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Mobidia Technology , the publisher behind many Android apps (My Data Manager Free ,My Data Manager (no ads)), brings My Data Manager Free with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. My Data Manager Free apps has been update to version 2.4.6 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • An additional feature to show..
  • Really nice with user friendly graphical presentation..
  • Manage my data usage and control My excess bill thanks my data manager..
  • App does a great job of keeping track of real time data..
  • Love the different views and reporting..

Overall Satisfactionc86
Best data manager ever I have download and its free.
It was having error message " data manager suddenly stopped".
This is hands down the best data monitoring app out there.
Built in Data Monitor was precise Uninstalled.
It's my favorite application that measure data correctly thanks to developer.
The best in its class Application.
Very good app highly recommended.
HTC Amaze with Ice Cream Sandwich.
Better than the stock ics and jb data usage.
Monitors activity much better than the built -in on my nexus 4.
Fun & Engagingc80
This is is an awesome data management app one can have.
Awesome data manager and very accurate.
Awesome and accurate.
Real time tracking - More up to date than carrier's reports.
Very useful information presented in whichever way you want.
This app has been really useful for keeping be below that amount.
Tells me everything i need to know about my data consumption.
Keeps track of everything my phone does on data or Wi-Fi.
It's an essential tool for anybody with a data cap.
It's very helpful and accurate.
Production Valuesc53
Although I did prefer the old interface to be honest.
I miss the old interface.
very clever and clear interface.
intuitive and clear interface.
Ease of Usec77
suberb app with excellent interface and very easy to setup and use.
Great simple app with plenty options Best data counter i found.
Easy to configure and has multiple screens with different info.
Simple effective and easy.
easy interface.
Excellent clear easy.
Very informative and easy to customize to your data plan.
Still havent reached my self- set data limits.
monthly or according to your set data plan.
Does not let you reset data usage after every new month.
Ads not Intrusivec40
Security & Privacyc62
Updates & Supportc29
Battery usage : My Data Manager - 57% Screen - 14% Android OS - 9%.
Verry good simple and easy to use not draining battery.

1 app for planning data usage on Android devices. found in 5 reviews
very useful app for controlling your data traffic. found in 5 reviews
The best in its class Application. found in 6 reviews
Really helps me keep track of my usage to avoid overages. found in 21 reviews
Helps me save money which is great with those twisted companies. found in 28 reviews
Very accurate and reliable test. found in 9 reviews
On a limited data plan its a great money saver. found in 21 reviews
your own phone may also have a data calculator. found in 5 reviews
Either way this app is a must for data management. found in 118 reviews
I know where I stand in terms of my monthly allowance. found in 5 reviews
Otherwise great data management tool. found in 6 reviews
Tells you how much data you have used either mobile or WiFi. found in 15 reviews
But it doesn't have auto disable data when limit is reached. found in 20 reviews
Please set a " Clear data " under mobile data. found in 7 reviews
The widget now goes away and counter resets to zero. found in 13 reviews
Last update sucks. found in 7 reviews
Latest update cause my phone System UI error. found in 5 reviews
but I don't like the changes in the last update. found in 2 reviews
It would be nice if there were a reset button. found in 7 reviews
There is no way to exclude certain apps from data tracking. found in 15 reviews
but for the persistent notification icon in the status bar. found in 28 reviews
Why do you want to read sensitive log data. found in 6 reviews
Uninstalling until earlier version restored. found in 6 reviews
but I'd love to have a 1x1 widget. found in 8 reviews
New update sucks. found in 7 reviews
it just stopped keeping track of data usage after that. found in 5 reviews
x it's always using CPU and killing my battery. found in 9 reviews
The app got incorrect data aft updated it. found in 11 reviews
for the slightly inaccurate data read. found in 8 reviews
Too many permissions for my liking. found in 6 reviews
Please include the option to merge Mobile and Roaming data usage. found in 5 reviews
data usage is reset to zero. found in 13 reviews
so it does not disable data when reaching the limit. found in 20 reviews
I've barely used over 800mb. found in 13 reviews
but I'll be uninstalling due to the notification icon being forced. found in 28 reviews
Not working on dual sim mode. found in 23 reviews
Incorrect data calculations on my Note3. found in 11 reviews
Give option to display current total usage through ongoing notification. found in 12 reviews
But I can't move the app to the sd card. found in 21 reviews
but I keep inputting my cycle start date and hitting save. found in 22 reviews
If you're going to update /upgrade something. found in 17 reviews
showing the annoying persistent notification icon. found in 21 reviews
Does not add mobile and WiFi data correctly. found in 12 reviews
No option to have mobile usage show in notification drawer. found in 27 reviews
Doesn't show data that the phone used before installing app. found in 16 reviews
Doesn't work while background data disabled. found in 16 reviews
Built in Data Monitor was precise Uninstalled. found in 17 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download My Data Manager Free for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new My Data Manager Free app version 2.4.6 has been updated on 2014-11-04. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.2 and up

Take control of your mobile data - save money & use your plans more effectively.Take control of your mobile data. Monitor app data usage for your home and roaming plans. Set usage alarms to manage ...

Application is not accurately reporting data used major difference between OS and this app the app doesn t stay open so stay tracking is only based on when the user opens the app and doesn t captured the data already recorded by the OS and the alerts for exceed day limits do not happen immediately always 30 mins later Reported these as defects with no resolution     Bruce Kearney
This is a great app However once I installed Android 10 and then subsequently updated the my data manager app it cannot find my data plan I went back and found my data pin but every time I enter it it says Pin not verified Please make sure you are connected to the internet and try again Tried on multiple WiFi networks as well as over LTE and got that same message every time Please fix                 Bill Ellis
I m using this app since one year but form one week onwards it s showing wrong data usage info I m unable to consume my daily data because of wrong info many times I m lossing data Feeling angry     Suri innocent
I ve recently updated my pixel 3 to Android 10 Q and have noticed this app has stopped recording data usage Is this a common issue If so please advise if when there is likely an update the app for Android 10 Q compatibility Edit it works now I had to delete and reinstall the app                     Alvin Chiu
Not bad but i d love to have ability to setup a high usage alert where i could give it amount of data over time to alert me on say 100MB in 1hr Many times I had a phone stay on mobile data either because I did not turn on wifi or something with wifi went wrong and i ended up using way more data than i wanted If this feature is not there I might have missed it it would be a great add to otherwise very good app I am using it on android 9 with googleFI                     Grzegorz Tokarski
Best data manager I found Very accurate unlike other apps I also like the widget Problem with the Motorola G7 was fixed recently                     Thomas Boehm
REVIEW UPDATED TO 1 STAR does not tally correctly for shared plans which was the whole reason I downloaded this I contacted support to which I received no response so very close to perfect amazing how easy it is to see how yourself and others in your group plan are using data and it doesnt seem to mulch your data or use a ton of battery i think the only thing missing is being able to manage others in a group plan itd be nice to force notifications and also see their data usage in detail     Terrence W. Funk
It was just as easy as install and go it keeps a eye on what s going on in the backround and letting you know if you need to interact                     Jesse Munoz
It does exactly what I need it to do Nothing more to say really Update Slight downgrade to 4 stars as I ve had some issues with the app in a dual SIM setup getting it to measure usage on the pre paid data SIM that I was using temporarily while on holiday outside the EU It worked fine at first but then stopped measuring usage on SIM 2 after a reboot and nothing I tried got it to see it again But it s been great in a normal set up                 George Hegarty
This was a brilliant app I absolutely loved it It monitored usage so well and gave you clear graphs to see where your data was going It had a wonderful notification that stayed in your notification bar to tell you how much you had left and how much you could use a day But I got a new phone and when I downloaded it it had updated and no longer works The persistent notification goes away and then it does not record my data anymore I hope they fix it and bring it back to normal soon     Ben Leslie
I ve been using this app for the past 2 years with great success however ever since I updated my phone to Android 10 the app has been not working at all I had to re enter all my login info and settings and ever since that it has not been working or tracking any of my data usage Please help     Trent Morris
Very helpful and has a great notification bar as well but it needs better management of prepaid plans Lack of auto renewal feature means that you must enter each month manually and app has no awareness of 30 day plans which are common Update 1 star because it keeps asking me to rate the app after I ve already done so Very annoying             Rob Allen
Working perfectly in my phone until I changed to android 9 It stopped monitoring my data usage when I updated to android 9 Does your bug fix for android 10 covers 9 as well         Januario Samson
One of the only usefull accurate data management systems for Android The data manager in the settings is very inaccurate for most devices it says 2 98gb when ive only used 2 3gb hopefully they don t use your personal information and sell it but otherwise its an amazing service overall                     Jordan Cowan
Very happy I m not a very tech savvy person but I was able to figure this app out and its pretty flipping close to what my cable company is saying Now that they re using by the gig and yes a terabyte for me 3 months ago I wasn t even close to that much now all of a sudden I m going over so I needed something that s independent from my cable company and this worked just fine Thank you                     Barbara Johnson
Solid and reliable this application just beavers away doing that which is required of it One of my most useful utilities I do wonder if just perhaps some of the under reporting issues to which others refer might be due to their phones killing the process UPDATE 12th May Why remove the option to set more comfortable darker colours A crazy bit of pointless meddling loose 2 stars         Tyke Yorks
Works Amazingly Saved my but from high cost many times now Thanks My Data Manager                     Hamilton H Hiott
Right now the widget appears blank everytime I reset my phone and I have to delete and create the widget again Otherwise it works ok         Leo Green
Every time I see an update I check the details make a backup and eventually reluctantly tap the update button wondering what are you going to chop off this time One can rarely see a dev dropping off features that everyone loved with such ease and indifference we know you loved the dark theme but we removed it anyways Like I said from worse to worst Now your improvements made the fonts ridiculously small Voila Do they have zero stars for these reviews     Cosmin Nahaiciuc
Since a few months Data usage has been inaccurate while using a Shared plan My data usage is accurate while my girlfriend s phone always says its using WAY more data than it actually is 10gb instead of 500mb for example Both on an S10             Steph Goneau
Very good app tells where i am spending my data and wifi very precisely and accurately                     Priyangshu Dutta
Just switched from MDM 7 7 7 on KitKat now on a new phone to V8 5 0 u0026 am rather frustrated Why does V8 5 not turn off mobile data any more when a set alarm has been triggered like V7 7 did That was THE key feature of MDM Now being stuck with only an alarm going off in the new version is rather pointless in comparison u0026 likely reason for me to ditch MDM on the new phone altogether         C L
It s ok but not great Doesn t allow accurate tracking of WiFi data Your cell phone has a billing cycle date which is different from your internet provider You need to be able to set a different billing cycle date for WiFi                 Stephen Coste
app is great just some more features like excluding some apps data usage from my Plan because i have one drfault data plan and one facebook or Youtube plan which gives me data to use only on those apps so i would like to exclude those apps data from the total data usage and please add the option to automatically turn off the mobile data as soon as i am going to hit the data limit because otherwise my Service Provider will eat all the Pre Paid loaded balance from my mobile account                     Mohsin Khan
Good app although it shows data consumption on my tablet which has no connection             png knst
Great app Gives full control over data usage Essential if streaming                     David Mueller
Update app stopped tracking mobile data after updating to Android 10 great app useful and unobtrusive lots of settings so you can track data usage on the same schedule as your carrier     Eric Guth
I like having a visual of my data and being able to set my own data budget I pay by the gig and I try to keep to just one This even sets me up a daily limit which is very useful Over all this app is doing lots of cool things to help me keep my phone bill down                     Samantha Ryan
One star since the latest update must regularly input my data usage and its kinda annoying unlike the previous it record almost accurately my hourly daily data usage which was nice fix that you ll hv 5 stars from me Device Xiaomi mi 9     Boon Teo
Last year this app was accurate but not now There are days in history it s saying I ve used no data which isn t true and also it inaccurately reports my monthly usage a massive amount less than other apps Also i liked dark mode so why s it been removed     Whiffy
Broken since update to Android 10 Pixel 3 user here Monitors WIFI but not mobile data which is most useful to me Was working fine previously and would give 5 starts otherwise     Christian B-H
Once you get it figured out it works pretty well Nice app                 Alex Klein
It is a good app Down fall is It doesn t support dual sim card functionality I want to monitor both of my data sim consumption Please make this new feature             Michael Boaquina
This app stopped working for me after I upgraded to Android 10 I m on a Pixel 3 and I confirmed all permissions It doesn t see any mobile data usage anymore     Brian Williams
Allows quick and accurate record of data usage Highly recommended for control of your data allowance and easy to use                     A Google user
Useful tool for keeping track on data usage Has stopped me running out of data in the last few days of the month                     Martin Holliday
Very handy seeing daily usage at a glance saves by telling you when your mobile data is running out and going to cost you more                     Bob Bell
Generally useful loads a bit too slow though and keeps reminding me to rate the app when I ve already given it five stars months ago             Han Kang
I like the app because I can change the data from ATu0026T data usage if the app widget is not showing my correct usage Plus it includes wifi usage The widget can be far better if it could be transparent                     Scott Ivlow
Says ive used 41174GB in a month Checked the proper value to be about 18GB Unacceptable for a data counter Epic fail considering it supposed to count data Worthless app     Buggy Unaccurate Avoid
I would like to have an option to add an extra internet package to my consumption instead of having to put in a new total              Very good
Since the latest update doesnt detect any data usage now my datas overused without me realising it until checking my carrier app     Doesnt work
great app but I cant figure out how to change the widget from showing how much data I have used to how much data I have remaining on my plan              need help with widget
It tells me what I need to know It keeps track of data usage and presents it in many useful userdefined reports I can easily see which apps chew up data Thank you for a fantastic app I am on a tight plan and this app is invaluable                 Brilliant
Gave up on builtin data management app too unreliable My Data Manager gives me the reliability and accuracy I need to manage my data plan                 Reliable and Accurate
The tool is fine but the cycle need add minute value such as 18h20m There is only one option for hour not both hour and minute           Need add more options for time
App is good and works close to flawlessly however I like having the widget on my home screen and its design seems to have been left behind when compared to the rest of the app A nice material design overhaul with a nice white background would certainly be appreciated Otherwise thanks and keep up the good work              Great but needs MD Widget
Works good use phone for sons home schooling I can keep track see where Im at does what is says just wish it had more functions             
This is my No 1 data app It had a little hiccup after one update but I must say its a keeper for the future and with a reintroduction of a dark theme Im really pleased                 So accurate ud83dude0a
I have been using this app since I got my Samsung Galaxy S4 few years back It is quite accurate in tracking the data usage The best function is that it is able to alert you when you exceeded the daily budget so that you will not overuse                 Love it
Hello guys I just rated 5 stars cuz definitely you deserve it I just hope that anyone can help explain what is forecast usage is and why it is consuming a huge mount of GBs Ive looked it up everywhere but couldnt find anything please help before it consumes my data plan                 HELP
Display is intuitive and clean warning messages are helpful and unobtrusive It does everyone thing it should and nothing that it shouldnt                 Great app
App is an absolute must if you want to manage your data and not go over your monthly data limit                 Best data plan management app
This is a great app for keeping track of mobile data usage It will be invaluable for anyone on a contract with a restricted data plan As well as recording usage during the current billing cycle it predicts likely usage by the end of the cycle Easy to set up and understand                 Great app easy to use and understand
App worked great until 2 weeks ago Now it crashes literally every 3 minutes Garbage app with no supportupdates from developer     Useless
I have a limited amount of monthly data and not much access to WiFi so this really helps me stay within my limit and helps track which appssites to avoid without having WiFi                 Does its job well
Set your bill dates and forget U get ample warnings Definitely need this app in Australia where we have the worlds poorest value 4G Data packages                 Invaluable
It gives very much info all i can ask for But it is consuming a looooot of memory and cpu usage its constantly restarting Not running as smoothly as in the beginning somethings wrong and my battery runs down fast bcoz of this Im gonna have to uninstall it only bcoz of this Plz fix it and ill b back                 Very nice prog but you have to fix it
Per app exclusions is great                 Works great could be more
Time base data uses bhi show karne ka option hona chahiye Jashe ios main hai                 Very good
This app is a daily necessity for me Using this app and clean master I can track and eliminate apps that are eating data It also tracks roaming data and WiFi usage                 Indispensable tool
It monitors the data used nicely I check it everyday as I am not allowed to use wifi at work due to security concerns This app helps me budget my data usage                 Excellent data monitoring app
App shows screen telling me to accept Terms and Privacy policy but wont let me past it to view and set plans Usage icon still shows in settings though Moto G 4G Lollipop     Broken by recent update
my current provider has 3 plans 1 10 days 2 30 days 3 90 days The provider automatically charging money at the end of the cycle and unused data purged before the beginning of the next cycle Could you add 90 days into selection of the plan or customize the parameter and give users to change this number           Update the data plan please
Doesnt come up after last update I updated this application and it just doesnt work it only shows the glasses and tie it doesnt load beyond that no usage status on the notification bar please find a quick solution to this        Doesnt come up after last update
The warnings display and ease of use are excellent After running this app for the past several months I have noticed on a battery monitoring app that this one consumes 39 of battery Wish I could keep it but not at that consumption        Works great but KILLS my battery
I use this app with a shared plan with the family Its really cut down on our data usage Its like a game between ask of us now to see who uses the least data I really like being able to see which apps are using the most data                 Awesome app
This app is great for the nontech folks when it comes to data useage Easy to read displays and warning system I put it on all my families phones Latest version is even easier to use than older versions                 Great app for datadummies
Really helps me manage a plan with data tiers Excellent for that with terrific presentations showing which apps are using data It has a few rough edges in otherwise good looking ui Setting beginning and end dates of a custom cycle is very confusing Otherwise terrific app              Truly helpful app with a few rough edges
This app used to be great They did an update recently and it refuses to run on my phone It just keeps giving the error message that it quit running Samsung galaxy S5     My data manager
Clean Master continually flags this app for high battery and high CPU usage Will keep the app but on this old phone a performance hit is that much worse Beyond that good app           HIGH CPU and batt usage
I have recently gone onto a 1gb data restricted plan on my mobile This app allows me to keep tabs on the data I use                 Superb app
Has anyone read what they collect Not only location traffic IP addresses but also which apps and websites you are using and for how long And thats not all     Privacy nightmare
Have used this app for a couple of years at least Really glad att told me about it I should pay closer attention to it                 GREAT
Its nice to monitor data usage This App does not occupy more space as well Hence mobile performance is unaffected with this app I loved it                 Loved it
So this is an incredibly clean app and for all intents and purposes should be a 5 star but every so often maybe once a week I need to readjust the Cell Data usage cause sometimes it just wipes it out Now I cant adjust my WiFi data numbers so when the numbers reset I lose out on my WiFi data numbers Basically a fix needs to roll out that addresses the data clear issue cause that happening defeats the purpose of the app              Awesome app with no ads But
Breaks down data usage WiFi and roaming by app which is very useful Ability to set 30 day plans which the data usage tracker under settings in lollipop doesnt allow A recent update allows for zero rated apps which is a nice addition Is very accurate currently data usage is only showing 05 higher than my EE app is reporting                 Great app with no annoying ads
One less thing for me to think about Lets me know when my data is done Great app                 Great app
I rely on this app to keep me from data overages and expensive bills Its close to perfect accurate and easy to use The widget is always on my home screen                 Data limits Get this app

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