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Aviary , the publisher behind many Android app (Purikura Fun! ,Aviary Effects: Nostagia Pack ,Aviary Photo Editor (Plugin) ,Aviary Effects: Grunge Pack ,Aviary Free Stickers), brings Aviary Photo Editor (Plugin) with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Aviary Photo Editor (Plugin) app has been update to version 3.2.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Probably one of the best photo editing apps I habe come across so far..
  • Helps me create beautiful pictures in sometimes less than five minutes..
  • easy to use plus with some pretty cool filters..
  • Its an amazing app probably the best picture editing app ever..
  • Aviary is by far the BEST photo enhancing app I've ever used..
Overall Satisfaction click me 89
Probably one of the best photo editing apps I habe come across so far.
Aviary one of the best photo editor for android & ios.
This does not work at all for android phones it sucks.
Its fantastic the only defect it should have more free stuff.
Needs more free stickers to apply on pix.
The best photo editor in play store even better than instagram.
Just wish tht there were more free effect filters :.
Thanks Aviary for helping me make my photos look amazing.
m fully statisfied with its amazing effects nd tools.
My pics come out so good and i love the meme generator.
Fun & Engaging click me 93
An awesome photo editor for android that gives u lot of options.
Really Great Experience to Editing photos on this software.
Its fantastic the only defect it should have more free stuff.
Needs more free stickers to apply on pix.
Just wish tht there were more free effect filters :.
Loads of fun to play around with and add effects etc.
I just started using it and love it use it all the time for my pics.
Usefulness click me 60
Really a fantastic and useful photo editing app for all.
I got everything free because of that Adobe ID promo.
Great useful tools even in the free version.
Family Friendly click me 99
its One SEXY App :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D.
Sexy app fr editing pics.
Social Aspects click me 100
A must have for posting your selfies to social media.
I love this app very good for social media.
Production Values click me 70
Need some more effects that r available on windows phone.
Please don't charge more for more effects.
I like this apps and was hoping still can give more free effects ~~~.
Very easy interface with great results in a jiffy.
Ease of Use click me 83
It's clean and very easy to use with great results.
Very simple photo editor for quickly making great shots amazing.
Very easy interface with great results in a jiffy.
Its absolutely free for use and amazingly easy to use.
its very easy and effective.
Security & Privacy click me 88
Love it and Adobe account holders get all plugins.
With Adobe account everything is actually free.



If you are Android owner,you now can download Aviary Photo Editor (Plugin) for free from Google Play Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Aviary Photo Editor (Plugin) app version 3.2.1 has been updated on 2014-01-16. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.2 and up








This is by far the best photo editer iv ever used. found in 995 reviews
If you like MS Paint you must love Aviary Photo Editor. found in 1028 reviews
thanks to the maker who done such mind blowing contribution. found in 43 reviews
One of the best image editing app on any mobile device. found in 64 reviews
Best picture ediTor or there simple easy use and great effects. found in 164 reviews
The best photo editing program in both Samsung ans Apple applications. found in 64 reviews
This is the best picture editting app i've ever had. found in 20 reviews
Makes all my pictures look professional and beautiful. found in 45 reviews
love photo editor by aviary help us beta test new releases. found in 1029 reviews
One of the best photography apps that you could find. found in 25 reviews
I love this app its the best pic editor app so far. found in 103 reviews
This is the best photo editing application that I have used so far. found in 1009 reviews
Very useful to make your picture more beautiful. found in 33 reviews
Perfect for enhancing photos with several filters and frames to choose from. found in 29 reviews
My pics come out so good and i love the meme generator. found in 18 reviews
Thanks Aviary for helping me make my photos look amazing. found in 18 reviews
It has everything I could ever need in a mobile photo editor. found in 992 reviews
Great and user friendly photo enhancement app. found in 31 reviews
It offers some powerful photo editing tools with an easy user interface. found in 1062 reviews
Works really good the best photo editing app on the market. found in 984 reviews
Effects are great but it lack collage option. found in 33 reviews
Needs more free content but a great app. found in 69 reviews
It would be perfect if it would bunch multiple photos together. found in 12 reviews
even the fix red eye was showd nothg chnged. found in 11 reviews
If only more free effect packs were available to download. found in 55 reviews
But can't store edited photos to the sd card. found in 38 reviews
Please add Noise reduction feature and it should be free. found in 7 reviews
All the changes I make get erased after I save the picture. found in 36 reviews
this needs an undo button to step back through each effect applied. found in 16 reviews
i cant install new packages and also can't restore old packages. found in 7 reviews
The blemish fix and teeth whitener are the best inventions ever. found in 30 reviews
But the blemish tool won't save after use. found in 94 reviews
Output folder selection would be nice IMO though. found in 7 reviews
nice app but with problem in Arabic language :. found in 9 reviews
however looks like it does not have a simple resize tool. found in 11 reviews
plz fix the non - user friendly text editor interface. found in 9 reviews
Just needs an undo button and a vignette tool. found in 126 reviews
but cannot figure out how to make red eye reduction work. found in 6 reviews
except for the fact that a undo option was made available. found in 40 reviews
but the blemish/blurring tool doesn't save. found in 11 reviews
But unfortunately now the blemish tool is terrible. found in 94 reviews
frames and effects anymore. found in 14 reviews
Do not like the update blemish feature. found in 19 reviews
On my Droid Turbo can't center red eye removal without using zoom. found in 14 reviews
This app sucks unless you buy all the add-ons. found in 15 reviews
Great app but won't allow me to save edited pics. found in 10 reviews
I hate how it makes you download stickers and frames. found in 10 reviews
No undo/ redo button. found in 10 reviews
Not to mention it's screwing with my SD card contents. found in 38 reviews
I shouldn't have to install some other file manager. found in 21 reviews
Couldn't even save the picture app kept freezing. found in 36 reviews
Compromises picture quality and blemish fix ultimately doesn't even work. found in 30 reviews
It doesn't even have a resize Tool. found in 11 reviews
Blemish tool doesn't save correctly. found in 11 reviews
You have to download everything and it's just annoying. found in 8 reviews
All I wanted was to simply fix red eye. found in 11 reviews
The red eye eliminator doesn't work anymore. found in 125 reviews
No red eye remover. found in 12 reviews
Does not allow red eye removal. found in 17 reviews

Aviary /
Date Ver./ Last Updated:
2.2 and up

Android App Aviary Photo Editor (Plugin) 3.2.1

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