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runtastic , the publisher behind many Android apps (runtastic Push-Up Woman PRO ,runtastic Pedometer ,runtastic PRO sports assistant ,Runtastic Road Bike PRO ,runtastic Squats ,runtastic PullUps), brings runtastic PRO GPS Coach with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. runtastic PRO GPS Coach apps has been update to version Varieswithdevice with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • it is my favorite activity tracker and I use it daily..
  • I use this app every morning when I walk my dog..
  • Runtastic is my favorite fitness tracker..
  • Really worked great with my phone and helped me track my progress..
  • Exactly what you want from a running/ exercise app..

Overall Satisfactionc87
Best running app I've found and I've tried many.
The best and most customizable running companion.
Best workout application I have tried.
Love the google earth feature to watch my run back in 3D.
It works better than endomondo in my Android phone.
Im thinking of moving to Map my run app.
map my run and others have no problem connecting to my hrm.
Thanks runtastic you're sexxy to.
Fun & Engagingc79
My favourite running ap so far.
it is an awesome running app.
Awesome tracker.
It accurately tracks everything and talks to you.
It tracks everything for me and its easy to use.
Does everything it claims to do.
Social Aspectsc54
I love that I can post my progress to social media.
gives you lots of social sharing options and motivational tools.
Social sharing is well done.
Production Valuesc100
the web interface is really nice.
Great web interface.
Security & Privacyc33
Updates & Supportc37
Customer service is excellent too.
Upgraded to the PRO version after just one go with the free version.
Upgraded to the pro and now it sucks.
It is not available in the Android version.
Need some analysis on battery usage for ASUS zenfone 6.
High battery usage.

Its a great app that helped me acheive my fitness goals. found in 9 reviews
Best workout application I have tried. found in 25 reviews
Great way to keep track of your workouts and progress. found in 103 reviews
Its a great motivator and gives accurate distance. found in 12 reviews
Using it to track my progress in preparation for half marathon. found in 10 reviews
Good guide and great for motivation and inspiration along the way. found in 8 reviews
Gives very detailed information and is a great training aid. found in 10 reviews
one of the best sports performance tracking tool out there. found in 17 reviews
Runtastic keeps me motivated and honest with myself and my fitness goals. found in 36 reviews
Love the google earth feature to watch my run back in 3D. found in 12 reviews
It's a really accurate app for runners and slow pokes. found in 28 reviews
It really inspires me to run more. found in 3 reviews
great features and with voice coach its also a great motivational tool. found in 13 reviews
It may be my new running partner. found in 5 reviews
It accurately tracks everything and talks to you. found in 12 reviews
The best and most customizable running companion. found in 28 reviews
That's great & helpful for jogging beginner. found in 8 reviews
Nice after activity reports to track your progress and improvement. found in 6 reviews
and it is still my go to running app. found in 94 reviews
It doesn't take into account winds peed clothing to determine calories lost. found in 4 reviews
I'm experiencing issues with GPS signal since updating to jb4. found in 6 reviews
Will rate higher if app get training plans integrated. found in 38 reviews
Please add gear tracker and additional activity types to manual. found in 3 reviews
Please fix gps issue guys. found in 5 reviews
but find the Facebook sharing limit a bit silly. found in 4 reviews
Rest all are fine but the sharing doesn't simply work. found in 2 reviews
Would be great to be able to share workouts with friends. found in 26 reviews
Poor GPS accuracy leads to incorrect pace times and distance updates. found in 15 reviews
Having trouble uploading my workouts to Facebook on galaxy s4. found in 43 reviews
The option to upload to runtastic was unclear or misleading. found in 36 reviews
No longer calculates calories for strength training. found in 10 reviews
Does not calculate calories even with a runtastic heart rate monitor. found in 19 reviews
Missed the point of single sign on. found in 2 reviews
Unfortunately the calorie calculations do not seem very accurate at all. found in 10 reviews
GPS doesn't work even when the sky is clear. found in 21 reviews
Just missing a setting to disable map share on Facebook. found in 7 reviews
so if it gets intervals and pace zones. found in 3 reviews
however I'd like to see better support for the Moto 360. found in 5 reviews
only 25 cents wasted. found in 25 reviews
Doesn't sync with heart rate monitor on lg g watch r. found in 289 reviews
Once I cancel the "do you want to connect to Facebook. found in 43 reviews
The calorie count is ridiculous. found in 30 reviews
Doesn't use HR Monitor to calculate calories. found in 25 reviews
the volume control setting no longer works on the voice feedback. found in 81 reviews
and I do not care to share my workouts. found in 26 reviews
Runtastic occasionally decides that the GPS signal is weak. found in 94 reviews
Why can't I have voice coach on a stationary bike. found in 76 reviews
Gps fail Knows when moving auto pause but no tracking anymore. found in 78 reviews
And biggest issue there is NONE customer service. found in 22 reviews
Runtastic does not measure calories burned from indoor activities. found in 68 reviews
if you share to social media. found in 24 reviews
Pretty good app till i cancelled my gold membership. found in 44 reviews
If your phone loses GPS signal for even a moment. found in 103 reviews
Runtastic pro stopped working on my Samsung galaxy s3 LTE. found in 36 reviews
I also wish the training plans covered other activities than running. found in 38 reviews
GPS tracking on replay is wildly inaccurate. found in 65 reviews

The runtastic PRO GPS Coach is now available for 4,99 € for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new runtastic PRO GPS Coach app version Varieswithdevice has been updated on 2014-01-18. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.0 and up

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