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Babbel , the publisher behind many Android apps (Learn Norwegian with Babbel ,Babbel lock screen ,Learn Danish with Babbel ,Learn Russian with Babbel ,Learn English with Babbel), brings Learn Russian with Babbel with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Learn Russian with Babbel apps has been update to version 4.3 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are Android owner,you now can download Learn Russian with Babbel for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 4.3 has been released on 2014-07-29. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.3.3 and up
More Info: Find more info about Learn Russian with Babbel in Babbel`s Official Website : http://www.babbel.com

Are you ready to learn Russian? Welcome to Babbel. Discover Babbel`s wide variety of courses and start making progress quickly. Try it now WHAT THE PRESS SAYS The app I ve found most powerful is ...

its a great app to learn the basics of a language my girlfriend uses it to learn german and we help each other i m german native she is russian native the lessons are built that you repeat things often to make it part of your long term memory thats great also it teaches you the russian alphabet while teaching you first words and sentences so its not boring at all only difficulty is with the voice recognition doesnt work at all                 Tom Crawley
It s really a great tool to get you started on your track to learning another language                     Nikk94boi Boi
the website is better than the app the app is too limited it only lets you review your vocabulary once every 24 hours if you want to review again before it s time to review sorry can t do that terrible overall pretty happy with babbel but this app sucks     Brad Vomocil
Babbel Learn Russian just doesn t work I open the app tap Start and answer all the questions I then tap on Start learning It then asks me to choose Beginner or Advanced No matter which one I choose I get a spinning loading wheel and nothing happens I waited 10 minutes just watching that spinning loading wheel And it never loaded At least the actual Babbel app works     Alan Hobbs Jr
Babbel often let s tedium get in the way of learning The content is fantastic but the fact that you are forced to spell the majority of new words gets in the way of learning Some spelling would be fine but you are required to spell new words multiple times in each unit What could have been a fun app is more like a punitive language course from the last century Language learning is about comprehensible input not repetitive spelling drills         Dan D
I have used for European languages that are similar to English and I found the amount of writing to be annoying and excessive However I think thus far it works much better for Russian as it familiarises you with the Cyrillic alphabet                 Nick Smith
extremely disappointed in this app its all over the place with teaching that it makes no sense to me also ive been fighting with them to get my money back I started with a 6 month trial and when i tried to cancel it it wouldn t let me then it keeps changing me every 6 months ive send them countless emails and no response back and they dont have any customer service line to talk to anyone biggest scam ever     Francisco Ruiz
looks like a copy and paste of dualingo to me Also the microphone doesnt work I have said the word 5 times and still get a red box around the picture         thomas oliver
A really accessible and easy way to start learning Russian even at 38 years old im picking up on it faster than I thought and the lessons are short enough to not get bored or frustrated                     Syracuse Trivia
I select the no speaking option and the whole course ends up being vocally based Very disappointed     Alen Bronja
Great app Completely different from other language learning applications                     Richard Gamble
it is great because this site is more expansive in the learning of words and vocabulary so its a 10 10 for me                     embededtech4
Great app makes learning fun and very effective                     A Google user
Great and easy way to learn another language                     Graham Hall
Loading Loading Loading Loading Loading Loading Loading Loading Loading Loading Loading Loading Loading Loading Loading Loading I left it running for 10 minutes and still loading Hello     junaid shammami
Great app to practice Russian easy to use and mildly addictive                     Ewout Lagendijk
Extremely happy with app Never knew learning a new language by doing only 15mins a day could be so easy It would be handy if you could scroll backwards to review the lesson without repeating entire lesson from beggining Also would be nice to be able to select individual words to repeat pronounciation rather than playing back entire sentence Other than that I would have awarded 6 stars                     J Sar
love that it teaches grammar i feel the setup is similar to how they would teach it in a class school it is a little pricy my tip wait for an special offer to save some money paying money can be a motivator to actually practice every day so u get your moneys worth                 Ilona Sullivan
Love it makes it easy It s efficient and gives you usefull vocabulary from the beginning                     David Buol
I have been on it one day and feel a lot more confident learning a new language                     Justin McGlacom
Perfect for beginners Easy to follow Some speakers speak to fast for beginners it is hard to follow Otherwise I am very happy                     Rolf T
good app to help learn russian but i wish if you pay the subscription you got access to all the language i want to learn multiple but juat cannot afford to pay multiple subscription             Boedhi Senior
Very effective and easy to use                 Sam Cole
the app is really easy to use and seems to be very useful for day to conversational use love this app                     Fonso Cano
Great and easy to use on the go Definitely a great resource to help me learn more                     Brian McPherson
Easy to use great learning aid                     vicmaldo
Lessons are short and fun You can review as much as you want and go at your own pace It s best to do at least one lesson a day                     Bob Scrofani
An ok language learning app though I wish that they would ask what your goal in learning is Learning for holidays is very different from learning for an exam I try to cherry pick the lessons I think will be useful for me but for me the focus is too heavily on spelling and grammar             Bart
Good app I d prefer a desktop client                     Pookie Za Kot
OMG this makes it so easy to learn russian I ve been trying to learn russian on my own for months and this app helped me more in less than ten minutes                     Reeces_ Peaces15
much better then many any other apps and easier to learn                     anna dixon
the way to run this app is with multiple alphabets for languages that can why learn this in Latin when if we went to Russia we wouldn t be able to read anything ONTOP OF THAT IT SHOULD HAVE AN AD EVERY NOW AND THEN PEOPLE WOULD SPEND 10s OF HOURS ON THIS APP TO LEARN A LANGUAGE INSTEAD YOU MAKE IT COST EACH TIME AFTER THE FIRST GO LEARN ON YOUTUBE OR OTHER APPS FOR FREE     Matt Watson
amazing I love their teaching style I ll learn in no time                     Jacob Kallman
Learn Russian with Babbel Education Learn RussianLearn Russian with Babbel Education Learn RussianLearn Russian with Babbel Education Learn RussianLearn Russian with Babbel Education Learn Russian

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