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COLIFER LAB , the publisher behind many Android apps (Black Eyed Peas - Fans Channel ,Taylor Swift - Fans Channel ,Madonna - Fans Channel ,App Backup - Easy and Fast! ,Picasa Tool Pro ,Justin Timberlake Fans Channel), brings G.PicasaTool Premium License with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. G.PicasaTool Premium License apps has been update to version 1.1.2 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are Android owner,you now can download G.PicasaTool Premium License for 5,69 € from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new G.PicasaTool Premium License app version 1.1.2 has been updated on 2014-11-30. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.2 and up

NOTE: This App doesn&39;t work alone. It works with G.PicasaTool Free app only. Please install G.PicasaTool with this license appWith this premium license app installed, G.PicasaTool will be activated with premium features as below:- No ...

thank you God Almighty This is the answer to my prayers with Picasa you can organize and create detailed index of pictures video u0026 audio The solution for forgetting memories with Picasa Cherish your memories never forget                     jordan gallegos
excellent photograph storage and you can albums or previously stored photos and make collages photoboks and separate them as well as glamour s photos                     Crystal Hall
Never could open this app and get it to work there is not even a button that says open when I install it over and over again but I still paid for it years ago lol Forgot I had this pos     A Google user
The app is not properly synced to my E mail I bought a license Rendering it unuseable to me And I like Google Photos a lot     MICHAEL FRANKLIN ISRAEL
can t find it anymore after purchasing it try to download it no all photos gone use the free version if you want to keep your photos     Nadine Kanko
I ve had this paid version for awhile and all of a sudden all the pictures are gone what the heck happened     A Google user
It does not work I pay for nothing I can not see my videos please fix it or return my money     Joaquin Pena
Bought the licence and it still won t let me download videos and play them telling me I need a licence so stupid don t bother waste of time     thedonracha
A very nice app storing photos                     Naga Raja
Great app this app is used within primary app install both                     Bob P Wilson
great photoshop and collages                     crystal hall
I like it to enhance my photos                 Author Mary Ann BroussardMATB2CuteBookZ4KidZ
Great Help With Google Photos                     James Tozier
Shows invalid licence                     poorna salur
I really don t know what it does besides give you full features whatever they are             Larry Austin
It made me love again when I thought the world was a dark empty place                     Robert Rosales
Awsome all these years and its now 2019                     Anna Baars
Wouldn t let me open it     sharon ross
Great add on                     A Google user
UPDATE Got fast responce from support 5 minutes later everything is resolved and working Had to rebuilt my phone restored all applications from backup This us the only one telling me I need to buy again Go to store and it tells me it is already installed When it worked it was good                     Please read the update Telling me i need a license aready purchased the API Andrew Shmer
this is a good app easy to use there are several ways to download Google Plus albums on Android devices for instance using Web browser but I paid for this app because it makes download easier one big enhancement for the app from my point of view is to enable download offline albums with original size photos and keep the file names and EXIF info as online currently the max setting for offline photo size is 1280 good enough for a mobile phone but not for pads with HD screens then the file names are changed to random numbers and EXIF info gets lost when do you think this feature can be implemented in a future version             download album with original size photos King Sun
I just purchased this app since i like using the picasa tool for my pictures but it wouldnt allow me to upload any videos longer than 10 seconds so I purchased the 6 99 premium where it says you can download videos u003e 10 seconds but it doesnt tell you the video has to be less than 1 minute according to the videos that I have recorded and am trying to upload it wont let me I get a prompt saying only videos less than 100 MB are allowed which is 1 min of recording I then tried to contact the email address that is listed for a refund so I sent them a email then I looked at my email at my receipt showing my purchase then read the refund policy that you have 15 minutes from the time you purchase it to return it so when I was reading that it showed it was sent exactly 15 minutes form the time I bought it so I tried to quickly find the app on my phone and click refund but as I did it it changed from refund to uninstall I have emailed the address that was on the bottom of my receipt and explain to them what has happened We will see if I get any reply back I will change the rating once this issue is resolved     Should get 0 stars only videos 100mb and less Amy Johnson
I keep purchasing this licence and yet it keeps prompting me to get one I don t understand it It doesn t tell you how much is is either Does Anyone know I ve written before and had no answer from support I also cant show the albums in my gallery I ve been trying for ages Cat         Cat Shannon
I have a 15 minute video from after the birth of my daughter and after almost a year and after paying 7 dollars for this I still cannot retrieve my video from Picasa All it says is that it s unable to play the video I m disgusted and will be looking for my refund I have lost something so incredibly valuable to me even after paying to retrieve it I hate Picasa I hate Google and I cannot thank you enough for screwing up the most memorable moment of my life Thanks     Unable to play video Travis Parsons
Really I put my pics in here to be safe and not to lose them when I switched phones NOW THEY RE BEING HELD HOSTAGE UNTIL I PAY THE 4 99 ransom How can I remove my pics from this app THIS IS ABSURD NEVER ONCE was I told that I d have to PAY to get MY PICS AND VIDEOS Is that even LEGAL     TOTALLY TICKED OFF Toniece Thomas
Epic app Please do not stop development and support for the Picasso tool app I paid too much money to see this project disappeared Continue the support of app and I will keep supporting you So keep up the good work keep updates coming and do not abandon this project                     Do not stop development Felipe Serna
Decent app Meets my needs I recently purchased the premium license for 1 99 to unlock premium features I kept free app installed I have uninstalledu0026reinstalled premium key X4 without success There has to be a better easier way Please make It easier for key to be installed applied to Picasa tool Right now I m thinking I wasted 1 99 and a lot of my time which I value greatly plus it s quite frustrating         Decent app but Premium License difficult to install Shelley Hoerauf
I thought this might be a good way to organize my pictures into albums and then download them to my phone I guess I was wrong I can t even find it What is this good for I used to at least be able to access picassa but not anymore Where am I going wrong I don t even have an icon of this on my phone Not exactly sure what I expected but I expected more than this Either let me know of the way I can use this or I want a refund The price was way too high to not get any use out of this app Disapointed     I can t find it Debra Andrews
The app worked great on my previous phones I paid for the premium version However on my new nexus 6p the app failed to sign in to my google account I asked the developer for help several times and received none I solved the problem myself Good app but no support for me                 Good app no support Charles Burd
I want this to work so bad but every time I try to activate the license it crashes Now I am without the license and the money Edit After emailing the developer he quickly resolved the issue and now I am happy to say the license is installed and work well Good Job                     Don Kelley Donald Kelley
Please read App Telling me I have an invalid license have to go to Google Play Store to Uninstall and Install Again All ready Purchased Premium License Why am I continuously having to Install and receive invalid license             Crystal Jordan
I have tried all the uninstall and reinstall steps document but it simple refuses to recognise thd license Please refund as I will find another way to download the full res files     Does not work Greg Pedder
I really had hoped this would work It did for awhile then nothing It disappeared so I downloaded it again phone says it s here on it But I m most positive my favorite color is not clear and my favorite smell is not water It s not on my phone period     Ha april H
They r saying that I can move my photos from on album to another but it just fake It doesn t work They cheated with me Because of this I bought this and after buying this I het to know that it was not worthed     Giriraj
If you spend hours every day browsing Picasa maybe this is worth purchasing But I just wasted seven times what I usually spend on an app in hopes that I could use this to organize my Picasa folder Turns out that s not part of the app s capability A seven dollar app can t do what I can just use Google for I want my money back     Waste of money Scottie Moser
Could not get it to do anything other than play content this price is outrageous 5 stars if I have my account refunded     Terrible Lisa Rhoades
Shame on you I paid you for a premium licence and now with the latest updates find that I can no longer enter a description for my photos It says Connection to Picasa has failed I have to use Google Photos to add descriptions which Picasa can read but no longer edit You had ever thing going for us even the ability to organize albums alphabetically a great organizational asset but now you ve taken a step backward And since I PAID for this app I feel you ve cheated me You took my money and made it worse PLEASE FIX THIS     RR Louis

G.PicasaTool Premium License Demo Premium LicenseG.PicasaTool Premium License Demo Premium LicenseG.PicasaTool Premium License Demo Premium LicenseG.PicasaTool Premium License Demo Premium License

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