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ELECTRONIC ARTS , the publisher behind many Android games (Bejeweled ,Plants vs. Zombies FREE ,Plants vs. Zombies™ Watch Face ,SimCity BuildIt ,Peggle Blast ,The Old Republic™ Security Key), brings Need for Speed™ No Limits with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Need for Speed™ No Limits games has been update to version Varies with device with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are Android owner,you now can download Need for Speed™ No Limits for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Need for Speed™ No Limits app version Varies with device has been updated on 2015-02-17. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 4.0.3 and up
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Get supercharged with adrenaline in the newest white-knuckle edition of the Need for Speed series. Tune your car with limitless options and rule the streets in the ultimate fight for street-racing supremacy.You may restrict in-app ...

Been in it for a week now plays well Looks pretty good and isn t as money hungry as most free to play games I feel like most negative reviews are people expecting to get everything done in a day You play 20 60 min a day and that s all Do other things Read a book for example There is a lot to do once you level up too As far as mobile games go I m pretty pleased                     TYLER ANDERSON
This game is awesome Total control never boring and exciting thrill in events The reason I m giving a 3 star is because it s damn hard to gain access to cars which players would want to have It s like near impossible For example my favourite car is the Nissan GTR R35 The only way to get access to that car is cards from crates and scrap points And I researched and saw that there have never been any events to get that car Would appreciate if you ll could make an event for the R35             Thaariq Mansoor
Brilliant graphics very nice game however in app purchased the game limits you so much you can play just few minutes without having the need to purchase something the progress is so slow it completely destroys this game Any item you may need to buy are so insanely expensive a stupid car can easily cost you 100 I d rather pay 20 for the game and have it all with standard game progress And finally no free ride mode yes exactly there is no way you can take your car for a ride     Adam Sommer
I agree with many of the one star reviews that the game is simply 2bignow Considering the fact that you have to house in the garage as many parts as you can in order to upgrade the hypercars it takes up so much memory I have submitted to them my displeasure since June 2019 I even went out and got a stronger phone see if it would handle the amount of information it s now The same thing happened back in January of 2019 when they introduce rival races I will give you an update and 7 to 10 days             Matthew Dahl
Game s really good Graphics are amazing especially on an android The game runs smooth is cool leveling up and modding your car to look the best But one thing I m concerned about is that is hard going up stages in the underground rival driver division when you are going against people with cars more than 100 levels higher than yours Can you give us a break and let us race our own level or 50 levels higher or 50 levels below you I m still giving it 5 stars because is a really amazing game                     William Lebron
Good Graphics Nice cars Good control But you need to change the name from No limits to totally limited Have to repeat stages to get parts blueprints Its a bad game overall for free to play players You need to pay a lot to play this game Rather you could have charged a one time Rs 399 like most wanted Tired and bored player of NFS totally limited         sushant amburle
Its very difficult nowadays to play a game that isn t pay to win you can expect no less than a game produced by EA to be sucking every last penny off of you in order for you to progress through the game Rivals for example it is virtually impossible to win once you get past the first 2 divisions unless you spend money because they will always match you with cars a lot faster than yours in order to slow your progress it s a great shame what the gaming industry has come to pathetic         Filipe R
Still better than cash grab called Asphalt             Vasu Tripathi
Very bad game Only made for earning mb The stages set there are very difficult so that we can not progess Only to secceed a minimum stage of 1 minutes you have to play a whole day It is annoying Playing after 10 days I m uninstalling the game bcz still I m on the same position And the price they gave me after wining in a race is like a bone without meat You must be hopeless to playing game after spending on it Good luck     Islam Islam
Great graphics and game play is fairly easy The reason i uninstalled it is due too i sit idle for 2 days cause there were no races i could enter except the prooving ground races the reason I m uninstalling this game is due to the fact you can t buy parts to upgrade your car for specific races because you have to win races in order to unlock the parts But if you can t get the parts for the minimum number you need to be in the race how the hell are you going to race Fix the BS and I ll be bac                 Michael Shreves
Since the last 3 or 2 updates keep crashing I think it has to do with the network and connection speed Not cool especially with a level 114 gamer like me Sure all new racers will be amaze and all that but when they reach a higher level they might be piss off I think EA did that on purpose All the name you see on the leaderboard underground gicco boss etc they not real EA doesn t want us to catch up those characters because they or not real They are made up Stick to home consoles     Jocelyn Laurin
B s Challenges just to get you to buy gold That is highly overpriced Just so you can be one challenge To be able to go on to the next challenge Not all the challenges are the same You can really tell the difference between the challenges I am speaking more about the event challenges The gold is more important in and is game then money So in order to progress Through the game you have to pay 49 99 In gold         anthony colon
It WAS a very good game even for free player but now it becomes very hard just to connect Too many Connection Failed No Connection Error Downloading Assets etc Even after I uninstall and install the game again several times clear cache and data restarting my phone the problem still persists What else I could to to fix this Appreciate any help thanks Rei 20190204 Somehow my gaming experience became normal again got some errors but acceptable enough Thanks 20190219                 Franqois Xavier
Maybe the game should be coded to log the user in first so that those who already have an account download everything the first time This won t fix the real issue though which I believe is the new engine s flawed inefficient memory management Seems like a timing sync issue too Now at 3 8 3 and still no end to the misery You want to make up for this Give us 20 blueprints for each car that you offered since the problem started At least many of us will then have a base car we should have won     Philip Chambers
The game is good but the problem is that most of the time its pay to win i know why because its EA and they like money and most of the time the game bugs and when im in the middle of a race the game would exit by it self and oftenly crashes please fix this EA then i will give 5 stars Oh yeah 1 more thing why does every single time i finished a race my lockscreen suddenly appears Pleaaase fix this problem             00RaiverQuantum C0D
I noticed this game can t be played offline at all even after the downloads Anytime my wifi or network signal goes off or has problem the game stops playing and that is a put off for me Moreover it was stated that we should download and play Unfortunately this is not the case So i have no option but to uninstall it I would love to play because i should to play it on PS 2 those days But if there s anyway i can download and play most often offline i would love to play it     Bola King
Love the game Graphics are great and cars play nice But you have to pay real money and I mean alot of real money to be able to go anywhere in this game Total bs I cant upgrade a single car and I ve only been playing it 2 days Either greatly lower prices on blueprints gold etc or I forsee this game dying out very quickly Even the chopshop is way overpriced and would take months to get enough blueprints to upgrade         Painkiller Kalashnikov
This is a great game excellent graphics superb controls My one problem is the limit on the event ticket 5 tickets is not enough if you could top it by 1 or 2 I have played this game constantly but the highest I have ever achieved is day 6 and the time runs out I don t have the money to get a VIP status please balance out the game for those who have no money to put into the game but have given their time and effort and nothing to show for it         Oluwamayokun Ajagbe
Fun game I love the basic controls but the controls also stick sometimes so I just ran into a wall for no reason game also requires fuel and crates to upgrade car parts all optional ads but it still just shoves ads down your throat at every turn use ads to get more gold credits fuel crate black market item switch reduce wait time for events etc I can deal with the ads but the sticking controls have messed me up twice in events when I m trying to get a new Porsche     Matthew Pratscher
Really a pale approximation of the classic Need for Speed games I remember Almost more movie than game with a weak annoyong story to work your way through and WHY are we still putting text on the screen at 300 baud Been barely half an hour and I ve already hit the cheater NPC car wall requiring endless repeating until I finally figure out the trick And its EA so yes here are lootboxes Sorry Premium Crates         Rob Sherwood
Would give 5 stars but at first there was so much lag the music and SFX had to be turned off to play And now the screen components go black Not a big deal when it happens on the rewards But absolutely not cool when you start a race and can t see anything but the gauges and gas pedal Black race screen Please fix and I will correct my rating Also game sometimes crashes             Ian Douglas
Well at the beginning it was awesome honestly nothing better I thought it couldn t come up with such a game but after level 30 I think it was every single race won i had to watch a s y commercial so I to be forced to buy something and be able to turn off the commercials no thanks it went from the best to worst so uninstalling and hope in future it will be something better bye     Erol Islam
Unplayable I am at level 22 and am literally unable to do anything without spending ridiculous amounts of money on gold and cash or waiting days just to be able to play again On top of that the PR requirements are impossible to reach as I cannot stage up my vehicles again without spending money This isn t just a pay to win game it is a pay to be able to play the game in the first place game I will be uninstalling         Macaroni u0026 Cheese
I like this game it s fun to play but the developers SEEIOUSLY need to fix the pop side of this game It DOES NOT pair players fairly There are players who have better cars than me who seem to be stuck at tier E because of this unfair pairing system If this problem is fixed I would give a better rating             High Five Guy
Pretty good game with excellent graphics but later on the fuel is overly restrictive stuck at only 10 and the campaign has some heavily responsive blocks to make you grind for a maxed out car The micro transaction system is also a little pushy Pay2Win comes to mind but haven t felt the need to win those events             K. M.
Been playing this on Android since 2015 But 5 star down to 1 star still based on both of the recent monthly updates taken which like many others are reporting makes it unplayable as it crashes most of the time App memory leak maybe Opening daily crates and using race skips is about the only thing that doesn t crash it Spent 6 weeks of doing that and little or no actual racing possible in Special Events and UGR Will not be buying any more gold just to get race skips Pls fix     Jim Rook
This game is really fun to play the controls are really jumpy And unfortunately it s very much so pay to win there s also a dlc component which requires you to download an extra gigabyte of data to access extra cars despite it being free it s a terrible marketing strategy Not offline accessible game crashes often Decent graphics But overall this games needs to be fixed         LUO1 Trixzonu
Hi I really liked your game but can you make it offline so that I can play it anywhere There is a lag bug or glitch in game when I open the game it just stays on the loading screen like NFSNL and you need to fix this or your game sucks so please fix this I really liked the game though Thank you                 Tomz Nathan
Love Need for Speed and would rate at 5 stars but DO NOT waste your time racing the underground rivals unless you spend hundreds of dollars you will rarely ever win You will constantly be pitted against racers 100 150 times more powerful than you and hardly even get close to the other racer and win NOTHING for your time They need to update matchup so you can race cars similar to your strength and power instead of feeling like you re racing a VW Beetle against a Ferrari             Wesley Villanueva
Unplayable it s pay to win Do not download You will play it for a few days then find you can no longer progress unless you spend real money This is only free to play until you get to a certain level then you have to pay to get any further I m locked at level 18 can t race because cars are too weak There is nothing random about it either You get the same cars and rewards as any other player I know this because me and my friend started the game at the same time and had the same of everything     zompidge Zompidge
Don t like the Fuel feature Nothing like those good old NFS games Seems like you can t win special events without VIP passes Need to shorten the time required to generate event tickets change control interface Make the events less blackmailing Increase the ticket limit to at least 10 without VIP passes Make the game less complex No thank you             Plaban Roy
The game becomes extremely difficult if you don t spend money Another downside to this game is the lack of control over the car Also there is a glitch where the car will go over to the left rail or siding and drive along it after starting a race I ask that something be done about this It has hindered my progress in limited time challenges and that makes me sad because I am a huge need for speed fan     Izeyah da Silva
This game is overall the most amazing car racing game on Google play And iv tryed them all I almost gave up but I found it I finally found it My only 2 complaints are that there could be more story line and that it takes up way to much space to download the full version But if I m sitting in the dr office with nothing to do I have this game to enjoy for atleast 25 to 30 min of it so thank you EA games for making this Iv been waiting NFS fan sence the beginning and for life                     Timothy Stinnett
The game used to be great I enjoyed it very much However recent updates proved that it was just a cash grab by EA evident from the fact VIP level 2 which you need to haeve to disable autoplay ads isn t even permanent and only lasts for a certain number of days In addition every day that I play this game after the update I m forced to download 1280 MB of content even though I did the exact same thing the previous day already What am I downloading I can t even play the game properly     ZW Wong
Everytime i download this game It seems wen i want to race it cuts the game off I am fed up with this game nd this is not the 1st time it has done this Is it the server I dont know i really like this game but just like the other 10 times i down loaded this game more then 5 years i have to delete it again and i really like this but for get it     Ansen Watson
This is the best racing game you can find here but as much as I love it there are some things about it that are basically irritating and kill the fun of it the live race pairing is sometimes unfair and frustrating getting the blueprints of various cars is a real hustle wining or completing the special events is also quite difficult and frustrating and the size of it keeps increasing when ironically things are still the same hope it gets better and becomes more realistic in future                 Ekow Bennett
the last update is slow Also the developers are so greedy that you can never play and win if you don t spend ridiculous amounts of money In the past you could buy the game once and then enjoy it now you gotta pay lots of money just to tune your car so that you can continue playing Ruins all the fun and most importantly the great rep that Need for Speed once had     CARSTEN DUMITRANA
I used to love the game but since the last update there are ads after every race and the game takes up a long time to start up Things used to work faster before the update but now that s not the case Also you cannot win limited time events without spending real money             Shubhodeep Dey
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