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AVAST Software , the publisher behind many Android apps (Avast Family Space Companion ,Avast Family Shield - parental control ,Avast Passwords ,avast! Mobile Backup ,Avast Omni - Family Guardian ,Update Agent), brings avast! Mobile Security with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. avast! Mobile Security apps has been update to version 3.0.6978 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I can block SMS an calls and backup feature..
  • One of the best antivirus apps I've come across maybe the best..
  • This software is a mind blowing and fantastic..
  • maybe can change a nice icon for status bar icon..

Overall Satisfactionc91
One of the best antivirus apps I've come across maybe the best.
I am satisfied more than other anti virus apps.
Downloaded another anty virus app and it found the problem.
This is the best security app out there that I have found.
I give thanks to avast for protecting my devices.
Cannot link to avast premium subscription that I've already paid for.
Gaurav par Anti virus protection mobile download.
Best AV program for tablets by a trustworthy company.
The best Android mobile device antivirus app available.
It's best android anti virus.
Avast is better than AVG becoz AVG never detect viruses.
Fun & Engagingc96
Awesome antivirus den 360degree and quick heal anti virus.
It's an awesome security app to protect your smart phone.
scans everything on your Android and works quietly in the background.
Protects my tab very well and scans everything and every time.
It is very usefull apps it protect our mobile.
thank you very usefull apps.
Production Valuesc64
5th star will be added when the web interface is released.
Also please make a web interface login page.
Ease of Usec87
I was astounded when I explored the easy interface.
For their easy interface and great usefulness.
Its really nice and simple app to use.
Great simple app that works.
and the anti-theft module even suivived after performing factory reset.
In rooted devices it is factory reset and hard reset proof.
Norton n NetQin faild to detect dem.
Use it to detect malware.
Fails to detect adware and malware when malicious apps are downloaded.
before I downloaded this app I had so many problems with my phone.
I have never had any problems with my phone with avast installed.
Ads not Intrusivec74
Annoying ads.
Security & Privacyc88
I've been using Avast Mobile Security and Backup for several years.
While I scan using avast mobile security no virus found.
This is the best security app out there that I have found.
Sync Avast account and settings across multiple devices for extra protection.
But the online avast account shows my phone is secured.
Additional privacy advisor and call/sms blocker are great bonuses.
Everything is amazing except this privacy advisor something.
Updates & Supportc60
Loved the PC security and now loving android version as well.
so thrilled to find that it has an android version.
exe virus in android version where it does pc version.
You would think a company would have better customer service.
Great customer service when you need it too.
even the free version is absolutely necessary for astounding security all round.
I use Avast on my laptop even the free version keeps me protected.
it uses so much battery power.
but uninstalling too much battery consumption im using s3.
Still a few things it could do to reduce battery consumption.
love the a/v protection but my battery consumption rate doubled.

Good APS for android. found in 11 reviews
Best AV program for tablets by a trustworthy company. found in 81 reviews
User friendly and protects both phone and desktop computer. found in 157 reviews
Cool cool cool. found in 3 reviews
Stay safe with Avast _ the best free program available. found in 6 reviews
Avast is the best all round. found in 6 reviews
far and away the best in the world. found in 22 reviews
Tut was es soll und das sogar sehr gut. found in 21 reviews
I use Avast on my pc and on my phone - wouldn't use any other. found in 122 reviews
Woking slow improve him otherwise verry nice. found in 18 reviews
A very protective app of android phone so 5 str. found in 20 reviews
Very very good product. found in 9 reviews
I have Avast on my home computers and my mobile devices. found in 18 reviews
I was astounded when I explored the easy interface. found in 7 reviews
I recommend it for mob security. found in 10 reviews
This is the best security app out there that I have found. found in 626 reviews
It is very usefull apps it protect our mobile. found in 10 reviews
It very good and reliable for all android phones so try it. found in 10 reviews
I'm just amazed that I found an app better than Norton. found in 13 reviews
However I'm unable to install Anti -Theft using any of the options. found in 21 reviews
Despite multiple reports as false positive it's still reports it. found in 114 reviews
and the Virus Scanner keep telling me "a problem found ". found in 18 reviews
The virus scanner shows "invalid context during scan" for everything. found in 95 reviews
I keep getting the error message " Package file is invalid ". found in 26 reviews
doesnt work whem u uninstall avast even tho its root installed. found in 56 reviews
Great app but Drains a little too much battery life. found in 34 reviews
It did not detect virus when surfing internet is it. found in 20 reviews
Good anti virus protection and security application. found in 111 reviews
But it still says " virus definitions are outdated. found in 77 reviews
sms filter and call block is not working. found in 47 reviews
Add virus protection for dolphin browser and get 5 stars. found in 136 reviews
I keep getting the error message " Package file is invalid". found in 23 reviews
The uninstall protection doesn't work on the HTC One. found in 16 reviews
Avast is not compatible with GO SMS Pro texting app. found in 12 reviews
A shame the firewall doesn't work on un- rooted devices. found in 19 reviews
Avast keeps reporting " invalid context during scan " for all active n background apps. found in 65 reviews
3 Jellybean SELinux for Android is enforcing Please solve this issue. found in 15 reviews
I have updated the latest Virus definition. found in 26 reviews
For virus scanning n security as well. found in 46 reviews
Web Shield is not working with google chrome. found in 44 reviews
but really disappointed that call blocking doesn't work at all. found in 77 reviews
Doesn't go into Stealth Mode. found in 46 reviews
Sms filter doesn't work at all please fix it. found in 47 reviews
SD card gets removed again and again daily. found in 185 reviews
I appreciate it if it will move to sd card. found in 49 reviews
I have lite version Sms and call filter is not working at all. found in 87 reviews
Can't update virus definitions when prompted to do so. found in 77 reviews
Call and sms blocker won't work on my Hi-Sense dual sim android. found in 81 reviews
But i am very dissappointed bcoz sms command is not working. found in 42 reviews
if you want notification bar SPAM install this. found in 67 reviews
But the online avast account shows my phone is secured. found in 43 reviews
The call block feature doesn't work on my LG Venice. found in 63 reviews
CM security app locker its clear virus and boost phone. found in 108 reviews
Please make an option to move to sd card. found in 49 reviews
I have to uninstall Avast to avoid this inconvenience. found in 56 reviews
I've gotten hundreds of unmuteable " Invalid context during scan " messages. found in 65 reviews

The avast! Mobile Security is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new avast! Mobile Security app version 3.0.6978 has been updated on 2014-01-10. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.1 and up

Full-featured Antivirus and Anti-Theft security for your Android phone.Protect personal data with automatic virus scans and infected-URL alerts. Stop hackers by adding a firewall (rooted phones). Control anti-theft features with remote SMS commands for: history ...

overall very good it doesn t seem to impact the performance of the phone too much It does have a lot of features but I suspect that they re not active all at the same time so it doesn t affect performance all that much It may have a little bit of feature itis too many features but they don t impact performance one annoying feature a pop up that says such and such a Wi Fi network is risky Even my home network it d be nice to have a button to say I trust this network                     Daniel Reis
Terrible customer service I purchased the pro version to get rid of the ads It was charged on Google Play and I got a receipt I checked my credit card account and I was charged for this purchase I never got an activation number My app shows a Free account and requires me to purchase again to get rid of ads I contacted Avast customer service and they were no help told me to call Google UPDATE I did not get a case customer service I contacted Avast by phone via their website The agent was difficult to hear as their connection was erratic all I got was Avast had no record of my purchase and I needed to call Google Today I got an email from Avast that confirmed my purchase and offered advice to correct the problem A frustrating journey         Dave Manley
I just installed this application My immediate first impression is it is very thorough and good there are various options to purchase which are subscription based I am weary of such subscription based services It is very easy to run up a tab into hundreds of dollars Too too many such services nowadays so I will evaluate over time if I need to add one more However the service itself seems very good                     Jerry Suppan
If I pay for the product I want to get rid off all ads No need for constant reminders of extra functions The Vpn connection drops off ocasionally doesn t reconnect Especially been a problem when travelling and using hotel wifis To reconnect habe to boot a phone Why When this subscription end I will choose another app             A Google user
Couldn t ask for a better security package for the price Have to change my rating because I m constantly having my vpn network crash It will start and stop constantly and now it doesn t respond at all when I try to use it Turned on all permissions needed and it still won t work So frustrated Not sure if I m gonna renew my subscription Everything else works perfectly on the app but this problem has me rethinking keeping it on my phone Even tried to delete it and reinstall Won t let me             Paul Mcclaskin
After using this for 2 weeks I ve noticed my phone has renewed its fast speed I was about to give up and by a new phone I m not tech savvy and have no clue where so many duplicate files go what garbage websites unknowingly install on your phone and in general I m not sure how system updates work With this free software it just guides you on how to care and maintain your phone I m very happy with this product and trust it It hasn t change any configurations and I love my phone again SS S7                     anne l
I ve used avast on Windows PCs and even have the Browser Extension for chrome on Ubuntu still hoping for them to make a linux version of the antivirus I use the free version and avast is the best free antivirus out there in my opinion I always recommend it to family and friends and none of us have ever gotten a virus since we ve used avast for PC or android or iOS not that iOS has a actual antivirus                     Undaunted Dovah
Work perfectly smooth Sometime the data seems unloadable I fix by turn off for a while Also It slowed down the speed around 2 3 times than when I didn t turned on vpn I m not sure is this acceptable or not Anyway I wish the service speed up more than this Thanks a lot for making a great tool for us Update there is a lagging about Avast password in mobile Android app             Sarawut Likitsittikul
It never mentioned it found anything but ever since i installed avast i haven t been getting any problems from this adware ive had for months Malwarebytes and CM Cleaner both couldnt do anything but I think this app may have got it done Of course there is also a chance something else happened but I like to think this app did it                     Hotbeek's LAB
More irritated and frustrated since i bought a year subscription of Avast Antivirus Keep you posted Aug 28 2019 I thought Avast was going to be the answer to my problem What is my problem a hacking of my data Att says don t worry about it I have unlimited data and Avast just keeps asking me to reset options over and over not to happy I didn t subscribe to do there work             Wa Wa
I ve used Avast for several several years love its proactively This app gets the job done and if there s an issue with any of your installed apps it will immediately let you know there is an issue I was very disappointed when the call blocker was removed it was awesome Still a 5 star rating Keep up the good work Avast Team                     Mildred L Williams
Probably a good app overall But I m uninstalling because I m tired of getting a dozen or more notifications a day that my home network may be risky The app has scanned the network numerous times and find nothing wrong But since there seems to be no way to disable this useless notification buh bye             Studio Kingma
VPN NOT WORKING 9 12 19 I don t recommend paying for this The free version is adequate and upgrading doesn t get rid of the constant requests to upgrade further Nor does turning off promo Deep scan diff from normal scan should be automated Keeps sending warning notifications about networks previously scanned and used constantly Advanced Web Shield turns itself off every day or so then sends me a scary notification that it turned itself off and I have to turn it back on             Meredith Duflock
Mostly excellent app The one area that could do with some improvement is the photo vault which would be better if 1 it was possible to rotate a photo 90 degrees for when viewing landscape format pictures and 2 the user could group photos in directories in the vault                 David Eaton
A juvenile popup on my entire phone screen for dragon games Are you serious Is this the alternate path taken by Avast in order to generate a bit of revenue If it continues I ll delete the app Surely you can find a better and more dignified way of doing things can t you         Anthony D.
Program will constantly tell you your WiFi may be at risk click here to scan Only so it can pop up another ad thus wasting more battery I use Avast on all my home computers but on my phones and tablets I m uninstalling Edit great canned response It s not an unknown network It s my home network that has been scammed by Avasr at least a dozen times if this feature doesn t work properly then by all means rmove it SMH     Kevin Young
Avast does not diagnose security weaknesses due to outdated security patch and legacy OS Edit Tereza thanks for the reply after the update I found the settings I missed Updated to 5 stars edit2 Full page ads forcing you to wait until they are done playing edit3 Does not catch an infection on my device browser redirects to spam sites edit 4 The interface is identical to that of AVG         Sivaan Greenzweig
Horrible Half the time notifications require you to go premium even for a paid subscription Customer service is lousy This company does not seem to keep any records You have to tell them everything show them every receipt and then they seem to suddenly wake up They apparently keep no records of anyone Very very poor Cannot recommend at all     Del Harvey
Amazing I have a cheaper 1st release Android phone a Coolpad It off course had it s quirks and performance issues unforseen bugs and kinks since it was the first phone Coolpad released It was expected Using Avast has completely changed the performance of my cheaper Android warns me almost immediately when there s a security issue and clears out the junk that slowed the phone down I was able to rid of three apps made for performance and security using just this one                     April Maxwell
I use Avast on all my phones computers and tablets I have done for several years I am confident that it protects each device and has enabled me to get rid of several nasty viruses and malware The first thing I always do on any new device is download Avast then I know it is protected I have recommended Avast to many people and will continue to do so Five stars without any doubt                     david meadows
Subscription ran out on the version Had to do a reinstall to this newer version It s just the free version I go confused at the yearly amount I was under the impression I could get vpn with avast pro along with VPN for 40 00 Either way this is a far more serious product than anything on the market and simple to use It s customizable features are are also good                 CHRIS JENKINS
Any added layer of security is a good thing I ve been using Avast for many years on the PC and generally have had good experiences with it On mobile it s non intrusive most of the time When Android security updates are delayed by phone manufacturers it s programs like these that give us an extra layer of defense                 M Fishing
I love the idea u0026 plan on getting pro soon but I know my phone is hacked u0026 whomever has taken hostage of my phone so much that they can turn off Avast s accessibilities to veiw URLS So then I ll notice it s off run the scan u0026 Avast alerts me to it So I guess if you re already hacked it cant find them But its all good at least I know they re there It does suck that they suck the life out of battery use data u0026 slloooww me down Keep working on it Avast I do appreciate you                 Bevvy
Ads have become increasingly intrusive At first I really liked this app but as time has gone on the ads have gotten to the point where I have to close out the entire app just to close an ad Ads also take up the entire screen and do not allow access to the back button to click off of them There are plenty of free virus protectors that work just as well I am not ok with this level of intrusiveness I have no problem with ads I have a problem with ads that TAKE control of my phone         A Google user
I have used Avast for years on my computers it works just as good on my phone Lots of options and free for the most part Pay add ons are very reasonably priced and they come with a trial for a test drive to aid with the decision to buy No issues with with slowing my phone down and I use it in an Android Note 4                     anthony garcia
Avast has been one of the most dependable antivirus software line I ve experienced That being said I don t enjoy that it constantly runs in the background less I forcibly end it as I m often in a situation where I need to maximize battery life and an antivirus program isn t needed for the temporary             ponkerton
Worst ever mega popup s every time you open the phone Irritating to say the least Seems to be a virus and act like one and you have to upgrade so it will actually work Screams hostage situation Better security apps out there with no popups Look for one of them     Kip Funk
Total rip off of avg they are identical apps First time I opened it it took an eternity to run Update after response Tereza so you re saying they re the exactly the same so what s the point of 2 different apps why are they not combined making more money I suppose If they re not the same which one is best and why     Nigel Smith
Good but not better or best Settings xhelper doodle quest vplayer system are malware attacking my Android 5 1 phone Avast for Android on the other hand detects them but cant stop them from re installing which defeats its function as an anti virus software Even Google playprotect couldn t stop them from re installing Thats Bad Do something about it         Frederick Kopbwul
I have the pro version of this app and I paid for a year subscription Yet the vpn keep disconnecting itself automatically after few hours active and it refuses to reconnect itself again I m using Samsung Galaxy S10 plus It s very sad that what I subscribed for is not working fine         Hilloo Peace
1 free online security software has ads unless you pay for premium Even tho its not made in USA like PC Matic Malwarebytes or Norton but it performs better than Norton has more free features than Malwarebytes and is much easier to set up and use than PC Matic Causes moderate system load disable live protection to free up resources for gaming etc for low end devices or high spec games like PUBG mobile Avoid using the RAM booster and quick clean features they make apps load slower                     A Google user
not happy with this app my phone is tapped by malware app hasnt notified or attempted any fix someone is monitoring everything I do on my phone I ve scanned use apps vpn wifi scans from the app nothing wasted my money this app doesn t do anything I paid for avast ultimate mobile antivirus I feel ripped off             Alan Schneider
The app does what it s supposed to but I have never used a paid app that spent more of its processor cycles trying to upsell me on additional features There are at least several warnings and offers to install extra features every day and having spent u003e 30 for a yearly subscription that s unacceptable Today I received notice that the renewal price for me was going up significantly so I m simply going to let it lapse There are free alternatives that are far less needy             John Cook
This app is very thoughtfully designed Although there are advertisements they don t seem to be too intrusive for me The functions are well organized and quite intuitive making the maintenance of my phone a lot easier Highly recommended I was so pleased with this app that I uninstalled MAX Security and Kaspersky I get the same results and I don t have to watch an ad every time I use a function How inconsiderate is that You ll probably have a similar experience after you use it too                     Ron Redner
Good anti virus app Protects me against threats even if the VPN is not free I love how easy it is to use the app And it s great that I can scan wifi for threats 5 stars Plus the virus database upgrades itself Great app Definitely recommended for those who want to protect their android device from threats                     cory cook

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