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Quanticapps , the publisher behind many Android apps (Muslim Quran Pro- Tafsir koran ,Athan Pro: Quran Ramadan 2014 ,Islamic Anachid اناشيد اسلام ,Hisn al muslim - حصن المسلم ,Quran MP3 audio for Android ,40 Rabbana from the Quran), brings Muslim Quran Pro- Tafsir koran with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Muslim Quran Pro- Tafsir koran apps has been update to version 1 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are Android owner,you now can download Muslim Quran Pro- Tafsir koran for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Muslim Quran Pro- Tafsir koran app version 1 has been updated on 2014-12-27. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.3 and up
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Quran app is a concentrate of the best quran reciters in the world, an amazing user interface design and the best set of features.Demonstration vid o: (Thanks to app is a FREE without ...

ASKED FOR REFUND BUT DEAD CONTACT EMAIL MUST REFUND MY MONEY Rating is for the software and its developers But the app has serious issues No matter which reciter you choose for mp3 download it comes up with the error unable to download two particular suras Then no matter what you do close all programs running in background the app still shows running even on screen locked after clear background apps and all apps are cleared But then again its still running in background always     imran Khan
this app is amazing the audio is very clear but it would be more wonderful if we can also use it all offline without downloading them first                     yati hayati
issue with app when i play a surah the app crashes randomly when the screen is locked Also the surah starts over again every time I open the app instead of continuing where I left off also the support section in the app is terrible there is no way to get contact with the developer to report issue with the app So ill be using another Quran app till this one get fixed         Noman
The app is great but there is a problem if you close it and return again it will reset the aya from 1             fawaz alk
one suggestion from my side make an option to slow down the audio and repeat mode between time intervals so that we can practice and learn Quran from listening                 kamal RK
Awesome MashAllah I can listen to the Quran for free and read it you can also get the Quran with arab english audio or french n urdu so you can listen to the meanings if you want to Very good app may Allah subhanahu wa taala bless and reward those who contributed yo this app Maybe for a future update it would be nice to be able to start listening from a certain ayat for the most popular reciters maybe because it makes it easier to navigate and for memorization as well jazakAllah khair                     A.
I appreciate for the brothers who made effort and facilitated this great zadaqatul Jariyah this application it s really the best one that i ever used only if there it was a offline it was better then everything but by the way you re doing great job for our ummah and our Muslim community around the global thank you                     Abdalla Abdi Hussein Surey
I installed the app and it worked fine only for a day now even press play button it s not responding at all         Nida Farheen
too much extra stuff to easy to get lost in this app interface is very user NOT friendly     Temirkan Shakmanov
it used to work great now if I leave the app for more than a minute all audio stops and the app crashes shuts down randomly while I m listening it makes it really frustrating trying to get my zikr and Quran done for the day         Vzair Cheema
It s a good app and very beneficial too If you can take out the ads keep coming up that will be great Thank you so much for your wonderful job JazakumuAllahu Khayran all                 Mohamed Hassan
I Use this app every day for Quran while I sleep helps me sleep better and I am actually more energized if you re having sleeping problems Play surah Al Baqara when you re about to sleep and let it play during your sleep                     Abdulahi Hassan
I love this but i wish the audio was better pls do something to improve the audio quality plzz and plz ADD THE AUDIO RECITATION OF HAZZA ALBLUSHI PLZ                     Muhammad Ilham Robani
It needs option for user to decide whether it should start automatically when connected to car bluetooth or not         yulzi amudzhev
Very good app also helps in learning and understanding the meaning                     Yaseen Khan
Easy to Use and lots of different reciters Helps understand Quranic meanings through translation However some Surahs cut off at the end please fix this                     Zarrin Tasnim
Doesn t have all the readers but it has enough love it                     SiL3nT_NOAHx1
I love the app but im sick of the bugs It always crashes Cant listen through a surah without it crashing something has to be done         O N
I have really enjoyed using this app it is indeed one of the best i happen to lay my hand on Thanks                 Beemaz Abdul
the best app incorporating the best reciters in the world easy to listen and download                     M. Arif
The Ads are headache otherwise I love everything else Allahu Akbar                 dahir Mohamed
Easy to access Variety of choice for Quran reader                     NURUL AQILAH RUSLI
It is a simple easy app to use IT IS ONE OF THE EASIEST QURANS You could pick anyone s voice without paying                     Uzaair Wasi
Great application very useful high quality sound God bless u                     Nadia Mattar
There should be download option so that we could also listen at the time when we don t have internet Jazak Allah                     Afia Saeed
Very useful especially with offline Most important I like most is very good sound without echo                     rohamiza miza
Assalano aleikom please keep the app this way simple and easy to follow you are doing great job for the sake of Allah used to have Muslim pro then they got either userped or corrupt by sending music messages among ither none sence al hamdo li Allah s rabi alameen                     Big Ben
good very useful but reading offline not allow                 Abdulrasaq Kunle
great to have so many reciters in same app with multi language translation                     MUAZZAM ALI
great application makes me able to listen tilawah Qur an wherever and whenever besides that it has many Qori alternatives                     badru salamm
Great app and full choices of reciters sadly it crashes after a few mins of listening         Amal Mohamed
Fantastic app with heart touching variety of options across                     Hassan sarosh
I love this Specially translate section                     Arshiya Tabassum
My experience with Quran Pro was Amazing for people who want to learn the Quran                     Xalaawi Shire
great app and amazing reciters I use it everyday                     Amani Shahin
Excellence in every way What a great app                     inam darwiche
I would like to thank you a million for this fascinating app All is great but you should add other Quran reciters like Siratulla Raupov                     Islomov Murodjon
Muslim Quran Pro- Tafsir koran Libraries & DemoMuslim Quran Pro- Tafsir koran Libraries & DemoMuslim Quran Pro- Tafsir koran Libraries & DemoMuslim Quran Pro- Tafsir koran Libraries & Demo

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