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Gameloft , the publisher behind many Android apps (Ice Age Avalanche ,Brothers in Arms® 3 ,Captain America: TWS ,Age of Sparta ,Asphalt Overdrive ,Ninja UP!), brings Dragon Mania Legends with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Dragon Mania Legends apps has been update to version 1.0.0j with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Update for offline mod like ICE AGE ADVENTURES..
  • This is a very good strategy game..
  • amazing game like pokemon and dragons in one..
  • I never spend money on games..
  • This is an awesome game to play very fun..

Overall Satisfactionc85
amazing game like pokemon and dragons in one.
The Most Super Duper Awesome Game Ever and Better Than Dragon Mania.
This is one of my favorite games omg its awsome.
This WAS my favorite game until the latest update.
I loved this game and was just getting started.
I mean come on I absolutely loved this game until the new update.
I recommend this game to everyone theres not much bad about this game.
by the way thanks for this wonderful game.
You are going to love this game.
The best game in the world and I am being honest about it.
His system is not working bad game in the world.
Fun & Engagingc91
Awesome game where u can battle other ppl.
Very addictive and not so heavy on "pay to play.
This is an awesome game to play very fun.
Super fun collection game with many other paths for progress.
Thank you for the fun little game.
and more breeding options.
I love it to pieces and play it every day.
This game is so great I play it every day.
I don't like how everything takes so long to do something.
Value for Moneyc53
I even found myself spending real money on it.
Pretty much forcing you to havta spend real $$.
Replay Valuec47
feeding gets a bit hard at the higher levels.
Production Valuesc89
The graphics are great cool dragons and decent prices too.
The best "zoo" game I've found and amazing graphics.
I love the animation of the dragons and the effects.
I love yhe 3d graphics of the dragons and sound effects.
This is a fantastic game keep on making games like this.
The game keeps freezing so I cant do anything.
Always restart my phone please fix.
Security & Privacyc35
Updates & Supportc42
AND the customer service actually great back with you.

I love the game is asome. found in 4 reviews
Awesome game where u can battle other ppl. found in 208 reviews
Cute and I love the interaction with the dragons. found in 3 reviews
This is the awesomeness game in the universe. found in 4 reviews
Reminds me of a newer pokemon game in a way. found in 3 reviews
I'm a girl and I like this game. found in 3 reviews
Got it for the kids and I play as much as they do. found in 2 reviews
Very awesome casual game. found in 4 reviews
Das Spiel ist so cool ich habe erst level 6. found in 7 reviews
Simply The Best Android Game. found in 2 reviews
beautiful graphics and lots to keep it interesting. found in 6 reviews
I got this game today and i am mastering it. found in 3 reviews
This is the best dragon breeding game I have seen so far. found in 3 reviews
This game has improved from the last time I played it. found in 2 reviews
It is one heck of a boss game. found in 4 reviews
The graphics are great and the dragons are so cute. found in 33 reviews
You can make some amazing dragons and face some mind blowing. found in 4 reviews
I think its gr8 for children and adults. found in 2 reviews
This game is very interesting game. found in 7 reviews
Why this game don't play offline. found in 7 reviews
Normally during a battle the game crashes and instead of. found in 12 reviews
please five stars if you make it offline please. found in 6 reviews
or els I'll rate 1star and uninstall the game :. found in 6 reviews
it is a great game but please. found in 4 reviews
For some reason the game continuously crashes whenever I open the game. found in 8 reviews
but fb friends don't show. found in 3 reviews
It cant connect to the servers so i cant play anymore. found in 12 reviews
I just bought the starter pack and it gave me nothing. found in 31 reviews
The game is very entertaining but the customer service is horrible. found in 12 reviews
but I can't add my facebook friends. found in 5 reviews
But need internet connection to play the game :. found in 8 reviews
71 on my phone and my friends phone please fix it. found in 4 reviews
It doesnt allow me to collect my daily log in. found in 5 reviews
The game is good but is very strict on internet connection. found in 45 reviews
Too many connection issues happened. found in 2 reviews
Its ok but most of the time cant login to server. found in 13 reviews
So far haven't been able to connect through WiFi only 3g. found in 21 reviews
I purchased the starter pack and got nothing in return. found in 31 reviews
Game was okay but customer service was terrible. found in 12 reviews
Freezes on daily reward. found in 21 reviews
Connection to server sucks. found in 13 reviews
but you need skills to win battles. found in 36 reviews
Only Gameloft seems to have a problem with the internet connection. found in 45 reviews
His system is not working bad game in the world. found in 15 reviews
everything cost to much before but now it's crazy stupid. found in 32 reviews
I was promised a dragon if I logged into Facebook. found in 12 reviews
Pretty much forcing you to havta spend real $$. found in 47 reviews
Plze don't download this game its required additional data of 76 mb. found in 16 reviews
The game does not need to connect every 30 secs. found in 21 reviews
GameLoft had to add insult to injury in their last update. found in 26 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Dragon Mania Legends for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Dragon Mania Legends app version 1.0.0j has been updated on 2015-01-7. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 4.0 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about Dragon Mania Legends check developer Gameloft`s website : http://www.gameloft.com/

We are aware of the connectivity issues which are affecting some users and we are working on a solutionBreathe life into your dragons and prepare them for legendary battles Reclaim your beloved homeland by rebuilding ...

It s pretty entertaining I havent ran out of things to do or gotten bored of it yet as they keep having new weekly events to do Tons of different things like petting to get gold breeding to get new ones battling others fighting levels dungeons and lots of special events I m quite happy with the game You can play very well without having to spend money like other games                     Linda Ranks
I love the game but have not been able to watch a video for anything for 4 days now I can t get chests so I can t move forward in the game since I can t strengthen my dragons I can t watch videos to speed up time or do the lotto wheel either please fix The only reason I m giving this star rating is because of this issue no sense in keeping a game if I can t progress in it 5 days ago it would have been a 5 star rating     Ms. Pooh Pooh Bear
My daughter actually recommended the game I m glad she did its fun and addictive The only negative about it is the higher level you get the harder it is to accomplish things which actually makes the game drag and get a little boring so it kind of does not hold one s interests as it does in the beginning so if the developers can make that better they would definitely have my full support                 Jeanette Singh
I love this is game bc it s very fun and has adorable dragons but there are for sure things that need change but unfortunately it is near to impossible to contact them The place where u are suppose to contact them it just sits and doesn t load Tried different computers wifi s browsers and even different locations and still can t get through             Kaycie Kinde
Love this game been playing for a year now collecting all the different dragons Love the events which challenge you having to plan your moves in advance and great way to get bonus gems gold and food Only issue is almost impossible to get divine or legendary dragon on big events needed for collections without spending proper money which getting annoying                 Mel Gee
For some reason it keeps saying im not old enough to play the game even though i have been playing if for the past two years And now i cant collect my gold or breed any of the monthly dragons because it wont let me in Please fix this because i emailed you guys and all i got was an automatically generated message         wolfie 1234
is tere a reason for you guys mostly the developers to allow the game to constantly reconnect to the server and constantly log players back in when they are already in the game hunting this has happened to me 10 times already and i never have this problem with any other online games that run on multiple servers so either you guys have over crowded servers nor you guys don t care what harm is being done to your game                     Madoka Jitchi
I love this cutie dragon game been playing a year and i tried to connect to my mobile phone since im playing the game on my pc under Xbox Live Have tried using FB to transfer my data to my phone but unfortunately it doesnt work Appreciate if you could solve it for me since i love this game so much                     Nasha Yusry
I got past the upgrade problems with the new bottomless dungeon and am back the breeding feeding fighting and loving on my wonderful dragons I truly enjoy DML however and still have not figured out how to preform quests for a clan Can someone tell me how and where to do this When I tap on a clan I am not seeing how to do a quest and I keep tryinging from time to time Other than accomplishing this I love this game                     Sharon Fisher
Amazing even though people think its just breeding and hatching and collecting its more than that there s special events and clans although you need a higher level for that it makes the game more UNIQUE and seeing my dragonlandia dragon world grow is the best thing it s weird to say but i do have a bond between my dragons you could say although my dragons are not here i feel like they re actually alive it s like VR you can say im crazy or paranormal                     zodiac wolf
Good game Lots of fun buuuuuut its SO WI FI hungry I ve got a pretty good internet connection so I know for a FACT it s not my error You guys need to do some serious server maintenance it s a joke Plus the economy is JACKED The IRL money to Gem ratio is appalling unless there s a special offer on                 Darren Allgood
Game was working fine until the recent update but now it says im not old enough to play the game fffss i m 31 I didnt know there was an age restriction on this game Ive been playing this game for a few years now and never came across any problems before Please can someone sort it out     Halima Rahman
Everything is amazing The dragons are beautiful and there s so many cool events But I ve updated the game and now I can t play because I m not old enough Please fix this glitch because my account is over 18                 Wheezy Pops
I ve always loved this game but why is the age limit so high I m 17 and I ve played this for years and now it s saying I m not old enough please sort this out Really don t understand at all why the age limit isn t set at 12 years     hannah walker
Opens Up to a White Screen When i Open Since the Update Only Gave One Star so youll See its Out of Place Yall are 5 Star Besides the Freeware Part and the Divine Dragons Difficulty Durring Events Edit I Fixed It Settings u003e Apps u003e Dragon Manis Legends u003e Storage u003e Clear Cache Worked for me Hope it Helps                     Riolu In rio
I like the game but i gave it a four stars its because they need to give more battle points for starters That is my end hope you will like my describtion hope you like it By the way i love dragon games like this one it is very very fun i like it and its fun cool and awsome i like the fighting and as i said you need to give starters more battle points yea i am not done yet Dragon Mania Legends is way more fun then minecraft and fortnite but like not that popular and stuff but Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee                 Sandy Ng
Good gameplay fun atmosphere I like the fact you can breed any dragon you can get and there is a lot of friendly competitiveness in the Arena and the Dungeon                     Anus Productions
Super addictive Elements of RPG civilization building and multiplayer Also really easy to find teammates as you can add people from within the app not just from Facebook Gotta get all the dragons                     Eleanor Evans
This is my only thing you need to make event dragons not offers instead of paying you need to start playing it needs to be the only way to win event dragons remember make a time limit like 3 days Or something                     Jai S
Since the new update yesterday I have not been able to play the game as it wont open saying I m not old enough to play the game I ve been playing for years spent money on the game and I m an adult I can t find a way to correct this and so far have not received any help from the game providers This is not good enough     Karen Coward
Amazing game but can you please make getting divines and breeding legendary dragons easier because some players like me for instance can t afford to buy stuff in game every time we like something so can you please make it easier Thanks                     Iain Craig
It s take very time in breeding and hatching up too much and also this gave not so much coins and also acchivements are not possible because of coins and gyms Need to much coins time diamond which are not available for every player Other wise I like it s graphics         Saba Gull
cute dragons fun game great game but keep getting kicked out of the game when I go into fights or watch a video does get annoying                     Pam Knowles
I hate this game for one and one reason only that you can t transfer your account from an apple to Android device Most games have this function but this doesn t and this sucks a lot when you have a higher level Gameplay is decent but it needs to be improved     ojas gupta2700
I love this game It s so cool too The mechanics are great and I love all the Dragons especially the Void dragon I highly recommend playing this game                     Royalis Judgematas
I love this game instantlyhooked But I would like for this game to have higher diamond awards like get more diamonds when u have an award like maybe 2 or 3 and higher if u want but that s all I ask other then that this game is probably the one of the BEST games I ever played                     Amethyst Gacha UWU
Probably my favourite phone game ever it s overall great Though I would recommend making the islands cheaper or placing less things on them other than that it s great                 deer antlerz
Really enjoying the game however since the recent update it has been telling me I m not old enough to play the game I have been playing the game for years and now I can t play it Please sort this     Rhys Holleyman
It updates like ever week it is so annoying and it doesn t even make a difference but besides that it is okay and I would probably rate it 5 stars if it did not have that many updates             Valene Mutz
It was an awsome game until last update they screwed everything up unable to communicate with each other as clan member s And it changed my name to dragonmaster something when it should say Layla DONT INSTALL IT YOU LL BE SORRY     Theresa Darnell
I wish the islands were cheaper And gold and gems were a little more easily to get and enchanting the dragons were easier but other than that it s pretty fun                 Samantha Earley
I m in my 50s and spent hundreds of dollars on this game and now being told I m not old enough to play What a disastrous upgrade by this game company     Emerald Land
When are you going to fix this Age Limit I spent two years playing and a lot of money to get to LV 130 and I can t even playing now It s a shame     Claudiu Rabusanu
Awesome game The dragons are unbelievable to watch them grow up and defeat other types of dragons Keeps you playing to breed many types of dragons                     Dee Rivas
This game is so fun I just love collecting dragons and figuring out what my battle team is going to be as well as decorating                     Alexander Hochwarth
Fun addictive and always something to do Graphics are good variety of dragons and habitats is good too                     Kimberley Walker
I love this game you can not really be blocked by something And the graphics are beautiful and i m never done playing with that game The thing i like the less is that i can t chat in the clan I think the chat could better be if it was like clash of clan or clash royal It s the only thing i don t really love about this game                     Lulu Army
This game is great and appropriate for cildren It is my favorite game probily for children 10 and up because you have to be patient                     A Google user
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