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Facebook , the publisher behind many Android apps (MSQRD ,Messenger Lite: Free Calls & Messages ,Facebook Pages Manager ,Facebook Creator - Apps on ,Facebook Local - Apps on ,Facebook Home), brings Facebook Messenger with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Facebook Messenger apps has been update to version Varieswithdevice with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Texting all your friend's cause they all got face book..
  • A great application for instant messaging over Facebook..
  • Pls add the option to send files like pdf..
  • Can we use multiple accounts in Facebook messenger..
  • Cool application to help stay in touch with friends..

Overall Satisfactionc53
Works a million times better than the actual Facebook app-Evo.
And the actual Facebook app chat is an utter POS.
However it might be nice to show who's on line or not.
and the call quality is HD better than viber.
but call quality beyond crappy will not allow bluetooth.
Thanks FACEBOOK for keeping me quickly connected with my family & friends :-{.
No thanks Facebook.
Works better than the fb app and goChat put together.
Its fast reliable and I love the stickers on it.
Fun & Engagingc50
I guess I'm being shown online all the time.
online all the time.
the facebook messenger is awesome.
Facebook Messenger is awesome.
It was awesome aap for chat with friends.
Its awesome aap.
Prefer it to everything.
Saves time of opening facebook to get messages.
It saves time & very easy to access.
Family Friendlyc94
Great inexpensive way to instantly keep in touch with family & friends.
Love this app for keeping in touch with family and friends.
Social Aspectsc51
Good way to keep in touch without giving out your number.
I Love Using This App To Stay In Touch With My Homies.
Wonderful way to an easy and fast chat with friends.
Facebook is lke the #1 social media site.
Is a great app for quick on the go social networking.
Ease of Usec61
Superb apps for fast browsing very easy to chat.
i found it very easy to chat with my friends.
Very fast and easy way to talk to friends or family.
i like this app so much it's very fast and easy.
Security & Privacyc27
its cool all my messages on fb go to my phone.
Updates & Supportc16
Now make a tablet version.
only problem with this app is it consumes a lot of battery.
Use a lot of battery.

Its fast reliable trustworthy update is amazing. found in 7 reviews
still i havent chat wid nyone that much. found in 11 reviews
Very user friendly & can set up notification. found in 52 reviews
Verry nice. found in 7 reviews
Yo yo Arif boss like This. found in 11 reviews
please add log out option and it would be perfect. found in 118 reviews
Please add a simple log out button to messenger. found in 64 reviews
Needs to install the option to leave conversations. found in 497 reviews
In this latest version thers no option to LOG OUT. found in 377 reviews
OK they fixed the login issue but Facebook doesn't show who's online. found in 130 reviews
This one a cool app but logout button should be there. found in 95 reviews
Says waiting to connect and sometimes Dosent send messages. found in 345 reviews
Till you put a sign out button I'm sticking with 3. found in 64 reviews
PLEASE make a log out button that is easy to locate. found in 64 reviews
no log out option & not suitable for mobile having low RAM. found in 80 reviews
V need the option to sign out frm our account. found in 113 reviews
says unable to login to Facebook and returns to start screen. found in 468 reviews
Don't think people should be forced to download this app to contact people. found in 1148 reviews
theres no list of online friends it's just an inbox app. found in 116 reviews
I have an active internet connection and it still won't connect. found in 117 reviews
Why force us to download this garbage messaging app. found in 107 reviews
the video calling quality is absolute garbage. found in 129 reviews
there is still no option to log out /switch account. found in 377 reviews
Forced to install otherwise cant chat to friends. found in 497 reviews
Don't need another messenger app cluttering up my phone. found in 262 reviews
keeps bringing me back to login screen immediately. found in 468 reviews
The connecting bar never go`s away and cant send messages. found in 99 reviews
It says I can't reply to messages even though are my friend. found in 261 reviews
Won't stay logged in keeps saying session expired please log in again. found in 105 reviews
so have to open app manually everytime to check for new messages. found in 136 reviews
Can't see chat heads keeps on closing and fails to Send messages. found in 622 reviews
Why there's no log out option unlike before. found in 118 reviews
Its good app but it need to show who's online. found in 130 reviews
3 so I am unable to make any free calls. found in 146 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Facebook Messenger for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Facebook Messenger app version Varieswithdevice has been updated on 2014-01-7. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.2 and up

Facebook Messenger a faster way to message.Facebook Messenger is a faster way to send mobile messages to friends. With Messenger, you can send and receive messages with any of your friends around the world ...

The old tab in which we can access the images is way better than the new one in the present which is so hard coz the only thing you can do is to scroll and scroll til you find whatever you re trying to look for i prefer the old one please because it really helps me see the images i m trying to find I hope you could see my feedback Thank you             Dale YT
Good reactions replies and remove messages is good Bad randomly freezes although the message is read the app still notifies all of the read messages there is no way to shut the notification sound off without affecting the whole sound of the phone still has no send file option wish there is an organizer feature to organize group chats especially if the user have a lot of it when camera is opened it is oriented in the wrong way                 ElmerF
After receiving a message the entire screen except menu bar goes black This happens if the app is not open The state is not possible to get out of without a reboot of the entire device Makes the app useless and dangerous to have installed since any unsaved work in any other app is lost if a message is received I use latest version of chrome os on a pixel slate     Jens Frost
Now Asked about my views on this Massanger apps I would say that in this modern age these apps are very useful and enjoyable for communicating with each other or for expressing each other s feelings Perfect for messaging or audio calls just as it is for video calls This is clear and perfect for video or photo transmissions I am 100 happy to use these apps and hope to provide more new surprises for us in the future                     A Google user
All is well except for one issue When I connect any Bluetooth speaker or headset tried six different types and make a call it doesn t switch to Bluetooth Instead the sound comes from the phone earpiece To make it work I have to force stop the app start it again then disconnect the speaker earbuds and reconnect it again Only then it works Even after all this when I hang up all my phone audio music YouTube FB video basically anything also comes out of the earpiece Latest version         Droider Q
App has been fantastic up to now now lag is not the word 3 words and then beep beep beep beep beep 1 more word then beep beep x10 x20x30 100 x hang up super frustrated Everything else on my phone works fine except the Simpsons tapped out is now super laggy thank God my really important apps work fine bank work maps etc I have uninstalled and reinstalled I have done a factory restart and it seems to have got worse since then any help I m leaving 1 star to get your attention     Ace Cutter
When I connect Bluetooth headset the audio does not transfer to headset Not only this but when I use Google play music after conversation is complete the audio is still not on Bluetooth headset After I close messenger in active app history audio goes back to normal to Bluetooth headset Messenger is interfereng with audio not only it doesn t work correctly but makes other applications not work as expected This is a major bug     Lucian Ion
I have used this app for a long time now and it seems to get slower and slower as new updates are added It crashes often which is something it never used to do Edit In addition it now does thing where it sometimes doesn t scroll up and restarting the app doesn t fix anything It has only happened recently so my guess is that a recent update has messed it up Please fix this         Lozzie Frenzy
You say you added new gradient colors but they are the same ones y all have had for a while now Come on now Been having trouble when playing Words with friends inside the app I don t know if y all have a lot to do with that but it needs worked on Other than that I love the app             Michelle Carver
I have read through the reviews of this app not had any of the issue s referred to I installed the app separate from FB I used the features to customize it to my liking I enjoy the ability to not only talk to my friends and family the ability to see them is wonderful I have a disabled child who has a weak immune system so getting out to visit is difficult for us Messenger allows us to visit when he or someone else is sickly Messenger s sound u0026 picture quality are great Thank you                     Tammy Blackwell
Frustrating App fails to source photos on Android correctly Doesn t find screenshots and downloaded images Messenger invitation banner is also very annoying Pops up when I talk to friends who choose not to use messenger Bump it in the wrong place and they are sent a spam message inviting them to download it This is very annoying and spammy         Scott Feeney
Messenger is great But suddenly some things happened and that thing is that the entire conversation with one of my friends suddenly gone vanished erased delete or what so ever I don t know what happened it just happened without me knowing or doing anything Please fix this The entire conversation is very important I m begging you if you can still get that entire conversation and recover it please make it happen         Ma. Chelsea Igano
After this update I can t reply to the message that I want to reply to I don t know if it s just me It is also slow I hope this gets fixed soon Other than that the app is fine for me Edit 22 9 19 There was a new update and the update did not address the issue that I m having I need this issue to be fixed Now messenger is slowing down more The updates aren t even good ones they re just making the app worse Please address the issue and read other people s reviews         taehyung's shoe
After the Android 10 update the ability to select recent photos is broken I cannot select any photo taken with the camera or downloaded to the phone another way that came to the phone after the Android 10 update This app is broken and useless for now This is on a Pixel 3a and other Android 10 friends say they have the same issue     John Aguillard
Almost EVERY time I get into my account and go to message someone the message I send disappears OR I ll receive a message from someone and when I open it it s gone I have to force stop my app and reopen it to either send receive those messages Why is this happening Please fix it         Sierra Mlowry
It s a good app I wish they would update their app so that when you take a picture it keeps the picture you took When you take a pic with the front facing camera it snaps a shot making the user think it captured the preferred image but it instead lags and takes another picture and keeps the 2nd one I hate this bc it means you have to wait 3 to 4 seconds depending how slow it is and keep the same stance not blinking and hoping the 2nd pic is decent         Fernanda Moreno
Can you please add the Mark as read button when looking at the message from the pull down bar And also there s always a bug that says I vw got a message when I don t The number notification on the messenger button when you open the facebook app doesn t go away even after I ve read all my messages It s annoying             Gloria Mae Hantsch
I have A LOT of issues with messages not going thru The disappearing message feature is glitchy and I usually have to send a regular message when they ll go thru for my disappearing messages to go thru Otherwise they just say sent and never get delivered But when the regular messages won t go thru either all my messages just sit there and say sent but never get delivered So that s super frustrating Please resolve this messenger team         Callie Hall
What a waste Been using Messenger for a long time but this updated version just doesn t cut it 1 No option to reply messages 2 Can t react to messages 3 Couldn t access stories from messenger unlike before Why do I have to log onto Facebook App to gain access to stories It was a waste updating this App And lastly 4 The App is very slow I might as well switch to Lite or whatever What s the need for all these weekly update when the most updated versions perfom worse than the last         Enwerem Chukwuka
Almost every time I have a voice video call the app starts messing with the 4GLte connection turning it on and off every 5 seconds or so I had this problem on a Note 8 Note 9 and now it follows me on a new Samsung Galaxy note 10 plus Verizon Getting a VPN app solves the issue for some time but I should not have to resort to a third party app to fix Facebook s problems     Nemanja Simic
The app is good My only issue is it won t let me use my own personalized ringtones that I ve made I can use the default option where I can use one of mine I don t know why it does this sometimes I ve spent 7 years making and collecting my own ringtones Don t like the fact that I can t use them It used to work but ever since the update I cant             Michelle Lee Machuletz
Current version is somewhat buggy Whenever I try to react or reply to someone s message that s the last time I would be able to do so unless I close and reopen the app I couldn t even scroll up or down after I reacted or replied but I can still reply either way It gets a bit tedious in trying to restart or putback the app on it s normal condition unlike it s previous version Please do something with this bug         Joedell Michael M. Mercado
I have this app because I have to to message friends Other than that I just play the little lame games However about 2 weeks ago I started to experience loading issues Since then after all the reports and screenshots it is now worse than ever You actually have to go through the Facebook app itself to access the messenger games now and that s when the issues started     Deb Young
I think I ve been hacked My facebook logged itself out and no matter which password I try I can t get back in Messenger says it can text me a new password but I use it for texting so that isn t working Can t remember the password to the email I used for it either and there s no customer support number At this point I honestly want to log back in just to get people s numbers and tell them I m deleting messenger     strykar krans
Couple things wrong with this app It overrides my volume on my phone and rings notifies me when my phone is muted on vibrate and on do not disturb If my phone is set to not make any noise then an app shouldnt be making noise Next my status is constantly active even at 4 am when i havent touched my phone at all for hours I use this for my business and cant have clients thinking im ignoring them     Amanda Ranger
Terrible terrible app All my other apps work perfectly with fine with my data but this one struggles to stay online and loads simple text messages for tens of minutes Optimization must be an alien concept to the developers Moving all the chats I can to WhatsApp cause I m sick and tired of this Edit Changed my phone to a new on and it still gets stuck with never sending messages despite Internet connection What a joke on an app coming from a multi billion dollar company     Olaf Sikorski
The app is rlly great But I have an issue on when I cannot go online and it just keep saying Connecting and it just goes on and on I can t send but I can receive messages For now I m using Lite but I rlly hope you guys can fix it I would rlly appreciate it if you guys did I am experiencing the same issue with Facebook and I can t switch to Free Mode even though I can t see photos                     Fallen Fugitive :3
I have the same issue as previous users At some point I am not able to scroll up or down anymore in my conversations QUICK FIX Restart Messenger Works for like 2 5 minutes and then I have to re apply the fix I guess it has something to do with the reply system Please fix this issue thanks         Mihai Ionescu
It is a good communication tool especially for Facebook users but suddenly it started saving these stickers unto my gallery Not only that but I also have problems for I cannot send photos sometimes and whenever I play an audio recording my screen just went pitch black while playing the audio recording Please fix this and I will give a better review         mochisaira
There is a bug in which if I set the notification for chats and calls to Notification style to Sound and the actual sound to Silent the setting is not persisted once the app is closed from recent The sound gets set back to Default notification sound This essentially means that setting the phone to vibrate will make chat nofications vibrate even if the actual toggle for Vibrate is off Could we the users please have a way to just be notified via lockscreen and LED notifications and not sounds or vibrations This used to be the case until a couple of updates ago     Tudor-Cristian Belea
Just as the bunch of other socialising apps ou there messenger tops the list of my favorites However the last updates have made the app size bigger and some of the features have gone missing I mean the ignore feature is no longer available just as the poke feature has long gone missing from my facebook app I hope a quick update would fix these inconveniences         Ahmed G
App is good use it all the time Taking calls on it is eh but everything else works fine Only issue I have is my emojis constantly changing the way they look having an emoji one moment and then the app updates and it s gone all of a sudden I see them when other people use them I just can t use them I have an Samsung s10 I don t see why this is even an issue Dark mode is a nice add on btw             Apollo Rezonate
Hello I just update a day ago my messenger and i have encountered a problem When i chat once the messenger hangs Altho i can go back to the home when i click a chat conversation I can t scroll down it afterwards so I have to close and open the app everytime Also when I reply to a message I can no longer slide it to reply to that unless I use the arrow button on the right when long pressing the reply             Kylie Arianna
I ve used Facebook Messenger for several years and have few issues But since it s last update it s been impossible to make a call with someone It disconnects from the internet and reconnects every couple of seconds and has been a pain to talk on now I have never had such a terrible connection issue until then and have no idea what caused it or how to fix it because other apps like Google Chrome and YouTube work perfectly fine until I make a Facebook call         Toxic Moon Creations
The app has been giving me connection issuea recently Before my messages are sent it will take at least an hour or so The apps just shows that it is trying to connect whenever I am accepting a call When I send messages it will just hang there for a very long time before it gets sent This is not the first time this problem has happened and after an update it just keeps coming back     Mari A
I have been loving Messenger for several years but yesterday I started having problems with not being able to scroll back through the conversations I m having with people and pictures not opening when you click on them I see that an update to Messenger was done 2 days ago Is there a bug in this latest update Are others having this problem                 April Dixon

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