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OranginalPlan , the publisher behind many Android apps (Weaphones™ Gun Sim Free Vol 2 ,Weaphones™ Antiques Gun Sim), brings Weaphones™ Gun Sim Free Vol 2 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Weaphones™ Gun Sim Free Vol 2 apps has been update to version 1.3.0 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Weaphones™ Gun Sim Free Vol 2 is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Weaphones™ Gun Sim Free Vol 2 app version 1.3.0 has been updated on 2014-10-3. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.2 and up
More Info: Find more info about Weaphones™ Gun Sim Free Vol 2 in OranginalPlan`s Official Website : https://www.facebook.com/OranginalPlan

The creators of the most authentic mobile firearms simulator bring you next chapter with Weaphones: Firearms Simulator Mini Armory Vol 2Continuing our tradition of blending realism with fun, Volume 2 features all new weapons, from ...

Why does the camera flash lag including the phone when I fire a gun either horizontally on the phone s side or vertically upwards Although it does work when you fire while the phone is on a flat position but who fires like a gangster Please do update this demo immediately or I won t buy the full version And please do make sure the full version doesn t have this problem         Dem Dud
The SA80 isn t correct The button to release the working parts is in fact on the other side of the weapon The button to release the working parts that is being shown in game is actually what you use to keep the working parts back Due to this I can t be sure that the rest of the weapons have been made accurately either             Ben Hardy
Really good game realistic nice controls It s like operating a real gun but the only thing that I m way to annoyed about is the variety of weapons I ve uninstalled this game 4 times for that reason If you would fix that that d be great                 Cool Doge
It was a good app good experience and good guns however the problem was that when a new gun comes everyday one gun goes and you can t use it the second problem Very little guns please add more like WW2 but thanks for the app keep it up             A Google user
This game is worth an update and also some more customization of guns and grenades                     Ankit Pal
its the best game just wish they made more of these games for free but if they dont they are still awesome no matter what                     Brooke Crabtree
I love this game but I wish we could keep the free guns the daily ones I don t care if the system makes it so you can get the same thing over and over I would just like to keep the daily guns Overall I love this game                 Knight _GG
cool but maybe put a manual to show you how to use the guns theres also not many guns to choose from                 Apollumi yt
It s a really awesome game but i think it can be even better e g add more weapons everyday                     Lebogang Mkhize
Nice simulator but work on screen feeting adgestment             Ritam Das
really good graphics and the gameplay is good some of the items that you can target practice                     Bear Peters
The app s really good it s just that I keep getting the same weapons daily I only wish that there was more guns                 FryBoi
Awsome app I love this game I got while at a hotel and loved it I talked my brother into getting it and now we run around playing army I even showed my dad and he loved to which is a super rare occurence because my dad does nt really like video games Five stars for graphics controls and gameplay                     OG Stitch
it is not bad just wish that they would give you more than one new weapon a day then it would b a 3 star         Raymond Burke
good app I have had lots of fun with it but could use more guns you don t have to buy                 OpPig295
I give 3 stars becuase in this game weapons for daily rewards you cant have them forever And that sucks But game is realy good and that other game is like this             JohnG
This app was and still is amazing had it when I was 6 and loved it now I m 13 and it s still good                     Prefer2BePineapple
It just keeps crashing I m using a 8gb ram phone and all it does is crash     Marcus Anthonius
NEEDS MORE GUNS The game is excellent feels like I m shooting a real gun but I m getting bored cause I always use the same gun Everytime but perhaps you can add some of the following PGM Hecate II AK74 Saiga 12 TEC 9 DP28 LMG and other machine pistols and I ll rate it 5 stars that s for sure                 A Google user
fun to play with friends and it is like nerf but it is on phones and tablets                     Chris Coady
Good Simulation However only 6 free gun that a bit fewer             cy n
superb only the adds pops this is irritating                 banki paul
This game is so good and it is learn how to reload and shoot you have crate your own gun                     Dashmaa Begzsuren
pretty fun game but needs more free guns we can use                 Jadamba Jamba
Good app but all cannot use it When we download free app they are saying to purchase the paid one This app deserves 5stars from those who paid but 0 5 from non paid     Gurmehar Singh
it was so fun like if I put the flashfx much better keep up the good work                     Ron Quintos
Good game and yhe effects are very bad and its first version is also good                     MMKC MMKC
the gameplay was great but the fact that u only hve 4 guns is really depressing             A Google user
soo realistic and accurate The best gun sim ever Are new weapones coming in any update                     Zahin Elahi
Awesome simulation Dynamics are perfect But i think shooting practice Arena should be added                     Don Mk
This game is broken and trash how tf you fire a gun and its full of ads and loads of instructions which is BS i had to delete it lol     xIanF10x
The game is great and fun to play but is quite complicated if you have never used weap honest before The tutorials are useful to help you use the weaphones                 A Google user
It s a well made game but there s one thing when you fire a gun the audio finishes like immediately stop                 Janus Antentokounmpo
Actually its Better Then Other games Like 3d gun sim and other games like this ain t good but this is Actually Pretty good                 A Google user
nice but give more weapons like bomb and give skin and p90 also             PRATEEK KUMAR
yes i love this game because i love guns graphics and logics are so nice that s why game is so nice                     Srinivas Katamreddy
this is an amazing and the fact you can put anything on your gun is good like supressors and extended magzine type things its cool                     Lubna Rahber
Never played a better gun simulator Explains a lot about guns and how to fire them Just amazing smooth gameplay                 A Google user
This is a fabulos game with an interactive manual loading and reloading options the most interesting part is that we get a new gun every day free of cost More intersting thing is the graphics They are mindblowing Actually i found this gun simulator the best gun simulator among all the other simulators And if you are searching for something real looking then it is best for you At last i want to say that if you download this game then you will find worth it This review is for both volumes                     Atharv Chandel
Weaphones™ Gun Sim Free Vol 2 Simulation Magazine ReleaseWeaphones™ Gun Sim Free Vol 2 Simulation Magazine ReleaseWeaphones™ Gun Sim Free Vol 2 Simulation Magazine ReleaseWeaphones™ Gun Sim Free Vol 2 Simulation Magazine Release

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