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Imangi Studios , brings Temple Run with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Temple Run app has been update to version 1.0.8 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Potatoes gonna potate thesis super fun ignore the potatoes..
  • It is action packed and involves lots of skill and coordination..
  • Especially if you only want to play a quick game..
  • A very entertaining game with great graphics..



The Temple Run is now available as a free download on Google Play Store for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Temple Run app version 1.0.8 has been updated on 2014-01-9. The Google Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and Android version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.1 and up








Itzz really a awesome game for kids and for adults also. found in 10 reviews
Been waiting ages for temple run to be released on android. found in 8 reviews
mind blowing game that just makes you want more. found in 11 reviews
I love this game I play it everyday Love it. found in 9 reviews
Gr8 game m8 i r8 100000000000000 out of 8. found in 19 reviews
The big screen makes this game all the more exciting:. found in 9 reviews
This is like an adventure game for both teen & old aged. found in 14 reviews
Very nice game it makes me addickt towards me. found in 282 reviews
Very adventurous game and a solution to do time pass. found in 8 reviews
Outstanding game and and my 6'the best game. found in 7 reviews
This is very very very beautiful game and I like this game. found in 28 reviews
Very funny game is very interesting game also I love this game. found in 110 reviews
Would Recommend strongly to people who like a fun and challenging game. found in 50 reviews
Crazy cunning game calls for quick reflexology great time passer. found in 16 reviews
I love this game when your board this game keeps me occupied :. found in 14 reviews
It very good games my family love it espicialy me. found in 8 reviews
Got hooked on this game the first time I played it. found in 6 reviews
This game is very intresting beacause is he going continously. found in 25 reviews
Awsm game i totally like it. found in 16 reviews
I was plaing these game forever and just got a newipad. found in 9 reviews
The lag and glitching make it near impossible to play. found in 49 reviews
I'm having that slight lagging problem that everyone's complaining about. found in 14 reviews
The game freezes and force closes everytime I play. found in 82 reviews
Great game but always lags and freezes my phone like crazy. found in 29 reviews
But somtimes it lags a lot and I get really annoyed. found in 152 reviews
I can play it all day but its very laggy and glitchy. found in 12 reviews
Don't want to uninstall because it will delete all of my info. found in 63 reviews
But gets boring after its too much. found in 88 reviews
Please fix the lag so the players can have the same experience. found in 18 reviews
Now it keeps hanging suddenly often causing me to lose my progress. found in 57 reviews
Aslo sometimes the upgrades screw up causing me to die. found in 169 reviews
I absolutely love Temple Run but the bugs need to be fixed Asap. found in 127 reviews
Game crashes sometimes when Boost powerup is active. found in 51 reviews
i cant play it in my cellphone HUAWEI Y100. found in 63 reviews
Good game needs to be patched. found in 36 reviews
But its super glitchy on LG revolution. found in 13 reviews
the game doesnt respond to my actions which is kinda frustrating. found in 22 reviews
Sometimes it doesn't register my movement which is annoying. found in 62 reviews
But the screen freezes alot and when it unfreeze you die. found in 22 reviews
Sometimes it doesn't pick up when I try to jump n slide. found in 199 reviews
Gets more and more glitchy every time i play it. found in 73 reviews
This game has begin to lag and freeze so bad. found in 85 reviews
Exiciting game but developers need to focus on android phones also. found in 94 reviews
When we tilt to collect coins it doesn't tilt. found in 75 reviews
It's old now and it gets boring after a while. found in 88 reviews
It lags A LOT and the app closes completely at random time. found in 152 reviews
I am completely disappointed with the android version of temple run. found in 87 reviews
More annoying is the way power ups kill you. found in 317 reviews
Also leaderboards would be awesome to update high scores. found in 279 reviews
Would love it to be fixed as it's a superb game. found in 127 reviews
In my htc desire v this game freezes so much. found in 99 reviews
Freezes and resets to game menu on Motorola Droid. found in 65 reviews
it STILL lags so bad I die 5 seconds after starting. found in 72 reviews
Swipes aren't registering like they shouldn't galaxy nexus. found in 140 reviews
I HAVE THE HTC one v and it its totally horrible. found in 79 reviews
Sucks on HTC EVO 4G. found in 82 reviews
It doesnt let me be bored I still play all the day until th e battery is died                 I loved this game much as I can from when I played it in my friends phone
I got the power over this game I dwnl this game to play to get my head off my problems and its a great idea It works i really like this game I feel like im moving when running jumping and sliding Its funn and entertainingWow                
Every time the game updates I lose the ability to tilt to collect the coins on the sides and if I get to a huge gap I die coz I cant jump far enough to keep running       
when I go to jump over the tree stumps I cant even get all the coins even you if you jump at the right time and also the jumps and slides have a slight a bit of a delayplz fix this cause I like this game           Templ Run rate 6
Dear Creaters your game messed me up When i tried to collect coins it stayed the same and i died Also when i turned off tutorial it still had it on So please fix it for me Sincerely Sarah Tapp    
I like the game bit like others wish there were levels to break it up and make me feel like Ive accomplished more Im eventually going to try Temple Run 2 and see if it changes things up a bit              Good game but simple
It can get annoying sometimes when you play and it is hard to get that much coins just to unlock the characters and the temple gets annoying when you come across the bit where half the run of the temple path it has only a sliver of temple to run on but its got its good side its not as bad as other games i have played           Alright
I want my character is Bruce Lee Im still 9 years old so I not yet get a credit so I will borrow my dads credit but when my dad is go home why you was limit it I just wait my dad from 1200 1600 next time limit it until 2 days like the other game     Can you wait a moment this is for temple run 2
I love the idea that they made I love how it gets harder and harder as you go Even though I dont play it much its still a great appud83dudc4d              Great appu263a
If your reading this read the entire thing you can just keep doing the tutorial over and over again to get coins                 Cheat
I was exiting out and it kept coming back on my screen please fix it Ill give it 5 stars if you do        Weird bug
Was working fine before but after the recent update its not as smooth as before It lags AND ITS MESSIN WITH MY PHONE IT TAKES TOO MUCH TIME TO CLOSE AND ITS FREEZING MY PHONE I think I will uninstall it now     Bugs after update
got a new phone every other game was able to sync ALL progress so why didnt this one All the characters came over but now Im back to zero coins and zero gems What gives    
This is clearly one of the best games that really got me addicted to the twist and turns that it providesud83dude05and for that I love itud83dudc95ud83dudc95                 My favorite gameud83dudc4dud83dudc4dud83dudc4d
How much space does this thing take up This is my first app I even have a brand new card I wish I can download more games           Ok
I like this game although I dont like it how you respawn from the beginning I wish there were many levels and different challenges              Wish there were levels
It is really fun because you can fly you can play the game and you gotta try to get away from the monkeys before they get you and eat you in on temple run 2 you try to get away from this giant monkey or something I dont know but it is B to tell you this and it is trying to get you also and you got to go down this road and it is really really fun so make sure you get some one run in Temple Run 2 it is really really really really fun                 Cool game
I never get tired off this game The one improvement to this game is if accounts could sync through email so if someone has it on a tablet and cell they dont have to repeat achievements                
Love the game Just wish there were levels to accomplish and start from instead of starting from the beginning every time you die Love the graphics              Its just keeps going and going and going
well designed with highly sophisticated graphics real time killer good UI easy to play understand                 Incredible Imangi
It jammed an I cant even move because it keeps on saying this is not available to move please try and again     Temple run
This game is stupid I try to lean to the side but it doesnt work or is extremely delayed so I die plus when you jump you cant collect all the coins If it implies you need to jump over an obstacle and there is coins there I tried but it would not collect all the coins so there would be at least 5 coins left uncollected If you are going to put the coins there at least make them able to be collected     This game sucks
I recommend this app to anybody It is so exciting and adventurous I like that you dont have to pay real money for boosts and power ups You can just pay with the coins you earn in the game You can earn up to a lot of coins in this game thats what makes it so awesome So how about you go download this app right now cuz its really fun                 This app is awesome
Its great the graphics are very good but Im not very good at it Still enjoy playing though                 Temple run
I love the game theres nothing wrong with it and if u think there is you dumb Oh but I dont like temple run 2 its pretty bad but anyway its amazballs                 Love it
In my opinionthis game comes pretty close to being the MOST HORRIBLE game EVER invented and VERY VERY SURPRISINGLY Temple run 2 is WAY BETTER ud83dude24 ud83dude20 ud83dude21ud83dudc4e    
I like this game butI think the second one is better with the water theme and stuff On this one there is like a group of monkeys or what ever they are then on the second one its a massive big thing really weird But then some people like it              Very good
So Ive had this game and Ive changed phones twice for the same app but whenever I touch it to swipe it doesnt work Also its the same with Temple Run 2 so this is kind of messing with me Fix this Thank you so much           Meh
It used to be my favourite app on my other device where I had unlocked all the charecters and powerups but now I dont Not only do the powerups I just unlocked or upgraded not come on for like 24 hours but also wjenever im swiping pressing ect it doesnt move instead the charecter just dies which Is a shame as I really enjoyed playing this in the past but now I cant play well But I will still play if these errorsflaws are discontinued           Ok
I started playing Then I played some more eventually getting addicted I lost contact with all family and friends Now I sit here in my dark room under the blankets to protect me from the black demon gorillas Thanks temple run     Ruined my life
Game pause by itself the touch does not work as expected slow to reactsorrymay be its my phone a wiko Will give 5 if not issues     Bug
Wont let me slide When I try to slide it just makes me go off of side Im so deleting by his app but if fix that I will give u full rating     Wont let me slide
Seriously I dont get enough coins witch upsets me n its kinda boring 4 meso I jus play other games        Am I the sucker
This game is so easy and so much fun to play but it should have different challenges and a lot more harder stuff then jumping and turning and ducking                 Amazing
Its an awesome fun amazing game just a little problem in it when its auto run time some times it is falling by its own and when its start ahead I took it 2 times and the both times it fell just fix this then its a 5 star game              Very nice game
It does not turn when I want it just keeps jumping when When fixed I will Rte 5 stars     Getting on freaking nerves
This app is good if you want to start your gaming experience on android Graphics are not awesome thats why 4 stars              Great
This so far has been working fine plus its really fun and if you are a great gamer I recommend this is the top game for you but Im a huge gamer I love games and can never stop downloading games                 Really fun and so far so good
Its good but the redirecting wings never worked for mealso things r kinda expensive              Pretty good
This game is really cool and fun but it just needs like one or two more themes and the glitches need to be fixed too please                 Awesome But


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2.1 and up

Android App Temple Run 1.0.8

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