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FrozenShard Games , brings Monster Battles: TCG with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Monster Battles: TCG apps has been update to version 1.1.7 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are Android owner,you now can download Monster Battles: TCG for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Monster Battles: TCG app version 1.1.7 has been updated on 2015-01-8. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 4.0.3 and up
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Monster Battles: TCG is a free-to-play collectible card game. Collect and Evolve your Monsters and become the Ultimate Monster Trainer- Collect and Evolve monsters from 8 different elements, each of them with unique abilities, names ...

My favourite game of all time but it has became such a pay to win the fusion cards why do they cost gold And so much gold to begin with hard tourney is literally impossible the only way to beat it is only if the AI has a bad hand in 2 in a row in every match and if the AI has a good hand you just lose the entire run By the way my record is 4wins 113losses I wrote it down do you know how much gold I wasted on hard tourneys             Serjohn
very fun and easy to learn i just wish there were more community styled events or ways to talk to others easier or maybe even events and limited cards                     Matthew Igben
cool but why can you use the elemental stone twice                 Jamie Norfleet
FrozenShard Games are truly games for players who like a challenge too many other games on the internet are just eye candy you become a bot and watch the game you re not really making any true moves NOT SO WITH THE FrozenShard Games you have much to consider when playing a card you must think you re not a bot you are a true game player I have now however uninstalled this game it kept disconnecting me from its server no fun at all All FrozenShard games disconnect you over     Stuporficial One
I was addicted to this game but the problem it keeps disconnecting from the server once I was playing lake tournament hard mode and I got the mystic legendary SHAA I was so happy but it disconnected from server and I didn t find it anymore in my deck list this one really broke my heart         A Google user
Really You have to pay for additional deck slots no way of getting them trough game progression             Vali
Can u give some mega evolution cards like mega zephyr which is similar to Pokemon mega evolution Plzzz give mega evolution not mega cards Plzzz plzz plzzz Give some mega stone to evolve the cards with powerful abilities I request u And the rest game I loved it nd plzzz increase the chance to get a legendary card And get the coin in the game is very hard Can u give the extra coins rewards When u added the mega evolution is great help for me then I love this game very much Can u add some pokemons in this game                 Ashish patil
Also of rest when Ichanged the range you are if h in the last two suits me know if you have u y to thapwauna you can do that you choose to do good day your numbers are good for me to come in and do it was a pleasure meeting you and your messages and I will try to get the stuff to make a link like to know your thoughts on this weekend but I will not be able to make the meeting on the earliest I can do is to be done by ming su sure that you have to go to the store and I have to go to the store an                     Amy J Design Studio
Easy to understand the concept Nice event and gameplay style Most important of all its not pay to win game Thanks a lot Please help me I cant purchase Super chest 250 Gold deal I waited for 7 minutes and nothing happen Please Help me MONSTER BATTLES TCG IN GAME NICK Coffin                 NYAN LIN OO
Actually pretty good a little cheese n clearly a Pokemon type thing but the game mechanics leave enough room for strategy and it s not a pay to win situation                     A Google user
The best tcg game The monster design is so cool Never bored                     Rubber Ninjas Mod All Star
good but hope improve graphic especially monster             lukman to
absolutely love the game got a new phone and would like to start a new game but still connect to Facebook anyway I can wipe all the data for it xx                     A Google user
Honestly the best iteration of this kind of game I ve played                     Taelin Exford
I love trading card games are the best                     A Google user
I love this game                     Ben Kinney
balkh CDC 9chicken ccu u ugh until giving fun be                     Eloise Reed
i loved playing this on kongregate                     Kevin Haberman
please see attached file is scanned image in PDF format please let me know if you have any questions or need any further information you too you dear friend hai                     A Google user
its exciting and fun                     A Google user
good but can be better                 Whiskeyboi - Bit Heroes
This game is very gorgeous game                     A Google user
It s awesome and I love the experience                     Kids QUINN
Lier it said win baby baby when you get 3 Stars go see for yourself                 corrupted hero
Why does it have to be cards             Kentrell Johnson
This is a good game I like it                     Asing Asha
I like it too play                     Benny Kinney
It s awesome                     Ho La La
best game ever                     Jan Torres
You should install this game                     Irene Miller
l love the game                     Pee Poo
Can u give some more money to pvp won reward                     A Google user
Is cool and is fun                 A Google user
For me it is awesome                     A Google user
This game is world best game                     A Google user
this game is the best                     Manal El-Miniawi
‚ÄčMonster Battles: TCG Card Monster Battles Card GameMonster Battles: TCG Card Monster Battles Card GameMonster Battles: TCG Card Monster Battles Card GameMonster Battles: TCG Card Monster Battles Card Game

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