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ELECTRONIC ARTS , the publisher behind many Android apps (SimCity BuildIt ,Plants vs. Zombies FREE ,The Old Republic™ Security Key ,Peggle Blast ,EA SPORTS™ UFC ,Plants vs. Zombies™ Watch Face), brings EA SPORTS™ UFC with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. EA SPORTS™ UFC apps has been update to version 1.0.725758 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are Android owner,you now can download EA SPORTS™ UFC for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new EA SPORTS™ UFC app version 1.0.725758 has been updated on 2015-02-24. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.3.3 and up
More Info: Find more info about EA SPORTS™ UFC in ELECTRONIC ARTS`s Official Website : http://www.ea.com/android

Step into the Octagon with EA SPORTS UFC Collect your favorite UFC fighters, throw down in competitive combat, and participate in live events from the real world of the UFC. This app offers in-app purchases. ...

It s a cool game but there is a really weird bug It will always pops up the No internet connection Retry message Of course the wifi is always on and I even have mobile data on to support the wifi connection but the message still pops up Please fix this bug as fast as possible                 Jordan Le
Game freezes up a bit on wifi and off Controls are decent Wish it explained more of the advanced controls You could be a little more generous with the coins say the higher rank you are the more coins you get for each fight Costs way to much to level up I ve been beating people 3 stars twice the rank I am on everything Overall a decent game Also my best fighter is only 2 285 or so I m getting three stars on people that is 5k Be cool If that would build up your stats too                 Matt King
What I don t like is that I have too use what ever special skill is pop s up For example I can t choose my movements I have too wait for the moves I want if I want too use knee I have too wait for a knee skill too pop up in special If I want superman punch I have too wait until superman punch pops up Otherwise so far great design well thought out and it s entertaining                 Illuminati Illuminati
one of the best games i ever played in mobile phone as a UFC fanboy the graphics are great the controls are good my only concern is the lack of events in the game and the figthers that we all want to buy are very expensive i suggest that we need to get more gold in the events so that we can buy more fighters that we want and i also suggest that you need to keep the game updated because for some reason the game has not been updated before a few months ago or maybe a year                     Chestel Ramos
Its EA Expect server issues when you try to combo with moves some times it gets buggy and even tho they connect it doesnt register Imagine every issue with UFC 3 but on a mobile platform What can you expect tho one of the worst companies ever always manages to grab the titles because but they dont put that into the game         austin weir
It s nice game awesome graphics Would be nice if you could build your own fighters Choose there moves abilities outfits how they look weight class etc The controls could be better making kicks a normal ability side control would also be good Add just some of this I ll give it 5 stars                 Jarryd Willett
This isn t worth spending money on it freezes all the time also theres not much variety of fighters to fight as ya constantly playing the same few fighters quite literally one after the other also at around level 50 you really need to buy packs to beat the next fighters as their attributes are stupidly high so it will take a long time to get far on this game personally I m so bored of it now it went from the BEST GAME I ve played to one of the worst         sean burlinson
Championship belts and how to attain them and updated fighters Fighter difficulty going up the ranks don t make sense Why is Khabib better than BRUCE LEE That offends me entirely A different method than facebook to save progress Head to Head is awesome Game is great otherwise P s I want B Lesnar as a playable fighter and CPU opponent E A u003c2k Its in the game                     Rhys Mack
The app is badass however like every other app it had its melfunctions n this one had the fact that i can t choose to make my own character nor does it allow me to be left or right handed or both nor does it allow me to challenge my friends off Facebook Neither does it allow me to choose a certain adventure like story mode or versus mode etc needs to be fixed n then this all would be perfect                 Alejandro Martinez
PLEASE DO A ROSTER UPDATE A real good game Problably the best non online fighting game in mobile devices The only reason why i rated it 4 stars it s because it seems like they haven t made a major roster update in like five years Theres not Israel Adesanya Robert Whittaker Henry Cejudo Jorge Masdival Rose Namajunas Wheili Zhang Amanda Nunez Valentina Shevshenko etc Theres also a lot of fighters that already retired like Mark Hunt and Michael Bisping thought it s cool to have them                 ederson barrientos
What people say are happening i can t log into the game again It s telling me i cant log in that my connection is bad which i play other games and I can even send you this message Funny Youguys need to do some thing about it because it s killing the respect of customers and you know what that is     Excel Braimoh
I m still new to the game and everything so I don t know if you can unlock more fighters to buy has you progress in the game more or not but I wish you could buy Dustin porier and other fighters unless I just over looked him Maybe add more fighters in a future update                 Zachary Aldridge
The game is now working The new message board will not let me play the game There for it sucks Please fix your crappy message board that no one is using It also will not let me play the game Tots message board is the worst so are going to fix this crappy game                 TheCaseyjp
There should be graphics of bloodshed when the players are badly hurt But there is no such things Apart from that we should given the option to costumize our players     Polakh Phukon
Add more fighter The new ones and legends Your sticking on boring character And add some new moves like rare naked choke AI always check on live events but nothing happen maybe its been half year or more You dont put live events                     Edhz Ortaleza
I ve updated the game and ever since I haven t been able to get past the loading screen it says that the EA servers aren t working but I ve been sat next to my friend whilst he is playing the game sort it out please because this is my favourite game and i need to play head to head     Jenny Casterton
Hell I can t even get the damn game to play much less want to rate it Go figer It s not that bad of a game once I got it to download but it could use a few more of what you control the fighter abilats                 James Truett
Trash from a trash company Had 11 fighters unlocked and all my progress disappeared Head to head sux and isnt live against another opponent Avoid this trash that makes you grind relentlessly to trick you into spending money then deletes your progress Wouldnt give EA a 1 of my money absolute scum and the UFC should be shamed of partnering with this trash company Edit support wasted an hour of my time progress is gone Never touching an EA product again greedy scum     Speedy PC
This game is is fun but opponent players are too easy to beat with diffrence of 2 5 power you can easily beat your opponent of legendary category this makes it very easy and too booooring I request to make it more challenging                 Chitrak Modgil
Very bad experience after the update The game is constantly crashing and says that it needs update Even though the app is updated     Abinash Sai
It s a great game but there s no blood you know what i mean And it should have a create character so that the experience of the gamer feels that they are fighting their favourite UFC fighter         John Fritz
Even if you aren t into fighting games this game is amazing Good controls unique abilities and fighters and though may be repetitive at times entertaining and intense mma gameplay Definitely recommend                     Madison Wisener
i liked the game but the thing is why aren t the live events poping up yesterday it was ufc 242 probably one of the greatest fights of this year still no event by ea sports till now why is this happening i need answer             Kartikay Negi
Just installed on OnePlus 7 Can t even get through the grappling tutorial phase cause the button responsiveness lag is tremendous Even the overall game lag is poor Please fix this asap     Zubin Mojia
News page error it says something about updates I click on let s go I install the updated version then I start the game again then when the news page comes up again I have to go through the whole process over and over again the game doesn t go any further from the news page pppppfffff please fix it id like to add I uninstalled and reinstalled the game didn t do any difference     DJ Destroyer
Throughs me out of the game while in the middle of a fight Why do I get two exact fighters It s a stupid idea to invest in equal exactly the same fighters because upgrades are almost impossible to get Spent loads of silver from about 30 40 fights to get one or two tiny weak upgrades What can I say it s EA Sports again making us gamers regret giving them yet another chance All serious gamers agree that EA has taken a nosedive in the gaming industry Fun until you beat the AI     PRH Future Tech
love the game but almost 2 years this game didnt have an update and the price for the fighter are too high I would not have the chance on getting khabib and jon jones                     Bud s
I just recently re install the game but instead of running straight from the get go a notification tab pops up once the app is about to run The notification required me to press the let s go and button which sends me straight to play store for reasons I dont know I can t play the game since it keeps sending me here I please help me fix this problem READ ALL REVIEWS     Fransing Marbaniang
Best of the best A few bugs are still there sometimes the abilities can t be used controlls also go non responsive sometimes All and all it s a best game                     Usman Awan
Fighting is much more realistic but there is no story plus no entry scenes or any championship challenge and that makes this game pretty boring as the time passes but must try this game once Thank you                 Junaed Ali
I m stuck on we ve added new chat screen when i press lets go it just redirects me to google play and tells me to download it again fix it its a really cool game and i actually feel bad tu give it 2 stars but since i cant play it anymore i will leave it on 2 stars when you fix it i will change it back to 5 stars thank you         avrws
Great Game good graphics and I m enjoying it its too early cos im sure one will get to a stage in the game and u need to use real money to get some stuff cos EA is greedy but good game             El Zion
I like the graphics but what would make it better is if you can create your character and if you could move around more and if you could chose any character you want besides in Career mode                 Santiago Maldonado
Make it online multiplayer so we can play against friend Or else will be bored at certain point Overall graphic is superb                 dzul fathi
I just recently installed the game but instead of running straight from the get go a notification tab pops up once the app is about to run The notification required me to press the let s go and button which sends me straight to play store for reasons I dont know I can t play the game since it keeps sending me here I please help me fix this problem         Augustine Laureta
EA SPORTS™ UFC Sports Real World Live EventsEA SPORTS™ UFC Sports Real World Live EventsEA SPORTS™ UFC Sports Real World Live EventsEA SPORTS™ UFC Sports Real World Live Events

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