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Big Fish Games , the publisher behind many Android apps (European: Face of Envy (Full) ,Web: Deadly Sands CE (Full) ,Web of Deceit: Deadly Sands CE ,Big Fish Games App ,Fierce Tales (Full) ,Dark Parables:Snow Queen(Full)), brings Gummy Drop! with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Gummy Drop! apps has been update to version 1.3 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • You can play each level 3 times and get different rewards..
  • I love playing this game and so does my 7 year old..

Overall Satisfactionc61
I just love the game it's totally addictive.
Love the game but constantly have to do same levels over.
This is my favorite game.
Awesome game need more lives to keep playing.
I love you deeksha I really to love you.
Amazing game ever tots on the grid.
I recommend this game to anyone.
Fun & Engagingc83
Awesome game love it and its time consuming very addictive.
Super fun super addicting game.
Otherwise I love it and am totally addicted.
Lots of fun and exciting and there's plenty to do.
Got to levels 40 fun while it lasted.
Hours of fun to pass.
Lost everything after update.
Value for Moneyc42
What a wonderful game to spend your extra time with.
I refuse to spend money to buy coins.
Replay Valuec61
Had problems with it closing when got to higher levels.
Awesome game very challenging and addictive.
Hours of fun to pass.
This game keep going.
Why did my game reset I am back at the start.
Problems with Android 5.
Updates & Supportc47
Aldo I can't even do anything else like contact customer service.
But after my Great experience with the customer service rep.
And I have already contacted customer support.

My first time downloading gummy bears. found in 1 reviews
Love this game more than any I've played yet. found in 5 reviews
Enjoying the game so far htgreat way to pass the time. found in 21 reviews
LOVE the NEW music & sound effects. found in 2 reviews
Gummy Drop is a cute game. found in 4 reviews
This app is alsome. found in 1 reviews
bright colors and really grab the attention. found in 2 reviews
The best puzzle game I' ve played so far. found in 5 reviews
Super fun super addicting game. found in 5 reviews
Love it need mor friends to join me. found in 2 reviews
I hope this game is as fun as it looks. found in 2 reviews
I won a treasure chest full of 25. found in 3 reviews
It is very nice game. found in 3 reviews
# it it's my true video game addiction. found in 2 reviews
Really is fun playing and sharing with friends. found in 2 reviews
Awesome game love it and its time consuming very addictive. found in 39 reviews
Awesome game very challenging and addictive. found in 4 reviews
I love it when the purple gummy bear jumps around. found in 6 reviews
Love this game very fun and entertaining. found in 2 reviews
forcing me to lose a life each time for no reason. found in 13 reviews
keeps shutting down mid game and losing track of progess. found in 8 reviews
Love the game but would like to start with more than 3 lives. found in 119 reviews
game crashes at level 29 san frans why. found in 5 reviews
I cant play any further because of this screen keep appearing. found in 3 reviews
but there should be more coin rewards for extra high scores. found in 12 reviews
I stopped playing for 24 hrs still no new lives. found in 7 reviews
I love this game but it keeps crashing and i loose my lives. found in 10 reviews
It updated and all it keeps saying is no Internet connection. found in 18 reviews
but we are really going to need more lives. found in 95 reviews
Being required to log into Facebook in order to save progress sucks. found in 35 reviews
Great except that it keep stealing lives and crashing. found in 3 reviews
Takes awhile to load other than that it's okay. found in 35 reviews
getting annoyed ready to delete. found in 3 reviews
The game keeps restarting in the middle of the game. found in 16 reviews
You need to fix the problem and do an update. found in 15 reviews
Some of the levels are difficult to win without using cheats. found in 11 reviews
If it continues I'm uninstalling this game. found in 5 reviews
The game randomly shuts down mid play and loses all data. found in 3 reviews
going to give it a few days please fix. found in 15 reviews
This game sucks as soon as you update it. found in 12 reviews
It won't even load time to delete garbage. found in 12 reviews
Told you to connect to Facebook to keep your progress. found in 35 reviews
It takes forever to load and has bad graphics. found in 35 reviews
Now I'm in San Francisco the game keeps freezing. found in 16 reviews
I refuse to spend money to buy coins. found in 11 reviews
Pretty poor when you only get 3 lives to begin with. found in 119 reviews
I can't download the game you need to fix quick. found in 15 reviews
The EXACT same thing happened when I finished level 20. found in 15 reviews
Please put more life to play. found in 16 reviews

The Gummy Drop! is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Gummy Drop! app version 1.3 has been updated on 2014-12-10. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 3.1 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about Gummy Drop! check developer Big Fish Games`s website :

I would recommend this game highly Instructions are pretty easy to follow When new items features are added they are well explained Most of the levels are fairly easy to get done some absolutely require using extra help I ve only run into one level so far that I had to accrue and then spend a lot of game money on to complete the third step But this is what I love about the game Each board is different and inventive and I ve noticed that many cities have a theme associated with how the boards are developed and I really like that                     Christopher Rustay
Idon t know what happened to the game I was playing it and my tablet locked up I can t do anything with it My wife was playing on her tablet and it kicked her off of it When she logged back in it said her current city was sydney the first city What is going on     Tim and Brenda Stanton
I like the game but ever so often it stops and I am not able to get in Then it may or may not start where I ended the game It may take me to the beginning This is why I stopped playing this game for about a year     Tania Manigault
This is the most CONFUSING app I have EVER encountered Absolutely too much going on within the app game I have now downloaded played and deleted this game twice and will permanently delete it again momentarily So much unnecessary stuff happening that it takes away from the supposedly fun of the game Good riddance     Kim Baker
I was all the way to at least 55 or 60 where all the little purses were the next time l started to play it was at the very beginning very upset had to start all over again l feel like l should delete this game u0026     Beverly Laddis
I am 80 years of age and gummy drop keeps me young as i do not sleep much it is a real boon in my life thankyou all for this game Prior to gummy drop my life was all sorts of crosswords and puzzle books and reading this is a far more challenging pastime I am truly greatful thanks to all those involved with gummy drop Regards DB s of                     A Google user
Put back Tokyo level 45 as it was before the update today now it s unwinnable What s the deal There are enough frustrating overly complicated levels for you to rectro actively add more         JL Hughes
I enjoy this game but the birthday feature glitched on me I uninstalled and reinstalled not realizing all progress would be lost included my daily check in Over 40 days lost Please fix and credit me Yes I pay to play                     Virginia Williams
I enjoy this game very much one draw back is that after completing the 1st 70 levels of the birthday event I m unable to access the others even though I ve updated the gam                     Jules James
I give it points for visuals However when the AI is set up to give you such crappy options that your forced to either lose over and over or use boosts it stops being fun             Wendy Benedict
great game when it works have times it wont open u0026 have had to uninstall reinstall u0026 loose all progress also have had issues opening it had to shut down my device u0026 restart other apps work fine did it again had to uninstall after the update of July 26 first my home screen icon disappeared had to go to Google play to open the game then today that only brought up a black screen             A Google user
So bummed I have been playing for years and was up to 660 consecutive days when it simply stopped connecting to Facebook on my iPad which is what I had been using to log into the game I have tried a bunch of things including uninstalling FB gummy drop and all sorts of other things I found googling around I m probably going to find something else now     Nancy Whitney
I played this game for years I progressed to London level 20 Now I open and lost my progression down to level 10 and lost my rewards Is there a way to restore my game back to my highest level This frustrating to spend this much time and digress My game keeps popping up with the older version how do I upgrade to the latest version on FB Game room How do I find the version number     eric critchlow
had the game on my phone and tablet they synced well until today when I start it on my phone it would not start Uninstalled then reinstalled it It started as if it was the first time ever It would like sync very disappointed uninstalled it 9 6 2019 All is good Can play between my devices without a problem Like the new look Thank you                     Barbara Jackson
Might be good if I didn t have my game progress wiped out every time I turn around Well it lasted almost a year this time before the game wiped out my progress I am so totally disgusted I could spit nails I have Two other games on my tablet and they have never just disappeared like this one does I know it s not my tablet What is it with you people     Sue Rice
Good game but has a bug my passport shows a flashing number When i open passport nothing happens I browsed all the pages several times O well Suppose it has something to do with miles from expired event cities I didnt collect maybe event cities should show in your passport also after expiration hint No biggie Also the skip after a level could be a little more consistent Sometimes skip button shows sometimes it doesn t I guess the developers have some finetuning to do                 RIEN SNIJDER
I really enjoyed playing the game but I m so tired of it messing up I was almost through LA and it just randomly erased my entire game and started me back in Sidney This is not the 1st time this has happened I ve also lost treasure chests and other things due to glitches in the game yet every time I turn around I have to update the game Why update if you haven t fixed the problems I m over it Don t waste your time You will be disappointed     Kelli Tritt
Terrible game When you ought to use a boost they rig the game so that you re required to use the Boost instead of using moves until you want to use the Boost You only win the levels they want you to win without boosts or without using your other extras This is a great game for kids who need constant positive reinforcement but it s a terrible game if you want to actually utilize any skill or feel like you ve actually accomplished something on your own     Vince Frazier
Very nice game I like the tutorial I got as I went through the first 10 levels So far so good                     Karen Kleckner
I really loved this game but after the last update it sometimes doesn t allow me to open the app and now I ve lost all my accumulated days and have to start over at day 1 After all the money I ve spent buying things I think I might just uninstall and find a new game I don t play many games so this makes me sad         Kelly Hj
I have been playing this game for a few years but the lastest update makes me think it is time to delete it I had a running streak of 154 days and had half completed the space level only for it to crash 4 times and lose all my levels I had completed very angry and annoyed as I pay often for help     Gabrielle Ball
i remember the old rewards why did you change for this new rewards 148 days non stop and my reward was 25 coins something i got at beginning so don t be fooled the prizes really do get crappy as you progress each day also annoying pop ups telling you something you already know as you click on to something hence 3 stars shame really but it s still fr3             Keith Lefevre
I love this game however bought a bundle days ago and didn t get the items on my game reached out to the game and they said they wld fix it yet it stil hasn t been fixed I habe reached out numerous times since their last instruction and they have not responded or corrected the issue They took the money out from my bank account but have not credited my items or refunded the money         patricia perryman
July 8 update updated on my tablet but not on my phone now I m on 2 different levels which is stupid what has happened to the play on this device or other device notices before you play the game that has now stopped time to uninstall it and look for something else or pull your finger out and fix the problem     Lynne Holdsworth
Normally I would say I absolutely love this game but currently it is absolutely frustrating I m making my way through the birthday event and each time I pass a milestone it says I have something in my passport collection 4 items actually but am unable to access it no matter how many times I try             Lucy Greene
accidentally press something and there is no undo i had finished all levels of NASA just needed last rss and accidentally tapped link to Facebook and it restarted the entire game i lost everything id done including every city i had done and was in progress of it restarted me from scratch this is part of why i stopped playing a year ago fix it or ill be leaving again     Berenice Fraser
I have had this game over 3 years and have been up to New Orleans or higher Then it CRASHES It is very frustrating My husband has the same experience I still come back because I haven t found a game that I enjoy         Lynn Leonard
Extremely disappointed in this game Made it about 3 4 of the way through the Moon Mission but then lost my progress Finally started working again but only for 2 days I m on a Google Pixel 3 and made it to Lisbon without any issues until the past couple of weeks     Jessica Natalizio
I used to like the game but for months now I haven t been able to make any progress The game constantly crashes I contacted support basically useless I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it changed nothing I m ready to just uninstall altogether I would give this 0 stars if it let me     Robin Henley
Very disappointed with the upgrade All the old game data was erased and though I almost completed New Orleans I m forced to start from Australia all over again This is the second time this has happened The first was last year when I was already in New York This is too much do I ll just stop playing     Dav Fxg
Oh wow love this game and have been playing for several years BUT it suddenly wouldn t open and nothing seemed to fix it Contacted the help people and finally back up and running Just received a wonderful gift from Gummy Drop pile of free lives and much more couldn t be happier many thanks                     Janet Olliver
Good game BUT purchased credits and they didn t come through Game has started freezing and now feeling like getting rid of it Was always 5stars but only one due to increasing problems Come on big fish get your act together and return my money as well     Josephine Crawford
love the game but after my last up date when i was getting up in levels the game froze up and couldnt get into it again thats the 2nd time its done that to me All that time and money i played for nothing Bummer     Jacqualyn Pashek
would give it more but i currently cant get into my game and worried i am going to lose all my days progress also a little annoyed with the amount of moves on some levels making it nearly impossible to finish with out making purchases             Jade Powell
not a bad game but I will never pay 9 99 for 2 extra lives After reading other reviews it seems like all the developers care about is getting your money and not responding to the players             John Pratt

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