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ELECTRONIC ARTS , the publisher behind many Android apps (SimCity BuildIt ,Plants vs. Zombies FREE ,Need for Speed™ No Limits ,EA SPORTS™ UFC ,The Old Republic™ Security Key ,Peggle Blast), brings SimCity BuildIt with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. SimCity BuildIt apps has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Its actually a really good simulation game..
  • Learn to take your time and not spend any money..
  • Yall need to allow n yu to make friends without Facebook..
  • I love this game it's a great way to pass the time..
  • This game is realistic its super fun butane careful its addicting..


I have played SimCity for the SUPER NINTENDO. found in 6 reviews
I live this game. found in 5 reviews
Awesome game reminds me of the first Sim city 2000. found in 248 reviews
I love this game so much great job ea. found in 11 reviews
This game is very fun and a good time passer. found in 5 reviews
In the first game the building's reflected in appearance to land. found in 4 reviews
it's an interesting game to play and I enjoy it thoroughly. found in 8 reviews
Amazing graphics and very challenging to build a great city. found in 10 reviews
Lots of clean fun. found in 5 reviews
Most entertaining game I have played on the Google play store. found in 6 reviews
Enjoying this game alot more now with the update. found in 7 reviews
overall the game graphics and gameplay is awesome. found in 13 reviews
It works great the best game ever it has stunning graphics. found in 6 reviews
The game seems vary well balanced. found in 7 reviews
It definitely brings back memories of playing SIM tower in elementary school. found in 7 reviews
Global market sucks everything always sold out before I can buy. found in 40 reviews
Global market failure and unbalance blue bubbles rewards. found in 470 reviews
disappointment because of the market place that NEVER. found in 48 reviews
the global trading market is fundamentally broken. found in 80 reviews
Money is hard to come by unless you spend real cash. found in 124 reviews
The trade center is frustratingly impossible to use. found in 117 reviews
now that I want to connect to Facebook it won't allow me. found in 27 reviews
Fun but gets boring awhile you should download it. found in 22 reviews
Also game keeps crashing when you go to trading exchange. found in 85 reviews
Almost impossible to buy anything from the trade centre. found in 58 reviews
you get a message saying that the item is no longer available. found in 25 reviews
Second: market needs a a search function. found in 38 reviews
Addictive and a good way to waste hours on gameplay. found in 31 reviews
A search functionality built into the trade system would be perfect. found in 90 reviews
Trading needs a serious major overhaul. found in 11 reviews
A search function in the global market would be awesome. found in 55 reviews
Game crashes almost everytime i am in Market. found in 123 reviews
Application randomly closes at times when opening the global market. found in 19 reviews
Game closes randomly while opening the Global trade HQ. found in 34 reviews
The game keeps closing out and its getting more frequent. found in 85 reviews
The game keeps crashing and everytime I go to the HQ building. found in 85 reviews
annoying and very expensive if you choose to spend real cash. found in 124 reviews
The game keeps closing while I'm at the global trade. found in 85 reviews
that's ridiculous considering how long it takes to make money. found in 495 reviews
but soon you have no choice but to spend real money. found in 260 reviews
Sims aren't happy because you don't have fire station. found in 80 reviews
I really loved this game until the last update. found in 84 reviews
Word to EA -- don't fix something that isn't broken. found in 187 reviews
Can not grow with out spending real money. found in 243 reviews
Excellent graphics but need improvements about game play. found in 112 reviews
that item was already sold and wouldn't let me buy it. found in 135 reviews
Global Trading sucks takes forever to find what you need. found in 80 reviews
Global market HQ is flooded with useless items. found in 470 reviews
Global Trade system needs a rethink - lags and forced closes. found in 90 reviews
this sucks was looking forward to playing this game. found in 96 reviews
Game crashes everything I go to someone's city. found in 123 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download SimCity BuildIt for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new SimCity BuildIt app version has been updated on 2014-12-8. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.3.3 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about SimCity BuildIt check developer ELECTRONIC ARTS`s website :

WELCOME MAYOR We re glad to have you on board. Your first order of business create your own gorgeous, unique city that has citizens vying to move in. But remember, the larger your city ...

Restricted options while you do have choices about where you place buildings it becomes very apparent from early on that the rate of progress is choked by pay wall timer countdowns You can t build the buildings you need to be able to progress without making it to a higher level which is dependent on upgrading your existing buildings which requires you to manufacture resources which takes time TL DR Painfully obvious money grab with little strategy involved             Russell Schaare
Can be satisfying as well as being an all round great game I ve been playing for a few months now and unlike a lot of games of this nature you can get quite a lot of currency for your money if u use real cash and am happy to say I can t see the end of building improving my city anytime soon plenty more of rewards on offer too completing tasks to earn the rewards are easily achievable unlike most other games like this that I ve played in the past                     Anthony Thomas
Sometimes what you to do seems complicated or menial But fortunately there is always something to do on this game Keep your factories going and production up sell your goodies and you ll be good to go If it takes a while on the market don t get discouraged Eventually the game Daniel will buy the stuff if it doesn t sell within a couple days So everything always sells                     Bret Hager
This is a very fun game It is addictive It feels like a cash grab Before continuing with anything there is the option to spend the cash bought currency There are lots of teaser features that are only available through purchase And then there are the optional ads that pop up in game Not recommended for kids unless you lock your wallet         Andres Matos
This game isn t like others and that is what s good It doesn t seem like it takes time to think about what you have to do It is a little like a strategy game with lots of unlockable things and expanding never ends There is a surprise which is about the Vu Tower and it not only surprised me but was kind of funny but in a way I didn t want to laugh because of the destruction but was easy to fix because you didn t have to start all over with the tiny house These people know what make us mad                     Jacob G
Whenever we try to buy items from the Global Trade HQ it always says SOLD We re partronizing your game because we want to enjoy and kill idle time but you re doing it the wrong way by killing our excitement and pushing us away from your game and look for a better exciting games You might want to do more friendly user version of this game so that you ll get a five star rating     Eric Lim
If I was just reviewing the gameplay this would get 5 stars but as an app there are major flaws There is no obvious quit option so if you pause to take a call or answer an email the game invariably crashes Also the app keeps failing to connect to the internet so it keeps telling me that something truly epic awaits although you will never find out what because it then tells you to connect to the internet to download content when I AM ALREADY CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET     Neil Wallington
The game is really nice and it is actually pass out time but the main point is its graphic we are not very satisfied for graphics we need some more clearity on the little mountains trees cars home buildings and all the things I accepted the the game is actually like its thumbnail I accept that the developer of the game is really think about to very improve its graphics                 GTR GAMERS
Just another cash grab game Seems EA like all devs these days are cashing in on the pvp aspect Whatever happened to developing a fun game buy it then play it People with real to waste and trust fund babies trying to catch up with top players will have a blast but will ultimately be disappointed Get an old pc and play SimCity that way much more fun     LaGrange 8269
I love the game Cant revert to offline after being in a club practically a 2nd family we have developed There are mayor city levels mayor war levels and then war arena levels I HATE that the game auto matches random arena levels At one time we were in arena lvl 4 the game matched us with an arena lvl 6 enemy club We had no chance of winning Defeated 60k to 2k Bad matching Other than that great game On my 2nd city I REFUSE to unlock regions airport Its a hassle to me                 Mark Isaiah
the game requires alot of grinding and or a lot of money to stay caught up lots of currencies patience is required to avoid spending lots of money Demoted to 3 stars Simoleans are limited to about 14k max then stop accruing If you leave for a week you dont earn more capped at 14k For some reason the game seems to purposely avoid letting me use the resources I have I have dozens of distinct resources ready made but the game wants me to make other types Annoying             almond clint
I keep having glitches where I m not passing my tiers when I have actually passed them and I ve missed plumbob points that I was owed plus the upgrades are getting more and more frequent I hope it doesnt end up taking all the space in my phone because I ll have to get rid of it and I loved this game and I spend a lot of money on it         Sarah Khan
Everything about this game is awesome But the only problem is when i try hard to win grand or big prize in leagues in contest there are some hacked players come everytime and win the prize it literally makes no sense I have no more Interest in playing contests how can someone with level 40 have contest rank 69 and war rank 39 Hope you guys find the solution for this or else there is no meaning of playing it             Narotham S
There are 3 of us who play and we have found the game is definitely rigged I started second but my factories were the first to instantly produce items after watching an ad A good 6 months before the third person who started the game and surpassed me got the same benefit The one whose played the longest and highest level of us still does not have this benefit We also noticed big differences is prizes won and com assignments when we were nearly equal in levels War needs to be redesigned         maria two heart
Nice graphics no invasive adverts but boy oh boy is this a slowwwwww game Five minutes gameplay hours of waiting Most gold I ve had at one time is 16 000 Got 6 000 atm and just unlocked public transport the cheapest of which costs 40 000 gold THE CHEAPEST OF WHICH Not sure the pretty graphics are going to keep me interested         Dawn of the Dad
The only reason to not score this game 5 stars is due to the fact that EA constantly trys to get you to pend your real money The newest update with mayors season pass is just ONE example ot the MANY times it s encouraged to spend your real money Various other ways in game promts pullimg out your wallet Aside from that con there are SO many pros to the game Download u0026 enjoy just don t give into the offers                 jara potts
It s an interesting game but I get bore when the raw materials take too much time for the production but keeping it in a side the game is very interesting By this game I came to know how to spend our money and to where to spend how to trade how to import how to export things an especially how to build up                 Diya Gupta
Game is very fun and good time killer Biggest issue is that you can progress quickly but once you get up some levels the amount of income your city generates is way too slow to progress at an appealing speed Taxes you collect are very low and you get paid chump change for challenges etc But every building etc cost way more than what game allows you to earn             thomas chapman
I rank this game number 1 But I wish that we could build a airline company even a train station would be nice or a street car line system We need to Have it change from rain to sunny to even a windy day or night Can we even hear the traffic of cars blowing there horns In let s make the sims talk to me more and to each other Thank you for making this an offline game This why your 1st Offline is great We need a zoom in button to see our sims in building better In let us see our sims walk                     FedEx - Da 3 Star General
Quite good Still playable for the f2p players u0026 balancing the economy is quite challenging have some freebies most importantly NO ADS pop out from nowhere for every minutes lol But i do hope that the prices of the building can be lowered 40k 60k for 1 building with small Area coverage is not worth it and really slowing our progress in the game and to catch up with the veteran player                 Geotifanny Harischandra
People think this game is boring but addictive But i should just mention that this game is essentially a time waster You re supposed to play this game not for fun but for the satisfaction you get out of building your dream city To the people who are struggling to keep their city happy use the trading market for any cheap opportunities use an optimal layout to have at least 17 residential buildings engaging with one park And keep polluting structures in the distance Good luck                     Dzo Jung
Simply amazing With time effort and creativity you can build very beautiful cities Warning Addictive and you might feel like taking your wallet out at some point But if you dont mind it too much it may bring you long ways down the road You should also make sure you know all the tips and tricks early on It is a very timing friendly game login few mins in morning work break and lunch time You can also multitask while playing but it does require alot of gameplay for satisfying results                 Robert Allard
If this game was more like the PC version then I wouldn t have an issue Its impossible to actually enjoy and have a nice looking city without everything being behind a pay wall You might be able to fool the new generation into spending money on this game or people who didn t know about how the older game worked but veterans will know better Some of us just wanted to have fun building not wait 30 minutes for 1 item or wait ages because its no steady income of coins 1 per sec would be ok         TheZealot
EA is incrementally making this a pay to play game but you can still do very well without spending money It is without a doubt way better than most and you can choose to play solo or join a mayor s club Players tend to be more mature and good conversation is an integral part of the game You can control whether or not to watch an ad No spam messages either                 Tom Brooks
Love this game So enjoyable Its cool that you can join clubs actually chat with your team and go to war against other teams definitely an awesome element to the game makes it even more fun and interesting Its such a good game its pretty much the only game i play on my tablet even though i have a few others installed i always find myself on this one lol I give it 5 STARS for sure                     Kara El
I look at this game sometimes and it makes me feel so much relaxed and excited I always see reality whenever I login especially from the services you render to your Sims This game has really helped me in managing life challenges on the outside world I would love you to install and play this game on your phone It is more than exciting                 Williams Adewoyin
Fun game for a little while pay to win of course After some hours progression becomes extremely slow and the game gets repetitive A premium version without micro transactions would have been a 3 5 stars but as it is it s at most decent in the beginning and borderline worthless after a couple days         Marco Acce
I absolutely love this game and have done for a years I only gave it 4 stars because of the marketplace setup which could be fairer I get stuck too often in the market looking for items that seem to become more scarce the minute you need them Its frustrating enough to want to quit wasting time Adding a section to ask for specific items would be a lot more decent to your loyal and devoted fans and users even if it was for only a specific of items each day                 Carmen Hilder
Would give this game 5 stars but the screen time out is waaay too short Never used to be this way about 1 5 years ago I been playing for 2 but since then they updated the screen time out without giving any option to adjust it It s the only downside to playing this game                 88Petry
This game needs to confirm if you want to spend cash I hit a box by accident at the trade depot not having been explained what to do there and lost 10 when I thought it was going to show me how to earn There should ve been a pop up asking me if I really wanted to spend that before just taking it         robert chinnis
my only problem at the moment is that I see others talking about how it rains in their cities but it has never rained in mines other than that it s a pretty chill game Everything was chill till mayor s pass love all the extras that can be won but the temporary store is a MAJOR FAIL It would also be helpful if buildings could be stored when restructuring a city                     Farrah Lowery
First off the game crashes A LOT It will crash when you watch ads it will crash when you re just about to make that crucial item purchase on the global market yes it will even crash when you re not doing much at all It s a regular CRASHFEST No other game has ever crashed this much for me But when it DOES RUN it is undoubtedly undisputably the BEST DAMN GAME ON THE PLANET ever made EVER Many here are complaining that the game needs REAL MONEY purchases in order to advance smoothly NOT TRUE Milking a cashcow for all it s worth may be a typical thing to do but thankfully EA have not gone this route with SIMCITY BUILDIT The game throws more FREE ITEMS and valuable SIMCASH at you than any other game I can think of Kudos to EA for the best portable gaming experience ever devised                     Faizel v.d Westhuizen
There is always something to do Always a contest going on giving away lots of awards Lots of videos to complete task fast Big changes since I last played a couple years ago Quit cause it took forever to get anything done or accumulate enough in game currency to buy building and such its no longer like this I m getting lots and I don t spend real money Just play and play smart in contest Plus there s wars against other people now Real time PvP against others around the world Very cool                     Chad Corrigan
I have been playing this game for almost 5 years All the updates have been good Though the last update I did had a few mistakes My storage capacity was decreased and also I can t access my other cities because the game freezes and exits Is there any way to fix this soon I d hate to neglect my other cities u0026 worry about having to slowly collect storage equipment yet again just to waste it Thank you for your time                 caitlin dougherty
Addictive I really like this game SO GLAD ABOUT THE SHIELD BUSTER The one thing that irked me about wars was that people would hide under shields for a whole day when they had a lead That s not fighting a war That s being a punk Thank you for FINALLY listening to people that were asking for it I recently sat for 24 hours while the other team hid under the shield Had the means to come back But couldn t because they were punks THANK YOU SO MUCH                     Kendra Johnson
Good game overall but it would be great if you guys stop making fool of the audience with the ads It says item production will be complete after watching an ad and after you watch it nothing happens Every time i watch an ad it never does what it says just wastes my time Please do something about it the rest is fine                 Ashwini
Love this game It s addictive and fun It can also be challenging at times I really like being able to level up slowly and while that s my preferred style I think everyone can play this game the way they want My favorite part of the game is that there s no one right way to play Also being part of a club or finding like minded people to play with really adds to the game                 Allison Ziegler
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