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Dynamic Games Entretenimento Ltda , the publisher behind many Android games (Real Simulation ExperienceLite ,Super American Trucks Lite ,Super American Trucks ,Super American Racing Lite ,Speedway Masters Lite ,Real Simulation Experience), brings Speedway Masters with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Speedway Masters games has been update to version 1.005 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Speedway Masters is now available for $3.99 for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Speedway Masters app version 1.005 has been updated on 2014-05-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.2 and up
More Info: Find more info about Speedway Masters in Dynamic Games Entretenimento Ltda`s Official Website : http://www.dynamicgames.com.br/speedwaymasters

Speedway Masters is a game developed to all fans of Virtual Racing.You can test your skills in this Awesome simulation, on various Ovals Racing Circuits.In this game based on one of the most important racing ...

great game need more competitors and need coutions and be able to run full racing schedule then it would be amazing                     DANNY STEPHENS
I love this game but when we wreck make them more ARCA brakes when a wreck happens also want pace car settings for pitting and more cars                     America Gaming
It is frozen want open love the game when it works                     Conner Minkey
Could we choose our numbers                 QuadrupleTriple
can you make a free cam reply plz                 Lisa J
amazing game that s it                     Christy Hogan
It a great race                     super Joseph hack
When you scrape the wall it sends u spining instead just scraping the wall on the turns the brakes are wherever your finger is in the bottom left corner theres no brake button and your car rolls like its nothing             Ok game play but most controls arent accurate tully moore
Dear dynamic games entertainment the game is really good but if you could add one more thing I would enjoy it more I know other people have been begging you guys to add this if you could please add real life cautions pit crews fans 36 race season and let us be able to do burnouts with the cars every time we win That would be great and if you could stop the game from lagging so much that will be great too I hope you guys take my advice into consideration if not I will keep begging please just do it thanks so much                 Great But Please Add 1 more thing Kenneth French
Really good Cars are difficult to control with the tilt steering The cars role over too easily should be more of a spin out than role over Could also use some damage to the cars when hit But over all a really well done game and very enjoyable Could also use a caution option too                 Speedway masters Logan Derksen
Love ittt so good But please add more tracks longer championship and more competitors make ur own car design show damage longer races tire falloff qualifying rolling start customize pit stops and finally do burnouts if you win That would make this game the best one ever                     Needs a bit more but awesome Lucas Bush
The game is awesome but a full field and cautions would make it even better And why does it not let me continue through with a championship I finish the first race and click continue but it brings me back to the home menu and doesn t save the race                     Needs cautions Brady Brooks
So i bought the game its great very challenging but when i start a championship and i finish the 1st race it doesn t save Ive done the first race 3 times and it just won t save please find a solution asap i feel like this might of been a waste of time if you dont fix my problem but other than that its great             Love the game but Carl Desroches
Gameplay You get more here than what you pay for There s a nice selection of cars on offer here Challenging tracks A Championship Series and Challenge mode Choice of difficulty to play and Number of opponents up to 11 other cars on track at the same time You can also choose length of races to Controls There is a learning curve as the handling here leans more towards simulation you get a sense of achievement though once you have the controls mastered This is stock car racing so smooth precise cornering throttle control and a feel for the tires is the key to success Graphics Simply fantastic graphics The tracks and cars are detailed even at low settings and everything looks sharp I ve experienced no stuttering or slow down even on an old device If you do experience any of this a clean up of your apps may help here Verdict 5 5                     Al Jones
This is by far the greatest NASCAR racing game on mobil but it could be better Maybe add the option to customise your car s paint and decals Also make the steering a bit better I have to tilt my phone quite a bit to turn the car just a little Also the cars in the game like to slow down on turns where they don t slow down in real life such as in Daytona International Speedway the cars slow down to 166mph where I am able to keep 181mph and not hit the wall Could you add rolling starts and longer gas                 Great could be better Please respond Alan Patten
This game is sorta good except that when you crash there is no caution flag so you have to get your car back in control and going fast but that is hard to do when every other car has already passed you Overall it is a good game but it s the No caution when you crash thing that makes me sorta not like it                 The Highlightz
For a paid game I expected a more realistic experience The car flips and rolls for no reason no real settings and very hard to control I ll be glad when NASCAR comes out with a quality game for smart phones and tablets For now I ll which to Real Racing 3 Uninstalling this piece of junk     Sucks Jeff Willhite
Some improvements can be made in the game Such as damage models flags pit options and extra cameras for watch race mode For extra cams a side driver cam and a back bumper cam A rear view mirror would be nice too I know thats a lot to ask but im just suggesting things The only thing I really want is damage models                 Best stock car game on Google Play Brad Dalrymple
I crashed and flew over the catch fence and I just kept falling lol fix that and work up everything else pit stands maybe some damage and it ll be great A full field would be fun too                     Love it but Steven Kidd
This game could be a racing dream with a bit more of development Would be nice to see Dev implement cautions rolling starts with pace car and actual pit stops by driver inside pit lane So much potential                 So much potential Robert Hiatt
I m embarrassed I paid for these games There actually very good or at least decent when my car doesn t stop for no reason or other os glitches The only reason I don t uninstall it u0026 the other 2 games I ve bought from u is that I still have hope for them         Speedway masters Dereck McCammack
I WOULD give this game a 4 because of its look and racing feel but the glitches were a turn off For example the car will loose power at the weirdest times On a full take it will just lose power like its going to pit Looks are a 4 play is a 3             Speedway Masters A Google user
I had this game for years and I still have some opinions for updates I would love to somehow change the way the cars look add a pit crew add more drivers damage cautions and possible rolling starts Also I know it s almost 2017 so I would love for some of these things to come into the game                     Updates Justin Nakamoto
Its better than the Lite version you can pick the car and track you want but it needs a virtual steering wheel I can control it better but I like that you can watch your car instead of play but sometimes it may get boring New if it had 43 drivers just like NASCAR it would be good and add a superspeedway to it                 Better A Google user
This is a cool game and really I tried hard at the whole championship and I won all races but Check on the lag on the the cars I want the 12 cars not be so lagging and Check on it u guys that are in the speedway masters of the crew thanks work crew sponsors of this game thank you                     Caleb B
Dont like how if you hit a wall you wall ride the wall up and over the fence and do multiple flips in the air Other then that its a fun game             Its ok adam lee
I love this game but it has some serious lagging issues even when you reduce the number of opponents Would give it a five star rating if this issue was resolved             Fun but lags Daniel Condie
Very unrealistic game Not worth the money Unfortunately I did spend the money If could give no stars I would Maybe the developer should watch racing     Colin Thompson
Great nascar SIM with good handling sound and graphics The demo was addictive so I ve now bought the game A few glitches but it can only get better                     Chris Davies
My only suggestion is the ability to make multiplayer races via internet with a maximum amount of up to 43 cars per online race Also maybe more nascar tracks Another possibility could be that you could give us the ability to make custom made cars Also I would like tire wear and a few coutions                     A very good improvement to SUPER AMERICAN RACING Nicholas Pressey
Would be better if cautions were added Also my car flips about once a race when driving too fast into a wall or even simple contact from other racers                 Matthew Czarnecki
Best Nascar game for Android Still needs red and yellow flags Also more real damage u0026 tire wear Just bought full version                     Bill Barker William Barker
Really enjoying this game so far Graphics are impressive and the game is enjoyable overall Would love to see a better steering option More cars and as others have said custom cars would be cool eventually as well Great game with a great opportunity to be even better                 So far so good Tim
Awesome game wish there was accumulative damage throughout the race on the cars and also caution flags Other than that very fun game                     Great Game jerry alfuth
Awesome more realistic Fans etc and all tracks Well spent for the money Keep on tweaking                 Damage pit crew and the full forty two Richard Lynch
The game is pretty good could do with damage and maybe harder AI like professional and maybe more cars awesome game so far             Not bad Jordan Smith
Development is lacking Shadows stuck to the bottom of the cars when they roll over Car crashes not realistic at all             What happened richard dishman
Now what you need now is to add cautions when a car wrecks even when the player wrecks too double file restarts racing teamates and rivals                 Burning Fireplace
When the car go to top speed starts to lag alot             Need to fix the lag on samsung s5 Arron
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