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Google Inc. , the publisher behind many Android apps (Google Sheets ,Google Spotlight Stories ,Android System WebView ,Google Edu Device Setup ,Google My Business ,Email), brings Messenger with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Messenger apps has been update to version Varies with device with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Messenger is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Messenger app version Varies with device has been updated on 2014-11-12. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 4.1 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about Messenger check developer Google Inc.`s website :

Stay in touch with friends and family. Messenger from Google is a communications app that helps you send and receive SMS and MMS messages to any phone. You can also send group texts as well ...

I personally give this app 5 stars I know several people who do use this app It works amazingly The only reason I ve left 4 stars above is my fiance uses this app as well but due to some kind of weird Metro by T mobile rule she is unable to use the chat feature Now while I know this isn t a Google Messages thing and more of a carrier thing I wish there was something we could do to be able to use the chat feature on her phone If it helps you guys she has a J7 Prime                 ChroMeDoMe
I really love this app for so many reasons but I continue to experience an issue with it failing to send texts when I m connected to WiFi I tried uninstalling and reinstalling a huge pain in the ass because I lost so many messages and all my set preferences and the problem persists if it weren t for this fundamental breakdown in function I d give this app 5 stars for sure             Lorenzo Franks
The recent update completely destroyed the functionality of this app Suddenly any incoming texts are being received in a random group message from way down the list which the sender was never in in the first place If I reply from the notification screen it will send the message to all those people This is a major bug and I hope y all get it fixed immediately and roll back to the previous version until that happens     Andy Scott
I have been using this app for years now the recent update is frustrating me to look for a new messaging app I m not getting the messages of of unread messages If I happen to see message coming in I will see it flash and go away The only way I know I got messages is if I go into the app and see unread messages I have checked different settings So irritating         Cynthia Scott
I like the lightweight simplistic logical nature of the application It results in a snappy experience but do dislike two things 1 I cannot access texts without my phone being turned on with an internet connection 2 There s no delayed text sending feature For a Verizon user that makes this app feel immature even though I still find it to be nice Hoping for Google to upgrade this more sooner than later             Anthony Rodriguez
This is the standard messaging app for a reason It s not quite as customizable as some of the other apps out there but you can still give people custom ringtones and text tones without having to download a whole new app or pay for a different app It gets the job done perfectly without having a bunch of unnecessary bells and whistles                     Gage Thorsen
At first I loved the app until I started missing texts u0026 notifications The messages do transmit b c I can see them if I switch back to my stock SMS app as my default Then at that point the messages will appear in Google Messages after I switch back again This is truly an inconvenience I would like to give you guys time to repair the issue before I uninstall Can you plz fix this bug I read in the reviews that Im not alone w this issue     DeAndria Slayton
Keeps crashing For the past few years even after reinstalling multiple times it just stops working and I have to close and re open Very annoying It also does not always download messages and I have to tap and wait for the message to appear if at all I wish there was a better message platform         Robert Oldershaw
One the most simple and basic messaging systems I ve used I keep coming back to it Really good picture and video quality my only issue the notifications randomly reset Individual contact noises reset everything goes back to default including vibrating even when my phone isn t on vibrate mode Drives me wild I have to uninstall the entire app reinstall and set everything back to how I like it Honestly that s unacceptable             Claire LeFort
I don t like this app much but was forced to switch over to it when my android updated the last time It s not efficient My old messages app let you delete more than one message at a time and was overall more fluid and workable If anyone has a better app they use that works a little bit better than this one send it to me             Jennie Lee Frank
Like others ever since the Sept 9 update this app has been a mess It keeps glitching out when I try to send or receive MMS I can t download pictures or they show up 3 times and no one is getting what I m sending Very unfortunate since before this the app was great and only missing the option to schedule text messages     Michele Simmons
Update look up error and do what it says and then it works again Old Chat features keep dropping reverts to SMS Was amazing Reverts back to SMS stating that sim card doesn t support Uninstall update and works perfectly Very frustrated When I uninstall all updates on LG G7 it works as it should When I update it stops working I have to keep reverting to version 3 7 052                     Casey
I use Messages and I like it a lot I was sure I was old enough to play stupid with texting and avoid the entire phenomenom no one the wiser But Messages has changed my mind and while I make almost as many misses as hits with these long fat fingerz ahem ladies I discovered I m not as stupid as all those many many IQ tests say I am                     blurred lines
It works well for a messaging and there are a lot of features that are pretty useful However whenever my friends text me the message had to download first and most times it just doesn t come through so group chats are a nightmare Same with pictures videos most of they time they just don t come through             Just your average gay
This app has been helpful to me There are a few things that I wish were different 1 If both phone and computer are on wifi there is no reason why MMS texts should be a problem but it often doesn t work Also the connection is seamless but inconsistent That said the convenience is worth it to me                 Isaac Woodward
It was great untill it was not Loved that i could easily include gifs pictures etc About a week or 2 ago i could not receive pictures anymore I would click download amd nothing would happen I would switch to the defalt messaging app amd the pictures would come through Not sure what the issue is Not having as default untill it gets fixed             Travis Liedtke
I loved this app till the update on September 9 Now I m not getting certain text message I uninstalled the update then my phone went crazy with notification but I can t see who sent what When it shows I have a message from that person I got to it and there s nothing there Please fix this         Jennifer Marie
UPDATED REVIEW Had to post an update due to new issues cropping up with the app I am now frequently missing incoming texts no notification they don t appear If I go into another SMS app the messages are there but still not in this app If I change my default app to another SMS app then change the default BACK to this app all of a sudden all of the missing incoming texts show up Very unreliable That s in addition to my prior review where I stated What s missing 1 schedule messages to be sent at a future time like when I want to send a message to co workers on the next shift when they come in the following morning but I sure don t want to wake up at 6 a m to send it 2 support for sending and receiving larger multimedia files graphics videos etc like Allo could         J Kaufman
Would not recommend to anyone Ever since using this app messages have been delayed in sending recieving the last time a message was sent to me in the evening at about 7 0pm but didn t receive till 8 30 am the next morning I have sent a message to someone where it said it was sent but that person didn t receive till 6 hours later     Private Angel
With Google Allo gone you need to add WiFi usability to the mobile app users should not need to connect to their data to send pictures or video when we have Wifi available to use We also need to be able to send video as well Please bring all of the Allo functionality to Messages as many users were users of Allo we can not send preshot personal video through the app I had to revert to Hangouts to send my video of how to delete a single text in Messages to my friend who has a LG V20             Brigitte Laskowski
I can only use this app for a day or 2 and than I can t receive any message that people send me and when I send texts out they will get them but it shows that it won t send them And than I have to remove my SD card and restart my phone for it to work again Had to change my texting app so now I can t use Bixby to send texts hands free because it only supports this app Not happy     Jennifer Lawson
Over the last week or so I haven t been able to send or receive MMS message if I use this app while connected to wifi If I turn wifi off then they will send no problem It s not just my wifi either It messes up on any other wifi I m connected too and everything else on my phone works fine including the messenger app that came with my phone Please fix this issue             AdamandRachel O'Connor
Best messaging app for Android in my opinion The freedom to assign multiple sounds for every contact is a dream come true Customization is key and that s why I ve stuck with this app But one thing is bothering me guys Why can t I delete a contact from a group You can t edit your group Instead you re forced to keep renaming the same group as you either add or remove contacts PLEASE fix this It s maddening to have to re add and rebuild the same group just to add or remove 1 person             Mishael C
So much potential but missing some key features that are standard everywhere else Sticky threads that stay up top Delay to send so you dont accidentally send errors or mis texts Hidden conversations Locking messages to prevent deletion Muting group texts These are all basic features that are long overdue On the other hand the gif and meme integration is top notch Dark mode is fantastic     Zackary Burrell
The app has been degrading in quality and ease of use Now deleting part of a msg thread becomes a multi stage click fest Bring back the simple depress the posting and click the trash can And provide the option for date and time stamping all msgs UPDATE from 2 to 4 9 13 19 Deleting one or more msgs easily one click is back The little things in life                 Rod Rodgers
Fantastic messaging app I ve mained this app for all of my messaging needs for a few months now and I ll never use anything else The dark mode is very nice and easy on the eyes The ability to use the web version and text while on my computer has been extremely useful as I spend a lot of time on my computer and texting with a keyboard is far superior than with my thumbs on my phone screen                     Leslie Covarrubias
Suddenly an app that has worked close to perfectly for years has all sorts of issues just days after an update Right now my messages are scrambled under other people s names If they even show up at all Not sure what s happening but if it s not fixed ASAP I m going to have to switch to a different messaging app This one isn t functional in it s current form     Courtney L. Britton
Works great most of the time but I have noticed while talking with someone we are not able to send pics anymore unless we hangup then call back after pic has arrived a pain sometimes Wasn t like that in the begining not sure if it s something in new updates or if there is a way to fix it                 Judy
Way too slow I was excited to be able to text from my computer but the delay is so significant that ther person on the other end didn t recieve my messages for 15 20 minutes It slowed down my phone too and literally just sent me a message that it isn t responding I ll try again another time         Gina Tin
I love It I have been using it for a few months now and I haven t had any problems wirh it at all I just love Joni can answer people on my computer when im busy on there instead of picking up my phone Now I leave my phone in another room and dont miss a thing lol                     Carrie L
Great RCS message app for android users wanting an iMessage like experience on android This has been a long time coming and is great Will divert to SMS and MMS when internet or G not available Ensure you install Google Duo for video call integration Voice to text not working on Note 8 but personally never used this others may find this disappointing                     Marky looloo
Have Pixel 3xl and whenever I send a picture message click on the picture after its sent it will actually load a random old picture in my history with that contact Example sent a picture today Sept 19th clicked on the picture to review after I sent it then hit the back button it changes the picture to a message I sent in June It does this with all my message threads and has done this since I got my pixel 3xl I ve even sent my phone for repair and it was exchanged still have the issue         Paul Bilodeau
It s pretty good so far the only complaints I have is that the chat bubbles seem pretty big if there was an option to change the size of font I would give this another star secondly is it doesn t seem to like to tell me I have a text sometimes I only noticed a couple times for that to happen the rest of the time I ve been notified as I should be Probably just a bug Other than that not bad of an app             Angel Garcia
Constant Unknown Sender messages although contacts are listed and undelivered texts Also message not sent invalid message errors during conversations No fixes found MAYBE the spam filter is causing issues Clearing memory and updates of this app and reinstalling updates with spam filtering DISABLED to see if I get better results Note I am not criticizing the app I just would like it to work cleanly on my new Android 9 0 phone as it had before on my previous Android 8 phone     KalimbAlec Bay Area
Worked great until 2 days ago Now I don t get notifications when a message is sent If I don t open the app I don t know that a message has been sent Yes volume is up I have never changed anything in settings Update still not working and no response from Google What s going on     Jared Ratzlaff
So far this is the best messaging app for android I love that you can add people to a chat If people could be dropped too that would earn it all 5 stars I also really like that each chat can have a custom name instead of just a list of recipients Another great feature is that notifications can be customized for each chat Best messaging tool so far and very close to earning 5 stars It would be 4 5 if half stars were allowed                 Steve E
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