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Google Inc. , the publisher behind many Android apps (Google Sheets ,Google Spotlight Stories ,Android System WebView ,Google Edu Device Setup ,Google My Business ,Email), brings Android Wear with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Android Wear apps has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are Android owner,you now can download Android Wear for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version has been released on 2014-07-2. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Varies with device
Bottom Line: For more information about Android Wear check developer Google Inc.`s website :

Information that moves with you. The Android Wear app is the link to Android wearables. Control voice action preferences, adjust notification settings, and configure devices. Learn more about Android wearables at

I just got the Ticwatch e and the app is decent For the most part I like the update but before the update my texts and WhatsApp messages were easier to read I could scroll through the last several texts and see profile pictures too and replying was simple I do not like the new one I can only see the last text No profile pictures and the quick responses are annoying and way to easy to accidentally hit please is there anyway I can go back to the way they were before the update         Kim
Crazy Latest update went backwards big time Had to reset both the watch and clear the app data to get them talking again All settings seem to have gone back to the old style Why do seemingly simple updates cause such massive dramas Wasted a good couple of hours trying to restore everything No wonder so many are giving up on Wear OS I think i might too         Joe
Seems like a good package but mine keeps saying To keep your watch connected allow the Wear OS by Google app to keep running in the background I have changed all of the battery saving settings on my phone to allow it to keep running with no luck I ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app still no luck I ve factory reset the watch still no luck I ve emailed app support no response Very frustrating as it is the only thing I can use to run the watch         Jeremy Gilbert
Sept 3rd update has broken phone call tethering on watch to phone resulting in having to WIPE u0026 RESET watch AGAIN Grrrr Getting tired if this wipe and reset every time there s an issue with wear os There was a time when Google s hardware and software were second to none but these days it feels like everything is left as a beta it almost works right and that seems to be good enough It s getting harder and harder to stay a fan of Android and Pixel hardware     Colm Buckley
Latest update fails to load Huawei Watch 2 and Huawei P10 can t get Wear OS to get past the loading screen on the phone I m not going to disconnect and reset my phone for a third time it s a total pain in the arse doing that It takes hours to re sync everything after a reset and get things back the way they were     Jim Harley
Needs to be more compatible with more fitness watches and fitness tracker s I have a stylo lg4 and 5 and it s not compatible Why I have no idea You need to you your game Google Love your products but I won t hesitate to use third party apps and other apps all together When the compatiblity goes up with other watches so will my rating         Ruben Vargas
The wear OS is really good but the notification management has gone bakwards in time Now you can see only yhe latest notification of a single chat and not the previous ones although you haven t opened the text Makes much mote sense to show all the unseen notifications rather than just the latest one Google please fix this ASAP as most of the users seem to have this complaint             Vishal Hanuman
I used to love this app but every since yesterdays update my notifications will not show up on my watch ticwatch s2 Ive tried restarting both my phone and watch factory resetting my watch resetting all settings and nothing Both my watch and phone say theyre connected but it wont show notifications for anything Loved both up until this please fix it Edit right after i wrote this review it kind of started working again so i dunno what that s about Still not 100 but back to functional                 Alex V
The one I hate is having to wipe my watch because Google can t find it after an update That should never happen The Wear OS app should have cloud backup for settings and downloaded apps I should be able to do everything from Wear OS and only use watch accept permissions etc Take a look at Samsung s Galaxy Wearable app for pointers             Michael Pantoja
Doesn t allow me to control my S7edge music on my LG Watch R since last update in September 2018 Update I can now control my music from the watch but now September 2019 phone calls don t always come through to the watch a notification to say I ve missed the call does come through also the vibration is so weak I miss most notifications anyway lgwatchr it seems to have something to do with the Wi Fi The mobile phone and watch don t seem to work anymore over the same Wi Fi connection         Bev f
When it works it s great However it has a habbit of disconnecting the watch every month or so and stops sending notifications to the watch The fix is to reset the watch and start from scratch Had this problem with 3 completely different watches across 2 phones so not just bad luck Also after the latest update the app has killed my battery repeatedly and used upwards of 13GB of mobile data in 2 days         Ryan Mills
Since it became Wear OS this app has been great with my Asus ZenWatch 2 With the Sept 3 2019 update however things went badly The app wouldn t even see my watch Google recommended steps did not work till the very last factory reset the watch Inconvenient for sure but now all is working again I hope future updates via Google Play will not require such drastic measures                 Jeff Kroll
Can t show weather now over and over again Also the first time asking Google a question after connecting my watch in the morning results in couldn t reach Google Happens everytime Also yes another problem the keyboard button takes AGES to open 3 5 presses ever since adding the quick reply words below the keyboard voice option     Mike-2363
Last update murders my LG Style battery paired to LG G7 phone My apps habits and schedule have not changed After last update watch dies about 5hrs sooner than it use to Getting real tired of bad updates and all the bugs I want Wear OS to succeed but im not going to be Google s guinea pig Selling my Wear OS watch due to the garbage updates and support Fix your software Google or continue to lose the watch war to Apple     Bill Wheaton
Every couple of months the connection between the phone and the watch becomes unstable forcing me to force restart this app Resetting the watch is a more permanent fix but it only lasts a few months Also the watch seems to lose internet connection regularly even when it s connected to a phone with working internet             zingmars
Bad battery scaling after update only 100 u003e95 then shutdown which actually still able to use for whole day not battery drain issue Google maps notification must always display on watch like before YouTube playing controller must be in notification currently it just display when playing video on mobile but when it accidentally dismissed from watch so cannot see it then     Sirisuk Jintaviwatwong
Lots of room for improvement Battery drain seems like a consistent issue before this app my phone had decent bettery life Also why am I forced to disable battery optimization for this app what if i don t need it running in the background all the time what if I only use my watch very occasionally             Prasad Kamat
Can t connect after latest update downgrade in my opinion disconnected my huawei watch 2 had go online to find a solution which is to reset everything horrible Still not working properly Happening to almost everyone beyond and oversight this was     d3mo
Pixel 2 running Q 10 and Hwatch2 saying connected but no notifications tried all the suggested troubleshooting steps but with no avail Factory reset watch and removed the wearos app from phone and reset it all Still not working I believe this update broke the connectivity     Dan Clarke
WeChat and message from Google assistant yahoo finance and some other app have message pop up not pushing notification after recent update It was doing fine before Checked permission which is not blocked and able to see on phone banner but now not pushing to watch Some there messager like Facebook messager and WhatsApp is ok Using TicWatch pro LTE for a month and was working fine before     Roy Yip
Great app but had problems of late Cannot adjust watch settings etc it goes to Google play and say not found So I cannot add a battery icon to my watch face etc any more A bit of a bummer                 Maxx Badge
UPDATE 9 13 19 wear os has totally stopped functioning again The splash screen is shown when I open the app on my Note8 but that is it Tried uninstalling and reinstalling but still seems frozen It was fixed with an update but now a new update may have broken it     Ricky montano Jr
Will not find my watch I ve turned off reset and NOTHING works Worst of all I ve emailed the developer for assistance and no one has even acknowledged my email much less helped me to troubleshoot     Maylin Placeres
Nothing works I tried to connect my watch but it just sat there saying trying to connect but it never did Bluetooth would recognize there was a device and would pair but nothing would connect after that                 Nathanael Klukow
Tanks for the reply changing my comment it s alright after you disable battery saver from controlling this app However it seriously drains the battery of my phone and I believe this can and should be optimized             achiad saar
My Sony SW 3 suddenly stopped connecting I ve reset the watch removed and reinstalled the app The phone just doesn t see it anymore I can t even set it up     Paul Riley
I just switched to a Moto G7 on Google Fi Everything is updated but the Tiles option has vanished from the app and from my Falster 2 watch Why Update two days later and Tiles are back                 Frederick Frank
Hi my wear os app is not showing HR Carlyle and so is not able to connect with fossil gen 5 earlier it used to show but not now only showing emulator and add new watch what to do now have tried uninstalling of app several times but still not able to connect with my phone     Dheeraj Nayal
The app should allow users to fully manage the device For instance some watch settings like apps and notifications or display or even the apps to be uninstalled would be easier to deal with on the phone             Johanna FG
keeps getting the disconnect cloud randomly have reset and cleared cache wont stop I have tried the troubleshooting and still occurs this is a known issue and has not been fixed         Matt Leighow
Data usage hog Why is this using so much of my data Is it due to my ticwatch syncing all my mail back and forth with all attachments all the time     Tony H
I replaced my g watch r for a garmin because it didn t reliably do what I wanted Fitness I powered the old watch back up Did the updates And now you may as well say it is a watch that tells the time Music can no longer be downloaded The watch is sluggish The range of apps is pathetic We were all promised so much when these watches came out that didn t eventuate I will stick with garmin I guess for my next watch when I upgrade a few years from now At least they will still be supported     Glen Borch
Whenever Bluetooth is turned on my phone gets spammed once a minute with checking for wear update even though I ve turned the watch off because I m tired of this app spamming my phone and the notification getting stuck on Google needs to fix this broken wear ecosystem Every single non fake review on here is people complaining about this or battery drain     Sean Monk
Had the app on my old Huawei P20 and it worked great It let me change the Tiles unistall apps and much much more Then I got a new phone the Samsung Galaxy S10E As Wear OS doesn t allow paring a watch to multiple phones I reset my watch Then when I redownloaded Wear OS on my new phone the app now doesn t me to change the tiles         asimchillify
Wear OS app keeps crashing several times I tried re installing the app again deleted the cache memory etc but still crashes I even tried resetting my Fossil watch but once connected after a while the app force stops repeatedly I have allowed all the phone permissions to the wear os app to run in background Also I have sent the app feedback but got no response Note Smartwatch Phone u0026 Wear OS all are updated to the latest version but it seems latest Wear OS app version has some bug         Dhiraj Patel
After the update 04 09 19 the steps no longer shows up in the face of the watch Please fix Thanks             G. Frandi
With one the recent updates silence notifications on phone option has stopped working completely Please fix Otherwise the app is superb             Peter Porkhun
The watch gets disconnected after some time of use To stay connected what we should do Is this problem with wear os Please solve this problem     The Alpha company
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