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Amazon Mobile LLC , the publisher behind many Android apps (Amazon Echo ,Amazon Seller ,Amazon Wallet - Beta ,Amazon India Shopping ,Amazon Fire TV Remote App ,Amazon Prime Now), brings Amazon Shopping with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Amazon Shopping apps has been update to version 5.2.3 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
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Overall Satisfactionc77
I love amazon they have good cheap things there.
Love Amazon but the last two updates ruined it.
This the best shopping app that I ever used.
I refuse to update a SHOPPING app to grant SMS permissions.
Ordered from my phone befor and this is the best online shopping app.
Better than eBay & Sears that's for sure.
Love buying stuff from Amazon.
This is one of the best sites in the world.
Fun & Engagingc80
I order things on amazon all the time right from my galaxy.
Awesome shopping app.
For making my shopping addiction even more accessible.
Awesome site to shop.
I want to buy everything on amazon.
I don't want to buy everything.
I love this app I can find everything I need & want.
I use it almost every day.
Indispensable App.
Ease of Usec68
I love the way that they make it easy to purchase items.
This app makes it too easy to spend my money.
Makes it difficult to spend money.
Makes shopping easy and super convenient.
easy and very simple app.
It's so annoying that it can't install a simple app.
Easy navigation easy shopping fast service and delivery's.
Easy and reliable.
Security & Privacyc20
You need access to my contacts because.
Updates & Supportc46
They just have everything here and the greatest customer service ever.
And I can't even sign in to receive customer service.

Amazon has always been my shopping center for all purchased items. found in 3 reviews
Wonderful App a place to shop for anything you want or need. found in 150 reviews
It's rly good. found in 1 reviews
I love u hu ever made this shopping site. found in 34 reviews
Easy navigation easy shopping fast service and delivery's. found in 2 reviews
Great products @ affordable prices. found in 6 reviews
I'm an Amazon junkie. found in 2 reviews
One of my faves. found in 2 reviews
I love it really nice things for the low. found in 5 reviews
This app is amazing it helps me find what i need. found in 7 reviews
nice cool shopping. found in 2 reviews
You should great products and services. found in 5 reviews
Buffalo Soldiers 71 at Gmail the calm profit organization. found in 1 reviews
For making my shopping addiction even more accessible. found in 3 reviews
Different smiley faces. found in 1 reviews
Did Christmas shopping on here as usual. found in 4 reviews
Ordered from my phone befor and this is the best online shopping app. found in 65 reviews
I can easily compare prices and place orders. found in 10 reviews
I'm on here everyday virtually window shopping. found in 3 reviews
I love Amazon because of the good amazing deals they have. found in 4 reviews
It says my Version cant download apps but its updated. found in 5 reviews
Unable to login with Lux enabled after upgrading to Lollipop. found in 59 reviews
This app 'needs' access to so many permissions. found in 15 reviews
Error messages and items not returning search results. found in 10 reviews
The thieves bought gift cards that couldn't be traced. found in 21 reviews
Was going to update but saw they added these new permissions. found in 28 reviews
Sorry amazon but you don't need my contact list. found in 14 reviews
The app constantly keeps restarting and it slows phone performance. found in 26 reviews
Except it doesn't let you browse and watch prime videos. found in 16 reviews
Will likely be uninstalling if it wants access to my contacts and messages. found in 63 reviews
Read sms and contacts are not permissions I'll allow. found in 25 reviews
Crashes if I go to my account or my order sometimes. found in 28 reviews
Amazon really needs to improve their horrid search engine and improve. found in 8 reviews
Last update for bug fixes but includes access to contacts. found in 33 reviews
After ordering when asked to sign in it freezes up. found in 73 reviews
Good but need ability to ask questions on S product page. found in 9 reviews
Contacts and SMS permissions will result in fewer sales from me. found in 8 reviews
I click the sign in button and it does nothing. found in 13 reviews
No reason for asking for these new permissions. found in 28 reviews
The latest version requires access to Contacts. found in 36 reviews
The sign in page does not allow me to input any information. found in 26 reviews
Since Lollipop update all Amazon apps freeze on log in screen. found in 204 reviews
Please just make the Amazon Instant Video app available properly. found in 66 reviews
it will not go back to search results after viewing an item. found in 24 reviews
your app keeps restarting in background processes constantly. found in 26 reviews
Why does this app suddenly need access to my contacts and receiving SMS. found in 63 reviews
After closing the app the instant video option disappears. found in 64 reviews
forced software download away from play store for prime video. found in 32 reviews
Cannot uninstall on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 since preinstalled app. found in 38 reviews
SMS and contacts permission added without any bit of information why. found in 25 reviews
Unable to sign in to my account the pages just shows graphs. found in 73 reviews
Downloaded app and unable to login to my account. found in 28 reviews
sick of avin to uninstall it to re install bloody joke. found in 32 reviews
I am going to cancel my Prime Membership before the renewal. found in 35 reviews

The Amazon Shopping is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 5.2.3 has been released on 2014-12-10. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.3 and up
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Product Features Customers are able to shop millions of products on any of Amazon`s sites around the world from a single app Quickly search, get product details, and read reviews on millions of products from ...

Used to love the app Now filtering a search is an absolute pain Have to tap Filter a few times to get the page to come up When you finally get there don t make a mistake with the option you select because going back takes you back to the search results rather than the filter option again If you apply more than one filter who doesn t you have to apply one at a time through a very laborious process Now I shop Amazon less and when I do I use the mobile browser in desktop mode Sad     Dalton Cook
The new way to drilldown by categories after a search is THE WORST You can t select multiple criteria at one time You select them one at a time and then it reloads the search results for each selection What used to take seconds now takes ten minutes No exaggeration Do a search Reload Department Reload Men Reload Clothing Reload Shirts Reload Reload Reload Reload Plus the content jumps around enough that it s too easy to click on the wrong things Aaaaargh         Grant Barrett
I usually really like this app but recently it has been refusing to load anything I just the the oops screen While I like looking at cute pictures of dogs I don t get on Amazon to do that A lot of times I have to turn off my VPN Your browser site has no problem with my VPN nor should it but sometimes I can turn it back on and everything is fine I think you have some bugs to need to fix         Jessica Stockett
The new interface sucks The drop down menu is useless I can t navigate to what I m looking for As soon as you hit one option you re taken back to all the articles I want to be able to click more options like in the old app Also just 20 articles per page and then you have to click Next Page is irritating It used to be that you could scroll down indefinitely I noticed that I close the app sooner than I used to and start shopping elsewhere     Ace Vandyk
I ve been a prime member since it s inception and use Amazon for nearly all my online purchases This app is very easy to navigate and use I have little to no issue with the app crashing Wishlist is a fantastic feature for possible future purchases I sometimes have issues with it s suggestions based on search history Some products aren t relevant and I have yet to see any deals of the day as steals or must have products                 Craig Lynch
For the most part this is a great app However my gripe with Amazon Music is your my music list includes everything added to every playlist For example I frequently tell Alexa to shuffle my music for all inclusive use of all my playlists If I had a Christmas playlist I would have to listen to Christmas music all year which is strictly against my music code On Spotify you can create a playlist and it wont add to the main list of music unless you tell it to Please change this             Adam Melot
Really Dissapointed the drag to save and compare has been replaced with hearts and the save and compare bar is no longer at the bottom of the screen No longer can you quickly swap between items for compassion via the convenient save and compare bar at the bottom the screen You have to navigate via the menu 3 clicks instead of 1 Phones are Sooo tall now days it s not like a tiny bar at the bottom of the screen is using up any real estate Please return Huawei P30 pro             Oscar R
I like this app a lot but I liked it better when I could just add items quickly to my list I also liked it better when it didn t crash When I say crash I mean it The screen or picture turns black and I have to exit the app entirely This gets frustrating when you re searching for that perfect thing Overall I like the app just needs some fixing Update they ve added a heart feature which makes it easier to add items to your preferred list which is great                 Savannah Krout
Dear Amazon Support Hope all is well Unfortunately the new app is functioning very poorly The best feature was continuous scrolling and now you have to click through every few items it is very limiting when you have to look through many items Also when sorting buy price after the first page the sort does not work It goes back to another sort criteria Thank you for your consideration and help with rectifying these concerns Sincerely appreciated Louis     louis ferriello
If you place an order on a laptop you will not find it in this app on your phone your SOL You would think this app would populate the information from their data base but nope everything has to be re interred including card number what a piece of junk You d expect a better app from one of the richest companies on the planet but they failed to do the basics I removed this useless POS app from my phone     Bill Kenny
The the new FILTER MENU is DRIVING ME NUTS I absolutely hate it Please go back to the filter menu that allows the selection of multiple filter options before it returns you to the results The forced return to results before I m done filtering is BEYOND ANNOYING Also WHAT S UP WITH THE PERSISTENT IN APP LAG TIME Y all never seem to fix this and the app is getting worse with every update Walmart app here I come     Kimberly Koessel
I enjoy using Amazon even when I just want to browse a little It s so easy using the app and I enjoy the convenience of the app as well Thank you so much for the perks and benefits you offer as well From freebies to daily deals and just plain prices much cheaper everyday 10 Amazon Gift card can t wait for it Thank you                     Melinda Aguilar
It would be a great app if it worked reliably Almost any time I try to search for stuff using it I get a uh oh something went wrong on our end Using web browser is much easier When search does work using filters to narrow down the search is painful and inconvenient     Jack Makarov
Miss continuous scrollin Hate that every time I choose a filter it sends be back to search results I then have to click on the filters to choose another one I have found that it is so much easier to shop from Amazon from their website That s how I ve completed my last 3 orders Amazon should roll this app back They have created a lot of problems trying to fix issues that were not initially a problem until they tried to fix them Please go back to old filter system     El Bo
Prepare to get constantly upset when trying to shop using this application Every time I start searching items I m booted back with a error occurred message There fore forcing me to start ALL OVER AGAIN in my search of a specific item This application just doesn t fit the bill in today s technology No reason why it still doesn t work without giving me an error every time I m searching for items and trying to shop Unacceptable Fix what s broken Already     Lo Za Da ARMADILLO
I love Amazon and this app works great Never any issues However i am awaiting the update that allows you to buy things separately from within your basket I can have 20 things in there that i plan to buy at a later date but if something comes up as last one left then i have to buy it right away so i have to move 19 items into save for later pay for the 1 thing then put them all back into my basket Pls fix it so you can choose what to buy at one time from your basket                     Tamara Clarke
I wouldn t have this app except for downloading other mobile apps It is now breaking into my active work to advertise so I have to wait 15 to 20 seconds for it to time out and then I have to click exit When i want to buy i go to their website via my laptop i dont need them interrupting my work in progress         Russ McLaughlin
I love Amazon but after the last update you can only look at 10 items per page and you can only filter searches one at a time It has made shopping in Amazon an annoyance which makes me look elsewhere for product Dropped my rating down to one star I just can t anymore with the app The new filtering makes the app mind numbingly slow I m sorry Amazon but if the app is not fixed I ll have to cancel prime and continue to shop elsewhere     Kim Sisson
FIX THE SEARCH The search options are terrible A basic search gives you thousands of results and many of the featured items aren t even related Plus as soon as you change the sort from featured to something else your results drop to 25 or 30 especially when you use price low to high It s ridiculous and annoying You re losing a lot of business based on my conversations with others because most people don t have time to wade through thousands of items to find what they want     Kimberly G Mitchell
This app is just another tool Amazon use to constantly try to sell you and trick you into paying for Amazon Prime Every time I try to purchase something it s the same which is why I now only use Amazon as a last resort when I can t find what i want anywhere else Which is probably why i haven t purchased anything from Amazon for over 6 months     jeff mann
The Amazon app is great but it has its problems For instance there are never any updates the app glitches and often just shows a blank page when searching Also when you click on things it sometimes chooses the item above or below instead of what you want to click on             Courtney Brazzle
When viewing books supposedly available in used it only gives you the option to add it to your cart but theres no way to buy it or any sign of a buy now button its very inconvenient to see the price of a used book and be unable to purchase it because Amazon wont show the buy now option because it s trying to make it s own money by making you buy it brand new point being I m unable to purchase used books and I want Amazon to fix the problem         Mike Reed
Good UI and search One complaint is the recent addition of the Alexa button on the top right next to the search icon I keep accidentally hitting it because it looks so much like the search magnifying glass icon I do not wish to use voice search                     S G
Used to be brilliant but since the last update it is much less user friendly The lists have a next button to press it used to add more items automatically when you got to the bottom of the list The filter function is annoying now After each selection it does the products you used to be able to add more filters before going back to the list It also crashes it never used to         Darryl Coad
After last update I no longer receive push notifications when app is closed I use to without any problems I have looked at both in app and phone settings and nothing has changed I will force stop and clear cache reopen and see of that helps Still a really good app Update Still no luck with receiving push notifications like package shipped or package delivered until I actually open the app up                 Aaron Ouellette
For some reason the last few versions of the South according to my phone which is a OnePlus 7 Pro when the app is open randomly my phone will heat up and I ll get a notification saying that Amazon shopping is draining the battery very heavily If I close it out it appears fine             Tim Isfeldt
A step down from the Underground version The filter options are not as uniform nor are the results always what you searched And then 20 results are all you get until you go to the next page It s odd I thought for sure that the app that we are all being forced to use now would have a more user friendly interface like the one that was recently discontinued Maybe it s a way to keep us on the same version I get that but maybe update it with better features     James Boles
Like everyone else said the new update is absolutely atrocious The loss of continuous scrolling no drag and drop wish list bar and the filter system being the most broken thing I ve ever seen makes this the worse shopping app I ve ever used Sort price low to high has never worked because they would rather shill you there preferred brands instead of actually sorting the result Also the lack of being able to set a min or max price is terrible too     kyo sensei
Around June I logged out of my account and from there I couldn t get back in not even with the OTPs I made another account in hopes this time around it would work and it did until just a week ago I logged out and when I tried to get back in the same thing happened The password I use constantly was wrong and the OTPs didn t work I just want this issue fixed it s all I ask     Kermita
It s a decent app when it s working I often get an error message featuring a picture of a dog for some reason when I open the app A big company like Amazon should be able to make an app that actually works Update dropping review to 1 star App never works All I get is dogs Tried re installing the app still dogs Upgraded to Android 10 still dogs All I see is dogs Why dogs Fix the app please I want to buy stuff Why do you hate my money     Jason Boere
I have an Amazon warehouse nearby and can see exactly where the Amazon truck carrying my package is at the moment and how many stops it has left until it gets to me Not applicable to everybody but the app handles this feature really well Also in my experience the app is actually a bit easier to navigate in some ways than the website At least the basic design is more intuitive Also as a general rating for the Amazon service I d also give 5 stars It s easy to shop confidently                     Hyrum Erdman
Terrible upgrade The latest version makes me want to go shop in a brick and mortar store I can t easily add products to lists the filters are inefficient using a filter makes it HARDER to find an item and the limited number of items per page wastes so much time I wish there was a way to uninstall the latest version I miss my daily dose of Amazon instant gratification     Mary Anne
OK Not sure what s going on but the last few days we have been unable to log into the app from our phones I keep getting an error saying the email phone number or password is incorrect Thinking my account was hacked I changed the password I ve now changed it 3 times and still have the same issue I Can only log in through A computer Please fix this     Shelly L
Horribly slow since being forced to update to this app instead of old app Words cannot even say how glitchy frustrating and SLOW this app is Amazon please fix this app I love your company enough to pay for prime and shop often but can see that my commitment to you will stall just like this app unless my shopping experience gets better     Jen VanMeer
The removal of continuous scrolling was a bad call I never had issues with items loading and on the search pages when scrolling so having to click next after just a few items is annoying the new filter update is also horrible the whole box closes each time you choose a new filter This makes finding a casual pair of women s brown lace up boots in size 7 narrow with a 2 5 in heel take much longer than is necessary Did anyone actually ask for these changes     evlpengn
What happened in the last update The search filters menu is now a separate page instead of a little side menu and every time you click something it goes back to the search results so you have to do that over and over to set filters And now instead of the search results being one continuous list you have to click through page after page of just a few items How is that an upgrade         modcheese one
I like this app because i can get my stuff faster without leaving my house because they ll just bring the stuff to your house so i recomend you to download this for a better expierience about not leaving yout home when you dont feel like it Your welcome for the compliment u003e 3                     Luna Plays
App is very slow lately I don t like the giant icons for recent orders Don t like how slow the app has become especially after I put something in the cart and it lags to pop up more suggestions I don t like how it lags when I do a search and it tries to predict my search         Anastasia Phillips
Like everyone else I love Amazon I purchase things from the app at least once a month if not once a week or more I especially love that on the App you can create Lists of things at Christmas I told my son to Make a Christmas List using the Amazon app Once I was ready to shop everything he wanted was there making the process so easy I ve never been dissatisfied with any products I ve purchased I also LOVE the Subscription service offered on many health u0026 beauty products Its a Lifesaver                     Chuck and Rachel
Works good I d like the ability to bring back the vertical list option for viewing Too jumbled swiping up and down side to side Hard to keep track of what I m shopping for The option for single list viewing would be nice                 John s
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