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Description - YouCam Makeup -Makeover Studio , the publisher behind many Android apps (PhotoDirector - Bundle Version ,PhotoDirector - Photo Editor ,U—Free Messenger & Photo Chat ,YouCam Perfect - Selfie Cam ,MediaStory Mobile ,YouCam Makeup -Makeover Studio), brings YouCam Makeup -Makeover Studio with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. YouCam Makeup -Makeover Studio apps has been update to version 1.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Very very nice & beautiful pictures appear..
  • It a must have app ladies..
  • I've downloaded a lot of editing program..
  • Dress up time without contamination of your makeup..
  • You upload a photo or you take a live photo..

Overall Satisfactionc94
Other then that this is the best photo shop app ever.
Seriously download this app it makes your selfies look amazing.
I love it and show to my friends that so funny.
the app is verry fun & cool i love the makeup & everything XD.
I love it soooo much use it for my instagram.
Super love it two thumbs up.
Wow i love it sososo much tks to who make this app.
Fun & Engagingc85
Its just a great app to use to play around with makeup.
It's like virtual make up and photo editor.
great ideas ands having so much fun with this app.
Great to mess with your family an friends.
Awwww itx just awesome I loved it so natural looks.
Tons of fun to play with.
You can have hours of fun playing around with this.
Gets boring after a little bit.
Repeat Valuec86
You can have hours of fun playing around with this.
You could have hours of fun.
Gets boring after a little bit.
Production Valuesc76
Stunning app.
Very easy to use cool effects.
It is to much good to become fair.
to much help.
Freezes up way to much.

You can have hours of fun playing around with this. found in 3 reviews
Other then that this is the best photo shop app ever. found in 13 reviews
Having a ball with this app. found in 1 reviews
I really love this apps thanks hoping for more make up options :-. found in 3 reviews
My neice and I are having a blast so far. found in 3 reviews
Best app I have ever seen just take it I promise. found in 2 reviews
I would love to get a response from the maker of this app. found in 3 reviews
Omg I love this app I'm a future cosmetologist and this app is great. found in 5 reviews
Wow it creates very realistic pictures that look gorgeous. found in 6 reviews
I love this app it is very very very nice app. found in 4 reviews
seriously i love this app alot. found in 2 reviews
It's super duper cool app guys u hav 2 download it. found in 4 reviews
Hmmm NYC app enjoying wid dis app. found in 3 reviews
I love it and show to my friends that so funny. found in 10 reviews
I love this game so much though you need to add foundation to it. found in 4 reviews
The bestest app its awesome in short better than the best. found in 4 reviews
This app works better than other photo shop apps I've had. found in 5 reviews
And it's also a good way to kill time. found in 5 reviews
Doesnt detect all my photos. found in 2 reviews
Can't save the image need to make it more simple to save pics. found in 2 reviews
Great for when you can't be asked. found in 1 reviews
The teeth whitening function doesn't work. found in 5 reviews
but i'm unable to find my save pics in the app. found in 3 reviews
It needs more people and more stuff. found in 1 reviews
Doesnt look real. found in 4 reviews
it can't detect the face. found in 7 reviews
One tiny problem : Whenever I put on lipgloss/other makeup materials. found in 4 reviews
In this game I don't understand the directions but its still OK. found in 1 reviews
I clicked save. found in 2 reviews
Love the make up but too many advertisement. found in 1 reviews
Please " provide hd resolutions ". found in 1 reviews
Please release plenty more new hairstyles coz i lovee them. found in 9 reviews
It's just the hair and eye brows look really fake. found in 4 reviews
Its great but needs a lil adjustments and add contact lenses. found in 6 reviews
And please introduce haircolor please please. found in 3 reviews
It can't detect my face. found in 5 reviews
It's not downloading :-/ error. found in 3 reviews
Dont get this app its gust a waist of time. found in 3 reviews
It always saying can't detect a face. found in 7 reviews
It was the worst game in the world. found in 5 reviews
Freezes up way to much. found in 10 reviews
Not liking it cant even choose a photo :. found in 3 reviews
This sucks it looks totally FAKE. found in 3 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download YouCam Makeup -Makeover Studio for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.1 has been released on 2014-08-7. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 4.0 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about YouCam Makeup -Makeover Studio check developer`s website :

YouCam Makeup is the smart cosmetic kit in your purse. Designed for the modern woman to create makeup styles and portraits to match her unique lifestyle. The smart facial detection senses facial features and shapes ...

I ve been using this app for a long time and the make up part is fine After the update the text part is hard to use You can t see where your putting the text because of the way the dots cover the begining and end of the text You have to keep adjusting it and then the entire photo moves around It was fine before so not sure why you needed to mess with it Otherwise I d give it 5 stars             Concepcion Alvarez
Great app can be laggy at times but overall fun to play around with if you feel like it                 Thoncc Choncc
Great for retouching photos Works quick and you can easily switch between the edit and original to see which is better Also allows you to choose how much of an effect is applied which is nice Only thing I would change would be the image quality output its good quality however it would be nice if it could handle even larger higher quality detail saves But for a free app it cant be beat                     Porcelain Panic
I Want my money back I signed up for free trial nothing else And didn t even use it Now they charged my card for a YEAR subscription I canceled subscription but it says it will end September 2020 I need this fixed immediately Hell they didn t even give me a reminder of how long the free trial is or when it was over Loved the app before but now I loathe it bc of them charging me for something I did not intend of     Nikki Loy
It s amazing but does not have different brands of hair colors as b4 otherwise it s awesome Like so much the hair styles look so so fake                     Elvalisa Rivera
I love it I love taking daily pics to get my skin age and detect imperfections to see a trend Great tool to add to my list of new products to see if they are working or making things worse I feel like the photos are too flattering even after I turn off built in Android portrait filter but sometimes you need the extra confidence boost Paid for premium                     Bonnie Beta
Okay this app can be a lot of fun I really enjoy how extreme some looks are and how accurate the makeup looks can seem My only complaint about this app is how slow it moves I will be doing something as simple and brief as putting eyeliner on my face and it will take about 5 minutes to do so But otherwise great app                 Elizabeth Blymire
I love it but after i updated it it just saus updating data and doesn t opens Please look forward to this glitch                     COLOURS OF MY LIFE
Used to be the absolute BEST makeup app I ve ever tried but this update ruined it It says updating data on the title screen for minutes before pressing the back button will bring me into the app After selecting a photo it stays loading forever until the entire app freezes and must be force closed It s 100 useless right now Will change to 5 stars if loading issues are resolved     E E
This app puts digital makeup on photos and even includes an AR makeup camera I think it s really fun to use and the results look decent                     Mardi Girard
Mixed feelings overall the app is great but has issues with failure to open It frequently displays a white screen with the YouCam logo and the phrase Updating data for an indefinite period of time I once waited over 2 hours app never opened Uninstall u0026 reinstall will fix this for a few months but re downloading all the looks and other in app components is tedious When it chooses to open the app is well designed and user friendly with a huge variety of uses 5 star experience             Squiddy Higgenbottom
It s a lovely feature indeed however why do I have to pose with my face head straight to use the make up In adding the face by moving the to add eyes and mouth why is it that I cant rotate neither my eyes nor my lips It s the 21st century u0026 at times I take a pic either facing sideways upward or down that due to non rotation in adding the face it makes it a mission to use this app     Lebo
I m obsessed with this apps I was on it yesterday till 4am in the morning I prefer it than Picsart and facetune and many other paid apps out there the best apps to me                     omonomose a
I Like it It s really really good but Less thing a inside put in more stuff in side my friend send me pictures normal one without makeup I use this app do makeup she is really happy say thanks to me                     Navz awsome
I wish I could give this more stars What a fun easy to use app that is powerful u0026 effective Thank you                     Melancholy Miss
This app is great It does exactly as advertised Theres a ton of makeup to choose from The only thing that would make this app better is if you could also edit the photo inself such as filters cropping stickers Other than that it is perfect                     Melanie Zeitz
LOVE THIS APP HANDS DOWN EVERY GIRLS SECRET WEAPON TO MAKE SURE YOU LOOK YOUR BEST IN EVERY PHOTO Old and new alike you can easily edit and turn any horrible picture into another fabulous one not one single complaint especially because it s free and their adds to Upgrade to the paid subscription are so minimal its almost weird thanks You cam so glad I found you before my photo collage that s going to be projected on a giant wall at my wedding                     Whitney Sturgis
I think some more function can be added I think some of function can be added because this address approved on my devices when I just go to make a live video it doesn t support in it shows me the live video but then it just go without its not only my device it happens in all the devices of I have any just really very irritating so I just you later bye it s the makeup school but I couldn t make the life there is a problem ok     world velvet
Its very usefull and the differences we make look realistic But this app ask s us that can it access our photos             ANITHA Ayyalusamy
I love this programme I use it whenever I can Thank you YouCam Makeup                     Francesca Giannotti
i had a trial and could not end it there is no such button in the app I could not even see anywhere in the app how many trial days are left Use the free version never try a paid one Now I can t even see I have a premium and how many days of premium is left     Tati S
Sofistigated technology that works with your natural beauty A few glitches here and there like ocational pink teeth with lipstick Also there s a lack of natural hair colors like brunette shades Overall pretty nice                 Angel Bonser
I like this make up app because its looks are so nice and I can make my face too much gorgeous I love this app very much                     JNGROUP BD
I really love this app I really love to record videos with it Awesome                     Fikile Neo
This is hands down one of the easiest apps to use It actually helped me realize I could wear colored contacts and look natural Ease don t stop improving I hope you get a whole body shaping portion That would be awesome                     Leslie Lockhart
Great app Love the hair filters and the make up                     Theresa F. Collazo
i absolutley loved this app i told so many people to use it BUT i hadn t used it in a couple of weeks went to enhance foundation they had removed the color option for my skin tone i think it was lux something it had beatiful shades alot of variations for black people it was the only app with caramel copper tone not many options anymore less options to choose i m so disappionted the foundation was awsome Oh well ill try to find another one for foundation before this i did everything on this app         joy buffy
It s apt of fun when you share these photos with a fabulous look and choose whatever features and make up you love                     Eva Sedlarova
An awesome app it helps with learning your true colors and what really works Also a nice place to shop                     Anna wewinwithlove
Yeah Five star at last I spend a lot of time just fooling around with it because I like it so much                     Ivy Rose Longmore Robinson
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