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cYo Soft , the publisher behind many Android apps (ComicRack ,ComicRack Free), brings ComicRack with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. ComicRack apps has been update to version 1.79 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Have used this and the PC version for years now..
  • The reading experience is as good as it can get..
  • Great sync with the free desktop version maintaining read status..
  • The gestures for page turning need a little tweaking..
  • This app is the king for all comic lovers out there..

Overall Satisfactionc89
This may very well be the best comic reader out there.
Still 5 stars because this is the best comic app available.
Highly recommended for all comic book readers.
although the Wi- Fi sync is quite hokey.
If the app could directly link to Dropbox/ Google Drive /Box.
Pretty solid cbr reader.
Best in the market.
Thank you devs for making such an awesome reader.
Fun & Engagingc82
Thank you devs for making such an awesome reader.
Awesome reader.
An awesome comic reader and one I'm glad I purchased.
Awesome comic reading experience.
Production Valuesc100
The gestures for page turning need a little tweaking.
really want page turning.
Library Refresh issue on note 3.
Updates & Supportc52
seems to work pretty much perfectly.

Paired with the desktop version. found in 3 reviews
Perfect solution for reading eComics on the go. found in 3 reviews
This may very well be the best comic reader out there. found in 215 reviews
I have even switched to the paid version today. found in 5 reviews
Most intelligent comic reader - which I felt is better than comixology reader. found in 2 reviews
Great extension to the desktop app. found in 3 reviews
ComicRack by Android is by far the best comic reader on the market. found in 9 reviews
such as the Droid Comic Viewer and Comica. found in 8 reviews
Acer iconia A501. found in 3 reviews
The most complete comic and manga reader I tried. found in 2 reviews
I use it on my HP Touchpad with Android installed. found in 3 reviews
ComicRack for android is the quintessential reading app. found in 16 reviews
Best Comic Reader In The World. found in 2 reviews
Best comic viewing experience. found in 4 reviews
Pretty solid cbr reader. found in 4 reviews
Desperately Needs Update for SD Card Support. found in 1 reviews
Force closes every single time. found in 2 reviews
0 update on the sony tablet s it wont delete comics. found in 5 reviews
Refresh issue. found in 5 reviews
but I can't open cbz files in my dropbox which totally suck :. found in 2 reviews
once bionic issue fixed. found in 2 reviews
decent but could use some tweaks. found in 2 reviews
Getting a license check failure on the app on multiple devices. found in 13 reviews
it needs cloud sync so it can be perfect. found in 3 reviews
Good app killed by DRM. found in 2 reviews
Doesn't work on kindle fire. found in 2 reviews
if I didn't open the app before I went out. found in 2 reviews
Please add folder view. found in 4 reviews
Quick update of program when it began to crash on startup. found in 2 reviews
Doesn't work on the motorola atrix. found in 2 reviews
but the security check kicks in every few weeks without warning. found in 1 reviews
needs navigation. found in 2 reviews
Now Unable to Open. found in 1 reviews
The Logo just Sucks Big Time. found in 2 reviews
they said it is up to dev to solve this problem. found in 4 reviews
No longer works-- Asus Transformer Infinity--. found in 5 reviews
No longer works-- Asus Transformer Infinity --. found in 6 reviews
but really frustrated with the Android market check feature. found in 7 reviews
Useless for manga. found in 4 reviews
Changed because no longer passes license check. found in 13 reviews
Worst 8 bucks I ever spent. found in 5 reviews
but it will nor stop refreshing the library. found in 5 reviews
Library Refresh issue on note 3. found in 5 reviews

The ComicRack is now available for 5,99 € for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.79 has been released on 2014-11-30. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.1 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about ComicRack check developer cYo Soft`s website :

Read your eComics anywhere and anyway you want.ComicRack for Android is the companion for the best eComic Reader and Manager for PCs: ComicRack for WindowsOptimized for phones and tablets it allows you to read your ...

I have tried all of the comic apps If you have your own cbr and cbz files this is the best app out there I still think there could be a few improvements the biggest one being that you can t make your main comics folder an sd card folder You have to make your sd card folder the additional comics folder for it to work Still they haven t updated this app in years It s great just the way it is I have thousands of comics on an sd card and it manages them with ease Viewer is also fantastic                     Dustin Ogilvie
You cannot sync over the net Its local network only Maybe I read wrong to start Either way Hooking the usb up is more reliable than the wireless sync on same network Not worth the 7 Having buyers remorse Plus side is no ads The biggest dissapointment was lack of the page turning effect Big let down and kinda crushed it for me Still over all the windows app is great             Paul Cosson
Amazing comic reader with a clean and unobtrusive interface It s highly customizable so there s a mild learning curve taking 5 10 minutes to play with the options has big benefits in the long run I read comics in a packed NY subway car everyday so I m thankful the app is easy to navigate If you have an existing library you can point the Additional Folder option to your books and ComicRack will pick them up Tip if pages are out of order or missing you probably have nested CBR files                     Chris Dukes
A really good comic reader Minimal but feature rich Lots of fratures and confusing at times Still cannot get it to read my external card properly even after folliwing the provided guide The home button is also confusing and some better explation would be highly advisable considering I have the paid version                 A Google user
Garbage Central When I spend an hour trying to figure out how to sync comics between my PC and device you get zero stars 0 for current documentation and zero for the 1980s interface 8 Thank goodness for the refund Useless POS     Jude Brown
Decent comic app that works well with the desktop version But it doesn t seem to appear in the family library apps even though it mentions that it should Also has difficulty with wifi sync and is very slow Update I emailed the developers and there was no response In fact the email seemed to actually be rejected Furthermore Google and the developer could not enforce the listing which suggests it is available for the family library I bought it after the time it mentioned it would be available for the family library but it still is not When I tried contacting the developers and I alerted this to Google nothing was done I was offered a very complicated process to get a refund and had to provide several screenshots in an email essentially without any resolution If you list an app as avaiable for family library make sure it is This isn t It s false advertising     Matthew Nelson
If it works then you re golden If it s buggy on your device you re SOL For that reason I wouldn t recommend paying for it Perfect Viewer and Challenger aren t as straightforward but devs are good about addressing bugs and features and worth supporting         A Google user
Really Outdated design and looking at the last update it s been without an update since 2014 Thankfully I got a refund by Google Play     Elias Bourgess
I repurchased this to add it to my family library but it still didnt show now I have paid for 2 copies of this app and still cant share it with my family     Isaac
This thing is frustrating junk Their form is over run by bots No support Junk     Greg Koshinsky
I absolutely love this app i probably spent houndreds of hours reading comics with it                     Indig0HD
fantastic app for those on the go comic readers                     Pete Martin
My fav comic reader Tried em all                     Rob V
Does what it says and it s easy to use                     Darren Price
It shuts down the moment I m opening an edition to read     Mary Ssherr
Absolutely useless stick with the free version     Adam Martin
Wish it was still supported                     Tony DiSalvo
I m changing my review because after unadding it from family share and readding it it now showed up on my tablet                 Kaneki Ken
no longer updated time to move on     Sathington Willoughby
No longer updated     Christopher Buehrer
Dropping a star for each YEAR No update Haven t been able to get working properly since early 2015 it s 2017 now and I ve given up hope for this once great app I bought the paid app liked the wireless PC sync but now my comic reading is on a tablet and this doesn t work on those properly either unless you use a old one and then the kit kat sd issue so what s the point I had to switch to Perfect Viewer Please update         No updates since 2014 for this once mighty app Mike Furlo Sr
I came from iOS and used Comic Zeal It is by far thee best comic reader But now I am using a HTC One This is a decent app Still has a number of details I cannot find anywhere in the market close to Comic zeal but still good enough for me not to tear my hair out It s smooth and fast Organizes my files correctly 1 2 3 4 instead of 1 10 11 2 20 21 I would consider this to be the best comic apk for this market Although the extra features make it a tad slow Too many taps to reach somewhere                 Pretty good A Google user
Great reader for my tablet works perfectly with the wireless once I figured out how to set it up but I want to set the path that my comics get saved to on my external SD card which has 32GB of space Every time I try the buttons to make the folder I created on the SD card the destination is faded out Will bump rating to 5 stars when I get it working         Won t Let Me Sync Comics to SD Card Kayla Salmon
Ive been using the free version for 2 years and i dont know why its taken so long to buy it Ive tried multiple cbr readers for android and this is easily the best one Good organization natural feeling swipes between pages unparalleled options and customization to make it more comfortable for your specific tastes Seriously hats off cyo                     Golbez
This app is amazing especially when paired with the desktop program There are some issues though I currently have over 20 000 comics that are loaded and the app takes forever to load I understand completely I m a rarity for having so many but I shouldn t have to wait a half an hour to start reading The app also needs to be updated to take advantage of the SD card better When I set up my folder to store all my comics on the SD card I shouldn t have had to work that hard to get to work                 Great app that needs updating Justin Reinwand
Used to love this app and recommended it to all my friends For whatever reason now with latest update pages are slow to respond to touch or swipe it s taking much longer to load a comic after I select it and it keeps trying to make a bookmark while I m going to the next page Looking for a new app if this doesn t get fixed C mon you were the best             Errrrgh Ryder Jazwiecki
Used to be better when it seemed to be actively developed Now a days one needs to perform various workarounds for it to access files on external storage and these workarounds get reset on every device reboot Moved on to Perfect Viewer which looks less elegant but at least handles external storage properly Android 6 0 Edit knocked another star off for it not having received a proper fix for external SD cards PV does this perfectly and no updates since 2014 Less stable than ever         Used to be better Christian Hansen
A few jitters on the latest install but if you set up a dummy main folder on your device and set SD Card to secondary it works as well as it ever did since KitKat came out Still the only comics reader with border removal and this latest upgrade has a new remove some borders option which seems to work well on modern comics                 Set your SD Card to secondary folder UKMikey
after reopen it is not reopening last read page steps to replicate this issue 1 read few pages 2 dont close pick a sms or notification 3 open recent application 4 open comic rack 5 it is showing correct page with portrait because system set with portrait 6 immediately automatically moved to landscape because i am reading landscape view 7 book is closed now I didnt face similar issue in free edition please add immediate sycn once book is added to favorite list                 comics is not reopening ramesh shanmugasundaram
The library sync sometimes doesn t work for some reason I just wish there were options to change the meta data of the comics on my phone so that I can properly arrange by series Right now I have my ultimate spiderman in 4 different series because of that Otherwise it s really good                 Pretty darn good Lwazi Sidinile
I love this app It is really easy to use and the series grouping is a great feature keeping everything together even if they are in different locations I also love the screen saver option I only wish that it had Dropbox support or smb share as an option the PC sync is fine but as I keep most of my comics either online or on and external hard drive its a bit long winded                 Awesome but needs smb or dropbox Luke Haynes
Dont buy this app It loses some cbr files for whatever reason and is relatively meh lol just tried out comicat instead WAY better program so far Use that instead Bye bye comic rack you were rusty and old My new comicat purrrssss lmao             Neil Pack
My license check keeps failing also It s that way on my tablet that I normally use as well as on my Nook Comicrack is the ONLY app that i use to read comics with Ive tried most and just only like it Ive tried to uninstall and reinstall countless times to no avail Oh and this started July 25 5 star rating for the app itself no star rating for this license check bs                     Darrin Hunt
As a reader it s perfect Otherwise I thought that Windows version acts as a server and I can select what comic to transfer from my device Actually I have to be at my desk and select everything on my PC Also ugly but not really important                 Not what I expected And seems to be dead as far as development is concerned Nemanja Borovac
I have had nothing but problems lately with this app I will say that I have quite a few books organized into smart lists No matter what I do it keeps using all my physical memory and crashing On good days it takes me hours to add new books with my pc and add them to my tablet The android app works great but it s useless with its pc counterpart I have seen others with this same issue and there doesn t seem to be a way to contact comicrack for support That is sad because I paid for this app because I pc         Keeps crashing Rob Dayspring
I don t have Internet or WiFi at the house I use it mostly for WiFi friendly places like a coffee shop It s asking me I need a license check and need to be connected to verify Looks like I can t use this app for a few weeks I hate knowing I fully purchased this product but the app closes until I can get online On to another comic reader Edit 3 3 17 Stay away This app is dead Since it hasn t been updated in a few years it doesn t work well with newer Android OS updates     Rafael M ll
The development of this app seems to be abandoned Feature requests and bugs are most ignored It has some nice features but the day by day usage is compromised by bugs and the outdated interface making the usage not very pleasant I recommended looking for another reader     Development abandoned A Google user
Love the desktop program Love the free app Paid for this because I wanted the wireless sync and wanted to reward the devs for the awesome free software I ve been using The wireless sync doesn t exist There is a button for it on the free version that tells you to buy the full version but the wireless sync button is absent in the paid version Not having ads is nice but not being lied to is nicer     Blatant Rip Off Dalton Munnal
My library desynced and can t find the folder s can t open the comics directly I mean for crying out loud All I want to do is read a bloody comic Can t find my SD card either navigating through menu and it stops running when I choose ok to find a library Is it too late to get my money back after 3 years     Rubbish Lino Del Greco
ComicRack Comics Free Version Paid VersionComicRack Comics Free Version Paid VersionComicRack Comics Free Version Paid VersionComicRack Comics Free Version Paid Version

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