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Yogesh Dama , the publisher behind many Android apps (Custom Text Widget ,Notification Reminder (Quick) ,Pin Protect Locker), brings Custom Text Widget with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Custom Text Widget apps has been update to version 1.5 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are Android owner,you now can download Custom Text Widget for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Custom Text Widget app version 1.5 has been updated on 2014-11-5. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 4.0 and up
More Info: Find more info about Custom Text Widget in Yogesh Dama`s Official Website :

Very simple widget App for displaying custom text widget on home screen-Lock screen.With Any Text Widget you can create custom text widgets, with different settings for each widget.Features:- You can set custom text on Widget- ...

Amazing This app helped me finish customizing and putting together my phone the way I wanted it to be My phone looks amazing and well organized now I m so happy with this app The 1 dollar payment to unlock the full app is completely worth it                     Nick Contessa
I paid for the full version I enjoyed it for a few months Great five star app The time has come I deleted all widgets to clean up my wall I tried to place two text boxes again it wanted me to unlock the app I turn on my wi fi doesn t work I try again but the app was like Nah Ya gon pay up again cuz Screw you Either I can get my money back fix my problem or this is a boo hoo shiz app     SHEEP7Y ERR0R
I really enjoyed it It was nice to write whatever i wanted on my screen I wish the fonts could be bigger but I m still working on it Haven t tried them all Thanks though nice app                     Angie Harris
I like The transparent background the small file size the choice of text color This app is exactly what I was looking for I want them to fix The fact that there are not a lot of bold fonts to choose from Best one is angrybird but it s not my style The fact that the preview shows centered text but it will not center on the actual text I need symmetry this drives me INSANE             Jenne Black
Great concept but apparently the learning curve is a little bit tougher than I imagined I have written several things in large font size but they only show up in the widget as microscopic Cannot even read what I have written Any suggestions on how to change the font size on the actual widget on my screen         Angela Mounte
Great App Works nice u0026 good custom options Just what I was searching for to place a customized banner on my home screen thanks Dev Awesome job                     Khai Pham
Love the app but Galaxy Note 9 overnight text reverts to Any text Widget on all pages The app itself shows the items correctly and changes it to the correct wording when updated but in the morning reverts again             Kingly Jester
Love this Changed my life spent on my cell Improvement I do wish the widgets were 4x1 4x2 widget takes up so much room                     Michele Vallee
excellent app did exactly what i wanted lots of customizable options fonts colors super simple to use only thing I d add would be a settings gear or bars took me a while to figure out how to access settings hint hitting back button opens settings Aside from that a perfect little text widget app thank you                     Christine Barr
It doesn t load the text most of the time This was installed as an accessibility feature for old people It becomes useless if it cannot load         Rema N Elayath
I like this app allowing you to create several widgets a lot of fonts I might like to have some more basic fonts and maybe a few customizable fonts but other wise a good app reasonable space usage battery usage low ad content overall well done very versatile for the content you want to put in                     Derrick Hensley
What I was looking for but titles keep reverting back to Any text widget when you add tiles to a screen Very annoying         Nic Crotch
Great flexible way to customize and label your screens on an android device                     Ian Smith-Dahl
I really am grateful for this app I love having my favorite inspiring quotes always visible I still don t know how to place which widget It s mostly trial and error Some instructions in the app on how to choose the right text widget and place it would be nice Other than that it s great Just placing a quote initially is confusing                 August Bateman
Nice Transparent background if you want Simple Just what I need                     x yz
That s great idea to bring editable text to the screen Very good app and recommended                     Nutt Suwansiriphat
Just to cheer you up keep up the good work i like how simple but impactful it is to write things to remember in my homescreen                     RezaMahendraKM
Can t read see the font choices The text is white on white Otherwise it would work great                 Amanda
this app is impossible to run as is they have an unlock feature which is supposed to make it work but I m sure you have to pay for it or the app would work without it so in other words this app is NOT free I wasted an hour trying to use it IF I could give zero stars I would uninstalling asap     A Google user
Not the best but does the trick The interface could me better but I think it s alright                 Urmi Chouhan
Best one I can find so far and would be perfect but you can t change the size No matter how small your text is it sits in the middle of the homepage and can t be moved to one side or the other I just wish I could find an unobtrusive text widget         SaruCharmed
Great way to add labels to my pages Love it I just wish there was a way to bold text                     Christian Xavier
Pretty useful I don t know about ads the only minor issue thing is that if you have multiple lines of text it centers the entire block instead of line by line but can be worked around with spaces                     Razvan C.
Great app Nice and simple Lots of fonts to choose from                     Stefani Ilkic
excellent and worth the download A great and underrated little app                     William Moore
Interface is a bit clunky and does not always show the actual result on the screen                 Seenbelow
It s simple and is kinda nice but it s missing several features that should seem obvious and the ui is a bit clunky Despite that though it s the best text Widget I ve found             Luke Chavers
Text box will not wrap text Only good for a very short phrase only a few words long I wanted my favorite quote to show on the front of my phone screen Had to uninstall     A Google user
I have to give this little application 5 stars Its so well done for such a simple app Hats off to the developer I have a few screens set up for different groups i volunteer for and this lets me create a fun or professional banner to top off each screen Perfect                     Glenn
Very useful app I love it Text widget is generally useful to some guys who really love to enhance the view of display And another thing what i loved in this app By tapping the text could help us to get access to any application after our preference                     A Google user
Text to different desktops is a hit and miss affair         Steve Peters
Very good app A great reminder of what your goal is                     Onyinye Uchenna
Not impressed Poorly designed There are limited and mostly unreadable fonts and even after purchasing the upgrade the ads and promotions got in the way of actually using the app Uninstalled             Richard Smith
great app saves me tons of time always know where I am                     Wesley Hand
It allowed me to edit text then crashed twice in between multiple pop up ads but never displays the text within the widget frame area on the screen Highly annoying waste of time     Orphan Warrior
Used to work however even when I change the font size to 50 the text is still far too small and will not show as multiple lines         Tim Leitch
Not very many settings Simple Easy to use Don t really like how spaced apart second lines of text are             XBASZ
It s a great simple to use app for adding text to your home screen such as empowering affirmations I much appreciate it                     Rob Wis
Great little app allows me to pop little motivational mesages and quotes on my home screen to keep me powering through the day small download size uses virtually no RAM at all 5 out of 5                     Kieran
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