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Google Inc. , the publisher behind many Android apps (Google Earth ,Google Offers ,YouTube ,Google Maps ,Panoramio Uploader ,Google Moderator), brings Chrome Beta with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Chrome Beta apps has been update to version Varieswithdevice with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Still the best internet browser ever known to humanity..
  • Tab management and the simplicity of the interface is just awesome..
  • Search tools such as time filtering now fixed..
  • I like the sync features and the full screen mode..
  • Still love the synchronisation between mobile and desktop version of Chrome..

Overall Satisfactionc70
Still the best browser out there for me.
Best browser but crashes when copying url every time.
Best browser for android afterall father of android is google.
It was my favorite browser for Android until all these issues.
Adobe is dropping flash support for all mobile applications.
No flash support while the latest firefox supports flash.
Beside that I love using Chrome Browser on my Android Phone.
I love Google Chrome more than Microsoft Internet Explorer for internet browsing.
I normally love google chrome but this is stupid.
My chrome the best browser thanks Google play.
Thanks Google for screwing us custom ROM users over.
nice browsing and downloading speed and also better than Firefox browser.
Google exceeds in creating the best search engine available.
The best search website but the dumbest search app.
Fun & Engagingc67
Otherwise it is an awesome browser in terms of functionality.
Google chrome is awesome it works faster and better than other browsers.
Social Aspectsc16
Ease of Usec92
Fast Simple and user friendly.
Fast simple and light.
I did a factory reset and re-installed chrom.
I've noticed that Chrome is MUCH slower than the stock browser.
Security & Privacyc30
The browser is asking for sync password.
I know I'm putting in the correct password to my account.
I can through my gmail account sync my bookmarks.
Updates & Supportc16
Is there a way of bringing extensions to the Android version.
Swipe left to go back to previous page AND reader view.
so much battery usage and always creating a humongous cache.
The browser would not be using that much battery.

its simple and cool browser. found in 18 reviews
This is the best web browser by far for android. found in 96 reviews
Google exceeds in creating the best search engine available. found in 24 reviews
Slow than browser Google version in nexus device. found in 89 reviews
It is now super fast and fluid to use. found in 16 reviews
Opening sites like Huffpo and CNN is just blazing fast. found in 31 reviews
It does not play flash videos and does not support flash. found in 45 reviews
Just needs flash support and hideable address bar for 5 stars. found in 537 reviews
It should only open existing tabs n should not open new tabs. found in 676 reviews
Can't open links from Facebook anymore since update. found in 84 reviews
No exit button or way to clear history at exit. found in 184 reviews
It loads web pages quickly but still doesn't support flash. found in 174 reviews
Still relatively slow page loading than other browsers. found in 74 reviews
This update introduced a flickering bug when I have multiple tabs open. found in 263 reviews
It doesn't support flash player solve this problem i'll give you 5star. found in 174 reviews
Always load pages repetitively if i switch between tabs. found in 174 reviews
Would love desktop user agent option and flash support. found in 116 reviews
Flash player not working for nseindia Web page. found in 343 reviews
Since the new update Chrome keeps shutting itself down. found in 248 reviews
Sometimes I open Chrome with half the screen BLACK. found in 191 reviews
Won't open tabs the first time I link to them. found in 239 reviews
Please cosider providing the move to SD card option. found in 121 reviews
please introduce capability to move to SD card in d near future. found in 121 reviews
Chrome crashes whenever I copy something from it. found in 150 reviews
After recent update chrome is crashing many times. found in 248 reviews
Unable to Switch between Tabs and no gestures. found in 446 reviews
Would prefer if the address bar could hide / unhide. found in 731 reviews
Freezes my Moto Razor and HTC One M8. found in 303 reviews
The new update sucks and broke the internet. found in 308 reviews
Deleted my open tabs and it's useless right now. found in 239 reviews
Please return back switching between tabs by swaping it is now sucks. found in 309 reviews
Great like that PC Desktop version but crashes very frequently. found in 383 reviews
No flash support while the latest firefox supports flash. found in 537 reviews
My galaxy note isnt eveb compatible which realli sux. found in 369 reviews
Nexus 7 2013 reboots randomly when using chrome. found in 407 reviews
Unless this gets fixed and fast I'll be reverting back to firefox. found in 230 reviews
" I have stopped using Chrome until this issue is fixed. found in 355 reviews
Problems with security updates on my samsung galaxy s3 since this update. found in 238 reviews
until you got rid of swipe to change tabs in the lollipop update. found in 341 reviews
The newest update let's me " open new tabs. found in 676 reviews
Switching between tabs I'd almost impossible now. found in 309 reviews
After updating the chrome browser I can no swipe between tabs. found in 320 reviews
Still has no flash player capabilities on Samsung s4. found in 343 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Chrome Beta for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version Varieswithdevice has been released on 2014-01-16. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 4.0 and up

The speed and simplicity of Chrome, now on your Android phone and tablet.Browse fast on your Android smartphone or tablet, and bring your personalized Chrome experience with you anywhere you go. Chrome for Android is ...

I am always leary of updates They generally come with a pricetag 1 Bugs need to be worked out 2 Issues not thought through become visible or worst of all 3 Useful features are removed One has to wonder if updates are thoroughly tested by R u0026 D prior to release Of if the end user becomes the quality control department         daniel bruce
I keep getting pop up ads when I m doing basic things on my phone such as camera phone call facebook It will open a new window in chrome with an ad I called samsung and have factory reset my phone a week ago Now having the issue again I called samsung back and they say its chrome browser So looks like I may need to uninstall chrome browser Tried to find a customer support number for chrome but no luck     Joan Peters
Despite the ease of usage and good recommendations for the news Google Chrome Fast u0026 Secure is a huge application that takes a large amount of device data on my smartphone This app is estimated to take up to 100MB and it makes the other apps become slow and laggy Installing Chrome Beta was not helpful as I expected when I though it would consume less device data Please make a new update to reduce the size of this app or enable option to move to SD card storage     Daniel Brailsford
Ridiculous I ve been using Chrome since forever and for the first time I m experiencing bugs The app stops if I switch apps and switch back scroll stops functioning all of a sudden in social media sites downloads take forever to finish WITH the fast download thing I might have to switch to other browsers if this isn t fixed asap     Srikanth Vamsi
I have a Google Pixel 2 and not until I made the decision to fully use the Google Apps that are installed on it from the start did I really start experiencing the real potential of what a smart phone can do I wish Photos didn t use so much data and Maps wasn t trying to turn my Locations on all the time but other than that 5 Stars Google Thanks                     Tyler Green
Very disappointing considering chrome is the go to browser for pcs For mobile however it is very lacking There is no option for customization or night mode the white colour scheme physically hurts your eyes when opened at night Chrome has also been lousy at coming up with innovative updates and partnerships with 3rd party extensions such as ad blockers etc This could have 5 stars because it is very stable and easy to use but too lazy and conceited is chrome mobile s downfall         Avaria Sylvercrest
Why navigation panel is not completely going away while watching full screen videos in google chrome or any browser Even after hidding natigation panel there s small white stupid line remains on the edge of the screen which is very annoying Pls remove it asap in next update So many people are facing the same issue It is seriously messed up Takes away all the fun I am using android 9 on samsung s10 and tab s4     ameya pachhade
As soon as I open it my whole phone freezes up OnePlus 6 It is definitely capable of loading a Web browser and it takes up to 20 seconds to get to a usable state which still lags and stops every time I press Switching to new browser It was never like this a year ago what has happened     Alex Hill
This browser is one of the best ever created and truly one of the fastest and easiest ever Also this app is an excellent alternate to safari for all of you apple headz out there To thee an ode Safari is fine but it s abilities are fair But when Safari can reach a site we all saddle up Chrome get there Hee haw I took a star becuase i had spend a litte time researching how to turn off all the ways google allows access to your peronal Info Look for many of them on YouTube Have fun                 Kevin Byrnes
The app can probably drive and it would not be a big surprise for me I have been trying to explore the wide range of capabilities of Google Chrome amazeig parts of and there in Technology are endless to myself due to fact of upgrade and feedback from it s use and design also capabilities to help my self in areas that are pleasure and business sign User Nathan M Hickman                     Nathan Hickman
Everything is perfect and this browser is one of the most used browsers like I d say Firefox However to use this browser on a tablet its so bad My tablet is not a phone so why aren t the open tabs showing across the screen above the address bar like the desktop It shows it on Firefox It keeps giving me this phone version and it looks really bad on a tablet             AceStar68
After the last update browser never loads websites on my one plus 7 pro It seems to not want to work when using my data All other apps work just fine even using Firefox seems to be alright But for some reason websites when using chrome won t work It s fine when using WiFi Just not when using data     Hooge
Worst homepage design ever Doesn t offer the simple add webpage icon to homepage function There s an add to home screen option which is completely random adds the webpage as a separate app to your phone and occasionally also adds icon to the actual Chrome homepage after 100 tries A joke from the developers     Sunny Yang
Updated and now won t load anything Just freezes on blank screen Cleared cache restarted phone reinstalled app nothing has worked Update Went to the Chrome forum and still unable to resolve this issue Tried turning off dark theme no dice The only thing that has worked is uninstalling the new update     Corky Oddler
Almost good Android browser of course we can t expect Google to add integrated addblock I wish it can give sorting bookmark function based on date name esc it because when user save some bookmark although it has been save in a category user won t always remember that bookmark name especially like me who have many saved bookmark some are using same front alphabet so I just guessing which one I just saved today and I want to access that bookmark web again With date sorting I can find it easy             null
why can t chrome just hide the nav bar when I use the web players like it used to be on the older versions I have a 16 9 screen phone and the precense of the navigation bar there just make my eyes itch every time i see it it t so gos darn bright and also makes the video smaller so it s irritating I usually switch it back to the older version so I don t have to see it I can also use other browsers and it worked fine but I want to use Chrome so fix it please         Minh Giang Van
3 because I actually LIKE having a Smidge of Memory I paid for I know it handles a HUGE work load but good grief people Compress something Or zip it or whatever it is My Galaxy Tab has 16 gigs of data and when it got so slow it I could produce a handwritten doc faster than it loaded a web page I checked Over 14 gigs just CHROME After clearing every cache possible it went to 13 That s insane Either put a LOT more memory on devices or the option to move to SD Real world focus             Beth Price-Almeida
The UI update is super glitchy when trying to show all open tabs via drag down from the address bar 2 10 attempts work On a related note not being able to preview anything except the address text is annoying I don t have perfect recall If I ve got 5 tabs on the same topic open it was helpful to check the small thumbnail view u0026 find which tab I wanted Is there an option to switch back in settings EDIT To answer my own question yes there is It s in accessibility Simplified tabs             Sarah J
It s sometimes difficult and doesn t seem to come to the forefront when needed and don t always give you saved info the moment it s being requested but overall still one of my favs Chrome keeps your goods though Chrome can I get you to be a little more on point Saved info                 Allen Britt
With the latest few updates Chrome KEEPS CRASHING It s been doing this in the middle of important stuff like in the middle driving directions trying to check u0026change certain info of my own etc PLEASE FIX IT SOON IN GENERAL Chrome has been pretty good over the years                 HEY U GOOFBALL
Great browser but having heaps of stability issues with the last update it will often crash and also just won t open half the time This is more prevalent when using add to home screen shortcuts Edit clearing cache didn t fix issue installing latest update now and hoping for the best Edit 2 Too unstable to be usable on OnePlus 6 with latest stable release firmware         Jordan Groen
Last update has kind of broken chrome Tabs appear to freeze and you cant reload the page or scroll zoom Nothing happens Even typing a new adress does nothing Have to copy the link you was on and open in new tab and close the frozen link Also the Articles For You part is broken now It ll show a few but if you click view more they all disappear and there is a constant loading icon even after opening new tabs and force closing the app Articles eventually return randomly             Philip O'Shaughnessy
When the Google browser plays the video the content of the advertisement is switched When the video is loaded there will be an audio focus application The application will have a notification prompt There is always a notification sound but no notification can be seen which affects the user experience Hope you could help fix it thanks     Elena Gilbert
Ads ads ads Great app super useful except that the app doesn t allow extensions of any kind and the only adblocker they allow is the one that s attached to the browser which is about as effective as trying to plug a leak with toilet paper I d been happy about the ability to keep my bookmarks and stored passwords but that s not great when I can t see half the damned screen cause of video ads Guess its finally time to use firefox of all things         Goodpie2
USELESS GARBAGE Still no ad blocker Bookmark maintenance is clumsy and poorly supported Can not sort or reorder bookmarks Can not add folders to bookmarks Clearing browser cache and history is very clumsy ABSOLUTELY NO SUPPORT OR HELP OF ANY KIND FROM GOOGLE THEY ARE OBLIVIOUS TO WHAT IS GOING ON     Tony M
Chrome is a good browser but I gave it a 3 star rating because 1 I cannot import or export bookmarks and history between browsers as on Windows 10 2 I cannot edit the speed dial 3 I can share links from Android to desktop but not vice versa I never get links from desktop to Android which is really frustrating         Hedwig Pearl Baidoo
The new update is actually a downgrade I can t access the tab button and have to press the new tab option manually however I still can t switch between tabs Before when I close the app I can still access the tabs I left by the time I open it again But now the number of tabs restart to the last one I viewed The solution I found is to uninstall updates Now the tab button is working again but all my saved sites are gone         Sheenly Anne
Have always loved Chrome until this update After doing a search and clicking a web page such as an article the web pages opens with this AMP thing You have to press the on the bar press on the url all to load the web page in Chrome If you don t do that the web page will not scroll down This is a waste of time Why multiple clicks to open 1 link Please remove this feature     Andrew Woodson
I d really have rathered that you didn t bring the boring tab interface ever again but if you really want to use it put it on the settings menu and give us the choice to swap between it and the 3D interface It threw me off when I saw it on my phone again this morning when I hadn t touched a single option when it updated 4 days ago roughly Could you at least do that Please I need some kind of visual clue for my tabs not a line of text or dialogue             Aemiel Jan Resurreccion
somethings are not working I can t open new tabs and do more things in the app because they don t work only stuck in one page and if I want to change pages and more no why the app is not so good like it used to be it used to work perfectly I feel like the app is not at it s fullest potential it could be better way better     sam asam
Chrome is pretty much unusable the last year or two due to the constant freezing and crashing Whenever you complain about any google app instead of fixing it they just tell you to clear your cache Shouldn t have to do that every month to get your app to work correctly So sad to see every google developed application go down the toilet the last 2 3 years Also its 2019 and the long promised built in ad blocker in chrome still doesn t exist This is why people jump ship to apple     Sean Monk
The new update doesn t do good I keep getting this error message Aw Snap page crashes and other page loading errors I have cleared cache and cookies and browsing history I ve also used incognito tab I even reset Chrome and uninstall and reinstall it on my phone I ve also tried the desktop site but nothing works I even restart my phone but still it s not working I need to used a different browser to do what I have to do         Jamaica Garcia
Since I ve updated the articles for you has reappeared I ve had this disabled for years it s a distraction I don t need Ive since tried to disable it again and I m unable to since GOOGLE has retired the experiment that let you do this THANKS FOR NOTHING GOOGLE YOU SUCK     Mali Shabazz
The Google Chrome browser is good You get all of the bells and whistles that come with each update of app itself This is a very important part of the whole Google Chrome operating system and Google s suite of applications Very smooth and very robust The developers at Google have struck a balance between essential features and zen like speed But it is not perfect Every once in a while there will be the need for a patch or something to fix the quirks that happen with various devices                 Dana Murray
This week Sept 9 Sept 14 2019 the browser does not work properly on android It only loads the top of the page will not load all elements on the page and will not allow you to scroll Redownloading does not fix the issue neither does clearing cache and cookies It happens on multiple websites and I would like to have my favorite browser working properly again     J Beard
Love this app But i do have a tiny problem this lately I was arranging my android desktop and accidentally deleted Google Chrome s icon I still do have the app in my phone but its icon is no where to be found Please assist if there is a way i could get back Crome s icon to display on my phone s desktop Thank you so much                     Mista Sha7one
I tried to update the app since the older version indicates that it needs updating But sadly it got worse Too slow to load hard to refresh the page I just cant understand what happened The old version is better     Noah Andres
Chrome is almost the perfect browser Definitely the best there is It has a ton of features fast stable and syncs across devices I like the new feature to send tabs to other devices where you re signed into Chrome I just wish that you can change the name of those other devices They don t match what I ve named the mobile devices but it instead seems to take the model name of the device Also wished that it used less PC resources                 Brandon Frye

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