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Max Lv , the publisher behind many Android app (ProxyDroid ,SSH Tunnel ,SSH Tunnel (BETA) ,GAE Proxy ,Shadowsocks), brings ProxyDroid with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. ProxyDroid app has been update to version 2.7.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Very useful app for rooted phones..
Overall Satisfaction click me 81
This is by far the best proxy app i have ever used.
Best app in the market.
Thank you developer.
Best I could find.
I love the widget.
Usefulness click me 92
absolutely indispensable for me.
Useful fr proxy users.
Profiles are very usefull feature.
Reliability click me 58
This application worked in android 4.
Please support whole tunnel for android 4 + without rooting.
Updates & Support click me 60
Latest YouTube Version.



The ProxyDroid is now available as a free download on Google Play Store for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new ProxyDroid app version 2.7.0 has been updated on 2014-11-19. The Google Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and Android version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.1 and up








Rooted ace of spades. found in 1 reviews
The answer to my prayers. found in 1 reviews
Hope I can have a paid version to support the dev and remove the ad. found in 1 reviews
This is by far the best proxy app i have ever used. found in 33 reviews
Works extremely well with iptables and connectbot's port forwarding. found in 2 reviews
authenticated proxy on port 80 on corporate wifi. found in 2 reviews
Works for some pages like. found in 1 reviews
It works fine on my school WiFi which uses PAC. found in 2 reviews
i use it many times per day. found in 1 reviews
It appears in notification bar and keeps my phone's led flashing. found in 1 reviews
This fills a gap that for some reason the. found in 1 reviews
I use this app to bypass my university WiFi proxy. found in 3 reviews
Awesome app and its free. found in 1 reviews
latest update 1. found in 1 reviews
Omg it works. found in 1 reviews
Stable and works with. found in 1 reviews
Now i can download sticker line other country. found in 1 reviews
It works great on Milestone 2. found in 1 reviews
Disconnection on Galaxy S2 when GPS is searching. found in 1 reviews
doesnt support reverse proxy. found in 1 reviews
4 and always force-closing when parse a pac file. found in 8 reviews
Auto-Connect Feature not working on Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean 4. found in 3 reviews
However I found this great software doesn't work on Android 4. found in 17 reviews
just need option for no notification icon. found in 2 reviews
Doesn't work with rooted LG P970. found in 1 reviews
Does not work with Samsung Chat On Application. found in 1 reviews
Up until this new version. found in 1 reviews
is being unable to connect to Google Talk. found in 6 reviews
Causes keypad to stop responding. found in 1 reviews
An open source software with ads. found in 2 reviews
but I met a strange problem. found in 1 reviews
I have Authentication for the proxy server "User name and Pass". found in 16 reviews
but it is not working for Google Play store. found in 4 reviews
Doesn't work for my tablet won't connect to the internet when active. found in 2 reviews
I dont know how to use it. found in 1 reviews
Test properly and fix this please. found in 1 reviews
Auto- Connect Feature not working on Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean 4. found in 1 reviews
it doesn't work on my Nexus. found in 2 reviews
Please support whole tunnel for android 4 + without rooting. found in 17 reviews
Don't work for my tablet. found in 2 reviews
This does not work on galaxy note rom ICS 4. found in 4 reviews
Why root is needed for setting proxy server. found in 16 reviews
Not working with GB Galaxy Ace Duos. found in 2 reviews
not working on a rooted galaxy S. found in 3 reviews
Help force close with miui redmi 1s jelly bean 4. found in 3 reviews
keep saying unknown host name fix it. found in 2 reviews
I cant see an option to set proxy after new update. found in 3 reviews
Please support whole tunnel for android 4+ without rooting. found in 6 reviews
Tut nicht was es soll. found in 2 reviews
It does not work on my HTC one x. found in 3 reviews
Please fix 4. found in 2 reviews
Ruined mobile data. found in 2 reviews
it shows there is no internet connection. found in 3 reviews
Don't support pac file. found in 8 reviews
it doesn't work on my nexus sometimes. found in 2 reviews
Max Lv /
Date Ver./ Last Updated:
2.1 and up

Android App ProxyDroid 2.7.0

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