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shiftyjelly , the publisher behind many Android apps (Pocket Casts ,Pocket Weather Australia), brings Pocket Casts with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Pocket Casts apps has been update to version 4.4.3 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • its awesome does everything a great pod cast player should do..
  • I love the organization and syncing between devices..
  • Does the trick for downloading and managing podcasts..
  • but decided to get the paid app to support the developers..

Overall Satisfactionc93
Best podcast app out there definitely worth the money.
Best podcast manager on the market and worth every shiny penny.
Easily the best podcasting and one of the best Android apps.
the android app constantly stops playing podcasts.
Been using it for a while and I love the material update.
I love the new design and playlist integration.
Much better than beyondpod player.
I love the new interface.
Amazing app and amazing support.
Fun & Engagingc93
Thank you very much for continuing to develop awesome podcast app.
What's more is that they provide awesome support.
Great UI and does everything you want.
its awesome does everything a great pod cast player should do.
its awesome does everything.
Value for Moneyc100
Best app purchase I've made in recent memory.
Production Valuesc74
Simple interface easy interface and attractive.
If you like this I recommend the web interface.
Ease of Usec95
Simple interface easy interface and attractive.
This is an awesome application with a simple and beautiful interface.
and was astounded: it has a beautiful and easy to use UI.
Simple clean design that's customisable and very intuitive to use.
Even the most simple podcast apps allow this kind of queue.
Beautiful easy clean intuitive Podcasting app.
easy attractive modern navigation and appearance.
the widget doesn't work on Android 4.
app becomes unresponsive while downloading podcast.
Security & Privacyc54
Protected Podcasts.
Updates & Supportc76
That level of customer service is a rare find these days.
and I'm disappointed by the lack of response by customer service.
I'm one of the free Amazon to paid Android market customers.
after the free Amazon Store version stopped getting updated years ago.
I particularly like the new features in version 5.
I think the new update broke it.
The support is fantastic with these guys too.
Battery usage has increased.
heavy battery usage.

None of them had straightforward navigation and podcast management. found in 15 reviews
Have to admit this is way way better than Apple's podcast app. found in 29 reviews
This is the best podcatcher There is for android. found in 113 reviews
Pocket Casts is the best podcasting app on any platform. found in 193 reviews
It's by far the best podcaster for Android that I've found. found in 43 reviews
Best podcast manager on the market and worth every shiny penny. found in 142 reviews
This app is easily the best podcast app on the market. found in 69 reviews
Best podcast app out there definitely worth the money. found in 2215 reviews
This is an insanely great app for android podcast lovers. found in 15 reviews
Probably the best podcast player for android devices. found in 53 reviews
other than that it's the best podcast application on the android market. found in 73 reviews
The lock screen controls don't show up half the time. found in 6 reviews
Also since the latest update the widget says "problem loading widget ". found in 23 reviews
I'd give it 5 stars except the latest update broke the widget. found in 38 reviews
Something is disappointing though: The " Continuous Playback " checkbox is gone. found in 51 reviews
can we please have the option to manually sort podcasts. found in 16 reviews
The latest update removed the ability to manually rearrange the main playlist. found in 4 reviews
Recent update broke widget on my Note 3 v4. found in 8 reviews
Widget stopped working with new update on my Verizon note 4. found in 12 reviews
Also since the latest update the widget says " problem loading widget ". found in 23 reviews
but the widget doesn't work after the most recent update. found in 22 reviews
The other feature would be accessing username and password protected podcasts. found in 25 reviews
it seems like all the downloads fail repeatedly. found in 9 reviews
but the widget is broken in the recent update. found in 17 reviews
The last update removed the option to swipe to delete a podcast. found in 46 reviews
Also since the latest update the widget says "problem loading widget". found in 17 reviews
Would like to see password protected podcast compatability. found in 37 reviews
I can't sort episodes in a playlist manually anymore. found in 9 reviews
Needs notification controls and to embrace Android's new design guidelines. found in 6 reviews
But with the recent update the widget no longer works. found in 16 reviews
Without the ability to subscribe to password protected podcasts. found in 25 reviews
I see " problem loading widget " appear where the widget should be. found in 23 reviews
It fails to download new episodes and marks them as watched. found in 70 reviews
The icon for "Podcast Downloading" is in my notification bar permanently. found in 38 reviews
Can't download episodes of This American Life. found in 22 reviews
I see "problem loading widget " appear where the widget should be. found in 23 reviews
Since the latest update they have removed the continuous play feature. found in 51 reviews
Doesn't work well with Google Reader subscriptions. found in 52 reviews
No support for manually adding or password protected podcasts. found in 37 reviews
But I can't download podcasts that require usernames and passwords. found in 47 reviews
the widget doesn't work on Android 4. found in 22 reviews
Cannot stand having to delete multiple podcast one by one. found in 69 reviews
the android app constantly stops playing podcasts. found in 27 reviews
but losing the ability to download old episodes is very. found in 28 reviews
Latest update broke the widget on my HTC One M7. found in 38 reviews

The Pocket Casts is now available for 1,99 € for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Pocket Casts app version 4.4.3 has been updated on 2014-01-5. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.1 and up

Podcast listening finally made easierStay up to date with all the latest podcasts (or netcasts if you&39;re Leo) with one easy to use app. Simply add your favourite podcasts, and you&39;ll be able to stream ...

It has been a great app for listening to podcasts on my Pixel 3 XL This is actually the only app that I paid for and I really enjoyed using it I did notice that since the last few updates the audio started to pause randomly This was especially annoying if I was driving At first I thought this might have been an issue with my phone but today I checked the reviews and saw other people having the same issue To make matters worse they are turning to a free mium model today The app is now free with a 99 subscription service for plus features Since I as well as others paid for the app this move was especially unfriendly             Yanan Liu
Does not work well with others android auto and Waze for example Interferes with other apps when driving Will close itself or stop playing randomly Sometimes it feels like I need to fight this app just to keep it running The layout is good The quality is excellent Offline is really nice And the episodes are available right away Except for the issues listed above this is a good podcast app             Platt Johnson
I purchased this app years ago and have used it daily since In the last year they have gradually taken away my favorite features like custom playlists which I didn t like but worked around This week they went freemium and have now locked away features that I paid for with an expectation of my now dropping more money on a monthly subscription to listen to podcasts from my computer I loved this app and recommended it on a regular basis up until a year ago With this most recent change I will be uninstalling the app and moving elsewhere Not only have the developers decided to take away the app s greatest features they then took some of the remaining aspects that I paid for away and expect me to pay again to access them No thanks     Luke Willey
I was looking for a podcast app with a good widget in particular one that looks good when the widget is reduced to 1x1 like Beyondpod where you can make it look like a a play pause symbol Pocket Casts fails in this regard but I can t fault that It does have great batch features for downloading But I was very perplexed when I could not figure out how to add episodes to a playlist I worked at it a while then googled how to do it and found that you can t create a playlist Do people just go into the app and choose an episode they want to listen to each time or is there something I am missing and you can create something like a lineup and I just don t understand the terminology         Brian Mc
They updated the app in a way that ignored user feedback and have made it clear they don t have any interest in listening Update September 18 2019 They decided to turn a one time purchase into a 3 year subscription incredibly disappointing Update Later on September 18 They reversed course after massive backlash so at least they re learning to admit when they make mistakes Adding one star for this progress         Bryan Rykowski
The previous UI did what it needed to do and was simple to use This new UI messed with the interface in a way that is just isn t intuitive anymore I m not averse to change but this UI is a step backwards and significantly decreases the usability Even after months of using the new UI I m still not used to it Auto cleanup is gone so I need to delete old stuff manually can t clear history the archive feature is annoying and sleep timer is annoyingly positioned Off looking for other app         Danny Stammers
This was such an amazing app I purchased it years ago and tbh it doesn t bother me it s free now I feel like I used it enough to make it worth my money What does bother me is how bad the app has gotten over the weeks of updates The most recent issue I have been getting are random pauses Sometimes it ll start by itself after pausing but most times I have to actually go to the app itself and press play Please fix this as much as I loved this app it s annoying having to change podcast app         orlando brambila
Was a very servicable podcast player until today With the newest update the pod cast randomly stops play after a minute or two If I pick up up my phone it might start playing again I see in the reviews this has been happening to a lot of other people some people for a week or two already This only started today and is already driving me to distraction and makes the app almost unusable I hope this glitch will get a patch VERY soon Please     Rachel Kite
Was a great podcast app but pulled a bait and switch with users who purchased lifetime access to the web player I didn t even buy the web player access and I m uninstalling this app on principle alone I understand that you need more support to fund this app but anyone who purchased the web access before the new model should have been grandfathered in for life because that s what you advertised I can only imagine that this is the first of many bad changes to this app which is why I m moving on now even if I don t care for any of the current premium features I know at some point ads are going to be added and the only way to remove them will be locked behind the subscription And whoever represents this app on social media and through email is not doing you any favors It s not a good luck to be so antagonistic towards your user base     Zac Montuori
I m happily using this app since 2012 I was a paid subscriber to both the Android and the web interface It s had its share of ups and downs but the team is making an effort to listen to the community and fix annoyances I for one appreciate their efforts very much As for functionality Pocket Casts has pretty much everything I could want in a podcasting app except 1 global episode search and 2 an option to not auto play the next episode in queue I hope to see these added in a future update and make the app truly perfect                     Oren B.
New update broke the app playback stops or stutters when the phone screen isn t actively on I see another used complaining about the same issue and the developers responding about battery optimization It s not that it s definitely on your end It started with your latest update I m on a note 8 It s worked flawlessly for years and no other apps have this issue You broke something     JD Mackley
I paid for this app when it was still a one time payment system Now that it s converted to a service my early support has been ignored As a mobile user I am no less qualified to be entitled to the premium one time payment product I opted into the same way the folks at desktop were We stuck our necks out for this product and have been burned for it now that they are successful Do not use this product Do not support this business     Rollence Chiusinco
These updates only made it worse As a user with 50 days of listening I was really disappointed Instead of fixing problems and retaining some of the useful and unique features they just got rid of them all together Recently it crushes frequently and sometimes stops playing for no reason which is very frustrating And the gone free transition seems irresponsible         Laura H
Once perfect now unusable The change to a subscription app this week when I already paid for it is already annoying Then I started listening or trying to Every podcast is glitchy and freezing to the point it s unbearable I m out Also don t blame battery settings If you guys changed it and now it doesn t work it s on you     Kyle Stewart
Used to be a great app but recent updates render it all but useless Any podcast either downloaded or streamed will stop playing every 10 to 20 seconds for anything between 3 and 30 seconds This way you can t do the one thing this app is supposed to let you do enjoy listening to podcasts Nevermind the fact that they switched to being a free app without any kind of benefit for people who had previously purchased the app for a not so insignificant amount of money         Louis Lukas
Life with Pocket Casts a once fantastic podcast app has been a roller coaster What started as a 5 star app dropped to 1 when they suddenly introduced a buggy broken new version but I stuck with them because I had hope they could recover as the bugs were worked out They were it s improved a big deal as some old features were slowly re introduced but it s not the standout app it used to be With the transition to a subscription model to use the desktop client which previously was a one time purchase I m done for good     Derick Vollmer
I loved and recommended this app for years and purchased on multiple platforms but for them to set a lifetime price which they should have done the math based on their growth costs adjusted for inflation etc and then to out of the blue turn that lifetime purchase into a recurring payment is really unfortunate This turn of events makes them look either incompetent or sleazy Recent updates had also made the app less usable I can t recommend this app or company     David Martins
Find a different app They kept taking features out of this app and now it is just broken First they took out sharing timestamps between users it didnt work well but it was a fantastic idea Instead of fixing it they killed it Then they took out custom playlists Perfect for long car trip Then they made the UI less actionable meaning I was fiddling with it more in the car just to play my next episode Now it just keeps cutting out They disregarded their own base and now the app is trash     Jonathan Christiansen
It s a shame a good app has gone down the drain I would use it every morning on my commute to work to listen to podcasts It was so good I even paid for it As soon as this latest update changed the app to a free app it cuts off my podcasts all the time The worst part is I can t get them back on because they get archived as finished listening to I can t mess around with it either since I m driving and I prefer living over messing with a stupid app I want my money back     Raffi
I have been using this app almost as long as I have been listening to podcasts It has always been a fantastic app I purchased on my phone first and liked it so much I purchased on my computer as well Now with the upgraded this is available to all users for free Even better as an early supporter they grandfathered me in and gave me 99 years of Plus for free I m so glad this app is gaining momentum and encourage all podcast enthusiasts to give it a shot you will not be disappointed                     Jake Miller
I bought this App a long time a go and loved it I have used it almost 24 7 since purchase Now since the PLUS has been added it pauses randomly Before you add the it could be battery saving I ve already checked and its not that I can t believe you guys have gone money hungry and are now charging those who originally bought the app You ve lost me and many other uses I do not recommended     Fae Bandraoi
I love the features and how it works have been a loyal user for years but in the past few months it just quits randomly for no reason I have had the app quit 3 4 times on a 40 minute drive on multiple occasions Which means if I want to continue listening to podcasts I have to mess with my phone while driving If the app was more stable it would be 5 stars but with such a major flaw it doesn t deserve that             Vaughn Spargur
I ve listened to over 125 days worth of content on this app over the past several years and I have no intention of slowing down It s a good product and I ve now bought it on iOS Android and desktop Occasionally the devs make short sighted decisions without gauging community feedback first but they do seem to care and try to fix their mistakes                     Bradley Abeyta
Not sure what the hell happened to this app I have been using it exclusively for almost three years now and its literally unusable now The new update just messed it up even more than before Playback is auto stopping when I lock my screen The only way to get the audio to playback you have to unlock the screen The whole point of listening to podcasts is so you don t have to stare at a screen Uninstalling this trash and wish I could get my money back Avoid these trash developers     Michael Jung
Sigh I didn t love the redesign for version 7 But it was still the best podcast app IMO so I kept and keep using it When the web app was launched I paid for lifetime access Today I get an email saying that my lifetime purchase is now good only for a limited time and I ll have to pay a subscription fee afterwards The price isn t outrageous But promises mean nothing from this app so that reasonable price might change by the time my free access is up I ll be jumping ship when it expires     Daniel Toy
EDIT Recently the app has been stopping closing when listening to longer podcasts Craps out even on stable wifi Purchased less than a year ago Now it s a free app Hooray for new users BUT Concessions were made to paying users who paid for the web desktop app No perks were made to users who paid for the mobile app Like what other users are saying They already have our money so who cares about the users who supported the app Just leave us in the dust     Sherwin Lim
I love this app and I m not upset about the subscription model but they stripped the functionality to play u0026 control playback when your phone is locked or the app is running in the background No user listens with their phone unlocked and only on the podcast app at all times this alone is forcing me to switch apps Don t bother emailing support they just respond automatically with something like we have a small team so we may not ever respond to you     Hannah G
This was my favourite podcasting app but putting all paying Android users onto the free tier of the app puts a bad taste in my mouth I originally paid for this app because I really like one time payments The main selling point of this app was that I would have the best experience and lifetime updates from from developers without having to pay a recurring fee If Android users were grandfathered into the paid tier this would not be a much of a problem but as it is I kinda feel cheated     Ned Reid
Used to be a great app one of the only apps that I ever paid for Flawless audio streaming in good quality even on mobile data and the ability to find any podcast I was interested in After going free the audio now breaks up and sometimes just stops playing all together And now you re telling me that I have to pay to get back the features I already paid for That s just bad business Will be uninstalling after submitting this review     Andrew Fink
This app used to be great but the current version is bad The interface is clunky and it is very buggy For example sometimes the app will apply the elapsed playback time to the podcast I am actually listening to and to another podcast in the up next playlist so I ll listen to 30 mins of podcast 1 then after that ends podcast 2 starts 30 mins into the episode In a recent update notification controls disappeared They returned later that day 9 20         Tom Butala
The ability to upload files to the cloud is great but it still needs some work such as introducing playlists or folders Then it would be nice if you could pin those folders to the main screen instead of hiding them under a menu in Profile Also glad they changed their minds regarding the lifetime licences for who bought the Desktop app                 Dario Cotti
Echoing others I bought the paid version of the app and the paid version of the web app When I bought it I was happy to do so I was supporting a dev that was moving in the right direction as far as cross platform podcast listening Then I wake up this morning and learn that I ve basically been stolen from when that developer decided to take my lifetime license that I paid for and transform it magically into a paid subscription to a service instead of grandfathering FTC might disapprove     GEINgreen
Started out as THE app of choice last couple of years the Devs has shown their true nature Total d cks with no honor what so ever Just take a look at how they act when PAYING users have genuine complaints And the most recent change to a subscription model After selling the app with promises of NOT going that route Well that pretty much tells you everything about what kind of scumbags you are giving access to They tell you they wont sell your data but how can you trust someone who s repeatedly said one thing and done the opposite     Mattias Carlsson
Used to love it now its unusable I paid for this app I wanted a decent pod player for android after moving from iPhone It was great no ads and I used Pocket Casts every day Now it s free Ok that s fine However at the same time it has become completely unusable Literally doesn t play podcasts anymore without stopping for random periods of time Have now transitioned to Spotify and won t use again Edit thank you for the developer response it worked Back to being awesome                     Steve Bailey
This used to be the best podcast app I happily paid for the Android app and the upgrade to lifetime access to the web desktop version Unfortunately yesterday they decided that our collective lifetimes were over and from now on they would hold these features hostage behind a subscription while gifting us three years of access and making it free for everyone else Congratulations on the fastest and most shameless 180 on your longtime customers Hope it works out for you but I m out     Frank
I paid for this app not too long ago and now it s free with paid subscription I know developers need to make money and all but what about those who paid for your app Mind you that the paid version of this app wasn t that amazing to use I frequently don t see audio control on my notification shade You don t make any efforts to address your paid customer how do you expect to gain more people You re not the only podcast app out there people have a choice and I choose not to use you anymore     Xiang Pan
Worst update On Samsung app stops randomly and often and has to be restarted from app on phone cable buttons don t work Controls no longer on screen so if it stops you have to open the app to push play Bring back the old simpler version Also your notes saying to stop asking on what s been updated may seem funny but they re kinda rude considering the more you fix the more you take away     Alex B

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