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Nordcurrent , the publisher behind many Android apps (101-in-1 Games Anthology ,Gamebanjo ,Cooking Fever), brings Cooking Fever with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Cooking Fever apps has been update to version 1.1.2 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I love this game because it has many challenging levels..
  • I like time management games I'm definitely enjoying this one..
  • Really funny game..
  • It teaches me how to cook Hamburger and hot dogs..


It's mind blowing game. found in 2 reviews
I like this little fast food serving game it keeps you on your toes. found in 7 reviews
It is a awesome game to play when your bored. found in 77 reviews
Addiction at its finest. found in 1 reviews
It's fun unique and you can also learn how to cook. found in 2 reviews
more than 400 dishes to cook using 150 ingredients. found in 1 reviews
THE BEST GA ME I EVER OWNED. found in 2 reviews
Good fun plenty of options keep hand eye coordination order :. found in 4 reviews
Highly recommend download to anyone who likes a fast pace game. found in 8 reviews
Good game for passing time or bordom. found in 5 reviews
Really cool game it keeps u on ur toes real fast paced. found in 3 reviews
great time waster. found in 3 reviews
dis game guys download it and. found in 3 reviews
I love cooking food for people :. found in 2 reviews
Keeps the little ones entertained. found in 1 reviews
fun game great way to kill time. found in 6 reviews
Just Wat I've been looking for. found in 1 reviews
Excellent gameplay. found in 5 reviews
Good games for all ages. found in 3 reviews
everything requires more gems. found in 6 reviews
But they make it really hard to advance after the first level. found in 14 reviews
Tried to connect to Facebook countless times but it wont. found in 5 reviews
Needs too many gems to upgrade and to get new restaurants. found in 130 reviews
Gems should be used to open new levels and only that. found in 25 reviews
give me a gems to open a new restaurant. found in 7 reviews
Love this game but you need to fix this. found in 5 reviews
The game is very good BUT its so hard to get gems. found in 63 reviews
I'm not saying that there should be no need for gems. found in 21 reviews
Also the slot machine is useless. found in 19 reviews
Fun game but you must spend money to get gems. found in 63 reviews
Everything requires gems to unlock things for your kitchen and new levels. found in 83 reviews
But it requires too many gems to buy basic upgrades. found in 112 reviews
The game is great but needing gems for everything is bullshit. found in 12 reviews
But pleeeeeease how do i connect to store to buy gems. found in 100 reviews
The high requirement of gems makes it difficult to advance. found in 15 reviews
nice game but still too many gems to unlock basic things. found in 112 reviews
Fun game but not nearly enough chances for gems. found in 21 reviews
wish they can give more free gems. found in 20 reviews
But its like you have to buy gems to get thru. found in 100 reviews
And the slot machine is a joke. found in 19 reviews
Really fun game it's a shame it's so hard to earn gems. found in 79 reviews
The biggest issue is needing gems to upgrade everything. found in 130 reviews
If not fixed to get diamonds easier or needing less. found in 21 reviews
Too many diamonds needed and not enough ways to earn them. found in 25 reviews
Game is good if there was a way to get Gems. found in 63 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Cooking Fever for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Cooking Fever app version 1.1.2 has been updated on 2015-02-25. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.3.3 and up
More Info: Find more info about Cooking Fever in Nordcurrent`s Official Website :

Cook delicious meals and desserts from all over the world in this FREE addictive time-management game With a choice of 8 unique locations, from Desserts and Fast Food to Oyster Bar and Oriental Restaurant, you ...

The Best Game So much fun to play You get coins and gems daily for logging in and also get cash from each restaurant on a daily basis The restaurants all have their own vibe and menu Constant upgrades and new restaurants to buy Would highly recommend this game to anyone I look forward to seeing what new things they will add                     Kristina Howell
Best game ever always something to do so realistic Don t REALLY have to spend your own money and now have free options to earn and cheaper options to buy I ve actually made game inspired meals I rated the controls down a star only because sometimes it seems like the game needs to be calibrated for touch to be more responsive lag or precise wrong item gets moved but that just might be me my fat fingers or my tablet                     Yoshi Kowasaki
I love this game The only reason im giving 4 stars is because i stopped playing for a couple weeks like maybe 2 and when i went back to it i had to start over My progress was no longer saved and i was back at the beginning It really upset me cause i had put so much time and MONEY into it Please fix this issue                 Karen Pender
It s a fun game some levels I like so I repeat them And for the people who complaining about the gems smh ain t no reason to complain because you can win gems besides buying them Because I have 7 store and I have upgrades mostly my food and drinks and got stores and I didnt have to paid for nothing But overall I love this game I play it every day                     Nikki Mcdade
one of the most fun games out there very difficult to put down Still playing still fun but would be nice if it were just a little easier to win diamonds when you spin the wheel Seems to be getting longer between winning diamonds and you never can win more than 15 when you do win Still it is a very fun game to play                     Jonathan Storlie
I LUV this game I have been playing on my phone for at LEAST 5 years In the beginning I had bought gems but now NEVER I havent beem playing like I do BUT I check in everyday to get my daily bonus and gems Ive got almost 200 gems by just checking in and playing the slot machine It pays off like every other day                     M Q
I ve been playing this game for years and I m still not bored with it Some levels are challenging which I like It s good for strategizing and pushing yourself to see how fast your fingers can As far as gems if you play the game long enough you should have at least 1 million in coins so you could play the slot machine to play to get gems My advice is always bet 500 you get 15 gems if you win and if you play or even open the game everyday you ll get 2 gems daily                     Renee Santos
It s a lovely and addictive game but one never gets the 2coins 2gems or 3gems at the spinning wheel the game developers are so stingy I have being playing for over 4years never have I gotten more than 1coin 2coin and 1gem at the wheel Which makes the game get a 3star rating from me else they ought to get better             Aiyke Mark
Love cooking fever been playing it a while now tried other games this one alway stays never paid for a gem I repeat finished levels for gems and some times play for a week or 2 and save coins and gems for new levels Only ever completed 1 challenge I do find them a bit intense and hate wasting the gems lol                     Susan Miller
I was enjoying this game till the latest update The game used to have a good chance of giving 15 diamonds every 24 hours or so through the casino The latest update has broken that and added ads all over the app Some unskippable It used to be fun and playable without spending real money Now it s not I m done     Ryan Smith
A fun game but with some shortcomings that the publisher never wants to fix 1 they force you to endure a slots machine to try to win more gems in essence letting you use your in game money to buy gems It s very tedious sometimes taking over a hundred spins to win 15 gems If they want to keep the slots machine they should offer an option to auto spin until you win 2 they force you to go to each restaurant to collect your daily rewards This too is tedious and serves no purpose                 Jack Griffith
The latest addition of video ads you cannot skip has ruined this game and it was so fun to play I ve spent hundreds of hours playing It was a fantastic challenge to do every level faster better and get more stars But wait now you gotta watch this video and another and another and another Aaaaarrrrrggghhhh         Alejandra Macias
Fun game Easy upgrades lots of opportunities for more coins Edit and change of rating Tip SAVE YOUR DIAMONDS You can t go to the next level or obtain all the upgrades without them Just another scheme to get you to pay to play Otherwise you complete all 40 levels of the first restaurant and then you re stuck             Erin Vaughn
The game is good in the way of how you play it but after a while you will be forced to pay for diamonds to upgrade your tools kitchen components etc It s so annoying to not get 3 or even 2 stars in the mission because you don t make the food so fast and costumers start to be angry very fast because your tools are suck and not upgraded pay more u003d do better in missions         Loay Akram
Ever since the adds have been added the app lags and at the casino a free spin says you win 15 gems but only gives you 7 or 600 coins but you only get 300 Sometimes at the end of a level you have a choice to watch a video and other times you dont it just starts playing             Cristina Colon
This game is very addictive and fun if you are looking forward to something to help you pass time I personally enjoy cooking so this is a perfect game for people like me You have to keep up a fast pace or customers become unhappy and you lose your money streak There s the main heads up for this game Please download this app you ll love it                     FlexiPow Gymnastics
I like the game play but it takes too long for a new app update to be available with a new restaurant And it takes too many gems to update things in the restaurants Extra pan 20 gems 10 000 coins I don t usually spend real money in games to purchase things but I might consider it if I wouldn t spend all the purchased gems within 5 minutes 300 gems do not get you very far                 Lindsay Baughman
Good game but I really don t like that you have to tap on it and drag the item Half the time it doesn t drag very well and have to make several attempts Other cooking games you just tap once and it automatically does it Will probably end up deleting out of frustration a second time         A Google user
I love this game I have been playing for years and have bought every restaurant available a total of 27 and have completed all and have 3 stars on every round on 27 restaurants I love the fact I can earn up to 17 diamonds a day I collect all the money from my restaurants to get the daily XP s then spin until I get my diamonds all the way across Then of course I collect my 2 diamonds for playing everyday of course I just wish more restaurants were available                     Tiffany Lopez
This game is challenging and wonderful It keeps me busy on my slow days The only problem I have are the fonts is way too small If only I could make them a little bigger especially the count down of the timer                     Sonia A.
This is just another pay to play game The game is VERY stingy with diamonds needed for kitchen upgrades Even for me that I SPEND REAL MONEY in it The only time you get diamonds is when you level up and you only get about 7 diamonds every time Another way is the casino but I literally just spent about 60 000 coins and only won about 5 000 coins in return and absolutely ZERO diamonds This is a great game over all but definitely doesn t give a chance to those that can t afford to spend         Kimberly De La Rosa
Gameplay is fun but gets repetitive The worst part is you need so many gems to progress but unless you spend real money you ll hardly get any through levelling up 7 daily rewards 2 and the casino which you ll need several tens of thousands of coins to only get 15 Even minor upgrades require a lot of gems so the aforementioned methods of getting free gems just doesn t cut it And you need to upgrade to get anywhere Don t recommend         Nat Lee
This is a very good game to play to avoid getting bored Great work there But I think it can be a little bit better if the rarity of the gems was reduced a little Because they are hard to get and higher upgrades become seriously expensive especially due to the need of gems                     Dr.Mousumi Malakar
I love the game like many game players here what they say I can relate to It s addictably fun but like everyone say gems are an issue you do at time have the chose to either discontinue to play to prevent the use if real money or use real money to upgrades even though real money keeps this game going the jams are a big issue No matter what if you get 3 stars its not enough to move to the next task or mission in opening other restaurants                     Jaysie Justiniano
Since I was little I ve already loved this game The graphics is good the sfx is good and I can t say anything to bash it anymore As you level up it gets harder and harder and that s what makes it a really good game by challenging you to do your best and to reach a more higher position by enhancing your hand and eye coordination and being strategious on how to maintain 3 stars each level and don t have any customer leaving                     Mariyah Vanna Monique Chavez
I like this game a lot however since i got my new phone I hate trying to get gems I read online it takes 25k coins or less once a day to get 15 free gems That worked on my old phone it normally took between 10 and 15k On my new phone i can wait days and it takes 35 to 50k almost everytime which is bogus since my best restaurant gives 2 7k a win Who wants to repeat the same level 15 or 20 times for a little help at increasing different restaurant             Brie Colgrove
It s a good cooking game and I do enjoy it However its takes like 6 months or so for an update with a new restaurant I also wish there was more challenges too Those only happen about every 6 months as well I m not a fan of the tournaments soooo I wait             April Jennings
The developers need to listen to their customers Great game and fun but the diamonds gems are RIDICULOUS I have waited the allotted 12 hours in between the casino to win diamonds Started this morning with 250 thousand coins this evening I have spent near 100 thousand coins JUST at the casino to win diamonds coins Its futile even if I did win the 15 playing at 500 coins per turn it wouldn t be enough to upgrade anything I need at this point I quit 2 yrs b c of this Nothing changed             Amber King
I love this game however just recently when I opened the App ALL of my progress was wiped out u0026 I had been returned to the start of the game Extremely disappointing considering the amount of money it can cost in diamonds to progress in the game If this hadn t happened I would highly recommend it however now all I will say is Players Beware         Narelle Smith
The game is really fun and enjoyable but it s so hard to get gems and the gems are the main currency you need to upgrade and purchase restaurants they would rather you spend actual money to get gems and even then they STILL wont give you enough to do anything with if getting gems was more accessible rather then spending 10 of actual money and only getting 15 gems when you actually need 30 gems minimum to open a new restaurant not to mention upgrades which need gems it would be a 5 star game             Ashley Streeter
Fun game however it is almost impossible to get gems to upgrade unless you pay money so it ruins the game Also just tried one of their new challenges and it took everything I had for something that there is no way I could get done So I m pretty annoyed and am done playing now because it s pointless and a rip     Galaxy_wolf_68 OwO
I like this game but im giving it 2 stars because they dont give you enough diamonds which you need in the game to upgrade its the main currency lets be real And i think that the challenges are rigged to be so hard they make you spend more diamonds to upgrade stuff to pass the levels than what you receive as a reward And its so stupid that you have to pay diamonds just to do the stupid challenges Yeah this game has potential but i dont think the developers really care         Savannah
This is an amazing game but unfortunately you need a lot of gems to get anywhere after the bakery It ll be great if they decreased the amount of gems you need to use for the gameplay                 Joanne Shim
You need diamonds to upgrade everything in the game and all the challenges that you pass do not give you enough diamonds to spend sufficiently or even in a way that s useful For playing two three hours in a row will only give you 7 8 diamonds that will not get you enough upgrades It becomes less challenge y and more annoying I think I ll uninstall it today or tomorrow when I find another interesting game         Madiha Riaz
I think I am cooking in my kitchen even the Ithink I am cook This is a wonderful game and very good it can help us to improve our skills and the idea of adding further I have not seen game like it and there are very good cooking items and there updates of this It can be the best game after some times everywhere in the world But it should have some more updates as my personal coment request and it should also have some indian food or other country food so that every one will love it                     Anuj Chauhan
DIAMOND S PLEASE Good game but it is very difficult to get some diamonds to upgrade on appliance to make service delivery faster and better to rich your goal Do not play the slot on this one and thinks you will win money or Diamonds not going to happen I play a big some and no diamonds just n few coins I won but lost alot more I enjoy the game but I never want to buy stuff in games and this is what this game want you to do use your money No thank you I will not be buying diamond s     Caroline Jonck Husselmann
Amazing game Quite addictive too However it s too expensive to play You think you pass a stage without losing a single customer only to go back and realize it s the upgrades that earns you more money not your speed You need gems and the gems cost a lot of money I m vexed     Faith Agbator
I never played this type of games before I thought it was really boring to play with Until I saw this it was actually fun and exciting Only it made think that this game was offline After playing for long it asked for internet connection Ha ha But then it was fine I still had fun though u003e                     P H I A M A E
I just love all the puzzles and the stuff they have you do it s hard but if you upgrade all of your stuff then it makes it much more easier and then you can accomplish more and more levels and it s a really fun game I think everybody should try it a fact it s my favorite game                     Raigen Golden
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