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GO Dev Team , the publisher behind many Android apps (GO SMS Iceblue theme ,GO Keyboard ,GO SMS Pro Pink Sweet theme ,GO SMS Wallpaper Maker plug-in ,GO SMS Facebook Chat plug-in ,GO Score), brings GO SMS Pro with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. GO SMS Pro apps has been update to version 5.35 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • this app Is awesome with Its many customizable features..
  • Really user friendly and way better than phone's SMS App..
  • This is a great app with lots of personalization options..
  • Please add a chat head feature similar to Facebook Messenger..
  • Allows access to many cool themes and tons of emojicons..

Overall Satisfactionc72
One of the best SMS Texting Applications I have used.
This is defo the best sms app out there by far.
This used to be the best SMS app out there but not anymore.
This is hands down THE BEST messaging app out there.
Go sms was the best messaging app but now it really suck :.
I love being able to customize it by using so many different themes.
don't have option to customize individual conversations and notifications.
I love the themes nd the fonts and everything.
SOOOO much better than handcent or the standard Droid sms app.
Works great but not better than Handcent.
This is the best messaging application for Android in my opinion.
This messaging application is horrible now.
Fun & Engagingc87
I really love this app especially their awesome themes.
My android msg app is now replaced with awesome themes.
This is an awesome sms /mms upgrade everyone should have it.
Great work on helping others who use this awesome SMS App.
Love being able to fully customize everything in my messages.
You get to customize everything to your own liking.
i cant customize everything exactly how i want it.
nice to use and change everything in messaging.
Good i like how u can change everything.
Ads not Intrusivec48
Security & Privacyc44
I love the privacy box for those "sensitive" text messages.
I like the privacy box but other than that I'm dissatisfied.
Plase improve the security of 'Apply security lock globally'.
Password lock blacklist.
Updates & Supportc12
Its something new as compared to old inbox.
That is customer service.

Best sms app for android phones works fast and perfectly on my ATRIX. found in 97 reviews
Highly customizable in addition to many unique and stylish themes. found in 19 reviews
This is such a revolutionary improvement from Google hangouts. found in 13 reviews
Its always the first app I download when I get a new phone. found in 17 reviews
Prior to the messaging framework changing in Kit Kat. found in 12 reviews
The mms app also lets u send pics noticably faster. found in 68 reviews
This is hands down THE BEST messaging app out there. found in 983 reviews
Its really take the messaging experience to a all another level. found in 14 reviews
This app is much better than the stock txting app. found in 10 reviews
Thanks for bringing back the custom notification icons. found in 12 reviews
I can no longer send group messages without converting it to MMS. found in 251 reviews
I cant send messages when I updatet it. found in 247 reviews
after the last update i cant send stickers anymore. found in 34 reviews
Would have been a five star but i cant send pictures. found in 100 reviews
Lots of bugs kindly fix those bugs i. found in 28 reviews
I can't even lock my messages anymore that sucks. found in 64 reviews
Still inconsistent with sending and receiving mms messages. found in 138 reviews
sometimes it wont let you receive picture messages unless connected to wifi. found in 65 reviews
Can't send mms anymore won't convert pics from gallery. found in 147 reviews
And I can't send or receive MMS over WiFi/WiFi Calling. found in 176 reviews
Can't send sms to sim service provider. found in 135 reviews
For some reason I can't send picture messages through gosms anymore. found in 246 reviews
But the new " free messages " is absolutely useless. found in 89 reviews
unable to send messages and only shows companies incoming messages. found in 60 reviews
Good app but annoying ads so stopped using this app. found in 30 reviews
Unable to set off contact pictures and many more. found in 82 reviews
With new update I can't send pictures please fix. found in 280 reviews
Please get the new emojis like apple products. found in 252 reviews
Keeps giving an unexpected error message with group messaging. found in 37 reviews
i cant send messages but i can from my regular messenger. found in 83 reviews
I can't send picture messages anymore and I cant recieve any…. found in 246 reviews
Private box password screen is still broken on Jelly Bean. found in 657 reviews
I absolutely can't stand not being able to send MMS messages. found in 138 reviews
My free theme layout was screwed up from these updates. found in 364 reviews
Unable to send sms from samsung grand 2. found in 135 reviews
The new update sucks and I can't customize how i want. found in 270 reviews
I ONLY experience issue when involved in group texts. found in 171 reviews
Everything changed and nothing works right can't send pictures. found in 280 reviews
would be more sports themes or more free themes. found in 359 reviews
Another problem on the Samsung note: can't send mms. found in 147 reviews
Not working text messages use help information still not working. found in 351 reviews
What happened to auto reply and scheduled messages. found in 119 reviews
First the new emojis are stupid fat looking blobs. found in 252 reviews
Having issues lately w/ them sending messages about paid versions. found in 120 reviews
I cant send message using my second sim. found in 247 reviews
Dual sim doesn't working on my evercoss zeus. found in 550 reviews
Great app but please bring back the old emojis. found in 151 reviews
Used to be a great app but now I can't send or receive mms. found in 176 reviews
Group messages: not able to send group messages period. found in 251 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download GO SMS Pro for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 5.35 has been released on 2014-01-24. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 1.6 and up

GO SMS PRO brings you cool UI, fast and convenient SMS/MMS experience.GO SMS is the most popular messaging app, powerful, cool, funny, safe; support SMS/MMS + GO Chat + Walkie Talkie. MUST HAVE. Features-- Full ...

Great app Been using it for about 8 years on 3 different phones UPDATE Well like others have posted this app has gone downhill fast A lot of the cool features have taken off and the ads are now real annoying The latest update put the app icon on the notification bar permanently It use to only appear with a new message I can t find a way to remove it I like keeping that bar without too many icons I might have to find an alternative app now         Sal Bernal
Used to be a preety decent app but it frequently doesn t recognize my subscription and ads pop up constantly I m already paying for it Most of the Android users in my unit I m military use this and a lot of us have this issue I don t have the time to code my own app but I do have the time to get everyone to cancel their subscriptions if this doesn t get fixed Contact me for more details     Derek Blackner
I used gosms for years It was far superb to the default messaging service Now it s trash There seems to be no support They released an update several months ago that made it so that I d have to relaunch the app whenever I received a text to be able to reply Whatever I dealt with it The problem still exists however I am switching back to the Samsung messaging service after years of using and loving this app because the app is riddled with problems and they re not even trying to fix them     Justin St. John
My only negative review I ve ever written I ve loved this app Used it for years Loved the themes Purchased many themes Now many of them disappeared and the purchased ones I do have endlessly are Querying Purchase History It makes it seem like I have to subscribe to access content I previously paid for I don t get it I d be happy to give 5 stars again if it starts working and I can use my themes again         John Carey
I used to love this app Had this app for the last 3 4 years maybe longer But now my themes constantly get removed and I have to re add them I can t recover my VIP that I won for free I m not paying 10 dollars a month or 60 dollars for a service that doesn t even work properly Pretty dissapointed     Mercedes Lenoir
I will update if this gets corrected This would be 5 stars except the quick reply does not work properly on my Note 10 Plus I can enter my response but the send option will not work I have to close out launch the main app and then respond again because my response isn t carried over Also more superficial but almost all themes are exceedingly feminine I m a guy and pick hearts and purple glitter just won t work for me         William
CANCELLED SUBSCRIPTION This app has been a joke for at least 5 to 6 months now Themes I have PAID FOR have vanished it is incredibly glitchy many many problems and you can t get a single response from anyone No customer service or tech support I have cancelIed my subscription AND want my money back for at least the past 2 months     Tei Till
is it just me but it has gone down hill and now I struggle to get my theme I like because it keeps saying no internet connection and the times it dose load its not all of them really not happy as normally I love this app Its been going on for awhile now it also dosent send the text if I click on the notication I have to close and open again         Frankiee Wallace
So far I like it Odd though that there doesn t seem to be as many options for themes as a pro member as there used to be Would be cool if you could customize already made themes Other than that though the messenger app itself seems pretty solid I used it in the past and came back to it years later Wish they had an option to view shared images like other messengers have Not much options for customization on how it sends and receives sms and mms Hopefully cuz it s already set up good                     Sephent
The whole reason I downloaded it was to have custom backgrounds but they re constantly going back to blank and I have to reload them Uninstalling You cant even properly group message it isnt worth the time I m super disappointed             XStill WaitingX
It s a nice application but often after updating some applications some things went wrong and become bad for example in this new version massage delivery report don t show and the small tik beside massages updating is not good allways in my opinion thanks                     s.ahmad Agdam
Your app is junk It deletes messages when you send them and now I have to exit out of the app because the contact is missing Come on already I ve used this app for years and it s never been this bad     Trent Collins
This app seems to work well I like the layout of the app but the only thing I would change is to be able to make a custom ringtone for some of my contacts There may already be a way and I just have not found it                 Douglas Creasey
I have always liked this app Now I cannot send or receive pictures or multi media messages at all 4g with 5 bars I haven t changed any settings carrier or anything It seems I am not the only one with this issue Feedback     Mr Carpenter
This app USE to be useful and as a matter of fact very FUN Now I can t even send a message WITHOUT copying and pasting my message Who has time for that This needs to be fixed immediately or I will be forced to DELETE SAY BYE BYE AND NEVER RETURN     Landa Bedgood
used to be great app but now can t delete messages in one time you need to open the message and select all to be able to delete it and also the private contacts was limited to 3 contacts only it used to be unlimited private contacts but now its not bit disappointed with the updates         tally girl3
I m deleting this app simply because I m not willing to pay 10 a month I don t understand why this is a subscription service instead of an app you pay 3 4 for the ad free version Love the app otherwise     Steven Heiting
nice app i am using since many years its never get slowed only the issus is i am using pro version but still getting a little amount of ads can you please stop ads on pro version thanks                     FAISAL IQBAL
To many ads earlier version used to be good Lot of features have been pulled back in the free version     Asghar Hussein
Loved the app but for the past 5 months i have not been able to change my themes and still can not not sure why but i downloaded a new one until they are able to fix the problem     Chelsey Marshall
Just installed it yesterday Haven t been able to send text messages for three weeks Downloaded this app and made it my default message app Fixed the problem Great App                     Randy Vickery
I paid for the yearly subscription I had to reset my phone and now I cannot recover the subscription I paid for I have emailed you guys with no response I need the VIP service back asap                 Equiella Harris
I just updated the app and now I have to pay for it I ve been using this for many years and it s been free I have had a great experience with it but the fact that it was free all these years was the best part of all Since I updated it I now have to start a free 3 day trial and have to pay if I wish to use it after that Thank you for your great app but I m afraid I can t justify paying 60 a year         Whitney Simmons
look at first I thought this app was great Then it started acting like a flaming pile of cow dung I reply to texts and the send triangle doesn t lite up making me retype everything very inconvenient         Alex Marrero
when any massage received there is no vibration alert And when There is some massages received and I open any one message than go sms alert again also now no notification light alert works Please response                     sandeep chawla
Not sure what happened to e app use to work VERY WELL than 1 suddenly all my impt msgs were blocked even when i when into e app to unblock e sender 2 i cannot reply a msg directly unless i go out and click in e app again juz to send my response reply very disappointed         Nicole Cheong
not really great for group texting huge delay in receiving or sending messages delays in sending picture messages also i keep receiving an error message when accessing the app         tobibp7
When sending a new message you have to close and reopen the app inorder for the message to send been having this issue is there anyway that can be fixed     Chantal Bowker
After having some major issues when changing to a new phone things were fixed My purchases were restored and it works as it should Unexpected but good                 James Balodis
It s nice but sometimes of their will be a message that comes out it doesn t vibrate or pop out                 Loen Mae
Used to work great but not anymore I can t send a response to a text with out exiting the app and starting over It s so fustrating     Amanda Nadzam
its a really great app gives me exactly wot i was looking u0026 the layout u0026 colours are spectular works very perfectly on my android device thanks surely it s a 5 star for me                     Akinnifesi Christopher
Good afternoon i am using asus zenfone 4 zoom I install GO SMS PRO But i can t send text The button of SENDING OPTION is not working please help me Asap         Axel Bagtas
You latest update is needing a fix keeps saying something errored with no issues The August 6th 2019 one App is lagging in sending msgs too and flips images sideways and doesn t send mms correctly or gifs now     anselmo bustillos
I like using go sms pro ever since A lot of features can use and it was able for me to have my own style in messages                     Crisnan Tierra
Cancelling does not block sms outbound or inbound Pretty useless for me Pixel 3a user     Chris Etherington
1 PAid for app when reinstalled free ad supported version appears 2 Contacted support via email email full 3 Website not reachable either     Eran Eran
I hate this app because of the ads They re very annoying This was the best app until the ads were attached     Nakecia Hatcher
I use an Mi Redmi Note 7 and even after setting the app for permissions to have access to SOUNDS It does not notify me Please fix     Reena Ferrer

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