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CloudMosa Inc. , brings Puffin Web Browser with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Puffin Web Browser app has been update to version 3.0.10439 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
    Overall Satisfactionclick me83
    the best browser out there in the android market.
    Best flash browser available certinally worth 2 squids.
    Will be looking elsewhere for a flash browser.
    Love the Flash abilities and the sync with my Chrome account.
    Love it - Amazingly fast.
    Depends on what I'm trying to render.
    Free version wah better than paid app.
    This browser is incredibly fast and way better than chrome.
    Fun & Engagingclick me91
    This is the best most awesome browser ever.
    Awesome flash.
    Reliabilityclick me32
    Updates & Supportclick me26
    I'd be curious to know other users' experiences regarding customer service.
    but this Android version just doesn't cut it.



    The Puffin Web Browser is now available for 2,44 € for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Puffin Web Browser app version 3.0.10439 has been updated on 2014-11-24. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.2 and up








    Love this browser best browser for mobile devices hands down. found in 4 reviews
    the best browser out there in the android market. found in 101 reviews
    Much faster than Chrome & even faster than Opera Mini. found in 10 reviews
    good browser poor customer service. found in 7 reviews
    why tabs I've repeatedly closed keep reappearing the next time I open the browser. found in 5 reviews
    No need time to buy the full version for me. found in 1 reviews
    please simplify settings we don't needs game pad. found in 2 reviews
    Never connects always has server issues. found in 4 reviews
    Recently giving me lots of failed to connect with server crap. found in 10 reviews
    Very annoying and often unusable because of text reflow issue. found in 5 reviews
    Cool browser but they need to fix there bookmark options. found in 10 reviews
    Crashes everytime you try to open the browser. found in 7 reviews
    HTC One browser crashes every time I use flash. found in 6 reviews
    last update is suck. found in 1 reviews
    Pretty Good and fast but not playing embedded videos on websites. found in 1 reviews
    full screen mode doesn't load videos using their own towers/connectivity/speed. found in 10 reviews
    I am having trouble loading pages and using hyperlinks. found in 6 reviews
    but every time I update it it crashes more and more. found in 1 reviews
    Does not work with yahoo flash games. found in 1 reviews
    doesn't play full screen video like stock browser & Dolphin do. found in 14 reviews
    Keeps saying failed to connect to server. found in 11 reviews
    After attempting to download the software on multiple occasions. found in 9 reviews
    When I opened flash videos but unfortunately puffin has crashed. found in 73 reviews
    Does not play Amazon Instant Video titles. found in 8 reviews
    On Nexus 5 I was not able to play Amazon Instant Video. found in 7 reviews
    and the video quality is horrible. found in 6 reviews
    a lot of waiting to connect using this cloud browser. found in 10 reviews
    Does not always offer full screen mode. found in 10 reviews
    need to Fix. found in 10 reviews
    On a phone without flash this is the best                Awesome
    Do not waste your money on this crap Avengers alliance will not load amongst other things and if it does it crashes or it is very slow Paid for this program thinking it would be really good What it does apart from those errors it eats my data allocation because of reloading sites Hate this    Trash
    Its not perfect but its fast and saves data Flash works Does crash occasionally but not often Good purchase             Best for android imho
    Excellent app but Play in Fullscreen is unnecessary Please do a version for WindowsPhone Why do I need to Reconnect Server up to 3 times in 2 minutes             
    For flash browsers the best Beats flashfox hands down                LOVE IT
    Ive used many other browsers Puffin is my favorite mostly because flash support Sine the app runs thtough servers it kinda has bulit in proxy                Best
    Gret apps             
    Cant complain I like it    Cant complain
    Crashes all the time When it does work its full of ads Seriously its no different to the free version which is actually more stable Dont bother with this version total rip off    Give me my money back
    The best browser around                Always use this browser ud83dudc4dud83dudc4d
    Im very glad that this app existed                The best of the best
    Other browsers are catching up but its still the leader                Worth it
    fail to connect       
    Very nicefast and flash                
    Top app                
    Not happy at all this used to be great now it sucks a fat one Constantly disconnects and lags like a MF when it NEVER did before first update I can not watch videos at all now because when i press play they dont play and when I press theater all the videos I tried to play try and play all at once or some Bs and it blocks it I cant seem to fix it even with updating please fix uninstalled and now I lost all my bookmarks and saved pws and vids still dont work Connection timed out writing this in fact    PLEASE HELP ME FIX MY VIDEOS YOU POS
    Stopped working with club pogo wont let me sign in just says error after last update please fix because I use it all of the time       
    Adblocker needs to improve             
    The best                
    Absolutely loved it                Amazing
    Used to be awesome now constant crashes and refreshes bordering on being unusable       What happened
    Plays Flash                Best Android browser
    The Fastest by far                
    Its flash support awesome I love the browser for easy navigation and interface                One of the best mobile browser
    i like that the adblocking aspect of your browser seems to be working much better whereas beforei would still see a lot of ads and annoying popups and redirects now they are much less frequent of course there is still room to gothats why i gave it 4 instead of five starsbut keep going in this direction and i will end up using puffin plus almost exclusively             
    App keeps freezing and force closing even worse after update       Still freezing and fc
    Keeps crashing comes up with a black screen while to load marvel alliance    Not worth the money
    Best ever                
    This was a great browser but since the last update slow and unstable The costumer support isnt answering my emails and there answers usually arent very friendly or helpful Extremely disappointed used to be amazing now bad like the rest          Not as fast as it used to be
    downloads to Google Drive are triple fast                wicked wicked fast
    You really need to fix up this pop up blocker all you got is pop ups even when its on    Wow
    Puffin is my must have application on all my phonesand I used on daily basis keep it up guys many thanks                Love it
    Puffin is awesome                
    Worth every penny I use on my tablet and phone                Great
    Doesnt function properly I bought this app so I could do online class work on my tablet The flash player is not functioning with McGraw Hill Connect which makes this browser useless for me       Doesnt function properly
    Used to be good Hangs Note 4 lollipop    Note 4 Lollipop not working
    It works fine                
    Ive spent more time sendimg crash reports than actuall using the app    
    Every website that downloads perfectly love it                This is the best flash browser


    Date Ver./ Last Updated:
    2.2 and up
    2,44 €

    Android App Puffin Web Browser 3.0.10439

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