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Metro Trains , the publisher behind many Android apps (Stop Here ,Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games), brings Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games apps has been update to version 1.1.1 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It has so many different levels and its harder than the first..
  • This is a series of mini games with online high scores..
  • Pretty cool game my kids love it..
  • and my whole family loves to play it..
  • Awesome fun cool great game to pass time..

Overall Satisfactionc77
I love to play this game every play it single day.
please fix that because i really want to play this game.
Great game to play n also vary amazing game.
This is one of my favorite games.
this is a wonderful game it is the best game in the world.
It is the worst game in the world.
Loved the first one & now to get different challenges is awesome.
I just want more levels.
I hated it i was to easy and needs more levels.
A wonderful game and really is addictive.
I love dis game it works on my phone.
Dis game is soooo ANNOYING URGHhhhhhhh.
Fun & Engagingc89
Awesome game u need 2 add more stuff though.
This game is super fun and the graphics are so cute.
I love it because it is so funny and fun to play :D.
I just want more levels.
I hated it i was to easy and needs more levels.
This game is very fun and very addictive.
Fun little game my 14 year old daughter showed me.
this game makes me want to play it all the time.
this game is fun and challenging its an amazing game.
Family Friendlyc60
Why is kids mode so much money.
and my whole family loves to play it.
I am sexy and I know it.
Replay Valuec84
I just want more levels.
I hated it i was to easy and needs more levels.
new levels include electric fence hurdles.
this game is fun and challenging its an amazing game.
Ads not Intrusivec70

super ilove this game forever. found in 6 reviews
Funniest game I ever played nice job with this one guys really. found in 22 reviews
Awesome game u need 2 add more stuff though. found in 147 reviews
This is the craziest game on Earth for November. found in 3 reviews
I can play on my tablet it is a very nice game. found in 13 reviews
the game is awesome and Olso a time killer game. found in 6 reviews
Thanks for the great game and it's free. found in 3 reviews
After level completion I can't press play again or map. found in 21 reviews
I cant play it anymore so i used to deleted it. found in 71 reviews
but micro transactions plus ads no thanks. found in 3 reviews
I like it very much but too long to install. found in 25 reviews
but they also don't allow me to tap the screen. found in 8 reviews
dumb game I hate I uninstalled it. found in 28 reviews
I don't know how to play the game yet. found in 7 reviews
I play on my mom's phone and the game doesn't even work. found in 13 reviews
But now everytime I want to exit to the map. found in 52 reviews
Click on a place and I and the train doesn't go. found in 14 reviews
Every time I submit my initials it always froze. found in 4 reviews
Because it's fun but it takes to long to download. found in 8 reviews
It says invalid download url. found in 1 reviews
Whenever I beat the game I can't play it anymore which is annoying. found in 7 reviews
When you open the game it tends to show a black screen. found in 9 reviews
It says there's an error downloading it. found in 4 reviews
It ask you play again and the play again button always freezes. found in 14 reviews
It doesn't work on tablets for some reason :. found in 27 reviews
but it's a shame you have to pay for more tickets. found in 5 reviews
It doesn't let me spin the person on my tablet please fix. found in 5 reviews
Its a peice of crap don't download this game EVER. found in 21 reviews
I just downloaded it and it wouldn't let me press play. found in 21 reviews
please fix that because i really want to play this game. found in 87 reviews
Doesn't let you play again and go back to the map. found in 52 reviews
When I installed it showed but I couldn't play it. found in 17 reviews
It just the blue something and no button to press. found in 19 reviews
I can't play it on my tablet because there is no start button. found in 66 reviews
I cant play on samsung galaxy tab 2. found in 71 reviews
Boring quick doesn't work on tablets. found in 27 reviews
but this does not work on my Samsung tablet. found in 54 reviews
Stupid mine won't work the train won't move sooooooooo agervating. found in 18 reviews
Why I can't use samsung galaxy tab 2 to play this game. found in 85 reviews
Game sucks can't play it on my tablet. found in 24 reviews
There is absolutely no way top start the game. found in 27 reviews
this is a dumb game please don't install it. found in 28 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.1.1 has been released on 2014-12-9. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.3 and up
More Info: Find more info about Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games in Metro Trains`s Official Website : http://dumbwaystodie.com

There s a whole new set of dumb characters that have gathered to take part in a newer, bigger game.Guide these characters through 28 action packed mini-games and try to stay alive long enough to ...

Edit 1 star Each problem that s fixed brings about another one now that it doesn t force close every mini games background noise stays on constantly     Sharissa Kretsinger
While I enjoy the game it s unusable because when it plays an skippable ad it s usually the game s death sentence as after playing another skippable ad it would go to a black screen and after 5 seconds or so the game would force quit Not much I can say other my plea to address the problem         David Afforo
I love this game it is so fun for kids my child wants to play it everyday and I m like ok for 30 min then she said ok I said time is up she said NO IT IS NOT I m like ok then she went to sleep I started playing it and I loved it now it is my fad game and I let her play it all the time and I is a great way to get your whole family to play this game                     Toi WILLIAMS
You see more advertisements than what you actually play This type of games just want to make money from asking you to pay to avoid all other commercials about other games Not worthy instead of having fun you end up getting annoyed     Jezer Galicia Castillo
i really enjoyed playing this game but the ads thingy was so annoying its totally glitch whenever you skip the ads it will force you to quit the game please fix this as soon as possible i do appreciate your struggleness     nurin ilyana
All the fun of the original with all the glitches of a sequel Every time I get an ad the game crashes Please fix             Josh Bates
I think it would be fun because the games themselves are decent However I keep getting kicked out of the game when the ads end and restarting the game all the time isn t that much fun         Barb Deveau
As of right now its 3 stars because everytime an add pops up and ends the app closes and I have to reopen it Please fix this issue             Classy Robin
This game is great but I noticed every time I exit a clickable ad my game force quits Fixing this problem would mean alot                 internet insulator
Fun but after each round the game crashes Could you please fix I m on a samsung             Pusheen is Awesome
Whenever I click off an ad it takes me off the app fully Good game but glitchy             Noah Ree
I love it Its funny and different from the first game Perfect for me                     Why Try
Worst Dumb ways game ever Very long unskipable ads qnd everytime game where you have to tap tap it just glitches out in the middle of the round Please fix it if you don t fix the game by the end of the year I will uninstalled And for now everyone please don t install this app It sucks     Payton Marphi
I think that it s a really fun game because their are lots of challenges in the game and their also funny                     Breeana Leathart
I Love this game sooo much but after every ad it says Dumb ways to die has stopped working         Nathan NateViljoen
The game crashes every time I watch an add Why         Ebony
Good game but every time there is an advert the game goes off otherwise a really great game             super fun girl and friends
Too many ads and they are so long         Amelia Dunphy
I really like this game I also really like the original games they re so funny and cool please make more                     Marry 2024
This game s really fun especially the new clown that s in it I would play this all the time this is a very very good game like after I downloaded it I fell in love with it it s really good everybody should download this game it s really fun                     Roy Putman
this game so legit Because you could play what ever you want its not broing its for gamers and everybody wants to try this                     Prescious Vinoya
I just tried installing it but imma go on a rant when i wanted to download it and i had no storage i exited the play store and deleted the memory uninstalled a few apps then went back to this app i checked guess what STILL NEEDED THE SAME STORAGE repeated and repeated and nothing changed in the end i deleted much more stuff than i had to if you experience the same problem DONT blame the developers its just my phone is dumb                 Greg Bedell
Played the origional since it came out and i have loved this game series keep up the good work                     Boris Bear
I liked this game a lot But there is only one problem which is ads if there s no ads it s going to be perfect                     Layan Beshawi
it is a good game but there is a problem with my game that is pretty annoying in all my games I play in that game the skater comes out of nowhere that s why I gave it 4 stars                 obsidian 85
This update is gonna be more awsome than the last update Keep making more awsome updates DWTD 2 My favorite charcter is of course loopy and stupa                     Rainbow Trophies
good for offline but bores because you only have bots to play with should also have online mode             rishav raj
awesome graphics smooth gameplay sometimes the guidelines are hard to read                 DANY MANUEL
I mean it gives alot of ads but is a really good app                     Arianna Cardona
I really like this game because of all the different games the only bad thing is that it has alot of adds                     Sylvia Contreras
App crashes after every ad     Karen People
I love this game In this game I love to stretch the body and playing bonus minigame                     Rhythm Pandey
Fun game and has way more mini games than the first one                     TatJacAndy Farjo
I love the new updates and I ve always loved this game and the original Highly Recommend                     Charone Sexton
It is fun but everytime I get to a ad it kicks me off of the game             Destiny Strouth
This game is pretty cool Mostly the Georgie and Pennywise game                 supa flash
It is amazing and fun if you like violence or if you want a laugh                     sun shine dayz
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