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Microsoft Corporation , the publisher behind many Android apps (Work Item Studio ,Microsoft Word Preview ,Bing Rewards ,Microsoft Channel 9 ,Microsoft Outlook Preview ,MSN Weather - Forecast & Maps), brings Microsoft Outlook Preview with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Microsoft Outlook Preview apps has been update to version 1.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The calendar widget is not updating automatically..
  • Great app to bring MS Exchange tools to your andriod device..
  • Way better than the stock Samsung app for exchange mail..
  • particularly in calendar agenda view..
  • Could you create a filter for the address book..

Overall Satisfactionc53
Definitely better than Gmail app for Android.
Thanks Microsoft for a great app.
Way better than the stock Samsung app for exchange mail.
Thanks Bill.
Fun & Engagingc26
Essential features that you need to work on.
Snappy but missing a very essential features.
Ease of Usec38
counter intuitive 2.
Finally easy setup of multiple accounts.
easy setup and rapid access.
Ads not Intrusivec28
Security & Privacyc24
best email client for outlook account.
A must for BYOD phones and exchange email.
Updates & Supportc31
I understand this is a preview version.
Using android version.
great customer service.

Mail delete option not workingon home screen of the app. found in 10 reviews
It's a work in progress for a reason. found in 2 reviews
Other than that it is nice and cool. found in 3 reviews
Would love to see more sync and customization options. found in 6 reviews
Like the app and unified inbox. found in 4 reviews
Overall a very nice email program. found in 6 reviews
Can't expand some sub folders without expanding all of them. found in 37 reviews
I made a request to add an empty trash option last week. found in 57 reviews
Can't download attachments that are attached inline. found in 23 reviews
can't attach files from the phone other than photos. found in 68 reviews
doesn't have a option to empty trash folder. found in 24 reviews
and the "undo" pop up everytime i delete emails is annoying. found in 38 reviews
Also doesn't integrate with google calendar which is a no-no. found in 33 reviews
its just missing the junk mail folder. found in 30 reviews
Cannot determine how to eliminate conversation view. found in 51 reviews
Junk folder now missing and 3 Hotmail folders after update. found in 46 reviews
doesn't mark read emails and doesn't send emails consistently. found in 46 reviews
but I'm seriously missing Notifications for new mails. found in 55 reviews
I don't want to have to sign in twice a day. found in 36 reviews
Doesn't sync contacts and lacking some functionality. found in 40 reviews
calendar cannot show as monthly view. found in 10 reviews
Please provide one option to attach files from sd card or Phone Storage. found in 84 reviews
Many bugs have been fixed specially empty the trash folder. found in 61 reviews
Permanently delete email doesn't work from trash folder. found in 19 reviews
Unable to configure and unable to Uninstall. found in 34 reviews
Never had any issues connecting with Office 365 Account. found in 49 reviews
Unfortunately this app removed the support for Office 365. found in 49 reviews
still removing all my email accounts needs fixing asap. found in 94 reviews
No new mails after getting notified of new mail. found in 55 reviews
Also an empty trash option would be nice as well. found in 57 reviews
have deleted it and using generic email app. found in 315 reviews
Triggers hotmail account lock due to 'suspicious activity' lmao. found in 58 reviews
I can use gmail app create hotmail account easily without issue. found in 150 reviews
uninstalled after being asked to setup from scratch again. found in 89 reviews
This is quite possibly the worst email client I've ever seen. found in 110 reviews
Even after this latest update STILL can't send emails. found in 46 reviews
and why dont I get any notifications for new emails. found in 86 reviews
It fails to search the exchange server for older emails. found in 49 reviews
Many apps out there doesn't enforce encryption & Pin for exchange accounts. found in 70 reviews
My original outlook app stopped working and refused to connect. found in 177 reviews
Doesn't enable syncing outlook account with other calendar or contacts apps. found in 57 reviews
and most importantly can't attach files from my local device. found in 68 reviews
There is no way to attach files from your phone. found in 84 reviews

The Microsoft Outlook Preview is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Microsoft Outlook Preview app version 1.0.1 has been updated on 2015-01-28. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 4.0 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about Microsoft Outlook Preview check developer Microsoft Corporation`s website :

The official Microsoft Outlook app for Android phones and tablets. Outlook is a free email app that helps you get more done from anywhere with one unified view of your email, calendar, contacts, and attachments. ...

I am not sure what you did with this latest update but emails are not opening correctly and everything takes forever to load The message section of the emails are blank I have to go in close back out and try to go back in multiple times until the emails finally load correctly Very disappointed u0026 frustrated might be time to switch to another email provider         Chris H
How can a professional app be so poorly designed and executed All my opened messages show draft prefixed Calendar items when clicked point to other items I still wait 6 to 8 minutes not seconds and i have timed it at times to open the mail whose notification had come in Adding a second addressee repeats the first 3 letters of the first addressee Emails ina change don t fold making it difficult to scroll through long email chains They used to earlier Overall pathetic app     K D
Auto complete of email address was not working So new messages could not be composed It was really frustrating Could not find a solution Then eventually found a way by Enrolling the beta version of the Intune app in playstore Now crashing is not happening and as well auto fill of email address works Hope it s useful for others having similar issues                     Regu Raman S K
Finally got it to load seems to be working After last update the app kept closing making it useless I tried reinstalling the app on my Samsung S9 it just continues to say installing despite having a good connection other apps are working just not Microsoft email This beyond annoying It looks like I ll to close Microsoft as email and use Google account as primary account So much hassle for a app that worked fine previously             Randi Garner
Doesn t sync won t display messages even restarting Galaxy S8 doesn t fix issues I open an email and nothing shows in the body only the to from subject fields Doesn t sync I reset my account and now everything is gone Won t update anymore Gmail is fine all other apps are fine Outlook is the only one with an issue     Brian Teal
Outlook was working fine but now it closes every time I delete an email Interestingly enough it s not actually deleting the email or really closing It is minimizing and not deleting I deleted the cache and restarted Seems to have fixed the issue above However when I view emails I see the header and nothing else I can scroll the message in many cases and it s blank If I forward the email to another account I can read it If it s not one thing it s another Setting the rating to 3             Steven Fellwock
There are major issues all of a sudden Most of my mail is going to spam when I ve never had any go in there before When I tried to open the PDF they will not open I try to download and just get told a error massage I get notified of emails on the top bar of my tablet but when I open outlook to read them I can t find them in any folder until a few hours or days later While you re at it Let there be away to delete your account permanently to open a new under the same email address please     Melody Giitara Arreola
Not sure what happened in the latest update There is a significant delay when opening the app even when it is already active in the background It s already clunky enough as is with security related features that are understandable to some extent I m experiencing this on Android and my wife is experiencing the same on Apple so the common problem here is Microsoft     Stuart McMillan
Edited Sep 19 Latest update fixed the Evernote reminder and the S pen hover feature is nice Changed rating to reflect this Thanks Sep 6 update broke Evernote reminder I previously was able to have my Evernote reminder show up in the Outlook Calendar immediately after I entered it The latest update no longer supports that Please fix                     M C
Still having issues with passwords Still wants them entered again on a regular basis I use the same password and it works So why it wants them input again is really a mystery This is still happening when will it be resolved I am sure it s a timing issue as when as I said above the same password works right away when entered PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE     Ray G
I had it installed for a long time but was reluctant to move away from Gmail While just about considering to do the move today I was discouraged by recent reviews relevant to latest update Will wait for the situation to improve before giving it a try Besides fixing those bugs a powerful search function is essential similar to that on desktop Outlook         Eyad Hylooz
Blank white screen for first 20 seconds or so since last update For years I would have given it 5 stars Not sure why they made it do this Sometimes it even starts with a message showing the spamm is empty and then changes to my inbox after 20 seconds or so Weird Maybe they will change their minds for the next update It is worse On Android only it now just exists and will not even open Update Since it stopped opening I deleted it and installed it Big pain but normal for now         Steve Hotchkiss
Revised 9 21 19 I don t know if some of the updates have fixed my problem or not but I m now able to use this app I have revised it to five stars Original review I haven t been able to sign in with this app It always says incorrect password I have verified the password is correct as still wont allow me I wanted to try this since Inbox is gone and I can t stand the gmail app                     Corey F. Gordon
Since June app is unstable Emails aren t syncing Have to reboot phone to sync then after a few days have to uninstall u0026 reinstall Have to carry 2 phones with me Tech support is pitiful Takes u003e 24 hours to respond to questions Paying lots of for unreliable product Update Tech support is nearly non existent They tell you that the next release will fix the problem but they don t even know what the symptoms are     Chaim Shmerel
For the past few weeks my consolidated inbox has been getting slower and slower to populate Now it is virtually unusable and crashes the app regularly Tried clearing cache and all data and reinstalling but no difference One thing that did change was a new requirement for the Intune app for my work account Perhaps this isn t playing nice Regardless this app is now unusable for me     Darren Martell
Nearly Useless The only reason I use this app is it can access my global address book otherwise I d happily go back to BlueMail You can only have one account with this app So if you re like me and you have a main account and a organizational account you re SOL at being able to access both of them in one place The notifications also do not work properly most of the time It d be nice if it would sync my already saved signature line as well Overall I m let down by this app and by Microsoft         Cody Matthew
Well at least I m not crazy or the only one witnessing the decline in functionality of outlook And unfortunately it appears that nothing is being done or will be done to remedy the issue I am completely done with uninstalling then reinstalling and then setting up my work email every other week Now I can even get it to recognize that even when entered manually Uninstalling for the last time There MUST be a better email manager out there     Lorraine Gould
Edited I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling and so far it works I also sent a DM to Microsoft Outlook in Twitter and they responded to me there which was nice Starting today it just crashes after 6 seconds I have a Samsung S8 phone I cannot use this app at all I tried clearing the cache rebooting etc and it still doesn t work This is a big problem and you all need to fix this ASAP             Sheila Hagen
After the latest update the app is crashing I get an email alert and when I try to open the app opens up and automatically closes I haven t been able to read a single email yet post the latest update Please fix this issue My mobile is Samsung J7 I reported this issue on 03 Sep I dont see any updates yet Is there a fix being rolles out     SindhuBairavi M
After an update about 2 weeks ago the app no longer properly syncs with my accounts 80 of the time messages do not show in the inbox open opening Killing the process and restarting occasionally helps Something there is a Load more messages button doesn t really work Most of the new mail notifications do not pop up in the status bar Messing with the sync notification settings had no effect The app used to work fine pretty much unusable now shame         Denis D
This was my favorite email app for years Nice interface and easy to follow with multiple accounts Now it s almost unusable Load times are ridiculously long sometimes I m waiting 10 15s for my inbox to load Hitting Reply All doesn t always work either So frustrating I m giving this a couple more weeks in hopes they ll be bothered to fix it if not I m out And I rarely write reviews so you can imagine how annoyed I am         Haas Maal
The app has been ruined recently and is now complete trash Want to check your mail Simply open the app and wait 5 minutes for your messages to show up Switch to another folder and then back to inbox Well you have to wait for those messages to show up again Oh and by the way it STILL has a problem showing entire HTML emails and often only shows the top half of the message Yeah stay away from this horrible app     Pro Reviews
Terrible I never find a new message I get an alert for a new message in my notifications and click that message just as I would for a text or Gmail This app opens Outlook ALWAYS takes me to some other message and the message I was trying to open won t even show in my inbox I have to close refresh and sometimes search to find a message that just popped up in my notification I would just like to be able to read my messages as the arrive without jumping through all these hoops     Michelle Prince-Bowen
The app was great but since the last update transitions are slow and unresponsive Someone screwed up the database implementation I tried to contact the customer support but even though the problem is quite simple I was asked for screenshots and them videos I am currently seeking alternatives sorry to leave this once great app         Miguel Matos
It would be SO GREAT if you could put an option to automatically put any new email from a specific contact to a certain folder I think it was possible before and I ve done that with the contacts of university professors to keep them in place but it seems I can t anymore plus I never get notifications from those contacts I have to manually check the folder             Anna Maria Chasta
It s always something with this app I need it for university related correspondence but the app always fails to notify me of incoming messages which has already resulted in late responses At first the app randomly wiped the incoming message sound I had to reinstall the app and it worked for a whole day before it started with this nonsense again Now it shows that it has a sound attached to incoming messages but it doesn t play them This is infuriating and obscures the positives of the app     Francisco Javier Rodriguez
After having iPhone email for work for ages I decided to try my luck with a galaxy note 10 plus I hate how outlook for android manages emails Apple own app for emails is way way way better Outlook for android is ok for grandma and grandpa but today s fast paced business requires something faster and more efficient I m selling my note 10 and switching back to Apple This is absurd cannot move recipients email addresses between to cc and bc         Sergio Bustamante
Normally a great app but after the last update the main area remains blank white for several seconds Every time you switch between any folder spam or the focused and other tabs it clears the email list and stays blank for a while before repopulating the list of emails App now appears much less responsive This is not a connectivity issue because it occurs whether connected to a network or not         Stu B
I don t know what the f you re doing with your app but you keep screwing it up Recently some emails simply don t get sent from the app and maybe they ll arrive later maybe not That is something so foundational that this feature should always work I ve not been able to send a single mail with images attached for example Annoying as hell to use this app     Dustin Hoffmann
Application has a bad UI design Always running in background And its not a good idea if you have this installed and use it on a public wifi because of the risk if being hacked Even if you force stop it it continues running in the background And is able to expose you if its a fake wifi or hacked public wifi and it waste your battery energy wasting by that way too     something is my name
I changed from focused inbox to standard and the app started to malfunction Emails take a very long time to load if at all I changed back to focused problems remained I uninstalled and reinstalled restarted multiple times still the problems persisted I m now looking for a different app it s infuriating         P_B
Ok Microsoft why can I not select multiple emails or even swipe left right from within the search results Missing these very basic functions removes 2 full stars for me I really like this app much more than Samsung s email or Gmail apps but this is a MAJOR oversight in my opinion This means that I can t simply search for a specific sender and then move all to a folder Or I can t easily go in and clean out my inbox using the search function PLEASE ADD THESE SIMPLE FUNCTIONS             Erika Johns
I love the Outlook app on Android and on iOS for that matter and always recommend it but the last update has broken so many things for me New mail isnt showing for my Microsoft and IMAP accounts and when it does it loads mail from months ago I ve reinstalled and tried all the tricks but it isn t fixing it Please Microsoft review the last update and fix as it looks like I m not the only one with this problem         Shane Ducksbury
Could should be better Emails stored in folders arent automatically loaded and there is no way to make this happen when you do it manually there is no indication anything is actually happening mostly it says it is downloading but the emails I need never appear Gmails app is much much better Very disappointing I use it for work and need reliability every time     Simon Danielsen
Upgraded storage on Google account and now cannot access messages for same account in Outlook which still does not have the option to add Google Drive I attempted to sync and delete the account and even after rebooting my mobile it prompts me for a password which is correct but has no positive effect I also cannot seem to add more than one Google account at a time in Outlook although the process did look successful     PRS Private Stock Custom 24
Great app when it s working properly Everything is working fine for a month then suddenly the app stops receiving email and I cannot refresh my email account so I need to delete it and wait for at least a week to register it again because the app won t allow me to add an account That happens every once in awhile and it is annoying         Luka Crnjac
Ive been using outlook for as long as I can remember The desktop version is relatively effective at blocking SPAMs But this version does such a poor job It s more like a spam hangout In fact I m quite confident it resurrects dead spam addresses I keep selecting messages and moving them to spam However instead of the spam folder getting trained I believe this version of the app thinks I enjoy this activity and keeps bringing the same already labelled spam emails up so I can spam them     Emad S
I expect much better from Microsoft I ve had this app for quite some time and it continually have trouble with it I cannot add calendar events that show up in the calendar and sometimes they show up at a later time more than once I cannot permanently delete drafts or other messages even though it acts like I should be able to when I press the button it does nothing I cannot edit some calendar events because of acts like I am not the only user of that event even though I am I could go on     Rebecca Heinz
The app just stopped working a couple of days ago I am not recieving emails and not able to compose new emails so basically all I can do is open up the app and use it as a crappy screensaver After two minutes of testing i have narrowed the issue down to Blue Light filtering In particular I was using the comfort view setting built into the android OS I would recommend having QA add blue light filter testing to their process for phone apps         Or-Kaan
When it works it s wonderful But I have found that to be an irregular possibility I m connected to my work computer home computer and my phone This doesn t seem to like multiple access points Stuff doesn t save to the proper destination all the time I would expect Microsoft to have that capability But now I can t even get into it because it crashes at the sign in I deleted the app and reinstalled to try and troubleshoot to no avail Fix it please my position depends on it         Law Jackson
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