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Honikou Games , brings Daily Kitten with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Daily Kitten apps has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Daily Kitten is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.1 has been released on 2014-12-9. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.3.3 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about Daily Kitten check developer Honikou Games`s website : http://www.honikougames.com

Daily Kitten offers you your own cat; it`s just for you. It can do anything as long you take care of it. Caress it, feed it, teach it to stay clean, play with it, put ...

very nice love it But needs reworked on Can t be completed Now I just restart it when I become bored Been playing many ad ridden games this one true to cats and owning one BUT it does have it s problems can t really finish well But just restart and go again try them But all the same two cats                     Jill Nyquist
It s really cute It s got many fun little games within But there are a lot of Ads I guess it can t really be helped advertisements bring in the money to help fund these App games but it is kind of annoying that they pop up so frequently                 Brooke Koller
Ads ads ads ads ads Only ads Every single thing you do ends up in ads Not short ads either the long ones 30 Seconds and then unskippable mini game ugh Welcome to Ads The Game     Rachel Huntington
No girl catsss All the catsi have are girls add some girl cats And wayy to laggy and glitchy SUREE ITS CUTE BUT EVERY SECOND ITS A ADD A STUPID ADD EVERY TIME plus I ve paid for adds removed 5 times NOTHING TAKE MY MONEY WITH THIS REVIEW DO NOT INSTALL ITS NOT A GOOD APP IT S HORRIBLE     Tim Sheldon
it was really good but please add more cats in the next update and please do girls this time oh and add a feature where you can breed cats and make more kittens                     Eugene Bean
I can t use the potions I used to have 100 emeralds but it got wasted by the potions i bought It s not working         Trisha Anne Paniterce
I like this game I played it only once and it is fun my brother play s it the most and he enjoys it we have a cat and he just wants to show the game to our cat         fuad jacobs
I feel cheated 3 times now I have paid to remove ads from the game and they are still popping up You ve taken my money but I didn t get the service that I bought Can not give a good recommendation until this is corrected Don t get scammed     Mo Clark
THIS IS THE CUTEST GAME EVER And sometimes I accidentally hurt the kitten so I restart and not hurt the kitten So I rate this game 5 stars 100000 stars if I could                     Paul Todd
I love cats they are my favorite animal and also I only have one complaint it s just if you want 2 cats the cats are 100 gems so please make them 16 gems                 Music Fame
I like this game because I love it so much and I wish everyone in Canada could play this game because its so much fun and it should be the best game everyone should have it on their games and also I wish that everyone could make this there super wonderful awesome game and also I think that this game is amazing and I even think that every one should enjoy this game a lot because it s the best game everyone should get a game like this one and you should get your own games like me Julia Ferrier                     Bernadine Cantel
adorable just adorable i love it but please do add female cats and i want like know wut nvm words cant describe how great this game is                     SuperFluffy 300
To be honest is like you have a real cat Is just that some times wend I left the game more than two days I came back and I see the sad face of the game is kinda like heartbreaking to me becuz I have a cat the same and I fell bad even for an animation animal or real idk if you have the same felling but they are just so sooooo cute and adorable                 berlian diaz
fun the first like 2 minutes DO NOT GET needs to be more exciting cat couldn t wake up after a while and WAY to many ads again DO NOT GET         Rea Perry
It was a amazing experience and the cats were adorable I would highly recommend this game for cat lovers like me                     Fluffy Kitten
Well first of all the graphics are pretty good but I think there should have been more options to choose from with cats because if there was i would have rated this five stars even though you guys don t even read your reviews please read your reviews because you should help people and actually change your game I got this two years ago and it hasn t changed one bit other than that it is a great game                 A Google user
The game looks pretty however there are a lot of issues My biggest complaint is the wheel spin minigame Its like a slot machine You use stars you get from taking care of your kitten and spin the wheel Wheel has gems premium currency and coins in different ammounts I have probably spun the wheel around 20 times and have never landed on anything other than 10 coins Today it landed on 500 coins and in the blink of an eye changed to 10 coins Then theres the game controlls Lots of input lag and sometimes the game registers the wrong input Such as flicking the food in the dish and it jumps the oposite way All around its pretty bad and the wheel was the icing on the cake         Simon Graymain
DARK I LOVE THE GAME BUT WHAT THE HELL I WAS AROUND 6 OR 7 AT THIS TIME OK LET ME GIVE YOU MY STORY i had lost my tablet for like a week and i found it went on this game keep in mind that i was 6 or 7 i was put up with this trauma for 4 or 3 years i went on it had a R I P stone I was upset and i have an obsession with cats You messed with the wrong PLAYER     GallixtaFeline
Paid twice to remove ads and they are still there     Natgrel
WAY too many ads Played for about 10 minutes and over half of that was watching ads ads after EVERYTHING you do Uninstalled     Alexis Smith
it s sooo cute but it is boring and things cost sooo much money can you make girl cats to BUT I still love everycat in the world like boys and girls but is still cute and I m ice lamp sos evelyn             gacha moon
The graphics are a little bad It just needs a minor update             Wolf Wolf
kinda boring but nice to have maybe add more interactive options             CJ ANIMAL GIRL
i rember playing this in kindergarten and nothing chaged expect u can have motible cats I thinks it s a very good game and a way to have fun and take responsibility for your Virtual cat                 Maddy SGG
How can you put so much advertisement in to a kids game Hope the creators kids will play this garbage all life long     Adam Greengler
I like it and all but I think it could be better and I really want girl cats becouse I love girl cats I think gir cats are cuter tlhan boys so ye it really think it could be better thats why I am reating the game a 3 star game             Zosia Sadowska
The game is ok but when I spin the wheel I always end up on 10 gold coins I do get why I always end up on that it s kinda annoying Please fix that thanks for reading             A Google user
I wish you could get more than two kittens otherwise it would be five stars Keep up the great work p s slapping it is satisfying but sad I would NEVER do it to a real cat though                 A Google user
I loved it cats are my favoeite animal and i love the game I also love the details                     Berlin Contreras
This game is perfect for my sister Becausemy brother is allergic to cats P S the cats are really cute                     Sarah Radomsky
its soo cute I love cat games but this was the cutest one I ve ever played                     kitty cats 1234
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