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IGG Inc , brings Deck Heroes with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Deck Heroes apps has been update to version 2.2.0 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Mixture between magic the gathering and every RPG game incredible..
  • Best and most entertaining game I played in year's..
  • Its a good game nice art work mixed with flowing combat..
  • Great casual game..
  • Best fantasy card game I've found thus far..


Super fun got caught up for hours. found in 20 reviews
This game is by far one of the best card games I have played. found in 583 reviews
I love playing this game I'm hooked. found in 10 reviews
But To Be Honest I Did This For The Gems. found in 140 reviews
Game is good for a time passer. found in 6 reviews
Awesome game I play it when I get bored with everything else. found in 11 reviews
Great game guys a little confusing at first. found in 7 reviews
As always giving 5 stars for free gems. found in 7 reviews
Amazing lil time waster good fun. found in 38 reviews
Easy and a great way to pass time has me hooked. found in 106 reviews
Greatest card battle game on android devices market. found in 7 reviews
the graphics is great easy to play great time killer. found in 43 reviews
At every level it is fun and challenging. found in 8 reviews
Best tcg i have ever played you'll enjoy it to. found in 14 reviews
well balanced even for the free gamer. found in 9 reviews
I wish back the yu gi oh bam in facebook. found in 19 reviews
Awesome game I like it better than hearthstone. found in 347 reviews
Great game design and fun and fast paced. found in 7 reviews
Love how complicated the card selection n deck building can get. found in 13 reviews
Coool game best game to kill time lol. found in 52 reviews
I dont really like card Games but this one Is Nice game. found in 8 reviews
The game doesn't load beyond 60% in the starting screen. found in 1 reviews
Since the update the game wont open please fix. found in 6 reviews
has a horrid 5star card drop rate even w/ spending. found in 4 reviews
The game needs more ways to get gems. found in 3 reviews
The game requires a ridiculous amount of money to play effectively. found in 3 reviews
Sorry had to downgrade from 5 stars to 3. found in 6 reviews
Fun but frustrating. found in 2 reviews
After last update i cant start the game. found in 9 reviews
Don't purchase anything with real money. found in 3 reviews
Game will not load past 90%. found in 3 reviews
It tends to make me really want to buy stuff badly. found in 4 reviews
It's almost impossible to play without spending real money after level 30. found in 4 reviews
Will not load map. found in 2 reviews
I hate going to home screen. found in 4 reviews
but it always fails to connect to my internet. found in 6 reviews
Wont fully load. found in 2 reviews
Greedy developers. found in 2 reviews
ever since the new update i cant load. found in 3 reviews
Terrible game. found in 5 reviews
Almost Impossible to get any good cards aka game sucks. found in 5 reviews
No chance to win unless you spend 100s of dollars. found in 94 reviews
Wont even install on Samsung Galaxy. found in 6 reviews
Fix the link/ switch account problem and I'll keep playing. found in 4 reviews
The extremely bad drop rate got way worse. found in 4 reviews
Cant even restart the game when i want to. found in 9 reviews
Really frustrating game if you don't spend real money. found in 13 reviews
Ever since the latest update the game never even launches. found in 6 reviews
After update today my game wont start. found in 6 reviews
Hate it its a horrible game. found in 4 reviews
Older 5 star cards are mostly trash compared to newer stuff. found in 42 reviews
Won't let me play anymore. found in 5 reviews
Needs internet connection. found in 5 reviews
Fails to connect after a maintenance -_-. found in 6 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Deck Heroes for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Deck Heroes app version 2.2.0 has been updated on 2014-11-20. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.3 and up
More Info: Find more info about Deck Heroes in IGG Inc`s Official Website :

Build decks with a wild bunch of Heroes and Creatures to save a threatened kingdom. With hundreds of cards to collect, no two decks will ever be the same. Feast your eyes on spectacular, high-quality ...

Cool game to grind out and level up Adequate level of strategy required Interesting characters and factions Simple gameplay Though its frustrating how pay to play it becomes in the higher levels It s nearly impossible to keep up without spending money even just going through the campaign             corrie shoulders
I still had fun playing this game ive played this game for about 5 years and stopped only because i spent sooo much money like i maxed my credit card which is my fault I dont uninstall for the amount of money i spent i regret it so much if you re literally rich like make make 6 digits a year I m sure you can play this game Any income lower than that stay away from it because youll get in debt The game is fun but you can only progress so far without money Youll get stuck without money     Zev29 Estevez
I don t understand why team igg has stopped paying attention to deck heroes No regular events apart from momoya no deck duels no sky arena Less frequent Alice bond Please don t let the game die             Amol S
Well Designed Card Game really enjoy the battles though a glitch that I can t see my health and attack in Grimore                 Nkofi Cromwell
Really annoying the AI decks ignore the rules of the game     Benjamen Fisher
i love this game but a rarely play it because it takes 2 mins to load were as my other games like clash royal take like 15 secounds and your playing                 Kris Shaw
Was working great until some functions keys stopped working in the Menu Why can t I turn off the music             Kelton Johnson
The game doesnt have option to link to email or facebook and all my data is lost     Ahmad Azizi
Fix the auto button in maps it wont turn off                 Richard Samson
Games awesome love it buying creautures is a rip but i would defiently recommend                     n oxley
great concept autoplay card game                     David Davis
The gameplay is fun to a point for the last 5 days I played this I began to notice some flaws Like some cards being way over powered the percentage of the effects landing is broken and you can t progress through the campaign unless you have god teir luck with drawing cards It irritates every bone in my body to see a game that has huge potential but has little issues that become big problems If you you really want to progress or win then throw your money in but that not for me         Dakota Cooley
Most card games I have played were not Auto control This game is not like Magic or Yugioh in any way If you like the manual plays pick player or creature than this game is not for you If like Auto play animation then you will like this game My experience with this game was bad there is no way to control who to attack most time the creatures will hit a the player instead of the creature that s killing all of your own creatures This game needs some work     Dick Tracy
I mean its a good game but theyre extremely not generous with the gold that u earn or diamonds i found myself stuck at chapter 3 and having to wait to get gold or diamonds to either get a new hero or new cards i dont think thats right id actually pay money if they were more generous now its just uninstalled         Zeppelin
This is a great game but I m not getting anywhere instead of the cards being generated at random can we just buy them with gems and at least have a few to select different ones get generated daily I understand having some random ways to get strong cards but ALL OF THEM ARE RANDOMLY GENERATED no matter if I buy the star pack or buy way more gems than I can afford I can t seem to get any good cards I spend money I should get cards     Chaz Dejesus
it not fun what it use to be The rewards are so rare that I can barely be able to hold a place the current meta which is creatures that just don t get effected by anything I m a f2p player and I can barely do anything since my cards are kinda okay but when I get to the arena apparently everyone has a rare care or hero The developers are just letting the game die         angel olivo
quite challenging and fun                 DIGVIJAY BHAKTA
it s wise not to spend your gems on booster pack because you only get 3 star creatures and NO 5 STAR CREATURE AT ALL in my case I spend my gems in Lucky Spin to get Platinum Spin but I also don t get it this game really play by CHANCE AND A VERY LOW CHANCE except you really want to waste your money here     Felicita A
the ONLY reason I m giving you 1 star is because I can t give you 0 I m no longer able to log into my game and it seems hundreds of peoole have had the same problem This was my favorite card game online until now there is no reason I shouldn t be able to log into my game the ONLY out of ordinary thing I ve done on my game was use tapjoy to gain free gems in game which if it s such a huge problem why the hell do you guys offer it all because of that I ve lost my game     Stephanie Gilbert
Starts out fun then gets super hard and your lucky flip is a joke not random don t matter where you click I get 3 white materials on first 3 clicks about every day 4th click usually green Damn scam ass developers joke and no way of getting better unless you have years of time or spend of amounts on materials needed for stuff it s ridiculous money grab game your draw 5 creatures with coupons is joke give us 2 star and 3 for 5 coupons pfffff going delete     brian weaks
The game is enjoyable but a tad confusing for new players The design while beautifully detailed is a little crowded and sometimes it s hard to remember what you need to look at This adds to the experience of the tutorial which perhaps may be easier for players w more experience with this game genre but is overall just too rushed when you have a bunch of factors coming into play at once Also can you get me some female characters with more than the bare minimum of clothing on             Cally Ayotte
A pay to win game If you have a ton of money to throw at a game then this is the game for you If not don t waste your time leveling up bcos no matter what the other guy is always going to win The events are rigged for only those who have rare cards and these cards can only be collected if you have     Yuvaraj E.R.
Not worth it I linked my account and when I tried installing it on a new phone my account seemed to not be linked I sent a few emails trying to get it resolved and they d give instructions on how to get it back using non existent buttons in game and after contacting them again it was the same thing I spent 30 on this game and pretty much lost everything     Brittany McNeil
The game was enjoyable to say the least The only issue is that I tried linking the game to my new ohone and basically lost my progress in my account It did a refresh and completely wiped out all data I had on the account and now I d have to start over Really killed my mood in general to play the gane again Sorry         Neon- Hazard
Love this game but wish there was a concede battle button Im now at the point where if I know i wont win e g the specific quests for 2 and 3 stars on a level its quicker to re launch the game than to finish the battle please implement a surrender feature and will give 5 stars On a side note stamina takes a while to build up and would be nice if that was quicker but not a major issue         Ramoth Yingil
Do not spend or play 150 000 gems approx 1800 worth on featured card packs provides no featured card Errors on the prior day which said featured card in pack but was not Resolution and support is slow and completely unhelpful In summar the game has error exceptionally poor value and customer service is shockingly poor     Grizz Li
money grab i played this game for over 4 years and spent lots of money on it only to quit because the game doesnt return anything on your investment some players have the luck and get tons of rare cards but not my account no i spent 20k in gems on a QA booster and only recieved a Tidal Siren for all those gems keep in mind Tidal Siren is a free card you get for reaching a certain level and is as common as it gets 20k gems is the equal to around u003e300 buy an acct if u want to play this     Grim Echo
At first it was good but when I get to level 21 the monthly sign in suddenly stops and the arena didn t recharge on the other day after I use all the arena tickets Better you fix it dude b cuz it s a good game but when those kind of matters happen the game becames boring         Mac Dalogdogan
installed to get rewards for a different game never materialized Otherwise boring and repetitive small text makes it difficult to see     Marc Gottlieb
i literally can describe this whole game in the first battle its bloated as hell with currency and repitive irrelevant collecting the graphics are weak as hell as they only can be seen on a tablet the actial battles have no real impact and of course the weakest part about the whole game is the story with poorly developed abstracts of inconsequential characters 100 cash grab use some heart to make a game or dont waste my time         brandon castro
After the latest update I can t sign in The app just doesn t load past 60 I ve tried everything Uninstalled Reinstalled Restart the phone Cleared the cache Can someone help     Renise Thanabalan
I have been playing this game for many years I had to stop on world 12 since the hero s rage fill up quickly and the creatures become OP This game has too many problems and it is way too expensive to play this game I will be deleting my account pretty soon RIP to this game s legacy     Pearlwind
It s a really great game that I once enjoyed but like all Mobile free games its pay to win Evolving cards and melding takes WEEKS for a nornal player one card btw and seconds plus a couple of taps for a payer player sad such a good game can be so greedy         Pikachu F0dder
The game was really good for years but has discontinued all relevant pathways for f2p players or even casually spending players There are better games out there Unfortunately after literal YEARS of play I can no longer recommend the game very highly             Joseph Chamberlain
Descent game No chance for free to play players to be competitive though It annoys me that when a guild accepts you and kicks you the same day for no reason at all you have to wait a week to join another guild Please fix this                 Rick Fieten
How a game with microtrans should be the amount of gems you earn in game is great sure you get more from making purchases but theres ample opportunity to earn them in game I ve earned hundreds which makes me feel more obligated to buy gems to support the devs that understand the concept of microtrans perfectly theres no need to be greedy about it and this model sums that up perfectly                     Michael Elarton
amazing game im into magic the gathering and Yu Gi Oh but this is similar to that low on space game and is simply perfect for a casual experience                     Jon Richardson
Love this game cant stop playing                     robert smith
its an ok game but it seems like everything is stacked against you and you gotta put a ton of time and effort to even progress a little and when you finally get what you want it doesnt even feel worth it even when you spend money     A Google user
i cannot login to game unistalled and reinstalled turned device off and back on says failed to connect lots of people are experiencing these issues and cannot play please fix this problem thank you         omtjfhjhhjabbyBeth Chadock
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