound turns out to be annoying. found in 143 reviews
Features like white balance and timer seemed to have disappeared. found in 332 reviews
camera self timer is removed after update in nexus 5. found in 164 reviews
only one problem occasionally error cant connect to camera. found in 555 reviews
Sometimes after camera software update camera doesn't work. found in 123 reviews
Auto focus indicator has vanished after the update …. found in 413 reviews
The time lapse recording mode has been removed. found in 383 reviews
Limited options and cannot save to SDCard. found in 306 reviews
It says " can't connect to camera " whenever I try. found in 555 reviews
no slow motion video and the settings menu is not easily accessible. found in 328 reviews
Lacking white balance controls and self timer. found in 332 reviews
Use another camera app until google fixes this. found in 1888 reviews
Please add slow motion video capturing feature. found in 333 reviews
Camera app freezes every time you try to take a picture with flash. found in 760 reviews
Repeatedly getting cant connect to camera error and mm Qcamera daemon draining battery. found in 555 reviews
So frustrating when you want to take a picture and it just wont work. found in 760 reviews
Doesn't click pics when HDR mode is off. found in 287 reviews
I wish there was an option to save to SD card. found in 471 reviews
This app will not save to SD card only internal storage. found in 295 reviews
Removing time lapse was a big mistake uninstall update. found in 383 reviews
Apart from Lens Blur there is nothing great. found in 1047 reviews
Front camera doesn't work most of the times. found in 332 reviews
and everytime I need to restart my phone to get rid of it. found in 347 reviews
Not being able to save to SD card is a deal breaker. found in 471 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Google Camera for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Google Camera app version 2.1.037 has been updated on 2014-04-16. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Varies with device
More Info: Find more info about Google Camera in Google Inc.`s Official Website :

Google Camera snaps quick and easy photos and videos, and has creative picture modes like Photo Sphere, Lens Blur and Panorama.Features Photo Spheres for immersive 360 views Lens Blur mode for SLR-like photos with shallow ...

I m having the same issue every body else has reported for the last few weeks my camera will not work AT ALL Once I hit the camera app all that pops up is a black screen it ll freeze and close or if it does stay up it just stays black It doesn t work for any other apps that need the camera to work either I ve done all the fixes even contacted Google support and nothing worked I too bought my Pixel 2 XL for the camera and won t by another one again     Elizabeth A.
For the last two weeks my camera is not working The app opens but when trying to take a picture it looks blurry I have to be super close for it to look decent I am also getting the dirty lense warning I contacted Google and they advised me to update my phone update the camera app make sure I didn t have any case that blocked the camera which I don t I ve restarted my phone numerous times The only thing that s left is to do a factory reset which I am reluctant to do     J
I m not entirely sure what the issue is here But after Android 10 released well so did my cameras grasp on picture taking As I ve seen in hundreds of other reviews my Google Pixel 2XL had note HAD A great camera and now any time I try and use it all I m given is a black screen and crashes Until the issue is fixed my faith in Google is depleted I believe Google can and will fix this I just hope it s soon should never have happened in the first place though     Jarred Harrell
I m having the same issue as many other people My Pixel 2 camera app keeps crashing When I open it I see a black screen for a few seconds Then it crashes I have tried the recommended remedies reverting to the original install clearing the cache and restarting in safe mode But still the app crashes Google help please What should we do     Justin Deaville
My app stopped working about a week ago Opens sometimes but most of the time it s just a black screen and crashes after a few seconds Can t use it to take pictures in any auxiliary apps that use the camera either I bought this phone for the camera but if this remains an issue I ll change to a different phone Even when it s working it takes FOREVER to load up     Zak Dauer
After the android 10 update the day after it was announced the camera app on my Pixel 2 won t work It opens and goes to a black screen right away that crashes seconds later I have tried many things that I found online to fix this but nothing works From the other reviews of this app I see that many people have the same problem after upgrading to Android 10 Google how could you release Android 10 with this problem affecting so many people It s been 2 weeks and no fix yet Pathetic 0 stars     Ronny Muller
Pixel 3 camera sucks Google doesn t care Got mine in Jan worked great until May Then the rear camera started not focusing correctly It zooms in and out or sometimes just takes blurry pics You miss shots because the thing takes so long to focus if it does at all This is an absolute disgrace for Google s flagship phone that they market for its camera My phone from 7 years ago took better pics than this I dont think I will ever buy a Pixel again Android and app updates today didnt help     Diane Lewis
So today my phone s camera stopped working I tried all the suggestions I could find online but nothing worked I got into the app through a long press and clicked on Take a selfie then entered settings Trial u0026 error revealed the problem to be the setting show dirty lens warning One star for Google s poor support of all the users having this issue Hope this helps someone Nevermind that workaround no longer works Camera is broken Where is Google customer support     Wesley Twiggs
What a disgrace Bought Pixel 2 just for camera But since the end of July the back camera would never start crashes all the time screen remains black This won t even work in Safe Mode These seems to be a hardware issue This is just not me Many users of Pixel 2 and XL and now even 3 are facing I don t think I would ever buy the upcoming Pixel smartphones     Swapnil Mohgaonkar
Overall the camera is great and takes great quality photos However after the Android 10 update i can no longer use the WB Temperature button because its disappeared completely After troubleshooting with google and factory resetting the phone the issue persists I ended up swapping out the phone and then after updating the new phone I have the same issue Please fix it             Sumner Crawford
The Google pixel 2 rear facing camera stopped working and as a result you are getting a 1 star review It seems to be a very common issue with no solution in sight I would not recommend anyone to purchase a Google pixel product due to camera being important for sharing documents and for my work let alone being unable to share photos of memories with friends and family     Nicolas LeBlanc
Doesn t work anymore on Google Pixel 2 Two weeks now with soft and hard factory resets This seems to be a common problem I have to launch the app dozens of time for it to show up I can only take pictures ip close too or else its very fuzzy The Duo camera phone app works though 9 3 2019 update still doesnt work On to buying a different phone very soon     Terrance Jones
The camera is one of the major reasons why people buy a pixel and that s the only application which isn t working on opening the app a black screen appears and suddenly stops I have tried the few things like disabling and enabling again and what not but nothing is happening this is becoming a pain now and on a separate note please allow a zero rating system as well     DIVYA Goswami
Do not buy a Google Pixel phone The camera crashes and google will not offer a solution even though the phone is under warranty I haven t been able to take a picture in 48 days spent countless hours on the phone with support and no help whatsoever My only solution is to pay off the device balance with Verizon and upgrade Insanity Worst customer service imaginable     Dannielle Gordon
The best camera there is But I really wish there was a manual mode where one can change settings like ambient light shutter speed etc I understand that you want the Pixel Camera to be very simple and for everyone know how to work it but including a manual mode in the menu I believe would attract a lot of photography enthusiasts                 James Luo
Used to be good but after the Android 10 update it s terrible Selfies get distorted squished after processing you can no longer hold down the camera button to capture multiple shots and sometimes deleted photos still appear in gallery I primarily bought the pixel for the camera since it was touted as the best of the best so this is a total disappointment     Marcie Kaiser
Latest update broke my pixel 2 camera Black screen then crashes I confirmed it was a software issue by doing a factory reset The camera again worked at least until the restore process updated all apps and it stopped working again Sadly uninstalling the camera updates didn t restore functionality update another factory reset brought it back to life for a bit but it stopped again before any app had been restored or the camera app being updated I guess it could be a problem with Android Q or a hardware issue     Cameron Stone
Camera stopped working recently after it was updated Immediately closes upon opening I have Pixel 2 XL seems to be a trend in the reviews I ve tried every fix if found in the forums and online Nothing seems to work Even with the newest update nothing works still Feels like a scam to make users buy the newest version     Nik Brautigam
App continually crashes pixel 2 android 10 camera doesnt even show any thing Update after update and the camera still doesn t work Questioning if this will be an issue for the 4 as well since i see plenty of people with 3s with the same issue Reported and no fix Called and rep wanted me to send in my phone for 2 weeks for a replacement For a ca era that was advertised as the best Ridiculous     Zoharie Rivera
Pixel 2 had the ability to film 1080p and 720p at 60 frames per second Pixel 3 only has 30 fps and Auto Auto doesn t ever even get close to 60 fps and so basically you re stuck with 30 fps no matter what you choose Oh I m sure Google says this is a feature but for me pulling options and functionality is a defect not a feature Wish I had my Pixel 2 I would have skipped the Pixel 3 altogether and waited for the Pixel 4 if I had known about this Huge thumbs down     Dave Winter
As soon as I updated to Android 10 the focus stopped working all my pictures are blurry and I need my camera for work I spoke with Google and they told me to send my phone in for repairs The phone isn t broken Google Your software is The camera was great before the update Looks like it s back to apple     Frank Bruce
Camera app broke after update Followed all troubleshooting steps and still won t work Google s answer is to ship my phone to them for 2 weeks and then they will fix it Based on reviews I m not alone and this doesn t sound like a great option Google if you don t respond it appears you might lose a lot of customers     Tyler VanDoeselaar
The Google camera is great to capture anything perfectly but it s still not can get the tag for being perfect The colour reproduction is not as accurate as should be My 2nd concern is about recent changes Google might have brought after recent android update to android 10 It seems the lighting mode like day cloudy incandescent etc which used to show up earlier are absent now which doesn t give the user to capture the picture according to lighting in the area Plz bring this feature back     ANKUR JAIN
TL DR FIX THE FLASH The update in November 2018 ruined how the flash works and unfortunately the latest update is still doing the same thing The light stays on and washes out whatever you re trying to photograph and I know it s not a hardware issue on my Pixel XL yes the first round because if I uninstall the update to revert to the factory default the flash works as expected C mon Need a fix by now Willing to update review if a proper fix for this issue is rolled out     Kate Ross
UPDATE I have the same problem dear Google Team after the latest Android system update Please DO SOMETHING WITH THIS MAJOR ISSUES It s annoying already I cannot use my camera On Pixel 2 the main camera is not working at all As soon as I open the camera it stops instantly please have a look on this issue I m not the only one who has this problem     Mihai Radu
Thanks for nothing Google I d give this zero stars if possible Update didn t fix my issue at all Back camera still doesn t want to focus on Pixel 3 Any time I try to take a picture it just keeps moving in and out and won t focus Pictures are very blury Used to love the camera but not now No reason for me to by another Pixel in the future if you can t get the camera to work I hear Samsung has a great camera that works     Matt Guyer
Pixel 3a it looks like the quality took a hit settings missing that didn t need to be taken out and night sight seems very grainy while when you take the photo the hold still icon last a longer time but the photo is already taken Google give us options to rollback updates so when things like this happen we have options for fixes not just sit and wait with a maybe and hope     Freddie
URGENT Please fix the issue It only happened after Android 10 It s fair to say that most of the Pixel 3 XL users chose this phone because of its camera capabilities After updating to Android 10 I ve noticed that my camera quality is so bad now I m running on a pixel 3 XL The camera before the update was unmatchable Now it looks like trash No smart burst anymore and y all removed the different options for the environment such as sunny cloudy florescent etc     Omar Mendez
Update A10 update did not fix this issue Google wants me to drop 999 on a refurb then refund me once i return this defective device Nope Taking my money elsewhere All pixel devices seem to share this Pixel 3XL Completely useless camera freezes upon launch and app crashes Cleared Cache Storgae Remvoed update re installed wiped device and nothinh fixed this issue Worked great before August update This problem is consistent in any app that uses the camera     Cory Kersey
editing my review to a lower score still no manual mode still no 4k 60fps still no manual selection for video frame rate still designed for some sort of common idiot that cant be trusted run a smartphone camera it has gotten irritating knowing that common and frankly necessary options are missing from what would otherwise be a good camera     c a
I know this is might be a weird complaint but its important for me I am a dentist and i used to click intra oral photos with my pixel 2 and pixel 2xl they were perfect with flash on Around 5 6 months ago they started getting over exposed like completely glowing teeth over blown and i am still facing the same problem 10 out of 12 times please suggest setting or update for that correction Rest is all awesome for me but thats important stuff for me so 3 star for now till correction             Dr. Aditya Tankhiwale
Latest update has completely ruined experience of using camera by disabling control of white balance Photos just become plain dull and video color correction goes mad when filming nature and animals I patiently raised and ignored endless bugs this phone has but this is just beyond my understanding From photos that could beat any flagship phone it just become average piece of junk great job Google     Aina Garnett
As with many Pixel 2 XL Owners the App continues to crash on start No matter of Cache u0026 Storage clearing Factory Resets or re installations have come close to a resolution Google Pixel Support provides their resolution as Factory Reset I am hoping that with this repetitive poor review in line with numerous recent others provides Google Support with the proper motivation to resolve this issue now The answer for 1000s of loyal Google Users should not be a Factory Reset or Upgrading     David Walsh
Normally a great camera but same as other about 2 weeks ago camera started getting glitchy Freezing closing not focusing Very frustrating as this is an essential aspect of phones these days The update doesn t seem to have resolved this either Please fix ASAP Google Pixel 2         Katrina Evancic
The selfie camera is the worst I ve ever used Do not buy google pixel There isn t even an option to save a mirror image and it distorts the image The photo is completely different when saved compared to what you actually see when you take the photo I expected way more from google and am truly disappointed I have been waiting on every update since December 2018 hoping they will fix this The last update in Sept 2019 just made it even worst     Saffiyah Mohammed
Camera app keeps crashing on pixel 2 XL Anyone experiencing this issue please contact Google via the email above and describe your problem For me the app opens and closes and the back camera cannot be used not only in this app but across ALL apps that require the use of a back camera Very frustrating fix up Google     Shyam G
With the new update the white balance setting has been taken off and I don t understand how recalling a feature helps anyone especially considering there are no manual adjustments or a pro mode possible The Google camera is amazing but all that raving is no good when basic features are no longer available With the night side as an actual mode now the picture takes way longer to click and process and more often than not results in blurred pictures thanks to the delay     Rounak Magoo
Spent a fortune on my Pixel 2 After Android 10 upgrade the camera stopped working and crashes everytimes it s opened There are thousands of ppl having the same issues from pixel 1 through to pixel 3 from as early as Feb 2019 Zero word from Google even acknowledging the issue Will be switching back to Samsung first chance I get and never buying Pixels again     Vira Ratanavongse
I loved the app but after the most recent update the camera will open and then close immediately or once in a while it ll open and then can t auto focus Was a 5 star app but I d have to give it 1 star since it s no longer even functional nor are any of my apps that also use the camera     Bryce Rashbaum
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