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EYEKON E.R.D Ltd. , brings GlassesOff with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. GlassesOff apps has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The GlassesOff is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new GlassesOff app version has been updated on 2014-06-30. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 3.0 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about GlassesOff check developer EYEKON E.R.D Ltd.`s website :

Who is GlassesOff suitable for?Those who:- Experience the natural effects of aging on near vision when reading.- Anticipate such deterioration in the near future.- Experience blurred near vision, eye strain, fatigue or headaches when reading.Over ...

DO NOT INSTALL Do not install any app that requires access to unrelated services or features This application requires access to make and manage phone calls There is absolutely no valid reason for this I have never seen such an intrusive requirement that is clearly unrelated to the application DO NOT INSTALL this can only lead to bad things     Reid Robinson
I did not see much improvement in my eyesight after at least a few months so I requested to stop my subscription However I just found out today that they have continued to charge me every three months for at least over a year This practice is extremely sneaky and unprofessional I have sent an email to request a refund I hope they will respond this time Glasses Off has not responded to this review probably because they want to keep my money that they earned Canceled via Google Pay     Chunfu Zhang
Wants me to allow to access making phone calls When I get a permission denied Silly They should check for bugs at least as often as they want the user to do the exercises Pretty unprofessional     Gerhard Hachmann
I ll wait for the presbyopia drops that are in double blind clinical trials right now I did a couple of very boring sessions and there s no way I could make myself do that every day and I m really good at focusing on repetitive boring tasks actually unless there were really good studies of its long term effectiveness and there s not     Regina Santore, REALTOR
Requires permission to manage phone calls So that it can register exactly what information on the back end Why are you collecting analytics on your users without the ability to opt out Big red flag     Beartooth Curious
Great concept but sneaky marketing Not easy to canx subscription Shame this company cannot rely on their product to make money they prefer to try and pull the wool over ours eyes     Roisin Wade
Extortionate pricing Way happier with Ultimeyes 0 99 Glasses Off s 9 99 mo for a 3 mo training suddenly turns into 59 yr if you want the maintenance phase to retain the effects I didn t become aware of this till after investing many hours in the initial training They used to offer lifetime access for an outrageous 159 then in the last few weeks they switched to an even more outrageous subscription only So I switched to Ultimeyes Much much cheaper way more fun     Kristen Jaax
Not too impressed with this App For one thing the cost of 9 99 per month is unreasonable I can understand how it is rated only 3 5 Other eye exercise Apps I found in the Google Play Store are free Another thing there were only 5 exercises Hardly a workout         Timothy Lawrence-Rodriguez
This app works Period all the people complaining about the price This works out a lot cheaper that contact lenses and expensive glasses that you break and loose what can be better that just picking something up and reading it straight away                     Nicholas st.nicholas
Works I started to be unable to read small print Before going to get a prescription I tried this for a month That was 2 years ago and I read tiny print just fine                     Sujan Bryan
Why do you need access to place phone calls Uninstalled     Steve Kleine
Didn t have a chance to try it because it doesn t work offline         Vitalii Lysov
Permission to make phone calls Seriously     Vadim Tkachenko
sound very exciting if I can receive some volume                     Waldon Kennis
totally bogus app     ahmad mostak
Ya then pls support to get the refund         akansha malara
This is bad         Sri sh
Paywall subscription based with automatic recurring payments warning This is an app that may or may not be beneficial to users but preys on a natural desire to improve yourself or your body And relies on basic human nature to put off cancelling the recurring payments This will you cost about 120 00 a year     Thomas Adams
I have to thank the scientific team who developed such an app I was training every day at the beginning because i was eager to remove my reading glasses Didnt see improvement for the first 4 weeks but then wauuuuuuu I slowly realized that i was able to read short messages and now i improved even more and i barely use my glasses at home for books This is impressive im keeping training cause i think it can onky benefit my vision Highly recommended to older people                     After a while i realized it works Im impressed Ido Filus
I was consistent for 2 months and though it told me I was improving I noticed no improvement in my vision when reading small text Plus I don t like that it charged me for another 3 months I didn t know it was an ongoing subscription I ve cancelled my subscription and asked for a refund from Google Play Was worth the attempt for the initial subscription and it may work for some but not for me         Melissa Carr
You are limited to only one session per day I didn t realize this and did half a session the first day The second day it started me in the middle of that session then cut me off I can t do another session until tomorrow It would be nice to have at least 2 sessions a day instead of just half a session I want my money back It may be impossible to get a refund also Don t pay for this app It would be okay if they didn t limit you         Paid for and don t get a full session Julia Scott
It works and I can read most of the labels on bottles now Great app Just a tip do it in dim light as instructed and do it when you wake up in the morning because it does need a lot of brain power It makes me sleepy if I do it after a day of work One thing to remember if you do not plan to continue the subscription after 3 months cancel the automatic renew after you bought it in Google Play Google play defaults to auto renew and I did not realize it until I was charged another 25                     Jim Zhang
I give this app lowest rating for being heavily overpriced that is 120 year I have tried other alternative apps that use gabors the effect is very similar for a hugely smaller price     Tomas A.
Never got past the tutorial It showed 3 Es then nothing for a timed 3 minutes If it s flashing faster then I can see the app needs to register non responsive users Not just sit on an endless blank screen Junk     A Google user
Not bad But got very bored of it in the end Ended up paying for each month for 6 months but sometimes didn t use it most days Not sure if it s made a difference or not so even though system is telling me I m 94 beter I ve not noticed Also it s a 50 chance of getting the correct answer and to be honest I guessed sometimes and got it correct which would greatly distort the results If it was a one off price then it s worth it but not with the monthly subscription             A Google user
smug support staff one time per day then there should probably be an optimum time to use pratice more likely company wants to limit traffic on their servers     A Google user
I read the news about the research and was excited I would buy if I had to pay only one time without subscription Because a subscription of R 25 00 is too much Or maybe R 5 00 month would be better I don t think this value applies to the Brazilian reality I feel poor now         Too expensive Alan Rangel
After several weeks of use no improvement in spite of the app claiming that I needed my reading glasses less than before Went for an eye checkup and the doctor laughed when I mentioned that I d been using the app Said that it wasn t possible to improve vision using this method for people who need reading glasses due to age He said when the lens has stiffened not much can be done except to surgically replace it as part of a cataract removal He s an ophthalmologist so I trust his opinion Waste of money     K Lewis
It WORKS I m 53 and reading most of the time without reading glasses I ve been using this app since 2025 You have to do the program 2 s a week to maintain your progress which can be a drag Absolutely worth it though                     A Google user
I have Presbyopia and had been using reading glasses most of the time the past 4 years or so Using this application has led to me not needing the glasses in certain situations For instance reading a set list while playing music I still have a hard time reading text in a magazine or on food labels So it s not quite as dramatic of a change as I would have hoped But it still has appeared to make a difference                 Robert Nelson
OMG This app will kill your eyes When you start the exersize the screen goes blinding bright Do yourself a favor and stay away from this app and save your eyes     Kimberly C
The product did give me some improvement As others have noted the sessions are very boring My issue is that the subscription automatically renews and there is no option for the user to pay for a trial period and then allow the user to decide whether to continue It does seem that all the authors care about is earning as much as possible from each customer Very disappointed but only because of the subscription model used Edit I was able to cancel the subscription my issue was that I was not even offered a no subscription option AND that it was not clear that I would be automatically charged an additional 26 Most apps cost 1 or 2 and this has now cost me over 50 this is much too expensive for what the product delivers especially factoring in the frustration of the unexpected automatic renewals     Chris Nowicki
I have found this app very helpful The improvement in my eyesight is dramatic in the morning although the effects wear off and I resort to glasses in the afternoon but this positive change for me is huge I was warned about this by the app before subscribing and I have to commend the responsiveness of the help desk                 Matthew Batstone
I paid for the app but got an error message during the order process My account was billed but my access still trial and neither the app developer nor Google play accepted my refund request Shame     Adeeb Albraidi
Please be very careful with this app Do not practice the exercises when your eyes are tired I strained my right eye very badly just engaging with the exercises as recommended resulting in posterior vitreous displacement and a serious large load of dark floaters I have no idea whether their presence is now permanent or whether they will dissolve The ophthalmic examination I received after the incident luckily showed no retinal damage Be warned     Peter Daw
Seems to have worked after 3 months of practicing I found that I did better when I skipped a day or two instead of doing it daily The auto renew got me by surprise like many others and was annoying because I could have got a year s subscription at 5 mo but I was charged another 25 for 3 months Plus Lately my app won t open It just keeps going in circles I ve tried in different locations so it s not the network I m trying to reinstall to see if that helps FINAL WORD I can read smaller print without glasses although sometimes my eyes get blurry in general which is a bit worrisome             anita b
Zero improvement The initial subscription was for a month only but automatically renews Just a rip off     Glenn Fraser
Piece of crap Couldn t even get through the initial evaluation without it crashing and totally flaking out Does not work at all at least on my phone Sad     Victor Shoup
It s amazing app Revolutionary couldn t believe that my reading power can be reduced now I can read without classes this is amazing app make that happen every committed to all my friends Just took 1 and half month to take my glasses off                     onam agarbathi
Did not find effective As other reviews have mentioned found myself getting more annoyed with each session Then after signing up for one month to try it out getting auto billed for second month Ugh WAY too expensive     Bill Brown
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