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9Folders Inc. , the publisher behind many Android apps (Nine Work Beta ,Nine - Exchange ActiveSync), brings Nine - Exchange ActiveSync with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Nine - Exchange ActiveSync apps has been update to version 1.2.5 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Highly recommend for any business exchange users out there..
  • Thanx for the quick reply from devs..
  • Love the conversation mode as well..
  • Finally a MS Exchange client for Android that actually works..
  • with all of the important security features..

Overall Satisfactionc94
Best exchange email app for my secured work email and calendar.
0 is released the mail app is not working.
It is the best exchange email client I have used on Android.
Best mail app with exchange support i have tested.
Pretty much the best ActiveSync client you can find here.
Much better than Touchdown as it uses the normal android calendar and contacts.
Best 10 euros ever spent on Google play.
way better than the native app provided in Android.
Edit: Thanks for the reply regarding the calendar invite.
Fun & Engagingc97
Awesome exchange application.
Awesome Exchange alternative.
Awesome mail experience.
Awesome mail client.
well designed with lots of useful options.
and has sensible and useful options.
Customer Support was also very responsive and helpful.
Developer has been immediately responsive and helpful.
All the essential features.
Production Valuesc100
modern interface and integration in all the right places.
It is a clean app with a user friendly interface.
Everything is much more polished and pleasing to use.
Absolutely stunning.
Ease of Usec78
Really nice interface and simple to setup.
A pleasure to use and easy to setup.
Unable to setup.
Easy and Organized.
Factory reset didn't help.
Ms exchange sync problems solved.
Security & Privacyc94
Limits exchange security requirements to the application unlike the default app.
depending on security policies of the individual MSExchange server.
I'm very impressed how well it handles my corporate exchange email account.
Updates & Supportc100
Awesome customer service when I've had questions.
Hope there's tablet version ongoing.
Support is very responsive and they do consider suggestions.
And the support is quick and helpful.
Purchased the full version and look forward to seeing what comes next.
Android email client had average 5% battery consumption.

This is the best exchange application I could find. found in 6 reviews
The best exchange client I've used in several years. found in 447 reviews
This app really changed the way I access my work email. found in 5 reviews
Hands down the best email client for exchange active sync. found in 95 reviews
I used touch down an few other exchange apps. found in 5 reviews
Hands down the best email app for Microsoft Exchange. found in 16 reviews
modern and very pleasant to use. found in 2 reviews
Works well and looks great. found in 3 reviews
because it enables selection of application vs device control for exchange servers. found in 15 reviews
Pretty much the best ActiveSync client you can find here. found in 46 reviews
This is the exchange solution I have been looking for. found in 4 reviews
This should be the default mail client for Android it is that good. found in 124 reviews
Works great and the UI is gorgeous. found in 3 reviews
I use this application for connecting to my corporate exchange server. found in 14 reviews
Purchased the full version and look forward to seeing what comes next. found in 3 reviews
Support is very responsive and they do consider suggestions. found in 4 reviews
This is simply the best email app for Exchange servers I've ever used. found in 218 reviews
Finally a way to read corp email on my android. found in 4 reviews
modern interface and integration in all the right places. found in 7 reviews
The most beautiful and functional email client out there. found in 5 reviews
Great app just missing a couple of features /options. found in 2 reviews
there isn't a button to remove from calendar. found in 16 reviews
but a few features are missing. found in 2 reviews
Please add gmail support to make it perfect. found in 6 reviews
I'm facing issue while setting up yahoo account. found in 5 reviews
Used to be great until last update. found in 2 reviews
Just needs imap integration. found in 2 reviews
via Office 365 and the app crashes multiple times per day. found in 2 reviews
Works great with Zimbra Open Source. found in 4 reviews
Having a dark background option would make it perfect for me. found in 3 reviews
Suddenly cannot forward android calendar item via Nine. found in 7 reviews
I can't select messages in the search results screen. found in 4 reviews
I get " Internal Error " in the Outbox folder. found in 2 reviews
App works great except for one thing. found in 2 reviews
Can't add gmail or yahoo account. found in 2 reviews
Missing a few key functions. found in 3 reviews
Looks great but needs widgets like Touchdown has. found in 4 reviews
Push does not work and Mobile Iron is not supported. found in 2 reviews
Looks pretty but I get a lot of force closes. found in 1 reviews
only thing I'm missing are siwpe options on mail elements for deleting. found in 5 reviews
No email Sig. found in 4 reviews
Why i cant log my google and yahoo account in. found in 5 reviews
Not Able to Fully Search Contacts Using Global Address List. found in 3 reviews
Does not allow to remove itself after trial period is expired. found in 16 reviews
Only this app has trouble with retrieving new emails. found in 7 reviews
App doesn't support my yahoo and gmail accounts. found in 3 reviews
Missing major features. found in 3 reviews
Keep getting "unknown error occurred" on final account setup screen. found in 7 reviews
App does not push email to phone. found in 7 reviews
i cannot select any emails from the search results. found in 4 reviews
Can't uninstall battery killer. found in 6 reviews
Can't send mail. found in 3 reviews
but i can't establish the connection to company's exchange server web account. found in 8 reviews
No support for Gmail and Yahoo mail. found in 4 reviews
Would like to see support for yahoo and gmail. found in 4 reviews
but still I am not able to receive any new messages. found in 5 reviews

The Nine - Exchange ActiveSync is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Nine - Exchange ActiveSync app version 1.2.5 has been updated on 2014-05-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 4.0 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about Nine - Exchange ActiveSync check developer 9Folders Inc.`s website :

Nine is available on Google play for the low price of US9.99.This is half price of the original price (US19.99) as we advertised before.This is a limited time offer, so grab yours before it endsAfter ...

Great email app I use it with office 365 in a corporate environment along with my personal email accounts Does a great job keeping things separate and managing huge amounts of mail that previously I had to use my laptop for most if the time It also doesn t dent data back Microsoft like the outlook client Keep up the great work                     Lance Motowicki
Drop to one star Never seen an app handle notifications so poorly There has always been buggy behavior with them over different phones Android versions and multiple app updates Apparently need to re write notification code from scratch     Mike Jaynes
Had a tough time setting up especially after I changed my password Just wouldn t recognize the changed password and I had to uninstall and reinstall the app Would like to stop using the app and am requesting a refund         Bhasker Thodla
Many options and working well with most account types however no support of Goggle calendar Extra props for fast responses of the developer 5 stars for sure if Google services are fully integrated                 Jan Busch
Not really satisfied You pay money for the app then any bug you report is just ignored Basically there is no support for this app     Ovidiu Gabriel
Be aware this is an in app purchase and licensed only for the device you bought using in app If you lose or change phone you will need to pay again if you use a tablet and phone thats 2 purchases A fantastic app if u can afford it     Dazza
There is not actually a setting to set a default account to control where new calendar appointments or new tasks get entered The user guide online is out of date as there is not an option in the settings to set this             Mark Bull
Best email app for work and personal emails I olny gave it 3 stars because it doesn t support Google calendar I ll update it to 5 stars when it supports Google calendar             Will Chan
Finally A decent Outlook alternative for smartphones that handles Exchange AND unusually properly handles Tasks Well done and thank you May I suggest an improvement that I would really appreciate allow for multiple custom notifications based on email address or email sender domain part This would be much better than just having a single VIP custom notification                     Bob Ernst
for the most part it does do what I need it do for multiple email accounts certain bugs are a big annoyance for a paid app sometimes emails to the developers go unresponded to occasionally certain emails that are put into the junk folder reappear over and over again every once in awhile there s some sort of bug that says can t sign in to my accounts usually that problem goes away within a day or two Nine said to send them the logs Yeah did that a while ago no response         Bmw Contracting
The best email client for office 365 I have tried so far Reasonable price for the features they offer compared to other clients                     Konstantinos Kesopoulos
Constant Updates by the developer Be aware that it does not function properly with a Chromebook The Enter key will not work If you use the onscreen keyboard it will It makes it pretty much useless on a chromebook If you are using on a tablet and or phone this program is top notch If you need to use a chrombook look elsewhere like Gmail or Outlook             Ralph Decker
Please take note if you pay for the app by PayPal I have not managed to get Exchange Sync to work on my last three Android phones and Nine has always done the job I did pay for it a year or two but via PayPal where I have another email address then in Google Play now with the new phone I could not continue using the app Nine looked for the payment I looked for the payment but couldn t find it So I just bought it again it is worth the money compared to the time and hassle it saves                     Mattias Luha
This is a great Outlook replacement I like it so much I purchased it However after my phone had to be reset and I reinstalled Nine it no longer knows I purchased already My reinstalled 2 week trial is up and it has stopped working completely Interestingly the widgets still work I just can t open any emails or calendar entries Support has been unresponsive to my help emails sent through the app         Nancy R
If you are looking for a great replacement for the crappy Outlook app go no further This app give you full access to everything that your outlook desktop has to offer and more The only issue i have is with an IMAP account you cant set it to Automatic Push This would be nice to have as I have shared group emails and would like to know when an email is present right away not 5 min later or manually                     Ronald Rowe
Hi While the email and calender layout are user friendly Two issues a curiosly the app does not appear on my phone yes I have tried seaching this app through seach function on my phone but no avail even after it is showing installed in Google play meaning I have to open the nine icon through Google app in case I close this app b even when the app is on I need to sign into my exchange account every single time to refresh my mail calendar which is quite annoying         Snote2 Mahesh
UPDATE Can no longer drop down a line or add space in emails enter key is not working to simply add space in emails or to continue numbered lists or to add additional bullet points Driving me crazy please fix was 5 stars now 2 until fixed Tried ctrl enter alt enter shift enter and the pixelbook circle button enter and of course enter by itself Not one will allow me to start a new paragraph or add space etc Contacted support sent log files tried suggestions please help Really want this to work but this will be a deal breaker First Review Wow just started using on my pixelbook for work email Uninstalled Outlook after just a couple minutes of use Way easier to use and this app is way less limiting in what you can do Nice job developers         Jason Riley
Auto sync always turns off on huawei p8 lite With developer support I seem to have found the right setting to exclude the app from battery optimization Seems to be working fine App is great Usable great GUI I have 12 imap accounts eith subfolders and the app lets you see all the new mail in all accounts in a single page Complete and very well made app Bought                     xmanightx
Only negative I have found so far is that refreshing emails manually takes to to long even if i have the correct address setting permission otherwise really great love that I can delete many email in an easy way conversation email view perfect and all the other possibilities is just all that is needed well thought through email app         Kent F
I ve been using 9 for many years and recommend it to my clients However recently with 2FA enabled on O365 its failing to authenticate at random times and can only be fixed by a phone restart Can you help Removing 2 factor Microsoft app from battery optimisation worked cheers                     Johnny Blaze
Best app that I have found for Exchange Sync Other paid for apps that I have used had problems with either contacts sync or sync ing calender history from previous years Also my elderly Nexus 7 tablet now syncs perfectly with the built in Google Calander and Contacts apps using Nine Well worth the modest payment to use across multiple devices                     Tony Doherty
Very good mail client with some flaws For some reason it uses 5 of my battery over the course of the day whixh is just too much I wish I could add alternate senders and aliases manually as it doesnt detect them for my mail provider If these two things could get resolved it gets my 5 stars             Tobias Blacher
Has been working flawlessly until today Today after the trial expired and I purchased the app it stopped synchronizing and started to ask to sign in over and over again That was the reason I ditched Outlook Blue Mail and others Now we re back to square one Any suggestions             Roman Binenbaum
Awesome email app and believe me I have used alot of emails apps Very customizable I only have an issue connecting it to my Yahoo account all other accounts exchange gmail hotmail connected flawlessly and work just fine Follow up to my review issue solved after their technical team contacted me all good now and rating changed to a well deserved 5 stars by the way i have never dealt with such an active technical support team very quick to reply                     Ahmed Herthani
In app billing not working Can t pay using telco which is my usual way to pay for apps Says not available             Hugh Musbekidding
Hands down THE BEST EXCHANGE OFFICE365 CLIENT IN EXISTENCE Outlook app better watch out Why Email Scheduling Dark Mode Better Signature Format support Better Privacy Fingerprint Admin Management supports Options you can avoid Admin Management on your local personal device and just add security to the mail itself ADFS redirect supported Seperate Contact Directory from local device and online query Battery Optimized Faster index search support Stickies Anyone                     Mikey Joel
I recently switched from a Huawei Mate 20 Pro u0026 from a Note 9 before that been a Samsung user for ten years u0026 been using native mail clients for personal use although they didn t support modern authentication Currently have switched to Oppo Reno 5G that didn t come with a native mail client so I tested few of those including paid ones such Aqua mail but the nine mail app I wish I used it from the beginning In one word it s amazing Brilliant app very neat and full featured                     Pierrot A.
I love this app but I can t understand why if something stuck in out box then it can t be sent at all I tried all means even by saving in draft and re sending but failed and uts not related to one mail or on address its different for different cases and at same time I can send and receive mails but can t for outbox stuck pl review and correct     Ahsan Sarfraz
Sent log file 2 weeks ago no answer from support yet 1 Reply All cmd from 3dots menu crashes Very frustrated 2 Sometimes forwarded emails containing attachments get delivered without attachment 3 The email header under To field captures names as saved in phonebook which I often save them shortened but not ethical for business Labeling according to email address should prevail through sync with ones local book only 4 No option to Save As into SD card storage permission allowed         Endri Sejdini
Despite the app s name Nine Email u0026 Calendar cannot sync with Google Calendar or Contacts Which seriously limits its usefulness to me The developers who responded quickly to their credit don t know when support for this will be available     James Dawson
Absolutely best full service email and calendar app for business users on the market                     Ron Glive
my enter key is not working on this app when used in pixelbook i cant be the only one         Steven U
Downloaded and set up today as it stands it has everything that no other app offers full email sync calendar integration contacts integration and a month looking widget If this app continues to meet my needs and expectations then 5 stars                     Jon Bowden
Calandar Emails Notes an Contact easily accessible from force touch from home screen Great app just pretty expensive at the same time Think I ll go back to Gmail since new Dark mode it out and being free also Nice app though top 1             Harris XVI
Good app like others However maybe I m pushing it too far In the last 2 3 months it s become more unstable and reinstalls don t get complete resolution                 Paul Hilton
Good corporate email app that fails by trying too hard Corporate users don t want to import their personal contacts into the app Their IT Depts certainly dont want those users bouncing personal emails through corporate email systems Compliance Depts don t want employees sending personal emails through company systems for fear of regulatory violations Yet the app pesters users for access to their personal contacts to import Nine needs to decide what it wants to be Business or personal         Scott kupper
Great app I use it daily for mails appointments and contacts Very stable Connection with Microsoft Exchange is seamless                     Beni Falk
Nine - Exchange ActiveSync Business Exchange ActivesyncNine - Exchange ActiveSync Business Exchange ActivesyncNine - Exchange ActiveSync Business Exchange ActivesyncNine - Exchange ActiveSync Business Exchange Activesync

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