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Google Inc. , the publisher behind many Android apps (YouTube ,Google Pinyin IME ,Google Reader ,Google Authenticator ,Google Korean IME ,Google Chrome to Phone), brings Google Sky Map with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Google Sky Map apps has been update to version 1.6.4 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Home screen icon is still labelled "Google..
  • Great app-- augmented reality at it's finest on a smart phone..
  • Great for star watching when we where camping..
  • Everything appears to work well even night vision mode..
  • Time travel feature is great to teach young kids about astronomy..

Overall Satisfactionc66
I love it Thanks google for another awesome app.
No thanks Google I like my personal info private.
This app is by far one of the best to download.
I love being able to see the stars that are above ne.
It's very wonderful to use this app.
Google sky is one of the most amazing applications I have seen.
The augmentation is mostly ok ajd sometimes amazingly accurate.
A must have for star lovers.
Fun & Engagingc74
It also super fun to play with.
Simply awe inspiring.
Awesome star chart.
Loads of fun pointing phone to the sky & exploring the heavens.
Pretty interesting and it was very fun to use during the other.
It shows everything from constellations to other galaxies.
It clearly shows everything in the day or night sky.
but it shows everything.
A really good app with lots of useful options.
Family Friendlyc100
My family and I LOVE this App.
My family and i love it.
Production Valuesc59
Ease of Usec100
Fun and intuitive way to learn about Space.
Package not signed correctly on new update.
Didn't work on Nexus 5 running 4.

Has to be one of the coolest apps out there. found in 4 reviews
Overall this a helpful app for amateur astronomers and star gazers alike. found in 45 reviews
It also super fun to play with. found in 8 reviews
A great learning tool that can be used for practical purposes. found in 12 reviews
this is also a great app for anyone interested in learning and astronomy. found in 7 reviews
Loads of fun pointing phone to the sky & exploring the heavens. found in 6 reviews
Make sure your GPS is on and calibrated to get the best results. found in 6 reviews
I use it all the time sailing to help identify stars. found in 8 reviews
A must have for star lovers. found in 8 reviews
stars and constellations names translated into different languages would be nice. found in 36 reviews
Wow yet another fantastic app from the google team thanks guys. found in 5 reviews
The search feature is mind blowing. found in 19 reviews
brilliant in depth details about heavenly bodies. found in 11 reviews
My Son & I love to go out at nite & explore the night sky. found in 7 reviews
The movement is a little jumpy-- especially in portrait mode. found in 6 reviews
Everything I could want in semi amateur star/ sky watching. found in 8 reviews
A fun and educational tool for astronomy references. found in 21 reviews
Makes me feel like I own a Star Trek tricorder. found in 4 reviews
Great app use it with my telescope makes me look like I know what. found in 3 reviews
North Hemisphere and I under my exact position by Latitude and Longitude. found in 11 reviews
Can't update since gingerbread update on G2. found in 16 reviews
Jerky and can't seem to calibrate for quite a while. found in 80 reviews
Needs better graphics and needs to be less shake. found in 5 reviews
Because I can't find the search button. found in 9 reviews
the accelerometer/gyro doesn't track properly in portrait mode. found in 10 reviews
It doesn't seem to work on the HTC One. found in 80 reviews
Stopped working properly after my last update on my android. found in 7 reviews
Upgraded to the Galaxy Nexus and seems a bit glitchy. found in 146 reviews
I uninstalled This one after I used space junk. found in 11 reviews
It's directions are backwards on Droid x2. found in 56 reviews
No matter where I look it points north. found in 20 reviews
but on new HTC one the rotation left and right is backwards. found in 12 reviews
Love this app but its very shaky on the galaxy nexus. found in 29 reviews
The RAZR doesn't even follow when I move the phone. found in 39 reviews
I love this ap it just doesn't work on my new phone. found in 20 reviews
Great but needs calibration methods. found in 12 reviews
Search and night mode doesn't work on Samsung Galaxy s5. found in 11 reviews
I am also getting error message on update about package not signed correctly. found in 192 reviews
Useless on Epic 4G since Froyo release. found in 42 reviews
I love the app but i cant update on htc desire. found in 83 reviews
Update still fails on T- mobile G2. found in 43 reviews
Just wont orientate itself east and west are opposite. found in 47 reviews
I'm getting a package file not signed correctly error with latest update. found in 200 reviews
Doesn't work on my Motorola Droid X2 on Android 2. found in 56 reviews
Does not work on Galaxy Nexus like other are saying. found in 146 reviews
can't find menu button on htc one s. found in 80 reviews
Does not work on my Droid Razr Horizon never moves. found in 96 reviews
Will not adjust to the direction I'm facing and is extremely shakey. found in 34 reviews
There needs to be a way to calibrate the orientation. found in 80 reviews
It has no idea where I'm pointing the phone. found in 39 reviews
Droid Incredible 2 - CM7 Directions are backwards. found in 62 reviews
Will uninstall from my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. found in 192 reviews
forcing me to go into Manual Mode. found in 53 reviews
This doesn't even compare to Star Chart. found in 59 reviews
Not working properly for Samsung galaxy note 2. found in 73 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Google Sky Map for from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Google Sky Map app version 1.6.4 has been updated on 2014-11-03.
Bottom Line: For more information about Google Sky Map check developer Google Inc. `s website :

Google Sky Map turns your Android-powered mobile phone into a window on the night sky. New: 1.5.2: Move app to sdcard (Android 2.2 users) Find us elsewhere: Keywords: planetarium, astronomy, skymap

I had to check the Disable Gyroscope box in the settings to get it to work correctly I m grateful for that option I m using a Motorolla E4 and this app started and stayed in one section of the sky on the Automatic setting until I checked the box to disable the gyroscope Now it works great Manual setting works fine In the Diagnostics it shows that the Gyroscope Rotation and Rot Matrix are not reading at all This means that my phone does not have a gyroscope                     Elias Wharton
It s better than a lot of similar apps but it s really lacking in several features that I would consider basic for an astronomy app The help notes say that it helps you answer the question What is that star over there but it has very few stars identified by name When you point to an object nothing tells you anything about that object unless it happens to be a planet or one of the few labeled objects There are no catalog codes or other identifiers except for several Messier objects and a few dozen stars and the planets             Mike Toleno
On my phone and not only this phone but others I ve had it s 50 50 if the app gets my position 180 degrees wrong It s night and this app says the sun is overhead Sometimes it s works If it worked reliably I d use it much more often             Michael Collison
I love this app I use it all the time on nighttime walks camping going out to see meteor showers The one thing I think would be cool is if rather than the greco roman constellations users had an option to see constelations from some of the indigenous star maps that have been published recently                     Kelsey M.
When I installed it on my old phone it worked perfectly I now have a new phone Samsung Galaxy A70 and installed it on this phone It is way off as far as the direction when facing north it is showing the East and it won t stay still on the sun it just zooms past that area of sky I have tried to calibrate it and uninstalled and reinstalled it twice Still does not work     Jennifer Masters
This use to work for me and i loved it I would use it with my kids on clear nights and during meteor showers to help find the constellation but now my when i callibrate my compass it is off I always find the big dipper first to confirm accuracy not now I have had this app a few years now and just recently this has started to happen please fix this         Sasha
I had used this app about 3 4 years ago and enjoyed it a great deal We would go camping or sit outside and share it with friends and family But this last time I installed it it hasn t been very good at all I have been messing with it trying to get it to work and I have finally given up Uninstalling for the last time I am done Very sad cuz Idid so enjoy it for the longest time     Louann Zekoff
The first and best I ve been using this app since my HTC G1 and I love taking it on road trips and camping and out to the country I had to skip it for a while when my phone didn t have a gyro and I tried another app but they don t work as well Glad this works with my current LG G8                     Ruth G
A most excellent Star Map Locate the positions of celestial objects all around our Earth sphere Check out stars and constellations in the southern hemisphere I use this app SO much Great for learning star positions and names                     Heather Baddley
H this was the one I ve been looking for The others made me compare the map to the sky and it wouldn t always work for me esp on cloudy nights This takes care of that and it s all i wanted However the test will be when I travel internationally                     Andrew Cheu
This was no use whatsoever Set location auto by gps calibrated compass and the screen never moves and always opens on the same section of sky which is not even in my area Uninstalled Update Got a new phone and now this works superb Must have been a fault on my other phone Now it follows the sky perfectly Great app                     Mav T
So far it s a really decent app I had this app years ago and loved it So far it s just as fun as it was yes ago My oldest son and I are having a blast bonding and taking about the stars and planets I can t wait to surprise him and show him the space station as it passes us If it s as good as it was years ago I ll give it 5 big ol stars                 Simon King
Easy to use and very fun I had not updated this app for almost 4 years it just worked well so I didn t have to I just updated and it is even better Solid coding Solid everything Just wanted you to know you did a good job bb and you always have                     Laf Fiokii
I m in Australia Southern hemisphere obviously I ve set skymap to use gps positioning Despite this it keeps showing Polaris the north star overhead and shows the sun as being overhead in the middle of the night     Cvfhfhh Hrfgffg
Great app until recent update Now it is out of sync with proper star positions Like WAY out of sync Its even telling me the South pole should be just beyond the horizon In Florida LOL     Chris Brower
I have used this app every night for years and love it so much it makes looking at the heavens fun and interesting I never need to second guess it s accuracy I recommend it to all of my family snd friends I can t find this app for iPhone Too bad                     Sarah J Bradford
I love this app Its so much fun to pull it out and see what that bright thing in the sky is or what that constellation is called and at night it goes dark with a red interface so it doesnt ruin your night vision Such a fun little app Good stuff                     Vincent Valentin
The app is good works most of the time BUT sometimes i don t know why it just tilt everything to 180 degrees backward like for eg when the sun is right above me its showing it as it s below me I like this app so fix it     Escutcheon Gaming
Wow This app is LEGIT ACCURATE Last night s stargazing was the best Literally it overlaps the sky perfectly Just hold your phone up and find out what those lights are                     Jennifer Spengler
Cool App I anticipated having mipp mapped hi res images of the planets when zoomed that didn t exist Kind of a simple thing to do and would be kind of like having a synthetic telescope in hand Still its a great app and i can find any of the planets at any given time                 K W
It is really good and I have been using sky map for more than a year I would suggest that the next upgrade would have International space station mapped on it Thanks for the stress busting app                     Robert Allwin
Not very good working with gps or with the screen I have to put phone on sam angle asjuating for example to the moon to find another objects Shows full map but its hard to match dorectly whats on scrren and behind the phone             TamTam TuTu
This app is extremely useful for an amateur star gazer like me Whenever the sky is clear and the stars ans planets are visible it is so mich fun to find out what they are using this app Works well in Sri Lanka This is a useful app for parents to entertain the curiosity of children regarding the night sky                     Chamsns Creek
This is app is everything I wanted I love it Wish a search bar with coordinates to locate were there And a still version map option with the constellations and all that                     Kip Presz
Enjoy this aop Just wish when you made the constellations bigger that the print of the star name would also enlarge Hard for older eyes to read                 Mary OBrien
I had this app earlier and it was great but I reloaded it and it has lost the ability to follow the sky as I move the phone around It all has to be done manually and that can get VERY confusing and frustrating for my 8 year old Put it back to the way it was where you could move the phone around and it would track the sky you are aimed at     David Ogborn
I love Sky Map and it has worked well on all my previous phones but on the new Motorola One Vision it seems to cause all sorts of problems It may be a problem with the phone or it may be a problem with Sky Map but whichever is at fault they are definitely incompatible When used on the Vision the phone compass gyro seem to be disabled not only for Sky Map but for every other app on the phone that uses the gyro and the compass Hopefully there will be a fix soon and as soon as there is then I ll re install Sky Map on the phone but until then I ll just have to continue to keep the old phone powered up for star gazing         Jon Cutter
the app said the moon was in an entirely different spot than where it visibly was And i had calibrated the app twice I am very disappointed as this was the app I would recommend prior to today what happened         Veronica McRae
Excellent app I have had it for years and it is always amazing specially when you are in a remote place where you can see the night sky without the city lights                     Augusto Sanchez
As an average sky gazer I would say this app is pretty good very easy to use and quite fun It is interesting to detect what glowing planet or star is in the sky Would recommend to anyone Not many ads                 Lauren McCall
before it became open source this app worked great now i have tried it on three different brand new devices with high compass accuracy no metal in area perfect data connection location enabled etc etc and it has not worked for me in 3 years im done trying 1 star is too much im sad i loved this app so much now its useless     Joy Lynn
Update it It s very harder to watch the sky because of no sky effect and horizon line Also remove gyro sensor issue Not all devices have gyro sensor installed         play3r sande
used to work great now sky map just shows a still shot Auto does not work at all yet compass is calibrated to high     Bradley Reed
Used to be a good app Now its accuracy is horrible Recalibrated twice and it did not improve enough to be reliable Uninstalled app         Carol Ingram
Something very wrong now The app worked perfectly but now my sky is completely wrong The moon is almost 180 degrees on the opposite side as it should be I m trying to spot where Jupiter is so I can see its moons as it will be visible tonight supposedly I have recalibrated the app restarted my phone and switched between various sensor configs multiple times on all but with no success I confirmed my location coordinates via Google maps and entered them manually and still not right         Johan du Plessis
Lots of extra info but it shows Juoiter where i can see Venus and Mars My phone s sensirs had been calibrated properly so it usnt due to poor calibration             Noah Sherwin
Terrible tracking I look at the same spot in the sky and it keeps rotating Not even looking towards the sun but it thinks I am     William C
App is completely trash ALWAYS tells you to calibrate phone NEVER ever works This is a Google app that doesn t work on their own damn Pixel phone     It's Fake Believe
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