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Lumos Labs, Inc. , the publisher behind many Android apps (LumiKids Backyard by Lumosity ,LumiKids Beach by Lumosity ,Lumosity ,LumiKids Park by Lumosity), brings Lumosity with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Lumosity apps has been update to version 1.0.68 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • An extremely good way to keep your brain fresh and tuned..
  • Its very good app for brain training with challenging games..
  • but how much is it worth it to keep your mind sharp..
  • This app really helps to pass the time and helps my brain development..
  • Best brain training game I've played so far..

Overall Satisfactionc62
Only thing that would make it better is more free games.
Thanks lumosity good job.
Amazing Games.
Amazing brain trainer wid gr8 ui.
Awesome thanks for the help.
One of the best brain games on the android market right now.
Fun & Engagingc37
I love games that test your brain and these games are fun and challenging.
Only thing that would make it better is more free games.
Only a few games and it gets boring quick.
Really awesome brain games that makes me a genius.
Was super fun and challenging.
wish they would have more instead of same ones over and over again.
Games are fun and helpful.
It's fun and exciting to play these games.
It provides neat games everyday that aren't stressing at all.
I try to play every day.
Games are fun and helpful.
It helps me alot just free samples.
Very nice and useful for development of brain.
It really helps me with school.
Repeat Valuec86
Has added convenience to my daily brain workout.
I love games that test your brain and these games are fun and challenging.
Brain teaser / cognitive BT.
I'm not paying a monthly subscription for a few brain teasers.
Only a few games and it gets boring quick.
Great interface and mind boggling games.
Social Aspectsc56
I think way more people would buy it.
Ease of Usec35
Security & Privacyc32
You will need a paid lumosity account to use this.
Updates & Supportc43
I've been longing for the Android version for a long time.
But the android version.
The free version is very limited.

Will more options be available on the android platform. found in 8 reviews
I use Lumosity every day when I wake up. found in 8 reviews
and able to stay focused better. found in 4 reviews
having an extra set of games to play is not too shabby. found in 6 reviews
Really Helping My Brain Activity. found in 4 reviews
15 minutes a day keeps you thinking better than all your friends. found in 6 reviews
Great interface and mind boggling games. found in 3 reviews
It's a cool app to keep your brain in shape. found in 4 reviews
Keeps me on my toes and trying to better myself. found in 3 reviews
I have noticed a major difference in my overall brain health. found in 6 reviews
These are mind blowing. found in 10 reviews
You're always trying to beat your own score. found in 6 reviews
that I looked for other brain test games like it. found in 5 reviews
It's like Brain Age without the creepy professor. found in 11 reviews
Entertaining and good for the brain. found in 2 reviews
Recommended to all those who want to sharpen their brain. found in 5 reviews
I have been using Lumosity for quite long apps is awesome. found in 16 reviews
It really helps me with school. found in 2 reviews
Works wonderfully on Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. found in 4 reviews
Love it it really help with mental exercise. found in 4 reviews
Would've given more stars if there were more free games. found in 53 reviews
I just like to play games without having to sign up. found in 49 reviews
Fun but get boring fast. found in 4 reviews
Have to log in every time I open the application. found in 37 reviews
Was disappointed with the lack of games on this app. found in 5 reviews
It becomes boring soon due to less number of challenges. found in 3 reviews
Just wish I could play all the games for free. found in 4 reviews
I can't play the third game of the daily workout. found in 3 reviews
I just wish it wasn't so expensive to upgrade to full status. found in 7 reviews
Why put this for free if you can't play all the games. found in 8 reviews
It needs more games and paying for the subscription isn't worth it. found in 4 reviews
It gets boring playing the same game again and again. found in 10 reviews
Gets repetitive and boring after a while. found in 3 reviews
the app works good but the paid version is ridiculously expensive. found in 7 reviews
There are only monthly and yearly subscription options. found in 3 reviews
have to uninstall this because the third game is not working. found in 3 reviews
Please let me move this to the SD card. found in 19 reviews
Great app but price. found in 4 reviews
Its the same games over and over until you buy the membership. found in 46 reviews
Please add more games for free or steep down the price. found in 42 reviews
paying monthly or yearly to access content is a rip off. found in 13 reviews
You can find similar games for free elsewhere. found in 35 reviews
No " Move to SD card " functionality. found in 11 reviews
When i try to install it its keep giving me error. found in 11 reviews
I can't play any games unless I pay to unlock them. found in 67 reviews
If you want to work out your brain. found in 49 reviews
Tried to sign up but tells me my email is already in use. found in 49 reviews
Only let's you play a limited number of games for free. found in 13 reviews
Attempted to log in and couldnt remember my password. found in 37 reviews
No "Move to SD card " functionality. found in 19 reviews
I just updated it and there are no new games. found in 82 reviews
but the payment to unlock more games is ridiculous. found in 17 reviews
except it kindly lets you play any of them. found in 23 reviews
You have to create an account or log in with Facebook. found in 33 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Lumosity for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.68 has been released on 2014-06-9. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 4.0 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about Lumosity check developer Lumos Labs, Inc.`s website :

Train your memory and attention. Used by over 60 million people worldwide, Lumosity is a Personal Training Program that challenges your brain.SCIENCE BEHIND LUMOSITYLumosity is designed by neuroscientists to train memory, attention, and more. With ...

Really I am disappointed Sure it s fun ish and all that jazz but I can t even see my improvements over time everything is locked behind a 15 a month subscription Seriously this is extortion at its peak If you were able to look at your performance over time then this would make an ok and just ok app for boredom TL DR download some mini games and stay away from this     Bookish Cipher
Used the free version previously after brain surgery but found I couldn t focus or remember anything even after rehabilitation Now two years on I ve signed up for a month to test whether I am finding it easier and to see whether I stick at the practice I ve also started playing video games at 57 so I can hopefully improve some skills                     Catherine MacAdam
I totally love lumosity It s helpful in so many ways I didn t even realize how much it s helped me in every day Life I only ask that you please make a lumosity for kids from Pre K on up My 5yr old loves participating in the games with me and it helps with her attention I d be so psyched if it s possible to achieve this for kids                     Alexis Gary
Fun games however there are very few performance stats in the free version especially in comparison to apps like Elevate and Peak I ve never bought the premium version but it s not super pricey Really enjoy the app                 Melowisp
It s a great brain training app helps me wake up in the morning I love the changing games its almost a regular rotation but its about keeping you on your toes not regularity so if you pay for premium you can play what you want but the free games provided daily are highly entertaining                     Karma Reed
Best pack of games from this area But for me the subscription it s too expensive And without subscription it s too limited Sorry But congratulation it s the best brain training app             Yoyo Iuly
Gives me a chance to focus u0026 train my skills after post concussion Although sometimes I get a little carried away with beating high score lol But use as a tool when I m alert vs when groggy                 Judy Peckford
I have unlocked the premium version yearly because the games are really good Please do upload new games as audience might get bored with these And increase the difficultly level too                     Rebeka
Fun short games that have made steady improvements in my ability to focus pay attention and quickly find solutions                     Jake Hollenbaugh
I love lumosity it has fun games that really make your brain work Every game is unique Please make free accounts get to play more games                 Sinister Cow
I doubt whether the games will improve mental skills But I don t doubt the game is making money Moreover scientific research states that these brain games do not enhance mental ability So stay away as they are consulting and designing the games from fake scientists     Anirban Patra
Great game Even with a free account you can learn so much and that experience is even better with a paid account                     Bush Swagger
I wish that all the games were available for the free account I totally love this app and it is helpful with my brain movement                 Jaylani Adam
I ve been training for about 3 months and I can definitely see improvement Increased cognitive skills have also helped me in other aspects of life like focus and memory The app is top notch and there is a varied selection of games Personally I find the free version is sufficient It gives you 3 different games per day and it records your historical scores so you can see how you compare that day Awesome app                     Taylor Thorson
I love this app It has helped me focus on my weaknesses Help me build all of the areas i am weak and strong in                     Dreamishia Guerrero
If this brain training really works then its great it doesn t take too much of your time daily unless you want it to The difference i feel while constantly training and not training at all are simple number calculations speed and short term memory improvement As for the premium i wish there s a free week trial right now it doesn t give out any full premium trial that i would love to try before paying                     Tristan Adriel
I have used Lumosity intermittently for about 2 years u0026 I can tell a difference in my sharpness when I play it a lot Studies debunking it are WRONG I read 2 where one used 64 participants the other 72 Really We are supposed to gauge the results for millions of people off these numbers On studies where it looks like they are matching apples to oranges Secondly if reading crossword puzzles u0026 timed arithmetic tables are proven 4 decades to help brains how can Lumosity not do the same                     Lauren Resnik
Love playing the games unfortunately cant afford premium more selection of games with premium if you can afford it                     Karen Sayers
I like it a lot I just wish my 2 favorite games would be available for me to play more often then it does                 shelly positerry
You know these guys got something special here I can feel it in my brain But there really isn t much to play with because they ve locked it all away Premium button ad recommendation suggestion etc is EVERYWHERE there are 54 Premium buttons in the main interface of the app INSANE like CHILL Let us TRY the app out and it s not as if you re asking for few you want a subscription for 14 month WOW Hey that s more than Premium Netflix 4K and 8 users Come down to earth plz             Divinus FiliuS
The games are pretty good I ve definitely seen an improvement The only thing I don t like is that you can only play two games a day without paying You can t track your progress or even pick the games You can t see how you ve improved So people who don t pay for Premium don t have any control over their brain training which is unfair Other than that I think the game is pretty good         Paige Jethwa
Love this app Have told friends about it By using it at different times of the day I see when I am the most alert                     Linda Janson
It gives you great games even with the free version so it s worth it But watch out when you do the free trial cause when I tried to do it I automatically got charged for the annual subscription It might have been me but I think something didn t work properly Not a big deal since I got refunded right away and that s why I changed my previous negative review but be careful if you just want to try the free trial                     Thomas Ferradini
Love this app I love how it gently guides you to better yourself and I especially love the Mindfulness feature added on                     Ami Etienne
I would love to rate this app 5 stars becsuse it s clearly the best brain training app with very original and fun games But please offer more variety in the free workout I ve had the app for almost a year but I ve only been able to try about a fifth of all the games It starts getting boring if I play the same ten games over and over Thanks                 Sofia Borop Garcia
Very practical and legitimate brain games Please change train of thought so you have the option to try the exact station setup                 Griffin Tyner
This app provides variety of brain games that enhances focus This is quite fun and helpful                 Kate Santiago
Workouts have improved and sharpened my memory Love it                     Mary Coleman
This is a great game to challenge your brain I had brain surgery in 2010 and then cyberknife on my brain in 2015 Lumosity has helped me keep what brain matter I have left working more smoothly I do get frustrated with my performance in the games from time to time I do see improvement when I play the games every day                     Karen Vander
Interesting mix of challenges even with the free games                 Mary Duffey
Fantastic app It has helped me prove my cognitive functions I have improved my memory problem solving skills use of bigger and known words spelling and ability to multitask etc On top of that I only use the free version Still not sure if it would be worth spending my money on as some games on this app can be very tedious                     Becky Bolton
Great app I ve used it intermittently for over a year and then I decided to buy a premium subscription I did not regret it money very well spent Lumosity really helps me in my job which requires a lot of concentration and divided attention Actually now my husband and my son have joined me in doing Lumosity and we ve switched to the Family and Friends Plan                     Alexander Sergeyev
I cant speak to the effectiveness of this app as a brain training tool as I ve only been using the app irregularly over the past couple of months but as a collection of varied games this app is a standout As a lifestyle service and simply as a fun pastime the cost of my year s subscription will certainly be worth it The games themselves have a great variety of character and theming to keep the content engaging I would certainly recommend these games for fun as well as exercise                 Robbie Kieran
Great game but wish more games were unlocked without having to buy premium                     Samantha Gilchrist
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