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MobilityWare , the publisher behind many Android apps (Tropical Treats - Puzzle Game & Free Match 3 Games ,Addiction Solitaire ,Blackjack Card Game ,Spider Go: Solitaire Card Game - Apps on ,Castle Solitaire: Card Game - Apps on ,FreeCell Solitaire), brings Solitaire with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Solitaire apps has been update to version 3.0 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • A great way to kill a few minutes while waiting for anything..
  • Virtually mindless entertainment that engages the brain without being too taxing..
  • I love this solitary it has a lot of cool options..
  • Playing this classic card game keeps me relaxed & entertained..
  • Good basic brain workout which is ideal when you don..


Great classic game that keeps your mind turning. found in 316 reviews
It's a great way to pass the time when you're waiting on someone. found in 1207 reviews
Like it but don't like the ads in between each game. found in 66 reviews
Sometimes the video ads refuse to be dismissed. found in 287 reviews
Ads are a little annoying and completely takeover the screen between games. found in 46 reviews
Would have rated 5 stars if not for the ads before EVERY game. found in 183 reviews
but constant ads and videos and request to rate. found in 39 reviews
It's great except I HATE the pop up ads every time u play a. found in 57 reviews
Adds are annoying but other than that its great. found in 33 reviews
I just don't like the pop up ads that happens before each game. found in 34 reviews
I hate the ads between each game its pretty annoying. found in 455 reviews
Yes annoying ads but this was a free download. found in 168 reviews
Its great except for the ads in between hands. found in 33 reviews
Only ADs are between games and are not disruptive. found in 273 reviews
It would be awesome if it didn't have ads everytime you start a new game. found in 387 reviews
Too many advertisements keep it from getting five stars. found in 65 reviews
I would give it a higher rating except for the pop up ads. found in 27 reviews
Dating website ads are a bit annoying but its free and works well. found in 39 reviews
Ads between games are a slight nuisance but no big deal. found in 332 reviews
Far too many adverts /pop ups inbetween games. found in 45 reviews
The ads before every game are downright annoying. found in 96 reviews
The ads suck and random deal isn't always winnable. found in 87 reviews
but the constant ads that pop up every time you start a new game are annoying. found in 51 reviews
Every frikkin time I start a new game I HAVE TO CLOSE FRIKKIN ADS. found in 377 reviews
Loved this game until the ugly card faces. found in 78 reviews
love the game but way to many advertisements they are annoying. found in 65 reviews
Way too many pop up adds i hate that. found in 51 reviews
Used to be awesome until you put bloody ads before every game. found in 183 reviews
Nobody is going to FORCE me to watch an ad video. found in 62 reviews
Full video ads between every game is ridiculous. found in 287 reviews
This game is coo but there's to many pop ups. found in 97 reviews
Annoying ads you can't escape without escaping game. found in 168 reviews
To many adverts if I wanted to download other games. found in 45 reviews
too many pop up ads got to get rid of them. found in 97 reviews
way too many ads after you play for several days. found in 45 reviews
New ads suck look elsewhere. found in 87 reviews
Everytime you start a new game it takes you so somewhere else. found in 375 reviews
With each new hand an ad appears and locks up phone. found in 65 reviews
Game itself is also full of ads. found in 73 reviews
And to have to do before every game becomes annoying. found in 96 reviews

The Solitaire is now available for for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Solitaire app version 3.0 has been updated on 2014-01-6. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.1 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about Solitaire check developer MobilityWare`s website :

Solitaire just got better.Solitaire by MobilityWare is the 1 Solitaire game on the iPhone and it&39;s now on AndroidFrom MobilityWare, the makers of the most popular free and paid Solitaire game in the iTunes App ...

Great game to play when you only have a few minutes to spare I play exclusively on the Vegas scoring system which only allows you to go through the deck 3 times This allows you to finish a game in somewhere around 5 minutes When you win the author has included some fun animations that show You can also pretty much control how the game plays through an extensive list of settings                     Michael Furlich
Different from another mobility game of yours Looks Just like this one but the scoring is Way different The other one you win 10 sets then your number of games goes up on the far right as you play and win your score goes up 100 pts until you win 10 times then your level ranking goes up I like that version better             Gloria Campbell
Enjoying calming and sometimes frustrating There are 2 features that annoy me 1repeating the shuffling sign when there is no way to win the game 2 is related the game keeps saying keep going wwway to long for a no win game and the do you want to know how to win sign lags too long before appearing                 Rhonda Shumway-Luna
I have been playing Solitaire on this app for over a year and cannot remember it locking up or freezing I look forward to the Daily Challenge and this is a great way to waste a little time waiting at the dr or if you just have a few minutes It does not give you the annoying come back reminders all the time I have downloaded other solitaire games but quickly uninstall All MobilityWare card games are awesome                     Laura Redeker
while I enjoy solitaire this companies version of it has steadily become part of the problem with mobile games today While many free apps offer an ad free version to purchase mobilityware has decided to do a subscription instead to get rid of increasingly long video ads Absurd Edit The ads also use a ridiculous amount of data 80MB a month from light use Edit 2 They ve also cleverly hidden the actual contact us button as a vague icon with no label Done with this trash     Hamartiasmix
Winning mode keeps moving levels up which I do not want nor will it let me descend to a lower level I want a fun game not a pseudo challenge Stopped using and removed from my phone A case study in how to irritate users UPDATE Thank you for your response Higher levels seems to be more difficult real or simply perceived Will give it another try         Todd B.
Fun to play most of the time Winning is sometimes impossible Use of unorthodox moves makes it hard Even after seeing how the game is won it is not always possible to duplicate the win The WORST part is the winning moves VS the winning times posted after a game is won Obviously those scores are bogus Noone can make those moves in that amount of time It usually comes to two to three moves per second IMPOSSIBLE for a human So either the score is fake or it was done with a computer                 Robert Woerner
It s fine Except for ALL the ads This was clearly designed as an ad delivery tool Many of the ads are repulsive and a fair number of them complely bomb the app The latest revision seriously upgraded the pernicity of the ads It was also at that point that the ads became more noxious and offensive and began to include ads for soft porn Furthermore ads are FULL VOLUME regardless of the sound settings Game it s fine it s solitaire and a nice implementation of it The ads are disgusting     A Google user
UPDATE The problem has apparently fixed itself All the options work now I have no idea what happened before I was enjoying this game until recently In the last few days half my settings options have disappeared I can t change how many cards are drawn 1 or 3 I can t change scoring type vegas or not I can t change card appearance                     M Schneider
Great way for me to take my mind off of things periodically At a minimum I play the daily challenges and may play this when I m sitting in a long meeting Good game good app but sometimes the ads trying to get you to download other games are too much                 Allison Douglas
I decided to install this on my computer since I absolutely love playing it on my iphone I have absolutely no issues or glitches with the game My complaint is that you don t offer a one time fee to remove ads I was glad to pay it on itunes because the cost was reasonable to remove the ads and it was just a one time fee Paying monthly or even yearly is not an option for me Please consider offering a one time fee I would be happy to pay it in order to enjoy this game on my Chromebook         Gina Z.
Installed this version because I very much like other games from this designer but a bit disappointed by several things The option to move cards by hand is good This becomes clunky at the end of the game the offer to auto place the cards comes annoyingly too soon before the last few have been sorted Then given a choice between keeping going by hand to the end or to auto finish slowly Prefer the offer to auto finish to come after ALL cards have been placed then finish faster                 Ann Norman
this app sucks the game spends too much time frozen the advertisements are annoying notes on a continous that google is not responding I am very disappointed with the app this is suppose to be an updated app If it is not broken leave it alone ormake sure the game is working my battery is being use on a frozen app the experience has been a disappointment     Deborah Bratton
New update totally sucks now Its now blatently rigged to make you lose around 5 hands for every win Deals the same game killing tweaks over and over and over way more than chance or before the latest update with double pairs or three of a kind on the opening face deal duplicate cards on turns and crucial cards all stacked together deep in the long stack Used to be good now its ads up the wazoo and fake metering out of winning hands Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere     Bob Denhaan
Pleasant pastime I love the daily challenge u0026 points that accumulate Background and card backs can be chosen from a wide variety with seasonal ones offered You can choose from your own phone photos as well I enjoyed my rainbow from my backyard with my newborn great grandson as a card back for over a year This game is a daily pleasure                     Joan Crawford
I just had to delete this game after 8 years The semi lockups after just about every game the new levels the extended ads the lack of notification about new versions being uploaded without my consent all are completely annoying Goodbye and good luck I just read the developer s response to this review what a canned response total bs OH I just looked at the latest version these people think they can get away with charging 1 99 a month to remove their annoying adds     A Google user
I understand why the adds are incorporated in the app and i appreciate those adds are what make the app free It is how the adds work that are bothersome If i am running another app in the background that is playing audio it MUTES that app does not pause it Which causes me to do a great deal of flipping between the 2 apps so i do not miss any of the audio from the background app Then when the add is cleared it doesn t unmute the background app either so i again have to flip back and forth             Blake Lund-Pearson
An enjoyable app even with the ads Does what you d expect from a Solitaire game I ve had this one on my phone for years The only negatives are a nonsensical 3 tier scoring system and that the top scores are impossible for a human to achieve nobody could make a hundred or more moves in under a minute                 Phil Pennington
Play this at least once a day Love it One flaw bothers me how often it stops working and I need to restart it or it will stick on an ad that won t close and the only way to unstuck it is to restart Are these related                 Billi Billi
This app was great until the recent addition of 30 second adds It has completely spoiled the app The 5 second adds are fine but 30 seconds is just too long without the ability to cancel Will now be deleting as a result Very disappointed     Dean Maddox
Edited one of the better solitaire games Lots of background card faces and backs to choose from Nice animations too The free version has quite a few ads which can be annoying due to frequency but the pay version eliminates the ads and is not very expensive Overall great version of solitaire                 vikinghomecompanion
I love this game The ads aren t overly intrusive like other games Lots of options for card game background style Layout designed for both right and left handed people A definite game to have on your phone                     Nicol McArthur
Love the game but there is no way the deals are random When a deal comes up with all red or all black or with 3 7s and 2 4s for example you have to believe the software is making it harder than it needs to be             Bruce Sorrentino
If there was anything about this app that I didn t like I d definitely say it now But there really is nothing to complain about Every once in awhile undo will go out of control and undo the entire game and there s no way to stop it Other than that no complaints whatsoever I ve played thousands of rounds of solitaire on this app I must love it                     James Freewalt
I enjoy this app I like the ability to customize cards draw style I wish we could choose each deal between random u0026 winning instead of having to set it all the time in settings Also tried to message through chat in the apps I want to be sure it is free Instead of just messaging chatting back they asked for email what why Since we were chatting couldn t they just answer the question one other thing I really dislike the new sounds when clicking on the cards for draws Choices                 Lois Lopez
multiplayer is not real multiplayer you are playing the machine it is so obvious when you put the phone down and the other oerson is still there waiting for you to play again hours later also when you get a game that CANNOTbe won the other player always seems to win they ruined rhis game AND I cant stand the way they say Thank you we appreciate your concern we have escalated your complete B S When they say they have put you against a human     A Google user
I love this version Best games by this developer Love all their games No ads longer than 5 seconds If these guys can do that why can t anyone else Love the graphics too Best way to pass the time                     Beth Zmitravich
Love the game but the ads keep just getting worse and worse The price is stupidly high to avoid them and I think about deleting it regularly now I ve been playing this version app for years it s disappointing         Juliette Nash
I have played this game for a long time now and enjoyed it very much The ads were annoying but I continued to play Now I am going to uninstall because you have to wait ages for the ads to run no way can you return to game until they finish Shame you are letting this ruin a good game Now I have to find another solitaire game A         Ann baker
DO NOT BUY PREMIUM As others mentioned the shuffle consistently is just horrific I ve won many more games than I lose play at a high level You win 5 in a row and then lose 5 in a row COMPLETLEY OUT OF YOUR CONTROL Zero chance due to the incredible inconsistency of the sorting during shuffle Many times cards of like color are stacked together in massive number Not realistic Impossible No other Solitaire app I have does this Could have been the best They blame on the phone Laughable     Mark Welch
I used to really love this game but seriously 30 second ads between hands It s not like it s even something you invented yourself Huge data drain trying to force long term players to pay for the game     Jane Gale
The game is getting to slow spend more time waiting for the options to open and by the time they do open i have often moved onto another game that has no hold ups never used to be like this Why has it happened         yvonne drain
Love this game Very addicting and have always loved playing solitaire with regular playing cards growing up as a kid still do from time to time just this one you don t have to lay out or shuffle your own cards lol thank you for a job well done                     Tonya Blocker
I have been using this app for almost 5 years but finally have decided to uninstall it and leave a bad review Reason developer has gone too greedy Earlier advts were there but we were allowed to skip them Now whatever I do I can t skip them and they are growing in duration     Harsha Vardhana
New non dismissable ads at least not before a few seconds during which you bugged the hell off your neighbors intrusive and with sound Do the authors of these ads even realize the sheer hate for their apps that they are nurturing in targeted users And do you realize how aggravating they are for your user base Don t explain that you need them to survive or that there is a paid ads free option your policy so far explicitly excluded intrusive ads and the ones you allowed were ok         Stefano Bellezza
When I used an iPhone I was able to purchase this app in iTunes store which made it ad free Can t do it with the android version The ads aren t relevant to me u0026 are extremely annoying I continue to hold onto my old iPhone so I can play ad free I d prefer to buy the android version u0026 go ad free Like someone else said about the android version the iPhone one is also glitchy The levels increase and it gives some inane name but the level name shown is stuck at Champion It s all them     Rebecca Beeman
This game has gone from 5 second ads to 30 second ads unless you pay for removal I will play a lot less for now and soon delete app if it persists I will not be forced to watch 30 second ads for products I am not interested in     Joseph Shewfelt
Solitaire Cards - Casino Solitaire Game Solitaire DrawSolitaire Cards - Casino Solitaire Game Solitaire DrawSolitaire Cards - Casino Solitaire Game Solitaire DrawSolitaire Cards - Casino Solitaire Game Solitaire Draw

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