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Opera Software ASA , the publisher behind many Android apps (Opera Mini beta web browser ,Opera TV Browser ,Opera Mini beta web browser ,Opera Max beta for Android ,Opera Max - Data management), brings Opera Mini beta web browser with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Opera Mini beta web browser apps has been update to version 8.0.1674.86036 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are Android owner,you now can download Opera Mini beta web browser for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 8.0.1674.86036 has been released on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.3 and up
More Info: Find more info about Opera Mini beta web browser in Opera Software ASA`s Official Website : http://www.opera.com

Download Opera Mini beta for Android. With Opera Mini beta, you can save data while browsing the internet and get to your favorite content faster. Opera Mini beta is the best browser for phones and ...

Waste of time Dont download I ve tried it several time After downloading main app it fails to download other required data So the app doesnt work I ve tried it several times thinking it was problem with my network coverage But no Main app download in a speed more than 2 mbps But after that it fails to start since some more data is required to be downloaded     Bibin Mathew
I do not like the recent update I use the browser primarily to download videos to watch when I m in a reception area before I could start a download and immediately move on to something else that is gone you tap download and have to wait a few seconds I find it annoying I could delete the video while I was watching that feature is gone If you have the phone in vertical position you no longer have the same layout as when in horizontal Also now the screen will lockout while watching video             Marcos Hidalgo
It s fast at browsing more than every other browsers I ve known but a times it allows ads to disrupt my flows online which is said to be unpalatable to me Therefore the app management should try as possible to put that in place in order not to drive away users Notwithstanding Opera mini fast web browser remains the best of its kind I LIKE IT                     Wiz Sanity
I appreciate your work but something is going wrong with the browser It keeps crashing whenever it tries to open a prticular webpage or sometime after browsing I understand that a lot of effort goes to develope android app since it is very difficult Please fix this bug for Samsung Galaxy J2 2016             Mr Nobody
The app is not using the default video player There is only an option to forward video by touching the forward key why i can t make a video move forward by only touching the screen There is no options to controll the volume and brightness by touching the screen I have to use phone s volume key If i played a video and didin t touch the screen for a while it stops and makes the screen off Some times it refuses to open     Mohomad Rusdhi
The negatives lacks a dark mode as far as I can tell by which I mean dark gray backgrounds and light gray text The night mode that is there just makes the screen orange but still terribly bright not usable at night Font size not adjustable enough No reader mode It does re layout webpages a bit as requested             Andrei Kramer
Great app but this opening a new tab thing every time I launch the app is a downer I m not saying having a tab gallery is bad but opening a new tab automatically is an unnecessary hassle I probably have hundreds of tabs open When am I ever gonna navigate through all of them Please provide an option in Settings where it s possible to disable automatic tab opening Thanks             Samson Vote
Adblock is no longer working Will not use opera mini until adblock is fixed     Alex Pineiro
Good browser but this current version has a problem on my phone I can t view my offline pages immediately after saving them and it keeps popping up an error message Cannot download file Invalid link Plus i had to uninstall then reinstall it with no success of fixing the offline viewing capability         Karabo Charles Mdluli
From 5 stars to 3 I am disappointed with every stuff you add on new update Now it has file sharing which for me is very unnecessary I know you guys want to reinvent and try to bring us something new I get that but what we want is Opera Mini as browser not something else             jb
Useless browser Whenever i download something it suddenly closes down the app And keep showing the download progress in the notification bar even if it is not running and when i try to reopen the browser it says app unfortunately stopped Then i forcefully stop the app from the app setting to reopen it Please resolve it I have samsung galaxy A7 2018     Vinay Suthar
The annoying in your face ads and videos seem to be gone mostly Enjoying the app again like I did before Only pity is that I sometimes have to use another browser to view things properly or to make payments Otherwise good                 Henry Watkins
please don t optimise google search page let it be as other browser show it when i click any image on google image search result page it takes me directly to source site of the image and does not simply open image as other browsers do simply opens image instead of directly directing to site source of image Also when i search movie on google page it is optimised i can see cast and movies tab that google provides             amit jaiswal
First I want to say thank you In addition to this if you include Gmail u0026 Yahoo it will be pleasure please add in a few days More over some programs including Google doesnot work in all types of phone Please try to solve the problems                     Tadiso Fentaw Birara
Very bad update Pages are uploaded in a bad way I can t read text due to white spots which don t load properly Their are columns on both sides for mobile view and I have to scroll downward and leftwards to see what s on web page Unsatisfied I loved this browser but it sucks now     Talal Ahsan
Operamini for android is gradually rising to become great again This is the most stable version ever I hope your devs don t break and mess it up with future updates Should have given 5 star but i think you can do more with compression and data saving                 John George
When clicking on the profile button in Facebook s mobile site the pofile picture section gets zoomed in and covers other contents which makes the contents on the top portion of the profile page not accessable This issue is faced on all of the devices that I ve tested Fix it ASAP     AJIN
The latest update is suck i can t fast forward the video by touching the screen anymore plus i can t adjust the volume and brightness by swipe the screen the latest built in video player is terrible give me back the previous update OPERA MINI PLEASE FIX THIS NONSENSE BACK     Naz Lyzz
Always using this to save data I have been using OM for years already and will continue to use it Now with file transfer I can remove cancerous file sharing apps I wish I could give 6 stars                     Porkopio
i have use this app many years and i love But i suggest you make it better or fix Dont add or make a different because sometimes when i click the picture or something its keep going back like im refreshing the page so for just now i can only give 3 star but this app really nice             Kuza Official
I really hate that after reading an article from the motoring section and I go back to try read another article in the same section the app goes back to the For You section that s so annoying Please fix that asap     Kananelo Makhetha
My first internet browser was Opera I am using Opera Mini since 2013 In 2018 I started to use Chrome In 2019 I started to use opera mini again I loved the rounded corner UI But the rounded corner is Missing in settings                 HM Rahee
Worst update ever Used to love opera mini for its smooth font but after this update all the texts became cluttered and I cant use swipe gestures to control screen brightness position and volume during video playback I m uninstalling this app U guys just keep getting worst with each update     Lois lizzy
App is now very slow to start ie just to display the home page New sharing functionality should include sort option especially to enable sorting of images with most recently created at top of list             Peter Jones
Was good apps until build in ads being introduced This days crashes when started unless internet connection is disabled but what is the point When internet connection is enabled Opera rushes to get ads and crashed Thinking to switch to something else these days         Ivan G
Loved the built in video player Wish YouTube would take note of the swipe to scroll forward feature But for some reason they removed this feature unless you orient your video hub to sideways Why I hate this format but use it just to have the video scrolling                     Jadin Casey
It s my at first using apps So that s something are my first experiences and after the useing few day s then I ll be clear and telling or sharing about for this apps But on my knowledge and experiences of other apps It s will be a gorgeous u0026 unique stylised activities this apps I m more than sure it s will be a new interestin with exciting and feel s a betters experiences journey Thanks to all u0026 all the best                     Md. Masudul Kabir _ Rony
I like the speed and simplicity however this app brings absolutely irrelevant news on its starting page I am not ready to start web browsing from reading the obituaries of random people I ve never even heard before What a nonsense Uninstall till they fix the start page     Anna Kuznetsova
Really the experience was waterfall fluent i really loved the interface but there is a laging opera should set a option to stop the starter new updates however it was awesome Thanks                 Masrafe Ahmed
Used to work great now freezes and crashes all the time even after clearing the cache and app data didnt even get to finish typing my search in the address bar before it crashed it only had the speed dial page open     Lee Hurley
I was downloading about 12 film so because of my network i decided to pause some which have already been downloaded to about half the require mb so only for me to comback i found out all what i have been downloading have been deleted Don t know why but this is the 3rd time experencing such Which means i will stop using your app and look for a suitable and reliable app such as firefox e t c     Atubolu Daniel
Shows a white screen for a long time after opening it as if it has frozen I think in the case of this app it seems to me the older the version the better         Divine Bedzra
Built in VPN is no longer working with data saving on high or none There s absolutely no reason for me anymore to use this browser until the problem is fixed     Muhammad Alfonso
Opera mini keeps asking me to type characters which are not on my keyboard to prove I am not a robot It will be good if I am asked to enter characters which are either figures or numbers not shapes         Sirri Shella
I am having problem with this app because I saved offline pages for my exams preparations but now those are unable to open Please solve this issue as soon as possible Waiting for your help     Afsana Parveen
De lastest opera mini cant download movies now rather in de process its rites Error You are using Opera Mini which we do not support and recommend Please use only Chrome or UC Browser in order to download without issues         Bruce Eze
I ve use this app for long But after upgrade Now it s really hard to download video from here Moreover it often freeze when I open the video Can I have the old version please When I download So i dont Have to play the video 1st before decide to download it     sun_moon flower
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