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Emoji Life Keyboard Theme , the publisher behind many Android apps (Sunshine Emoji Keyboard Theme ,Porcelian Emoji Keyboard Theme ,Gift ,Typewriter Keyboard Theme ,Brush Theme For Emoji Keyboard ,Emoji Magic for Emoji Keyborad), brings Cool Emoji Keyboard - emoticon with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Cool Emoji Keyboard - emoticon apps has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Lots of variety and very cool sound effects..
  • Best key board ever..
  • It should make the emojis have different designs..
  • Real easy user friendly I like it..

Overall Satisfactionc82
I love being able to set my keyboard to whatever I want.
I don't know how to set it up.
Like this keyboard better than go keyboard or android default.
Its one of the best keyboards i've had.
i love how you can change the colour of the backgrounds.
Way better than stock emoji keyboard that comes with my LG Tribute.
Love it alot because I can type a lot faster.
Best key board ever.
Fun & Engagingc90
This s a awesome keyboard app.
You can send some awesome emojis to peoples.
This is very fun to use.
I'm having a little too much fun with this app.
Super fun and easy to use.
So much fun and neat ways to personality.
Emoji key bored.
Everything is awesome.
Least helpful review.
At least give me the option for cartoony emojis please.
A couple problems.
Security & Privacyc10
Updates & Supportc23

I enjoyed using this app when I had my G4. found in 2 reviews
Cool themes and better emojis than the standard gosms keyboard. found in 5 reviews
There are do many cool emojis to choose from. found in 9 reviews
I love how you can use your own photos and add different languages. found in 2 reviews
Love it alot because I can type a lot faster. found in 3 reviews
This is very fun to use. found in 2 reviews
however I don't like the way the predictive text works. found in 5 reviews
i can't see emojis please fix this. found in 6 reviews
App is good but it lacks Persian language. found in 1 reviews
But need back the iOS emojis these just aren't the same. found in 48 reviews
All is almost perfect but please add korean language. found in 9 reviews
but with the new update the emojis look horrible. found in 3 reviews
PLEASE read these posts and change them back. found in 5 reviews
Was ready to uninstall because I thought it was done away with. found in 7 reviews
What ever happened to the old Smiley's faces. found in 10 reviews
Please fix and I'll give better rating. found in 3 reviews
also talk doesn't work properly. found in 11 reviews
What happened the emojis are gone after the last update please fix. found in 2 reviews
plz try to fix that black and white emoji. found in 8 reviews
Can't find the lock & key emoji anywhere. found in 2 reviews
The new update sucks. found in 4 reviews
but it always shows up in black and white. found in 9 reviews
please go back to the ios style ones. found in 6 reviews
Omg what happend to the old one bring it back. found in 10 reviews
At least give me the option for cartoony emojis please. found in 6 reviews
Uninstalling again cant stand the predictive text and the type-o's. found in 4 reviews
The new emojis on the keyboard suck. found in 29 reviews
Please change it back to the old emojis. found in 16 reviews
Can you please change it back to iPhone emojis. found in 27 reviews
Fix the custom theme. found in 6 reviews
Swype doesn't work since the update. found in 11 reviews
When I use it on clash of clans it freezes. found in 8 reviews
Please switch back to ios emojis. found in 48 reviews
Going to uninstall and reinstall. found in 7 reviews
You kinda need to fix a bug. found in 8 reviews
Stupid looking new emoji's. found in 10 reviews

The Cool Emoji Keyboard - emoticon is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.1 has been released on 2015-01-8. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 4.0 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about Cool Emoji Keyboard - emoticon check developer Emoji Life Keyboard Theme`s website :

Cool Keyboard is the free and best colorful Emoji,Emoticons,Text Face,Stickers and Smiley Keyboard you have seen This is the Keyboard to input Emoji icons in everywhere such as email, twitter, sms together with the ...

I don t understand why there was still so many bugs When using voice texting messages words that I m not even saying And sometimes the keyboard itself crashes and then freezes up my whole phone I really like that I m able to customize it and the cute emojis but plz fix the bugs             Carli Davidson
Great app for personalizing your keyboard and a nice selection of emojis One problem that is nitpicky is the the bar above the numbers is annoying I wish there was an option to hide it because I never click on it Other than that nice app                 Batman clone Gerome
It was a great app Had a good selection of emojis however last update the beer mug wine glass champagne bottle etc are all missing Bring them back People over 21 want those i used them frequently         Allison Theys
I really love the app The only thing that i dont like is all the adds If you could fix it it would be great                 April Harrington
I gave it two stars because the gif function is constantly messing up They either dont load or they go super fast to where you cant tell what they are about Defeats the entire purpose of having them         Caleb Smith
Too many ads but I always download it because it lets me change to spanish keyboards and i like how you can switch to one handed                     None No
I love it the only bad thing about it is that its hard not to draw other then that its free so you kind of have to try it lol hope u guys try fixing the drawing                     Dee K
Since the RECENT update ALL ie middle finger etc the good emojis are gone The lastest emojis have disappered u0026 emojis that are sent from my contacts show as an X symbol     nisha R
I used to love this app however since the last update it refuses to autocorrect mistypes Instead it only changes correctly spelled words into different words that have no contextual relevance or similarities on the keyboard layout If the programmers don t fix it I ll swap to a different keyboard to fix the issue For reference in the past three hours it s changed over 30 correctly spelled words into random ones I ve never used and failed to correct the spelling of over 30 more     Aaron McLeod
I love peace signs so being able to look at and use one on the keyboard of my phone is so amazing to me I love this app                     Bethany Slone
everything about this app is great accept for the fact that you cant change the key button press color as this color is picked for you and there is no option to change it i find it a bit frustrating just keep that in mind its not as customizable as it was before can you guys bring back the option to change the button press color             baby bri
What seems to make or break a keyhoard for me is how well spell check works This one onky works on some platforms left the typos to demostrate Also it has an annoying trend to replace it with I much of the time It has a lot of stuff i like though Could you make it easier to find your personal emoji s There seems to be two emoji sections and it is not intuitive to find the right one i want at a given time One large set that is easy to find and navigate plz Thanks                 Meko Amore
On a few occasions the tab that allows the start of a message to start with a capital is somewhat annoying because im constantly having to press the upper case button twice before I type but other than that its a great keyboard app everything I need is displayed in the keys so I recommend this to any user that wants to explore             Mitch Smith
App is ok but whenever there s an update emojis are removed Not all emojis are on app Also autocorrect doesn t always work     C G
New update messed up features Not happy with it anymore Especially the GIF feature being taken out If it comes back rating will change     ltbrwn77
Very nice app is quite impressive and it look very fascinative i love it please try and it and enjoy it comfortability                     Kassem Uthman
I love this app and I would recomennded it to others who never use this one before it helps you to write easier and faster too helps you saving more time everytime I buy new cellphone I have to download it They have lots of designs so you will never get bored change the theme evetytime you want to change                     Vista Susanty
It s sooo bad as when I got excited to open this app it told me to give my credit card number and all those things so I had to unistall it I hateee this app     Drishti Gupta
You have to keep downloading keyboard designs which are actually separate apps when u click the design u want it takes u to an app on play store which u have to install to get the design             Samrah Javed
I enjoy eaxh and everyone of your moji keyboards My only biggest problems as always is picking which one I want to use at the time and because thete are so many great cute exciting gorgeous great ones i always get stuck picjing the one I want So i tend to change my emoji keyboards every other day and yeah so what is always my response I love them so much and since i am capable of changing my emoji keyboards whenever i want thats exactly what i do everyday or every other day With no                     Hermalyn Iaukea
does anyone else here know why this app is recently killing my battery life i am just now noticing this past 3 4 days other than the battery killer its an alright app i enjoy the new emojis they add would like to see a few more emojis added as not everything id always want as an emoji is on here but dont get mr wrong theres a lot to choose from this is the only emoji keyboard app that i use and havr ever used                 Meagan Valenti
Cool backgrounds and quite a vast array otptions to choose from                     Nefetherie Beete
Its great i love the custom layout it offers cant ask for more                     Mohd Naufal
not worth it start showing the membership payment first thing even before i started using the keyboard     Najihah Rajak
By far the best keyboard app ever mainly because with previous keyboards i had if you change the language settings to Afrikaans the keyboard is unble to correct words if they re spelled wrong and those keyboards are also unble to suggest words for Afrikaans even with both auto correct and word suggestion on So thank you for making a keyboard that works just as well with Afrikaans as what it works with English                     WL Snyman
I love the app Its easy to use love the emojis and the keyboard background                     Stick Channel Animations
Its a good keyboard to kids and other people to use Such a good theme and good keyboard And its so colourful to kids to use                     Fauziah Sheik hassan
this app is very cool im actually using one of the keyboards now And its easy to get keyboards for free all you do is go on emoji keyboard and press the one you want apply it then you will have to download it when its done go on your keyboard and press the little keyboard bottom right corner and then enable emoji keyboard afterwards come off the keyboard then go back on it and it should be the keyboard you wanted                     MemeCat
Update 9 17 why r keyboard sounds that wer ALWAYS FREE locked u0026 why do I have 2 pay become VIP 2gt back my keyboard sound ive always used 4 free I decided 2 jus try diff sounds after I did this 2 my surprise I couldnt select my original yinz locked it so i cant switch back now Im very disappointed that after all this time ur charging 4 sounds even tho always used this app im thinkin 2 goin back 2 g board where its still FREE     Nic G
love this app 100 percent recommend the reason why i lovw it is because u can use ir own pics from your gallery to make u feel more comforable and also coz u dont have to download other apps to get ur keyboard and i can change it when ever i want and i doesnt take up heaps of room ive been looking for a keyboard all dayyy love itttt                     Fire Gamer
Wonderful Phone Personalization App Give your phone a make over u0026 make it a refleftion of you The features are great u0026 loads of optons extreamly user friendly for all ages Important Not booming with too many advertisements u0026 98 content is free or unlockable by watching a 20sec video                     mandy hadson
it s just one of the best app but you have to increase the speed especially when you are searching the new emoji and your prediction is not working Despite this all is well                 Abdullah Yahaya
Occassionally after updates it inputs 2 of something if I press it once however its a good app and I am quite reliant on this keyboard                 Yuki The Loli
Ever since i downloaded it the first time i have been using it ever since and even on my newer phones its just so fun and you can get creative with the looks and the emojis are really easy to access everything is just so quick to type now i really love this app                     Ash Fujimura
When I go to use the keyboard it closes out or crashes Never had a problem like that before other than that it s a good keyboard app Another goood thing about this keyboard is that you can customize it             Zabrina C
This is a great keyboard app There are so many cool backgrounds and things that you can do with it If I were you I would download this right away By the way if you are a ghost spider fan get it 1000 more options too                     Nicholas Sauve
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